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Break Point Shattering the Cube -- Part 2

Break Point

Shattering the Cube — Part 2


Amitakh Stanford

17th July 2004

Things are not always what they appear to be in this physical/astral dimension of virtual reality.  Conventional science declares that the sun is a sphere.  As I stated in Shattering the Cube, it is NOT a sphere — it is a CUBE.  I realize that this statement goes against nearly all conventional scientific theories.  But this does not change the fact that the sun and all extant stars are cubes, spinning so rapidly that they appear to be spheres.

From the onset, an astute reader should well consider that cubes go against nearly all that is seen in the solar system.  The planets and moons are spheroid appearing.  Their orbits are elliptical or circular.  In other words, what we see are circles, circles and more circles, which I have called merry-go-rounds within merry-go-rounds in The Real Secret Word of the Freemasons.

Indeed, the sun and stars appear to be round also.  But why does the sun appear to be a sphere?  And, why would such a foreign shape — a cube — be the heart of the solar systems?

To answer these questions, one must realize that suns are shaped as cubes by design.  That is to say, there has been no evolution of the solar systems.  They were in fact created by an Intelligence far beyond the comprehension of human minds.

Once it is accepted that the solar system, and all solar systems for that matter, were designed, then the obvious question is:  Why is the truth about cube-shaped suns hidden from inquiring minds?

In considering the mystery of the cubed sun, one should also consider that all the planets in the solar system except Pluto (which many still claim is NOT a planet) fit onto a single plane, and all orbit the equator of the sun.  Again, this was NOT accidental, but by design.  In fact, all solar systems originated with all their respective planets orbiting on a single plane around the equator of their respective suns.

The Designer of the suns did not want anyone to easily discover how suns produce heat, nor to ever suspect that suns are cube shaped.  The Designer of the sun also created the illusion that the sun revolves around the Earth.  However, this illusion was shattered by Copernicus who discovered that the planets revolve around the sun.  It has indeed been proven beyond doubt that the Earth's daily rotation creates the illusion that the sun "rises" and "sets" by travelling across the entire heavens each day.

Again, one must consider why the Designer wished to deceive occupants of the various planets and conceal truth.  This question gives rise to the type of sick Mind responsible for designing the physical realm.

The principle upon which the sun operates is simple, and in its simplicity rings the truth of how it functions.  The common belief that the sun is a huge sphere of gases that collapsed upon themselves and began burning a mixture of gases as a "nuclear furnace" is erroneous.

Instead, the Designer placed a huge material cube into space and set the cube into motion.  This motion is a speedy, spinning, gyrating motion that revolves upon a SINGLE POINT in the centre of the cube (slightly off centre point).  This POINT should NOT be construed as meaning a single axis that runs through the cube, but instead it should be viewed as a single point in the middle of the cube.

The motion spins the cube (sun) so rapidly that its corners appear to touch nearly all points of the perceived sphere, thus giving the illusion that the object in the sky is a sphere.  By analogy, consider that a fan has blades, but when it is set into fast motion, the blades of the fan seem to disappear and an illusion is created which makes the blades look like a circle.  This illusion can also be seen in airplane propellers, which also appear to be circles as the propellers spin rapidly.  It should also be mentioned that at various speeds, the circles of the propellers seem to change their direction of rotation.  This two-dimensional circular type of illusion is the principle behind the cubed-sun's three-dimensional illusion that it is a sphere and that the sphere is rotating.

However, the sun appears to be aflame, while propellers and fan blades do not.  This is partly because the Designer created gravity, which attracted particles of atmosphere to the cube (sun).  These particles of air were thereafter trapped by the sun's gravity and forced to stay with the cube.  The flaming sun is primarily due to the vast differences in velocities of the spinning of the objects.  Thus, the sun's atmosphere blazes while the fans' and propellers' do not.  When the cubed sun spins ferociously fast, it creates a great deal of friction coupled with the fact that the 12 "sharp" edges and 8 "hard" corners of the cube heighten the friction.

The apparent rotation of the sun on an axis has been called "differential rotation" because it appears to take 25 days for the sun to rotate around its equator and 35 days at its poles.  This has erroneously been accepted by science as a phenomenon of a gaseous sphere.  It is actually an illusion that the sun has a spheroid rotation.  This is much like the example of the spinning fan blades.  The spinning cube gyrates in such a way that it appears that there is a sphere and that the sphere is rotating irregularly.  Thus, an illusion of a differential rotation is created by the spinning cube.

Anyone who has rapidly rubbed two sticks together would have noticed that the process generates heat.  If the draft is appropriate and the materials suitable, then smoke is formed, followed by a flame — caused by simple friction, air and fuel.

