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BEN-DA-KO - What's More!

BEN-DA-KO - What's More!


Amitakh Stanford

(Republished from Nara Site)

6th January 2005

The BEN-DA-KO is in full swing and all things will happen as anticipated. Things will develop very quickly to a frenzied pace. The division between the "haves" and the "have nots" will become very obvious. More humans, animals and plants will perish in the days to come. Among other happenings, the North Sea and its surrounding areas will be severely affected. Things on this planet will go out of kilter and will not always work the way that they used to.

In about 3 months, the Reptilians will enter into a battle with the Vulturites that will be fought in the sky and seas. Much of this will be fought in North America, including especially Montana and South Carolina. Battles will also be fought around Australia and Finland, among other places. Some of these battles will be observed by the awares, but most of the battles will go undetected or be explained away by the authorities. However, whether the battles are observed or not, they could eventually greatly affect the world politically, socially etc. China will then become a very active force.

The consciousnesses of the Four Elements have departed and only shells remain. The Elements have been released. Prior to their liberation, they were responsible for the weather on Earth, which because of their departure, is about to go off its natural cycle. Aliens will soon discover that weather does not perform as it did in the past and they will be forced to take control of the weather around the globe in order to keep the planet temporarily viable. The aliens will be very worried about the state of the planet when they realize they must maintain the weather.

Inner Earth beings are now severely affected by the deterioration of things on the planet and are taking very drastic steps. Beings that resemble barren walking trees that are thirsty, hungry and haggard are now furiously digging and drilling their way through the Earth's core to the surface. They hope to open a tunnel to flee to the surface before the Inner Earth's surface is totally uninhabitable. They do not know whether they can survive on the outer surface, but they know they have no chance on the inner surface, so they persist with their efforts.

Alas, their efforts will be in vain. They are unaware that they are drilling into an ocean. As they approach the outer surface, the weight of a whole sea will be upon them as it bursts through the opening like a huge, bluish-purplish waterfall. The inner Earth beings will have no chance as the hole pulsates, expands and begins flooding the inner surface of the Earth. The whole globe will then start sucking air as the hole in the ocean floor becomes enormous.

The hollow design of the Earth makes its mass appear bigger than it is, but this is an illusion. Hollow shells can collapse very quickly.

A great amount of the Earth will parch and a great amount of the ice will melt.

The times ahead are difficult indeed. Remain calm. Your inner being will have a sense of the anticipation of being liberated and your spirit will soar.

For some, it will be a time of struggle and confusion before the spirit is calm. However, all will eventually feel the sense of letting go naturally, happily and willingly.

© 2005 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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