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The Twelve Universes Are Pentagons

The Twelve Universes Are Pentagons


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara site)

5th March 2006

Years ago, when Steffan first communicated with me, he wrote a letter asking if I would please explain why Pythagoras had been so fascinated by the properties of the symmetrical solids that he had discovered.  Steffan, too, was intrigued by the properties of the symmetrical solids.  I responded with a single sentence:  "I am glad that you like Pythagoras."  I knew what Steffan was curious about, but it was not time for it to be released.

Steffan later told me that when he received my brief and cryptic reply he could see that I had been smiling when I wrote it.  He also said that he meditated upon it and realized that I understood what he was asking about, but had chosen not to disclose the answers at that time.

Steffan was correct.  It was not time then for me to explain the properties of the five symmetrical solids, discussion of which often includes the sphere as the sixth.  In previous writings, I have touched upon the properties of one of the symmetrical solids by explaining that the sun, and all stars for that matter, are not spheres as they appear, but are rapidly rotating six-sided cubes that become external combustion engines.  The sphere is a significant illusion of Darkness' Virtual Reality.

In this paper, I shall again present some of the concepts in allegorical form to make them more understandable because it is very difficult to discuss certain esoteric matters using physical examples.

At the time I wrote Shattering the Cube it was still not time to present much detail about the properties of the five symmetrical solids (excluding the sphere).  To begin with, the concept of a cube-shaped sun was so radical that I anticipated many would have tremendous difficulty comprehending it.  For that reason, I did not go deeply into describing the properties of the other "cubes" (the five symmetrical solids), and specifically avoided discussing how another symmetrical "solid" is used in the "construction" of the physical universes.  It was not yet time then to expand on the nature of the symmetrical solids, but now is the right time.

Pythagoras discovered that there were only five symmetrical solids.  These are:  tetrahedron, hexahedron (commonly called a cube), octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron.   Plato worked with the information handed down by Pythagoras regarding the five symmetrical solids.  Unfortunately, much of the information that Pythagoras had presented was lost and/or corrupted by the time Plato commenced his work on the five solids.

Two millennia later, Johannes Kepler also investigated the properties of the five solids.  Kepler had to piece together what he could from what remained of the information Pythagoras and Plato assembled because it had been edited and corrupted.  These three people intuitively sensed that if they could solve the mysteries of the five solids, then they would have the keys to unlocking the mysteries of life.  Incidentally, Pythagoras, Plato and Kepler are the same Amoebic consciousness coming into different physical bodies at different periods of time.  

Many believe that Pythagoras, Plato and Kepler interpreted the five symmetrical solids in esoteric ways only.  This is not so.  All three understood that the five solids literally contained the keys to understanding the mysteries of life.

Sometimes the sphere is included as a symmetrical solid, but the sphere is different in kind from the five symmetrical solids.  The sphere, however, is the shape that all five symmetrical solids appear to form when they are spun rapidly enough.  That is, the sphere is the resulting image or illusion that appears when any one of the five symmetrical solids rotates very rapidly.  In this way, spheres are examples of illusions within illusions - that is, the symmetrical solids are illusions themselves that take on the illusional shapes of spheres when they are rotated rapidly.

This Virtual Reality is based upon illusions within illusions.  The Intelligence that created this Virtual Reality employed geometric designs in formulating the illusions at the smallest level of existence.  Most people have difficulty accepting that the physical world, and especially the Earth and its contents, are illusional.  The common argument against illusional existence is that since the world can be experienced through the five senses, it must be "real" and, therefore, cannot be illusional.  A problem with seeing through the deception of the Virtual Reality is that the illusions are so real in appearance that it is hard to comprehend and accept that they are not real.

Surprisingly, some of Darkness' illusions have been discovered, investigated and exposed as illusional by scientists on Earth.  One of these illusions is that while the Earth is spinning very fast, those who are on it cannot perceive the motion.  I have described this phenomenon as the "illusion of no motion" in my previous articles and explained that Wanchenlu is the being responsible for maintaining this illusion.