Likewise, it was simple friction which ignited the atmosphere around the sun that produced the original flame (it is the sun's atmosphere that is burning and NOT the cube).  However, given these conditions, the sun would have quickly burned up all its atmosphere (fuel) and have been extinguished.  Thus, the Designer made the sun spin in such a way that a patch near the north pole of the sun does not ever get touched by any corners of the cube.  If you were to fly over the "top" of the sun, you would see a dark spot or a "hole" in the sun.  This "hole" is the "fuel" entry point for the sun.  The tremendous spinning of the sun coupled with the "void" on the "top" creates a violent funnel or tornado-like vortex that literally sucks gases from deep space.  It is the sucked-in gases that provide the "fuel" which keeps the sun burning.

Hence, the spinning cube is not a furnace at all.  It is a huge EXTERNAL combustion engine.

In order to keep the nature of the sun hidden, planets revolve around the sun's equator so that inhabitants of the planets do not have a perspective from which to see the dark spot atop the sun.  Besides, the planets are able to acquire an optimum level of radiant energy from the sun by orbiting its equator.  Further, if the planets were to get anywhere close to the northern vortex, they would be sucked into it.

It should be noted that the physical/astral dimension was NOT designed by the True Creator.  The physical realm, which includes the astral, was an imposition by Darkness which was superimposed over the True Creation.  Darkness is an aberration of the True Creation.  The True Creator attempted to correct the aberration by pouring Divine Love into it.  However, Darkness rejected all attempts at correction or retrieval of It.

When Darkness superimposed the physical dimension upon a sector of the True Creation, it trapped many True-Light beings in Matter (Darkness).  The Earth is located in this sector.  Thus, for aeons many beings of Light have been trapped by Darkness in the physical realm.  (For a more detailed explanation of duality, see my article entitled The Source).

Amongst those True-Light beings who were trapped in Matter were four Special beings who are known as the Elements — Air, Earth, Water and Fire.  These Special beings have been forced to conform to the plan of Darkness, but they have always remained true to the Light.

In order to make the sun burn, Darkness needed Earth to form the cube, and Air to provide the fuel for the external combustion engine which generated Fire.  A being of Darkness was assigned to oversee the cube's motion.  This being was referred to as WCLU in Shattering the Cube.  Those letters are only the being's initials. The name of the being is pronounced as Wanchenlu.

WCLU is responsible for overseeing motion and also for creating the illusion that there is "no motion" for those who are locked in the merry-go-rounds of motion in this virtual reality.  The illusion of "no motion" is why people on Earth do not perceive its daily rotation.

Incidentally, WCLU has a weakness in the Element of Water.  Water has been able to resist total conformation to the will of Darkness.  This is because Water cannot be totally suppressed by the cubed sun.  Neither will it follow the dictates of Darkness' agents such as WCLU.  Esoterically and physically, that is why the tides ebb and flow, giving all astute observers of Water a clue about WCLU's illusion of "no motion." In other words, Water goes where it wills.

Symbolically, water is a means of purification because many spiritual people have intuitively felt that water is as pure an element as possible in this polluted dimension.

While WCLU knows that Water is its weakness, it must work within the parameters of a partially water-covered planet.  This is because Darkness developed biological "life" or bodies in which to trap True-Light beings.  Biological bodies require water to survive. Therefore, WCLU must work with water, but water is its nemesis.  WCLU uses other agents of Darkness to help capture and trap water because it cannot do the task itself.

Ironically, while the Earth is a huge trap for Light beings, WCLU has less control on the Earth than on many other worlds because there is so much water on the planet.  With aid from other beings of Darkness, WCLU is able to trap enormous amounts of water by freezing it.  When water is solid, it is forced to conform to the "no motion" illusion of WCLU.

Currently, there is rapid global warming occurring on Earth.  This is due to the sun heating up, thereby heating the Earth's atmosphere.  It is also due to the heating up of Antarctic seas by the Lemurians from under the ice shelves using 3 huge micro-wave-like devices.  (For detailed discussion see my article, Global Warming — Natural or Artificial).

As the Lemurians heat up the water to free their mother crafts, they release a great deal of the water that WCLU had arranged to be trapped as ice.  As more water is freed to express in its liquid form, WCLU will lose a great deal of control of the Earth.  Thus, more and more, the illusion of "no motion" is fracturing.  As this is occurring, more and more people will see through the illusion of this world of virtual reality.

As the sun burns brighter, it also causes deterioration of the Earth's electro-magnetic field.  This is happening at such a rapid rate that even the New York Times has recently run feature articles about the phenomenon.  As I stated in Demagnetism, the collapsing field has so concerned the ruling elite on Earth that they have been trying to patch up the failing field by blacking out vast areas and diverting the "stolen" power in their attempts to "fix" the electro-magnetic field.  These power thefts have not been truthfully explained by the governments and the media throughout the world.

Current speculation is that the "earth changes" are being caused by a shifting of the polarity of the Earth's poles.  This speculation is mainly based upon outdated information.  Plans have changed.  A polarity shift is no longer going to happen, neither is a shift of the Earth's axis going to take place.

Now, the question must be addressed as to why the sun is heating up.  It is heating up because the Fifth Amoeba of the Light (an Attas) is actively shattering the cube by using several arraa-tons (sun cruisers) to heat up the sun.  These crafts have been photographed around and seemingly within the sun.  But, how could that be?  Scientists tell us that nothing could ever approach the sun because the heat is too intense.

