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Rags to Riches in the Anunnaki World

Rags to Riches in the Anunnaki World


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara site)

19th February 2006

In this world, nobody is born equal.  There is lip-service paid to the illusion of equality and the premise that everyone has an equal chance of success if only they work hard enough.  This is rarely the case; it is the exception.  In fact, most people are stuck in the situation into which they are born.

There are many factors affecting an individual's future.  These include:  financial and social status, nationality, race, intelligence, health, physical appearance, education, gender, religion, political leanings, connections, character, personality, skills, abilities, family ties and other factors.  Some people are born rich, while others have to work very hard to survive.  Some children are born with disabilities while others are basically "normal" or even "gifted".  It requires a combination of many factors to lead a child on the road to success.  For example, an intelligent child born to a poor family has less chance of receiving a good education than a child of average intelligence from an average social and financial background.  In the workplace, regardless of what is said, race, gender, ethnic and religious discrimination are very obvious.  There are many such examples of inequality of opportunity.

The discrimination is by design.  It is the way the physical and astral worlds work.  Inequality is essential to the "orderly" running of the world.  The ruling elite want to keep class distinction alive in order to keep themselves on top and to assure that they will have others under their control.  People are basically born to a class, where they will remain for their entire lives.  Occasionally, people move up or down the social ladder.  Again, these are the exception, not the rule.

The ruling elite promote "rags-to-riches" stories to spread the belief that everyone can become a tycoon, prince, princess, king, queen, prime minister or president by good fortune and/or hard work.  This is not how it works.  All people in the Virtual Reality are branded with an invisible stamp at birth.  This stamp is carried with them throughout their lives.  If they were born into poverty, but with a "golden" stamp, they will rise and be sponsored by the ruling elite at certain times.  The "golden" stamps appear in all fields.  The ruling elite instinctively recognize the "golden" stamps.  It is the "golden" ones who get the top positions in all fields.

The common people also instinctively recognize the "golden" stamps and will defer to those who have them.  They will admire and follow them.  This is why certain entertainers and politicians draw huge followings while others who have at least the same skills and talents are ignored.  This is part of the impenetrable class structure that has been set up by Darkness.  Those who move in this Virtual Reality move because Darkness wants them to move.  Sometimes they are forced to move; sometimes the move is a reward for them.

The class structure applies to all beings on the planet, whether they are True-Light beings or False-Light beings.  However, True-Light beings rarely receive a "golden" stamp and are generally disadvantaged, humiliated and discouraged.  They have to work much harder than False-Light beings do to achieve their goals.  This is also by design.  Occasionally, Darkness falters and allows a True-Light being to be promoted.  Once a True-Light being who has been accidentally promoted is discovered not to be a part of the scheme of Darkness, he or she is severely punished to attempt to break his or her will.  Sometimes the agents of Darkness allow True-Light beings to "advance" only to trap them and use them later on for their own nefarious purposes.

The Rescuers of the Light can work their way through the cultural, social, economic, political ladders; however, to do so requires discipline, determination and sacrifice.  This is how some True-Light beings can achieve very high positions in this world.  But every step on the ladder is risky - there are traps along the way.  When a True-Light being, whether a Rescuer or otherwise, rises to prominence in this Virtual Reality, once he or she is discovered by the agents of Darkness not to be a "team player", things get very difficult for them.    

It is not difficult to see why Darkness often puts True-Light and False-Light beings together in families.  This is not to work out karma, as some would like you to believe.  These are attempts to trap the True-Light beings via emotional ties.

The hierarchy of Darkness is very different from the order in the True-Light realm.  This is one situation where Darkness did not try to imitate the Light, but instead created Its own version.  In the True-Light Creation, every being is connected to A-itu - The Eternal Flame, and every being has equal rights and opportunities.  Most importantly, every being is loved and the love is shared unconditionally.  The more advanced beings are nurturing the "younger" ones of their own "projections" until they become full like them.  Hence it is a nurturing environment, not a competitive or controlling one.  