It took eons for people to finally ascertain whether the sun revolved around the Earth or the Earth revolved around the sun.  This is due to the illusion of a moving sun that daily crosses the Earth's sky.  This illusion was fractured when people realized that the Earth's daily rotations caused it to appear that the sun was moving very fast, when in fact, the sun was relatively stationary with respect to the Earth.  To solve the mystery, it was necessary to expose the "illusion of no motion" first.  Otherwise, it was practically inconceivable that the Earth could be the faster mover and the sun was the slower one.

Humans working on the Earth are at a distinct disadvantage in trying to solve the mysteries of life.  They must rely upon information being communicated in a relatively uncorrupted form.  But, experience shows that information is corrupted with transcription, translation, interpretation and so on.  Hence, people who are trying to solve the mysteries are impeded by having to work with corrupted and incomplete data.

The corruption of knowledge is intentional.  Darkness has set up a mysterious existence by deviously concealing truth about the nature of "things" in the Virtual Reality.  Darkness hides truth because exposure of untruth breaks down the illusions, and when the illusions fall, the mysteries are seen through.  A magician's tricks are not impressive when the deceptions are uncovered.  Darkness has many agents serving It on Earth, and those agents are continually distorting and corrupting data and knowledge.

Corruption of geometry occurred many times when agents of Darkness presented theories that detracted from the truth.  One example of such an agent is Rene Descartes, who is regarded as one of the great thinkers of the world.  He corrupted geometry by introducing and developing analytical methods that confused mathematicians and gave "reason" to irrational concepts.  This is the same Descartes who fallaciously claimed that animals have no souls.  As I mentioned inDiscourse  #1, Simon, a Light worker, was working very closely with the being known as Descartes in order to keep track of him until now.

Plato began his research into the nature of the five symmetrical solids without direct knowledge that Pythagoras had already investigated and partially solved the mysteries.  However, Plato had intuitive knowledge regarding Pythagoras' work.  Much of the physical knowledge of Pythagoras' work had been corrupted or lost by the time Plato began expanding upon it.  It is probable that Plato had seen through certain phenomena and had intuitive understanding about the workings of the Virtual Reality.

Plato was able to perceive that triangles were building blocks of existence.  Plato was probably able to "see" at the atomic level, which level, as I will explain herein, is based upon tetrahedrons and octahedrons.  If Plato could have "seen" beneath the tetrahedrons and octahedrons - he would have "seen" the intricate geometric patterns that form everything and would therefore have been able to conclude that at the sub-atomic level, things were also composed of these patterns.  However, it was not yet time.

In earlier writings, I have mentioned that the first cause of the illusions is the illusion of motion, and that the first cause is what we know as gravity.  Gravity is a property that Darkness created to bring about the illusion of motion.  Gravity was then employed to form what I call "Matter", which is different from "matter" that is commonly defined as anything with mass.

The first cause that is mentioned above is different from the first cause of the illusions.  That is, once Darkness set Matter into "perpetual" motion, the illusions commenced.  From the illusions came the appearance of solidity and everything in the physical and astral worlds.  The entire material world was created by Darkness.  In fact, the whole Virtual Reality was created by Darkness.  There is no Matter in the Divine Creation.  When motion ceases, all the illusions in the Virtual Reality will disappear, and all that will temporarily remain will be Matter.

Matter is pseudo-material in nature.  It is at the heart of the tiniest "blocks" used by Darkness to "construct" Its Virtual Reality.

One of the more surprising illusions that I have exposed is that the sun is not what it appears to be.  While it looks like a sphere, it is in fact a rapidly gyrating cube that is spinning so fast that the atmosphere around it combusts and burns.  This burning cube is fuelled by a vortex that is created by its motion that sucks in the surrounding atmosphere.

The "cube" of the sun is hollow.  It appears empty, but there are repeating geometric patterns inside of it.  It only burns on the outside of the hexahedron.  The illusion of the spheroid sun is formed by the gyrating hexahedron that is burning fuel outside of its six sides.