Again, this is a misconception that is based upon speculation about the nature of the sun.  The sun's primary method of heating is via radiation.  It primarily radiates the atmosphere around objects, heating the respective atmospheres.  It also radiates heat via contact with objects.  This is readily apparent by taking readings of the external temperature of an airplane that is flying at high altitude.  The outside temperature of the airplane correlates with the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere, adjusted by the sun's radiant effect on the airplane.  The plane's body gets colder and colder as the atmosphere around it thins and does not readily absorb the sun's radiation.  From this it can be seen that the heating of the atmosphere is more effective than the heating of the object.

Instead of an airplane, consider a spacecraft.  If it were launched towards the sun, as it left the Earth's atmosphere it would still get colder and colder even though it is getting closer to the sun.  Outside of the craft it would also be dark even if it is approaching the sun.  This is because the atmosphere around it is so thin that it is not effectively heated or lighted by the sun's radiation.

This is why the Attas arraa-tons can actually fly quite close to the sun before the sun's radiant heat begins to significantly affect the crafts.  At about 800,000 miles from the sun, the effect of the sun's heat is so great that the Attas need to raise the solar shields of the arraa-tons to deflect the heat and protect the crafts.  Were the shields to malfunction at any stage within 500 miles of the sun, the arraa-tons would melt.

The arraa-tons then fly through the sun's burning atmosphere before approaching the spinning cube.  When they approach the cube they hover above it, spinning with it.  Once "inside" the cube (which is actually inside the sun's atmosphere but above the cube) the spinning seems to stop because of WCLU's illusion of "no motion".  Instead of this illusion confusing and hindering the occupants of the arraa-tons, the illusion is used to their benefit.  It allows them to calmly go about their work in the midst of a virtual whirlwind.  This is a little like being in the eye of a hurricane where it is calm.

The arraa-tons then go about "working the corners" of the cube, by hovering just above a corner of the cube and launching off the corner in the opposite direction of the cube's spin.  These launches exert great force on the corners of the cube and "push" the cube in the direction of the spin, using maximum leverage from the corners to cause the cube to spin faster and faster with each launch.

As the cube spins faster and faster, the turbulent vortex near its north pole spins more and more vociferously, sucking more fuel into the sun's atmosphere.  Consequently, the sun burns quicker and hotter with each launch off its corners.

Ironically, while the corners of the cube form a formidable Light trap, they are also the weakness of the cubed trap.  It is also ironic that WCLU's illusion of "no motion" is being used to disassemble the sun by superheating it until it literally burns itself up.

Esoterically, the corners and edges of the cube are hard angles that cause conflict, friction, wars, distrust, violence etc.  Exoterically, the corners and edges are the principal instruments of friction and heat that cause the sun's atmosphere to blaze.

The Designer of the cube planned for conflicts and wars to be caused by motion of the cube.  It suspected that the Amoebas of Light would be investigating Its usurpation of the sector of True Creation.  It further suspected that were the cubes easily perceived, the Amoebas would stop them immediately.  Hence, the Designer used illusions to make the sun and stars appear to be spheroid shapes in the hope that this would confuse and delay the Rescue Operation by the Amoebas of Light.

It is the usurpation of this sector by Darkness and Its steadfast refusal to release the trapped True-Light beings that has caused the Light to rescue those True-Light beings who have been held ransom by Darkness for so long.  This has culminated in the final stage of the Correction Plan by the Light to liberate Her/His children from Darkness. While the final Purification will be carried out by the Creator of Light, the children of Light who are awaiting the rescue are urged to purify themselves as best they can by rejecting the evils of Darkness in order to help them stay "sane" during the tumultuous times.

Many stars have already been extinguished by the method described in this essay.  Many of the stars in the sky are no longer burning.  We are only seeing the radiant light from long ago in the sky because it takes years for light to reach the Earth from any of the stars.

In the Pure Realm, there is no actual air, earth, water or fire.  Those were all created by Darkness and were forced upon Special beings whom we know as the Elements Air, Earth, Water and Fire.  Once those Special beings are released from Darkness, they will return to their original Divine Abode, along with all the beings who have chosen to enter the Light of their own freewill (the viables).

The sun is the product of False Light. Those who have chosen to enter the True Light by their own freewill will welcome this joyous news — the Return to Purity and True Unconditional Love and Peace is nigh.

The sceptical ones will continue to vainly mock in their own pitiful ignorance.

The desire for liberation from Darkness burns deeply within all children of the True Creator of Light.  This yearning for liberation is NOT a psychological escapism.  It is something that all True-Light beings have within themselves.  They all long for their return to their True Home.

Soon the "drumming" will begin — the cubes will all stop spinning — the fires will die — all matter will be gone forever.  The viable children of Light who have been trapped here for so long will return Home and rejoice upon their Liberation from Darkness.

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Copyright © 2004 by Amitakh Stanford and AHSAF

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