The hierarchy of Darkness is set up to enslave all those under the demiurges.  It rewards and punishes according to the whims of the demiurges, not according to justice.  Further, the demiurges are in constant battle with one another for supremacy, so there is no peace and no trust at the top of the system of Darkness. 

All beings below the level of demiurge are lackeys for their respective master.  They will fight and betray within their own ladder and will cross over and change sides when it is expedient to do so.  It is a "back-stabbing" hierarchy of suppressed slaves.  Every being is a slave to those above them.  None of the beings can ever be promoted to the top level because the demiurges know the ambitions of evil and will not allow further competition and risk at the top.  

The system of karma was set up by the demiurges.  Each demiurge appointed its own representatives to make up the lords of karma.  These beings are supposed to dispense karma as best suits their particular master.  Therefore, there is always a struggle going on within the board of karma.  Karma is an evil tool used at the highest levels of the "war" amongst the demiurges.  Karma cannot be just.  Even when it appears to be just, there are lots of other things behind the apparent justice.  Like the various systems on the Earth, especially the legal systems, there cannot be true justice with regard to karma.

Occasionally, the Rescuers intervene to protect certain True-Light beings and to prevent certain events from taking place.  When this occurs, there can be temporary justice dispensed by the lords of karma, but this is only because they have no choice.  Thereafter, as soon as possible, the lords of karma resume their putrid administration of karma.

The hierarchy of Darkness uses Its own kind until they are no longer useful, at which point they are discarded like old clothes.  There is no true love in the Dark hierarchy.  It runs on deception, exploitation, abuse, destruction, control and all facets of falsehood.

On Earth, the systems mimic the hierarchy of Darkness.  That is why there is no real advancement available to everyone.  Those who go from "rags to riches" are the ones with the "golden" stamps.  It is planned from the outset of their lives that they will rise.  Usually, they have ties with the top-ranking Anunnaki Remnants.

These individuals are specially primed for world renown.  It is not as simple as it appears to bring about their success.  There is quite a complex network involved to bring about the unjust promotion of the "golden" ones.  There are various people, places, apparent opportunities that are programmed to occur for the "golden" ones.  Foul play is used if necessary.  Many functions are involved and the timing of events is programmed to occur at the most opportunistic times.  Programmed "rent-a-crowds" are used to bring about popularity, support and acceptance of the chosen ones.  

The ruling elite can sponsor the results they want in the media, documentaries, education, entertainment, research, medicine, law, politics and all systems on the planet.  The ruling elite maintain systems that are self-perpetuating.

For example, if patients fully accept the medical system, they can be drawn into elaborate "cures" and procedures that will ultimately be detrimental to them.  For instance, if one were to go into a medical clinic for every precautionary medical examination and procedure that is currently promoted by the medical professionals, something may be found and the treatment may well be very detrimental to the well-being of the patient.  

Many people are too frightened to avoid recommendations of medical associations.  It should be mentioned that many recommendations by medical professionals are made not for the patient's well being, but as defensive medicine to avoid potential legal problems for the medical practitioner.  Beyond that, there are many other factors at  play, including the feeding of pharmaceutical interests.  There are also vaccines that are recommended that often have little protective value and sometimes there are ulterior motives.  Many vaccines and treatments are forced upon people.  For example, people working in hospitals are forced to take a battery of inoculations before they can be employed.  

When people are locked into the medical profession's "healing" system, they can find it very hard to reject because they are so frightened by it.  Further, the stress caused by having every test that is recommended can bring about other health problems.  The recommended treatments can often affect the quality of life of the patient.  And, of course, all these tests and procedures are expensive, which helps to perpetuate the medical system and the rest of the evil systems.  

The ruling elite can and does conduct biological "warfare" upon the people by releasing certain illnesses.  This has been done many times in the past and, as I have mentioned in my earlier postings, new illnesses are already being released.  The latest releases of illnesses are aimed at affecting the entire population of the world.  Certain ones have been selected and given immunization against the upcoming epidemics.  Bear in mind, these exclusive immunizations are not to be confused with the immunizations that will be offered to the public at large.  Sometimes, unbeknownst to the people administering them, the immunizations have illness-causing properties that are deliberately inserted by the agents of the ruling elite.  Taking the upcoming vaccines will be a lot like playing roulette.   

