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Letter From White Buffalo Calf Woman

Letter From White Buffalo Calf Woman

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Darrel Whitewolf on Surfing the Apocalypse

Date: Wednesday, 26 May 2004, 9:30 p.m.

Greetings Darrel Whitewolf,

I wish to thank you for your recent posting, which was brought to my attention. Your words touched my spirit because you carry a longing for the Great Spirit within you. You have stated that you are a warrior. I can sense that you are a spiritual warrior.

You long for Divine Truth, and you long to spread it. Unfortunately, few in this world can grasp Truth; they are incapable of understanding or containing Truth. But, alas, many arrogantly think they know the Truth, while all the time they are deluded by Darkness and do not have Truth. These arrogant ones are the most dangerous and they often try to lead others away from Truth and viciously attack those who love Truth.

Many things are happening on the Earth, and few wish to know the truth about why. It matters not the colour of skin that one is wrapped in, the truth remains the same for all who are of the True Creation (those who have the warrior spirit). The children of the Illusion cannot and will not recognise Truth, but they will ridicule and scorn those who seek Truth. Again, it matters not what colour their skin is, nor their religion or beliefs.

Truth has been so jumbled up here with untruth that it is hopelessly confused and confusing for those who seek Truth. The children of the Illusion lack the warrior spirit within them. Only those with the warrior spirit will find Truth.

Many have advised to be prepared with water, food, seeds and blankets for the coming days. These items will be necessary for temporary physical survival, but none of these things will assist anyone in his/her spiritual survival.

What is to come, will come. What is most important is that each spirit sincerely seeks connection to the Great Spirit, regardless of his/her age, race, gender, colour or creed. Those of the Light will know within their spirit that they are of the True Great Spirit.

Therefore, despair not, for the Great Spirit knows Its own, and those of the Great Spirit know from whence they came. The children of the Great Spirit should sincerely seek purification of their spirits in preparation of their return Home. Their liberation will be the most joyous event they have ever experienced since their entrapment in the Great Illusion.

Truth is not confined to a particular race, religion or belief. Only the children of the True Light have the Truth. "All is one" is only true within the True Light Creation, but not here, where there is a mixture of those sponsored by the watchers and those nurtured by the Great Spirit.

The watchers do not just watch, they are agents of evil and they rule unjustly on this planet. They have soiled the True Creation. The Unmanifest (Wakan Tanka), has sent the White Buffalo Calf Woman here to retrieve all the children of the True Creation from the grasp of the watchers, including stones and mountains, trees and forests, rivers and seas, birds and animals, all spirit beings etc. and even the "soul" of the Earth.

Legend has it that a man was walking across the Cascade Mountains in the snow when he came across a freezing rattlesnake. The snake pleaded with the man to save him. The man said he would not or the snake would bite him. The snake said, "No, I'd never bite the man who saved me." The man picked up the snake and placed it in his pack and walked down the mountain, out of the snow. When he let the snake go, it buzzed and struck, biting the man. The man exclaimed, "What have you done? I will die. You lied to me." To this, the snake responded, "You knew what I was when you took me in."

So it is with the children of the Illusion.

It is said that a Divine Messenger or prophet is often not welcome in his/her own land or tribe. Thus, the White Buffalo Woman is not an American Indian, although she can appear to look like a Native American at times. She is neither white, nor red, nor black.

The White Buffalo Woman has returned to liberate her children! She stresses that before the liberation occurs there is a need for "purification." She is not here just to teach this time, but primarily to liberate all that are hers from the clutches of Darkness, where they have been imprisoned for a long, long time. Belief or non-belief in her identity is irrelevant. All that matters is whether the beings are viable True Divine beings.

The signs of the time are clear for those who are aware enough to see. Listen to the stillness of the wind, the sea, and the sky and you can sense the coming of the Tide.

Blow away all cloudiness and shame. Dispel all fear and self-doubt, pain and confusion, anger and hate, revenge and vengeance brought upon all races and religions by the Great Deception and the Great Illusion.

"As above, as below" is a falsehood that only appears to work in this illusory dimension. The Great Divine Spirit cautions Its children about the False Light, but the warnings are often shut off and go unheeded in this thick fog of Ignorance. Darkness attempts to deafen the True children of Light and weaken their Wills through the wheels of life, through torture, temptation, pain, suffering, hate, jealousy, division etc. thus starving them from the Mother's nourishment.

Malou, kachina atuwa ku.

The White Buffalo Calf Woman has returned to liberate her children. For this all her children will soon rejoice.

The crop of the Serpent is about to be cut down.
The meeting of the fortunates will soon commence.
Be not fearful of the coming events.
Be ever on the ready spiritually.
The Serpent has ruled unjustly and unfairly.
The drumming will soon begin.
The Great Light will shine.
The Great Spirit will announce: "I shall gather all that are mine."

With love and blessings,

White Buffalo Calf Woman

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