Astrophysicists cannot adequately explain why the planets travelling around the sun in our solar system are on a single plane.  Pluto is the only exception, but its orbit is very close to the plane that houses the other planets.  In fact, all the planets in all the solar systems of the physical world are on planes.  This is because if the planets were to go too far outside of their planes, they would be sucked into the vortex and eventually become fuel for their respective suns.

I have always been able to use "microscopic" vision to look into things.  On the micro level, atomic nuclei are rapidly spinning "cubes" of a different design than the hexahedron that is at the "heart" of the sun.  The atomic nuclei are rapidly gyrating tetrahedrons that spin so fast that they appear to be stable and solid.  Orbiting the atomic nuclei are rapidly spinning octahedrons that have been called electrons, which appear as very fast pulses.

It is necessary to digress here to explain that when the Principle of Polarity occurred, it was quickly corrected by the Light.  However, three minds (beings) who became caught up in the Principle of Polarity refused the correction and went on their way to form their own principle that defies the Light.  This Principle is now commonly referred to as "Darkness".  Those responsible for forming and maintaining the Principle of Darkness are collectively known as the Evil Mind.

The Evil Mind rejected correction by the Light and went on to form Its own creation, which I have called the False-Light creation.  The Evil Mind wants to preserve Its own creation and maintain Its own survival.  Every thought that Darkness projects is embedded with the "instinct" of survival and self-preservation.

When I look inside the atoms to see how they are "constructed", I can see repeating geometric patterns.  Inside of these geometric patterns is what I call "Matter", which "manifests" as thought forms of Darkness.  Darkness created "gravity", or the force of attraction, and embedded this force into Its thought forms so that they would gather and cluster.  Darkness also embedded Its thought forms with adhering qualities and then began projecting Its thought forms.

These thought forms began to cluster into tiny spirals, with the main concentration of them clustering near the centres of the spirals.  These spiralling, concentrated thought forms of Darkness are what I refer to as "Matter".  Once thought forms were assembled into Matter, Darkness set the tiny spirals into a spinning motion, which created the illusion of the thought forms being pseudo material.

Since Darkness is obsessed with survival of Itself and Its creations, It protected Its pseudo-material spiralling thought forms.  To preserve these thought forms, Darkness constructed a set of elaborate shields that protect each of Its thought forms.  The first shield around Matter was constructed from energy within the thought forms by projecting the illusion that there are two tiny equilateral triangles around each spiralling thought form.  These triangles are on the same plane, that is, they are two-dimensional.  The triangles are set into opposing spins, so that they appear to form varying degrees of six-pointed stars, except when they intersect, at which point they appear to form a single triangle.

The inner shape of the two triangles varies from appearing to be a single triangle to varying degrees of hexagons.  The equilateral triangles spin on the same axis in opposite directions while also rotating in the same direction simultaneously.  These two triangles also gyrate together to form an apparent three-dimensional sphere.  This is the strongest and most complex of shields constructed by Darkness.  I call the shield formed by these two triangles alat.  Each particle of Matter is first shielded by an alat.

The second shield protecting the spiralling thought forms is composed of a "hollow" hexahedron that gyrates on its axis, spinning so rapidly that it appears to form another sphere around the Matter and alat.

The hexahedron does not ignite to form an external combustion device because there is no fuel to burn.  Outside the apparent sphere formed by the hexahedron, is a pair of protective "spheres" that I call lakoos.

Although I have referred to the six symmetrical solids in past writings and included the "sphere", that was a practical simplification of what lakoos are.  A lakoo is constructed of a vast number of tiny dodecahedrons that form together in the shape of a sphere.  This is not actually a sphere because the pentagons that form the dodecahedrons on the "spheres" and the spaces between the dodecahedrons are more akin to a dimpled golf ball than a real sphere.

These spherically arranged dodecahedrons are set into rapid spinning motion, some moving more clockwise, while others are moving more anti-clockwise.  At the same time that the tiny dodecahedrons are spinning in opposite directions, the entire lakoo is rotating very fast in the same direction and appearing to form an actual sphere.  Outside of the lakoo is another lakoo.  The pair of lakoos forms two strong outer shields that further protect each particle of Matter.

