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Final Reflections #15

Final Reflections #15

The Coming Days


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara Site)

4th January 2005

The recent Indian Ocean tsunami has devastated many lives, homes, lands, animals and plants. Journalists have tried to find comparable happenings to this horrific event, but there are none. Yet, the cataclysmic Indian Ocean tsunami pales in comparison to what lies ahead in the second MAJOR cataclysmic event that will hit the Earth.

Before the second of the three MAJOR cataclysmic events strikes, there could be smaller ones around the globe. However, these "smaller" ones may seem catastrophic to those who suffer them.

After the second MAJOR cataclysmic event has struck the Earth, only about 1/3 of the world's population will remain. When the third one comes, only a few will survive it. But, eventually, all things will pass away.

Many think that the cataclysmic events are signs of the coming of big changes for the Earth due to the shift of the axis and the elevation of the Earth to a higher dimension. This is not so. Nor is it a cleansing for the Earth. This is the end of the evil creation, and all things composed of matter will soon perish. Nothing will remain except the spirits of the Good/Light/Divine, which will continue in the True Creation.

This will also coincide with the separation of beings of True Light and beings of False Light. The separation process can be painful and seem horrendous, but it is necessary for the eradication of Evil.

The whole existence here on Earth has been a Trail of Tears.

The day will come when we finally see the Trail's End.

Then, the Trail of Tears will be no more.

The sun will no longer rise or set.

The birds of the air will fly no more.

The fish of the seas will swim no more.

The air will be still, and so will be the water.

The land will be parched and scorched.

Eventually, nothing survives.

Nothing remains.

Only the spirits are set free.

As anticipated, weather anomalies are hitting the globe. For instance, on 1st January 2005 the Siple Dome base on Antarctica reported a very warm 12 degrees Celsius air temperature. An hour later, the temperature dropped to 3 degrees. The 24-hour forecast had been for the base to have a high of minus 15 degrees and a low of minus 20. Of course, reports from Siple Dome and the other bases located on the Antarctic continent are for release to the public, so these numbers are not necessarily reliable, especially when they are consciously hiding or distorting certain information.

Regardless of the accuracy of the Siple Dome reports, the Ross Ice Shelf is in a dire state. As I explained in Global Warming - Natural or Artificial, the Lemurians were fleeing the tyranny of the Atlanteans:

. . . Before fleeing to At-wo-querhe (their huge underwater city), the Lemurians "parked" two mother crafts (huge space crafts) in the hills on the continent of Antarctica, where they believed they would escape detection by the Atlanteans. There was not enough time for them to build a structure underwater that was large enough to house the mother crafts . . .

As I discussed in that article, the Lemurians are using microwave-like devices under the Antarctic seas to slowly melt away the ice to get to their mother crafts. They are doing this because they know that the days of the Earth are numbered and they seek to flee the planet. The recent Indian Ocean tsunami was registered and tracked at At-wo-querhe, and this has startled the Lemurians. They are now desperate; they realize that time is rapidly running out and they have accelerated their plans and are taking drastic steps to speed up the removal of the ice from the Ross Ice Shelf.

I "saw" and "felt" a huge explosion under the shelf two days before it was detonated. I "felt" my entire bed shake from the explosion. Two days later, it happened. This is but one of a series of many explosions recently to occur under the shelf. These are not natural occurrences. They are caused by the Lemurians who have contact with certain beings on the surface of the Earth. Many of the bases on Antarctica should have felt the huge explosion. However, it went virtually unreported except for the anomalous air temperature reports like those coming from the Siple Dome. It is obvious that the Lemurians want to break apart the Ross Ice Shelf.

There is another place of interest that the Lemurians have a hand in. This is the fabled land that author James Hilton called Shangri-la. While its true name is not Shangri-la, the place does exist (although it is actually an inter-dimensional location) and it is phonetically pronounced as Tsunkri-leelatwoa. A few have accidentally stumbled across it. On the surface, it appears as though Tsunkri-leelatwoa is surrounded by ice in the Himalayan Mountains. This is not quite the case. It is an inter-dimensional alien base, an inner-Earth city.