Many of the illnesses are now directed at animals because the ruling elite are aware that many of the Light workers are in the bodies of animals at this time.  This has been done to avoid detection by Darkness.  Therefore, all types of animals are now being subjected to slaughter in the name of fighting various viruses.  Further, dogs and cats are being restricted and even culled in many areas.  When aliens target Light workers in animal bodies, the strike will often be at their limbs in attempts to immobilize them.  This will often be accompanied by bloody diarrhoea for no apparent reason at all.

There are certain types of aliens that smell very much like skunks.  Their odour can be so pungent that it can be noticed while driving a motor vehicle by them.  In the past, these aliens were able to employ their invisibility shields without detection, but more and more people and animals now can smell their skunky odour.  They often hide near septic systems and around toilets so people think they are smelling leaky sewers instead of stinky aliens.

The ruling elite sponsor much of the "education" and "research" in the world.  They set up the parameters for what will be taught and what will be acceptable knowledge.  In regard to global warming, the schools of thought that accept the greenhouse effect are given the research grants.  Scientists who would dare to speak out in truth about global warming are either silenced or discredited.  Currently, the ruling elite is actively promoting nuclear energy as a "quick fix" to the greenhouse effect.  Any who understand the inherent dangers of nuclear power realize that it is ludicrous to try to cool the Earth with this patently dangerous technology.  The greenhouse effect is the ruling elite's cover of the hotter sun.  The ruling elite do not want people to suspect the sun is hotter because that is beyond human control and people would panic.  The ruling elite also want people to think it will be hundreds of years before the Greenland ice sheet melts.  In fact, it is melting much, much faster than current propaganda indicates. 
There are those who claim to be truth seekers but will not let anyone voice anything truthful that appears negative superficially.  When such ones hear truth, they denounce it as negative and put forth the programmed response of "all is love" and that if everyone would only love, then everything would be beautiful.  This false message has been channelled from Anunnaki aliens and Anunnaki astral beings to deceive people.  Those who accept this false message are usually naïvely unaware.  However, some of them are aware of the deception and choose to knowingly spread the false message to hinder true seekers from awakening to the truth.  This is a dimension of falsehood where no sincere seekers with some awareness could be fooled into believing that "all is love and that there is no evil because, ultimately, everyone evolves into enlightened beings".  This is exactly what Darkness wants people to believe.  Evil is real and rampant.  Very soon, it will express in ways never before seen on this planet. 

Many people are so naïve that they believe that Jesus, Mary or some other well known religious figure is regularly visiting someone to offer advice for themselves or the world.  The True-Light beings who played the roles of Jesus and Mary would not provide information that could hinder the Light.  The messages of "all is love" and all the other false messages that are attributed to them are being promoted by the ruling elite to trick people into dropping their guards.

Some people naïvely believe that the "Archangel Michael" or other angels can be summoned by them at their whim.  There are those currently promoting angel workshops who claim that they can introduce people to their personal angels.  Most of these people know very little about angels, and the very little that they know is based upon massive distortions.  Besides, why would angels or genies be on the ready for anyone who rubs a lamp?

In fact, the winged angels and the winged beasts seen by people like Lot and Ezekiel of the Bible are special creations of Anunnaki genetic engineers.  Astral beings can also mimic winged and unwinged angels.

The ones who have neglected their inner lives will be the ones most unprepared for what is about to occur.  It is a time to turn within and connect.  Do not be afraid.  There is not much that one can do in the physical, but there is much that can be done in the spiritual.  Nobody can relinquish your will to Darkness except yourself.  Hold onto your will to remain in the Eternal Light.  This is your best protection against Darkness and Its temporary Virtual Reality.

© 2006 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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