To recapitulate, the complete assembly of a particle of Matter, surrounded by an alat, which is surrounded by a hexahedron and two lakoos, forms what I call asakooze.  Sakoozes are the building blocks of everything in the Virtual Reality.  It takes many sakoozes to form a sub-atomic particle.  Thus, the spiralling thought forms are encased in four separate geometric shells, each appearing to be spheres.  However, none of the shells are spheres.  Indeed, Darkness has elaborately shielded Its creation of Matter from outside intervention.

Matter is a pseudo-material state of thought forms.  The spinning "spherical" shields protecting Matter create the illusions of the repeating geometric patterns that underlie all of the False-Light creation.  When I looked into the spinning dodecahedrons in a lakoo and "stopped" their motion, I noticed many patterns emerged from the adjacent pentagons.  These pentagons formed what could be mistaken for flower petals when the dodecahedrons are cut in a cross section.  When I investigated the patterns, I noticed that they were arranged symmetrically into beehive or honeycomb like designs.  Little pulses are continually flashing around these pentagons.  Additionally, the patterns formed by alats are intricate, colourful and kaleidoscope-like.  The patterns can be so mesmerizing that if too much focus is put on the physical illusions, the spiritual part of life becomes unreal and the illusions appear to be real.

I can see these repeating symmetrical "patterns" and their activities all around me at all times.  The various geometric patterns have mesmerizing properties.  This is by design of Darkness.  It wants everyone who encounters them to be "hypnotised" so they become "lost" in the illusions.  The Divine Amoeba has unmasked this diabolical scheme and soon the illusions will fall.

Darkness has imprinted all Matter with Its strong survival instinct.  As a by-product of this instinct, each sakooze has the ability to propagate itself.  They do this by projecting a duplicate of themselves, which can also re-duplicate itself and so on.  However, the duplicates or "clones" are only illusional products of the original illusion.  In other words, the only sakoozes that contain thought forms of Darkness are the originals.  None of the reproduced sakoozes contain consciousnesses per se, but instead, contain artificial consciousnesses that mimic the originals.

In other words, the "instinctive" survival and reproductive characteristics in sakoozes are from Darkness.  In fact, all biological organisms are programmed to various degrees for reproduction, preservation of the species, and for individual survival by the sakoozes contained within them.  The sakooze that replicates itself forms "copies" of itself but is not capable of planting thought forms of Darkness into the "copies".  When sakoozes reproduce themselves, they embed the copies with artificial consciousnesses.  This will become significant when I explain the dismantling of the Virtual Reality in more detail.

Before writing this paper, I have used the term "cube" loosely to keep things as simplified as possible before I could introduce the four other symmetrical solids and their respective motions and functions.  From this point onwards, I will use the names that define the shapes of the solids:  tetrahedron for atomic nuclei; octahedron for electrons; hexahedrons for stars (suns) and so on.

Some physicists have proposed that there is an infinite level of decreasing sizes of the composition of matter.  That is, that within the atoms would be found smaller systems that would house smaller systems and so on.  This is a fallacy.  As I have described above, Darkness' thought forms (Matter) are the smallest level of material existence.  The repeating geometric patterns surrounding Matter are the first increment of illusions that Darkness created when devising the illusion of solidity.  The physical and astral worlds are finite worlds, and everything in them can be numbered.  Infinity is a concept that applies only to Divine Qualities.

Darkness created the physical and astral worlds from energy It extracted from the Infinite, then contaminated it to make it suitable for Its usage.  Darkness cannot use Pure Energy from the Light directly.  It has to "modify" it by contaminating it with polarized energy.  Darkness has only extracted a finite amount of energy from the Infinite.  Therefore, Darkness is finite.

Moving in the macro direction, some physicists theorize that there is an infinite level of increasing sizes also, whereby galaxies and universes would be akin to cells of larger organisms.  This is also incorrect.  Darkness is finite and the universes are the outer limits of Darkness - It has not created anything beyond them.

The Earth and the other planets that orbit the sun are all hollow.  They all appear empty inside.  However, they are filled with repeating symmetrical geometric patterns.  The "heart" of the Earth is a hollow symmetrical solid - an icosahedron.

