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Vulturite Cartoon Uproar

Vulturite Cartoon Uproar


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara site)

10th February 2006

The recent publications of the cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed in an unsavoury light has caused an angry response from the Muslim world.  Has this been done by design?

There are two sides to this confrontation.  On one hand, the offended Muslims are upset by the disrespectful actions taken by various members in the West.  The ones in the West who are not insulted argue that their liberty, specifically their freedom of speech, is being threatened.  Both have legitimate foundations to their positions.  But, why would anyone stir such sensitive issues by mocking another's faith, particularly at this juncture in time when things are tense and volatile between the Islamic and Christian nations?

In the Islamic world, sacrilege of the Faith is intolerable and the Prophet Mohammed is the foundation of their faith.  This is more than a "show" - it is fundamental to their way of life.

In the West, religion is not taken so seriously.  Many people mock religious figures - nobody is spared from the mockery, including Jesus, Moses, Krishna, Shiva and Buddha.  An example of this is the infamous urine-filled jar containing a statue of Jesus that was displayed in the West as a piece of "art", which deeply offended many serious Christians.  Given this mindset, people in the West could print derogatory articles and caricatures about prominent religious figures without fully comprehending the consequences of their actions.  Likewise, Muslims would not be able to accept the nature of Western religious mockery.

However, in the West, individual rights are of paramount concern to the people.  Westerners believe that they have liberty and that the right to free speech is fundamental to this liberty.  For their PERCEIVED liberty, they will fight atrocious wars.

The humiliation of Muslims by desecrating Mohammed is a declaration of "war".

Similarly, an attack on Western freedom of speech is also a declaration of "war".

Someone understands exactly what would occur if these two fundamental principles were locked in confrontation.  This "someone" is controlling the ruling elite of the world, who have apparent power on Earth but are really nothing except puppets for the Anunnaki Remnants.

It is clear that the ruling elite are behind the cartoon uproar.  Nobody can give "legs" to a story of this nature except the ruling elite.  The ruling elite can smother or fuel a story.  Those who have some awareness understand that the news presented on the networks is controlled, edited and sometimes invented to suit the ruling elite's plans and to spread their propaganda.  Hence, wars can be started and ended by what appears in the news.  Likewise, opinions can swing dramatically by what is in the news.  Thus, the media is a very important propaganda tool for the ruling elite.

The cartoon story is spreading around the globe because the ruling elite intend for it to blow up and inflame people on both sides.  The organization and swiftness of certain Arab boycotts required extensive planning to pull off.  It is incredible to accept that absolute unity occurred so rapidly as a "knee-jerk" response.

After the cartoons were published, events of violence upon Western embassies and diplomats were aired on the networks and continue to be aired repeatedly.  The ruling elite could smother the cartoon uproar stories if they wanted to do so - they have done it to other stories many times in the past.  However, the ruling elite want to inflame Christian/Muslim tensions.  

The ruling elite know they cannot bring about a confrontation on religious grounds because these days, Christianity is on the decline and many people do not take it seriously.  In other words, it is no longer sacrosanct and could not be used for a battle cry.  So, the ruling elite contrived the appearance of freedom of speech as a banner to inflame Westerners.  Amazingly, it is for this illusory principle that many people will go to war.

The ruling elite also know that Muslims will go to war to defend their faith and honour.

Clearly, the ruling elite are playing both sides against the other, like they have done many times before.  Both sides are being used.  The ruling elite are pulling the strings.  They are the real winners!  But, who is behind the ruling elite?

In this case, the goal of the ruling elite is to justify a war against Iran.  The cartoon uproar is part of the alien wars.

Anunnaki Vulturites programmed certain people to produce and disseminate the objectionable cartoons.  The Vulturites hit at the very heart of the Islamic faith with full intent to inflame Muslims around the world.  Muslims in the West are restricted and must demonstrate some restraint, regardless of how deeply they are offended.  Those in the Muslim world are virtually unrestrained - in fact - they might even be encouraged to defend their honour and their faith with extreme responses.  

The Vulturites have also programmed certain Muslims to aggressively respond to the affront.  Muslims, seeing the West as bullies, strike in ways that they can, whether those methods are effective or not.  When the Muslims react, the ruling elite's media publishes those responses to inflame the West and to cause bias against Arabs.  The Vulturites also programmed others in the West to re-publish the offensive cartoons to keep the confrontation alive.  Before long, everything becomes conveniently attributed to "terrorists", who the media has depicted as largely being Muslims.  This puts a lot of innocent Muslims at risk, especially in the West.  Likewise, the hatred from the Arab world towards the Westerners has put innocent Westerners in dangerous positions.  Many Westerners no longer feel safe in Muslim countries.

The Reptilians were not able to respond to the Vulturites antics quickly on this issue because while the controversy about the cartoon uproar was being staged, the Reptilians were fully engaged in a huge battle over the Atu-waa.  On the larger scale of things, it was far more important to the Reptilians to defend their Atu-waathan to worry about the Vulturites' attempt to "grab" Iran.  Incidentally, the Reptilians suffered a huge loss in the battle over the Atu-waa.

Although, for the time being, the Vulturites are working the strings on the ruling elite, but given some time, the Reptilians will respond to the Vulturite move to take Iran.  The Reptilians will then regain control of the ruling elite and they will again hold the puppet strings.

Many are confused by the ruling elite because they often do things that seem contradictory.  It all depends on whether the Vulturites or the Reptilians are holding the strings.  The ruling elite are puppets and dance for whichever alien group holds the power at any particular moment in time.  The Vulturites want a war with Iran so they can take a Reptilian stronghold.  On the other hand, the Reptilians want to seize Taiwan, which is currently a Vulturite stronghold.

The end result of the current confrontation is already drawn, but it will be played out for the world to see.  Indeed, alien wars are upon us!  

The West's struggle for liberty has a long history.  A few centuries ago, the Americans adopted it as their battle cry when the colonists of America broke away from Reptilian rule and formed their own nation.  They received a lot of help from Light beings to accomplish this.  The most prominent Light beings involved in the American Revolution were Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.  

The war for American independence was fought under the banner of liberty, which necessarily entails an individual's right to freedom of expression and religion.  The victory for liberty was short-lived.  After Jefferson's presidency, the Reptilians became the main influence over presidents and governmental leaders.  The Reptilians held this power until another Light being, Abraham Lincoln, became president.  It did not take the Reptilians long to assassinate Lincoln, but he did abolish physical slavery before he was murdered.  The Reptilians maintained strong influence over America until recent years when they chose to move their power base to China.  

On a larger scale, the Light is liberating the prisoners who have been forced to serve Darkness against their wills.  The Divine Mother is about to abolish all slavery and reclaim all her children.

Unfortunately, many people abuse the right of free speech.  They think that freedom of speech means they can say anything without suffering consequences.  The Vulturites took advantage of the abusers of free speech by programming them to publish the cartoons.  The ground was fertile for the ruling elite to mock and abuse Muslims in order to inflame them to call for war and further fuel a delicate situation in Western/Muslim relations.

Remember, in these alien wars, things are not always what they appear to be.  Physical-mind reasoning could lead one to conclude that the Reptilians will defend Iran no matter what.  In truth, this will only happen if it still suits the Reptilian plans.  The Reptilians are not interested in the people of Iran; they are only interested in their own alien affairs.  The people of Iran, just like all the other humans on the planet, are pawns in the Anunnaki wars.

The alien wars are now getting more and more aggressive and intense . . .

© 2006 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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