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Super Powers, Super Wars and Extermination

Super Powers, Super Wars and Extermination


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara Site)

17th March 2005

Last year, after the Sacred Drumming, I mentioned that after the Four Elements were released there would be anomalies regarding weather and other fields affected by the Four Elements. The Four Elements have been symbolically released now and they are no longer totally bound by the "chains" that the Cosmic had imposed upon them. While many of the weather anomalies have probably not been reported, a few oddities have made it into the mainstream media.

Recently, some cyclones have been rotating in unexpected directions. For example: Northern Hemisphere storms have been observed rotating clockwise around the eye instead of the usual anti-clockwise circulation; inverted rainbows have been sighted in the U.S.A.; double rainbows, with green on the far end of the spectrum on both rainbows, have also been spotted in Australia; "cyclonic" rains have fallen on windless days; and many other oddities of temperature, precipitation, wind etc. are becoming common occurrences.

Earthquakes are spreading around the globe, even in places that are not earthquake prone. Volcanoes are becoming active all around the world; "extinct" ones are re-awakening. Fires are behaving in ways unlike anything ever before observed. Glaciers are retreating at breakneck speed. Some scientists are now noticing that while daytime temperatures are relatively close to those of the past, night-time temperatures are rising dramatically. The night-time temperature rises are most likely due to increased inner earth temperatures, which would seem to negate the so-called greenhouse effect that most scientists are suggesting is a major cause of global warming. As I explained in The Hollow Earth's Cubed Suns, the Earth is heating up very quickly from the inside and it is becoming uninhabitable for the inner-Earth dwellers.

UFO sightings are becoming common occurrences throughout the world, as had been expected. Of recent, many UFO battles have been observed in the skies. These will soon become more open and more difficult for the traditional media to ignore, scoff at or deny.

China will become the main world power. The alien consciousnesses that are now occupying the human bodies in China are the same consciousnesses that were occupying bodies in the U.S.A. up to, and especially during, the Clinton administration. Most of these alien consciousnesses have "migrated" to China and are now residing mostly in Chinese bodies. Certain aliens have the ability to change host bodies as they choose. For example: some of the Reptilian consciousnesses housed in bodies in the U.S.A. and the U.K. have "migrated" to China in recent years, leaving the bodies behind. Those same bodies in the U.S.A. and the U.K. are now occupied by Vulturite consciousnesses, which were quick to step in and take advantage of the situation. During the shift of locations, the Reptilians were able to take much of the technology and other information with them. This is why China will soon be the world's superpower.

Different countries will begin to re-align themselves in accordance with their attraction/revulsion regarding Reptilian/Vulturite alliances. The Reptilians and the Vulturites are the two main Anunnaki contenders for domination of the Earth. There will be a confrontation between these two groups, represented by the two major powers on Earth (U.S.A. and its allies versus China and its allies). Many changes are coming that will affect the lives of people in all countries.

Hence, the Reptilians in human bodies will clash with the Vulturites in human bodies. While these clashes will be seen by most as human political wars, they will in fact be alien wars. Both sides are represented by alien consciousnesses in human bodies in high political positions.

Already, both sides are planning to wage "war" by releasing devastating new biological diseases throughout the world. Some of the biological attacks were scheduled for September of 2005, but now the dates have been moved forward. Three illnesses have been re-scheduled to be released, one of which is to be released very soon. However, the devastating effects of two others might take some time to spread.

There will really be no real solutions available to the masses for the upcoming biological attacks that are scheduled by the ruling elite. However, the ruling elite have special preventative immunizations (antidotes) that will be made available to certain select ones before the releases of the biological attacks. Unfortunately, these preventative immunizations will NOT be made available to the masses, nor will knowledge of them be revealed to the public.

One of the diseases will mutate and cross species. Degrees of sight impairment will be associated with another of the new diseases. Yet another biological release will transmit a form of peculiar anxiety to degrees never before seen. Almost anyone will be subjected to the effects of this type of anxiety. Some will handle it better than others. At first, the anxiety will be transient - it will come and go.

Those who panic over it will be in the most vulnerable positions. Panic will exacerbate the situation. Therefore, it will be important to remain calm and take sensible measures to counter-act the upcoming anxiety attacks. A positive attitude will assist in alleviating the condition. Engaging in physical activities such as walking, swimming etc. can help divert the attacks away from victims. Relaxation exercises will also help. Rest is important, as exhaustion will make a person more vulnerable to the attacks.

When the new anxiety attacks become a problem worldwide, many of the victims will be prescribed medical drugs that will have a tendency to mask the symptoms, but which will offer no real help. However, the drugs will certainly affect the person using them. Many of the new anxiety victims will attempt suicide. As the anxiety advances, sufferers will have difficulty coping because they will not even know why they are so anxious.

There will be many who have breathing difficulties related to the new anxiety. This will generally be brought about by the weakening of the immune system caused by the debilitating inaudible sounds that are already being released by the ruling elite. Chemtrails will exacerbate the situation of weakened immune systems. While all this is going on, humans are being "watched" and "studied" like animals in a laboratory by those agents employed by the ruling elite.

Some who are leery about the agendas behind immunizations will face the dilemma of whether to trust the offered immunizations or to abstain from them. There is no guarantee that vaccinations will protect a person from getting the illness, and the vaccinations could well bring on other problems including the illnesses themselves. People will NOT have natural immunities against these diseases. The select few will be safe because they will be given effective antidotes to the illnesses. As has been done in the past, the ruling elite is again contemplating spreading the new illnesses via the very immunizations that the medical profession will be deceived into promoting. People have the right to know what is going on so they can make their own informed choices.

In my opinion, the Pinto Centre that I have mentioned is still a very good preventative "shield", even against these invading illnesses. It is important to build up the Pinto-Centre "shield" regularly. This "shield" will also assist in counter-acting the debilitating, inaudible sounds that are being artificially released. Like any preventative health measure, one has to persevere; it cannot be done overnight.

This world has become so putrid - physically and spiritually - that it cannot be allowed to continue. The agents of Darkness have gone berserk in their efforts to enslave everyone and everything. Their quest for power is insatiable and has become a malignant cancer. If these agents of Darkness were left to their own devices without intervention and rescue by the Light, everyone would perish.

The one thing that Darkness cannot penetrate is your inner being, your spirit. The body can be destroyed, but the true spirit is eternal. Remain strong in the Light. Unless you give your will over to Darkness, Darkness cannot touch your spirit.


We must march on with the quiet certitude that what has to be done will be done.

© 2005 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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