The Earth's icosahedron spins so rapidly that it is not impeded even as it turns through the Earth's crust.  As each point of the icosahedron touches a point near the surface of the Earth, it "paints" a portion of the illusion of a material point.  The Earth's icosahedron paints these points in rapid order, so the illusion appears to be continuously solid, liquid or gaseous.  This is an illusion.  In fact, any point on the Earth is only as material as it is perceived by the viewer.

The "painting" of points by the Earth's icosahedron is analogous to the electron gun of a television's picture tube that illuminates dots on a screen and leaves the appearance of an image.  The images appear to be in black and white or colour, three dimensional, and in motion.  The illusion of motion is just the rapid showing of a series of still pictures that appear to move.  But, when the electron gun stops firing, the illusional motion picture disappears.

Beneath the crust of the Earth is what is sometimes referred to as a "parallel" Earth or the inner Earth.  The inner Earth's points, and all points of the Earth's crust, are "painted" as the gyrating icosahedron hits them.  In fact, all of the planets and moons contain spinning icosahedrons that form their respective illusional spheres.  All are hollow, and all have "parallel" inner worlds.  Darkness used hollow models for creating Its illusions.  One of the reasons for this was to allow small amounts of material to appear to take up vast spaces.  Darkness premised Its Virtual Reality on waste, and the more space Darkness could take up (waste) the bigger It seemed to grow.

Some have speculated that Jupiter could one day evolve into a sun.  This cannot happen because the "heart" of Jupiter is an icosahedron.  Suns need to have hexahedrons for "hearts" in order to burn like stars.

I have written earlier that solar systems are on planes because the planets could get caught in the vortex of the suns if their orbits deviated too much from the plane.  This is only part of the reason.  Another reason is that Darkness devised the physical and astral worlds to sit atop planes.  That is, It used a two dimensional model.  This is for ease of maintenance and also well suited for Darkness' nefarious purposes.

The largest of the pieces used by Darkness in creating Its Virtual Reality are universes.  Universes are relatively flat pentagons.  Every universe has its own multitude of dimensions contained within its borders.  There are only twelve universes.  Darkness connected these twelve universes together and formed the Universal Dodecahedron.  The "parallel" universes are those that are on opposite positions of the Universal Dodecahedron.  The Universal Dodecahedron was set into motion and also spins "perpetually".  It also appears to be a sphere because of its rapid motion.

All of the symmetrical solids used by Darkness in creating Its illusion of the Virtual Reality have planar sides or faces.  The tetrahedrons, octahedrons and icosahedrons are respectively composed of four, eight and twenty equilateral-triangular shaped sides.  These triangles give the solids their bases from which to produce their "perpetual" motion.  The motion produces the illusion of the symmetrical solids being spheres.  The hexahedron has six square sides to produce its "perpetual" motion.  Finally, the dodecahedron has twelve pentagon-shaped sides to produce its "perpetual" motion.

The Universal Dodecahedron serves many functions for Darkness.  It forms a barrier or shield that those trapped inside cannot escape from.  It also defines Darkness' "territory".  The "borders" of Darkness expand with each conquest by contamination of Divine Energy.  As Darkness expands, the Universal Dodecahedron expands.  Hence, the twelve universes expand also.

From time to time, Darkness casts huge nets constructed of tiny, interconnected pentagons out into the uncontaminated Pure Realm and seizes some True-Light beings.  The True-Light beings can become mesmerized in the illusional net and are then sucked into the Universal Dodecahedron, where they cannot be nourished because there is no Pure Energy contained therein.  Darkness then forces the True-Light beings into bodies that have been modified so they can survive on Darkness' contaminated energy.

The kidnapped beings of Light are thereafter imprisoned and Darkness begins working on their Will - their True Spirit.  If Darkness can trick the True-Light beings into surrendering their Wills, the beings will become totally polarized towards Darkness and will no longer be viable.  This is why it is absolutely critical not to give one's Will over to Darkness.