The regenerative healing processes that are accomplished on spacecrafts are also available in this place. It is only the alien technology that keeps the residents youthful. Some people have been there in their dreams and others have physically entered it. This is the place where the stories about the "nectar of the gods" come from, however, the information has been distorted. This is also the actual fountain of youth. People there age very slowly and they rarely get sick. Contact with the outside world is very strictly limited. Residents of Tsunkri-leelatwoa who do have contact with the outside world must go through decontamination procedures before returning into the community.

The reason for bringing Tsunkri-leelatwoa into this discussion is because many of the Attas in the physical have gone there to recuperate. This is one reason why many of the Attas look youthful for their age. However, Tsunkri-leelatwoa is not a base run by the Light. The Attas travel there in cognito. The Attas will all be leaving the Earth shortly before or just shortly after the second MAJOR cataclysmic event. At that point, there will be very little Light left on the planet.

In one sense this makes the ruling elites' New World Order plans irrelevant, along with all their underground survival bunkers. However, the storing of food and water is reasonable for the transitional period to alleviate the suffering from thirst and hunger. Reasonably comfortable temporary survival is helpful because those who are relatively comfortable in the physical will have a much easier time of transition than others. And, those in the astral, for various reasons, will have a much more difficult time than any in the physical.

The aliens at Tsunkri-leelatwoa know that the time is very short for the planet. Further, they know that their dimension is being affected by the deterioration of the Earth. By the way, the Earth is hollow, as are the other planets in the solar system. There are civilizations living on the surface of the inner Earth. Those on the surface of the inner Earth are already suffering greatly from the deterioration of the Earth. Some of them are dying and many are trying to crawl to the Earth's surface at this time. They are willing to risk the dangerous climb because their world is collapsing and they have nothing to lose.

Eventually, a large hole will open up in the seas, which will commence the draining of the surface water into the inner Earth. This will destroy all the inner Earth beings and greatly affect the outer surface of the Earth.

The True-Light residents of Tsunkri-leelatwoa and the False-Light residents will be affected by the Separation Process also. As the Earth breaks down, the inter-dimensional city of Tsunkri-leelatwoa will also be affected because the Correction Process involves the entire pseudo-creation, which is run by Darkness. It is as though the timing for the events is about the same in both places.

What is to come will come, and nothing can stop it.

However, our spirits live on - except those who choose Darkness over the Divine/ the True Creator - and nobody can take this away from anyone.

Many people express the desire to return Home. Their real ultimate spiritual Home is not in the astral. It is in the True Creation.

While doing the Divine Work, I have suffered all types of physical, emotional and psychological abuse by Darkness and Its agents. However, by focusing on the Divine first I have been able to get to a state where my Work is nearly completed. It is my experience that when one puts the Divine first, all other things will fall into place. The Work makes all the suffering that I have endured worthwhile. Liberation from Darkness is the only real important thing. Darkness will continue to employ threats, blackmail, lies, force, humiliation etc. to inflict fear, suffering, confusion, anger, doubt, injustice, discouragement etc. on True-Light beings. The ones who persevere and remain faithful to the Light will ultimately be victorious.

The most effective way of combating Darkness is by making a sincere effort while persevering and trusting in the Divine - focusing on the Divine first, above all things. Once you are able to do this, all fear and blackmail from Darkness become ineffective. In the days to come, it would be wise for True-Light beings to concentrate their efforts on connecting to their Higher Selves - the Divine within - and listen to that voice for guidance, assistance, strength and comfort.

Remember, we should never be threatened by what another thinks of us. It is the Divine's approval that matters. If you are too concerned about what another thinks of you, you have already seriously limited yourself. It does not matter what your spouse, children, peers, neighbours and others think of your devotion to the Light. Although it may be hurtful when someone mistreats, misunderstands, betrays or lies about you, ultimately, it is your relationship with the Divine that counts.

Although the coming horrific events may cause apprehension, it is really a time to rejoice. This is something that all True-Light beings have been waiting for - true Liberation from Darkness and total unification with the Divine.

(c) 2005 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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