Darkness has been kidnapping and polarizing beings of Light for a long, long time.  Sadly, once the Will is surrendered to Darkness, beings of Light are lost to Darkness.  It is for the True-Light beings who have remained faithful to the Light that the Rescue Mission was launched.  These are the viable ones.  Their perseverance against tremendous odds will soon be rewarded as their prison walls will soon tumble down.

If Darkness were to continue unchecked, It would eventually contaminate so much of the Divine Energy that it would reach the point of no return.  If this were to occur, then the entire True-Light Creation could be contaminated and then there would be absolute Darkness.  At this point, Evil would rule supreme and there would be continual suffering.  For all intents and purposes, the entire True-Light Creation would be so polluted by the invasion of Darkness that there would only be varying degrees of Darkness in the whole of existence.  Then, there would be no Light.

To avoid the possibility of Darkness taking over by contamination, something needed to be done to prevent it.  The Light soon discovered the weakest link in the design of the False-Light creation.  Because of the number and complexity of the shields in sakoozes, dismantling the Virtual Reality by beginning at the tiniest level of illusions would be very difficult, especially given that there are four shields protecting each nucleus (the spiralling thought forms of Darkness).

Equilateral triangles are composed of strong 60-degree angles.  Equilateral triangles form the faces of tetrahedrons, octahedrons and icosahedrons.  Hence, those solids form strong "shields" (apparent spheres) to protect the illusions at the atomic and the planetary levels.  Therefore, breaking down the illusions on either the atomic or planetary levels would also be difficult, however, not so difficult as breaking it down on the sub-atomic level.

It would be easier to dismantle the False-Light creation at the macro level (the Universal Dodecahedron) even though pentagons are composed of strong angles.  This is because the outer shell of Darkness is the most easily accessible.  But, dismantling the Virtual Reality by commencing the disassembly of the Universal Dodecahedron is not an option for the Light.  A being of Love would never contemplate such a drastic step because to break down the illusions by starting from the outer level would greatly endanger all the viable True-Light beings trapped within the dodecahedron.  They could not survive outside of the Universal Dodecahedron because Darkness has modified all of Its prisoners so they depend upon contaminated energy.

Before the Universal Dodecahedron is dismantled, the viable trapped beings have to be removed from it.  These beings will be taken to a "half-way house", so to speak, where the New Purging Energy can remove the Evil modifications so they can then return to the Pure Realm.

Destroying Darkness' outer "shell" (the Universal Dodecahedron) was not an acceptable option.  Neither was a "wait-and-see" position acceptable, because it could have dire consequences.  Therefore, the Light chose to go inside the Universal Dodecahedron and undertake the Rescue of the viable True-Light beings.

Darkness used hexahedrons to form suns (stars), and since hexahedrons have 90-degree angles, they are relatively easier to break down than the other symmetrical solids.  Also, the type of prisons formed by hexahedrons are not as complicated as those formed by the other symmetrical solids.  Thus, the stars are the weakest links in the fabric of Darkness' Virtual Reality.  This information was not readily apparent from external circumspection of the illusions of Darkness. 

The Light commenced Its plan to rescue the viable True-Light beings by initiating an intensive investigation of the nature of Darkness.  This was done by sending parts of Itself inside the False-Light creation.  Once the investigation was completed, the Light commenced formulating the plans for the Rescue.  The Light's investigation was hampered by several constraints that Darkness imposed on all inhabitants of the Universal Dodecahedron.

In the hierarchy of Darkness, every physical body has certain limitations of intelligence.  A consciousness placed into a mineral body can only function at the mineral level imposed by Darkness.  Therefore, even a part of a High being of Light that is placed into a mineral body cannot express beyond its physical capabilities.  This means that a being in a mineral body has no physical brain even though the consciousness has intelligence.  Therefore, there are built-in limitations that impede a High consciousness using a mineral body.  Likewise, there are built-in limitations within all classes of bodies on the Earth, whether vegetable, animal or human.

The human brain is subject to deterioration over time.  The human life span is also limited.  As the Amoebas of the Light investigated Darkness, they collected data to assist in formulating the plan for the Rescue.  When the Amoebas came in, they usually came as "walk-ins" in human bodies to avoid certain limitations of the other classes of bodies.  Amoebic "walk-ins" are able to bypass most conditions imposed upon beings via re-incarnation, karma and other evil systems.  Amoebic "walk-ins" can also avoid easy detection by agents of Darkness.

To arrive at this stage of the rescue, it was necessary for the commander of the Rescue Mission to have an extraordinary long life.  This was accomplished by the commander's consciousness living first a full lifetime as Mirra of Pondicherry and thereafter in the body of another person.

Some of the things that Mirra said, like many of the things that Pythagoras, Plato, Kepler and other Light workers have said, were not totally accurate because at the time they were said, Evil would not let the full truth through.  Even Haidakhan Babaji had to misrepresent certain things in order to get some truth out in this Virtual Reality.  It is important to realize that even the limited truth that Light workers have presented in the past has helped to sustain True-Light beings until the time of the Rescue was at hand.  Now, truth can be presented because the Rescue Mission is in its final stages and Darkness is losing Its grip on Its own systems. 

At this final stage of the Rescue, it is critical for the parts and projections of the Amoebas to awaken and see through the illusions of Darkness.  Once the illusions are seen through by the unawakened Amoebic parts and projections, the individual and collective structures within the Virtual Reality will begin to fracture.  This is part of the Rescue Plan.

In order to get to this point of the Rescue, it was necessary to retrieve and/or protect and sustain all of the viable "civilian" True-Light beings who had been forced into all classes of this False-Light creation.  The Amoebas have completed this task.  The remaining viable True-Light beings are mainly the workers of the Light, who are really parts and projections of the Amoebas.  Strictly speaking, these are not the ones waiting for retrieval - they are the ones awaiting the call to duty.  They are part of the Rescue Mission.

Many cubes (stars) in this and other universes have already been dismantled by "burning" them out, which is contributing to the fracturing of the Virtual Reality.  Now is the time for the parts and projections of the Amoebas to "hear" the call.  This is the activating call.  They will not necessarily "hear" the call on the physical level.  The call to "action" will be on the energy level.  It will NOT require physical action of any sort.  It is now time to break down all the illusions and illusions within illusions in the Universal Dodecahedron of Darkness.

When the illusions begin to fall, that is, as motion ceases, the solidity will "melt" into nothingness.  Solid things will just disappear.  All that will remain will be the original Matter, that is, the original thought forms of Darkness in their spiralling clusters.  (The replicated sakoozes with artificial consciousnesses will have disappeared entirely, along with all the other solid appearing manifestations of the Virtual Reality.)

Matter will then be dismantled as gravity and the adhering forces are decommissioned.  This will leave a vast amount of individual thought forms from Darkness, which, along with all of the NON-viable True-Light consciousnesses, will be transmuted into primordial energy.

The energy in this posting will awaken Amoebic parts and projections, whatever class of physical body they reside in on the physical level.  The awakenings may or may not occur on the physical-mind level.  Ultimately, it is the Divine Amoeba that will dismantle the Virtual Reality.  The Divine Amoeba is composed entirely of parts and projections of the Divine Mother.

When Plato wrote about Atlantis, he was not repeating stories he had previously heard, nor was he writing about a place that he had physically travelled to in his lifetime.  Plato was remembering what Atlantis was like from being a "walk-in" consciousness who lived in Atlantis.  Likewise, when Plato commenced his work on the five symmetrical solids, he already had the intuitive basis that he had acquired while residing as a "walk-in" consciousness in the body of Pythagoras.  However, Plato did not expose the inner workings of the five symmetrical solids and their demonic nature because it was not yet time.

Clearly, in view of what I have exposed about geometry and its demonic nature - especially repeating symmetrical patterns - it is anything but "sacred".  Geometric figures, like all the illusions in the Virtual Reality, will one day be no more!

© 2006 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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  1. I highly doubt that Plato and the others were legit figures that were not a part of the system, I think this is wrong, I am pretty much positive it's wrong. But the LEGIT "science" and information presented here regarding the cubed suns and the nefarious Wight that "created" programmed and coded this virtual universe is indeed spot on, and I've gotta give off the congrats for that. Like really.