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Final Reflections #6

Final Reflections #6


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from The Nara Site)

20th October 2004

Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas (Light Workers)

The Sacred Drumming has commenced.  The separation of Light particles from Darkness has begun.  The journey Home will soon begin. Many will see a change in the atmosphere of the world.

The terminal madness of the end time will now engulf the world!

As terminal madness is most pronounced on the mental level, you could all experience various degrees of the mental anguish, despair, confusion, fear etc. that was released en masse when Ikluk's parasitic attachment was severed from the Light.  Ikluk represents Darkness.  The act of allowing the part of the projection of the Mother to attach to Ikluk was really the supreme expression of Divine Love for all the Divine Creation. It does not matter even if the event involved only a projection of Ikluk. I am aware that Ikluk has planned to hide his full self to avoid the Correction and attempt to restart yet another pseudo creation.

Due to many cultural and national influences, often people will express a bit differently.  However, what is important is not the literal words, but the meanings in the hearts and the energy in the words.  When you can bypass these differences and focus on the energy of the Truth of the Message you will not be confused by some of the concepts and expressions used by others.

Ikluk uses illusions to deceive, manipulate and control all beings in this Virtual Reality.  The main illusion of the physical dimension is that people erroneously think that this dimension of Virtual Reality is real and that it is all there is.  It is because of the misguided belief that the physical realm is all there is, many people are totally unaware of the Divine.  People put so much weight on scientific research and proofs that they have elevated science to a godlike status.  In their arrogance and ignorance, scientists are trying to prove the existence or non-existence of God.

As Ikluk's illusion becomes less and less effective now, more and more people will begin to see through the deception.  Things all around us are now breaking down.  Some of these things will be more obvious than others at first.  The media, which is controlled by the ruling elite, will not report much of what is occurring.  Even when the media does report, it will not be done faithfully.  Take for instance, last month on the day of the Sacred Drumming (27th September 2004), there occurred in Brisbane, Australia, an incident of a bomb scare in the central business district on Adelaide Street.  The road and the surrounding area were sealed off.  The media was quiet about this.  Again in Brisbane, on the day of Ikluk's "Excavation" event, there was an earthquake in Brisbane (which is not an earthquake area) and the media reported it as a sonic boom from military exercises.  Anyone who has been through sonic booms and earthquakes knows the difference.  The media could not convince most of the people who felt the quake that it was a sonic boom.

Programming is being used by the ruling elite for obvious things now.  As examples of this, people in Australia are being programmed to use cross-bows and swords in criminal acts, even though these are not practical weapons today.  This gives the government the excuse to prohibit the possession of these weapons, just as the Port Arthur Massacre did.  The ruling elite wants to disarm the public entirely to avoid the chances of revolt and/or self-defence.  The ruling elite feels they are getting into the position of full control and they are using the programming to try to purge people of all weapons that could be used to defend themselves from Big Brother.  Even certain dog breeds are being banned because Big Brother is afraid of them.  Just imagine what other things are about to be banned!

Some may have already noticed that communication satellites are "hiccupping" and causing audio and/or video distortions.  This is happening on commercial broadcasts and on the internet.  Virus infections will soon become rampant on the internet and the system will behave very strangely and unpredictably.  No matter how much effort the ruling elite puts in to try to keep the illusion up that the internet is functioning properly, the system will cough and sputter.  In the future, this site could be affected by the break down of the communications network.

Water quality will present a problem throughout the world.  Already people in affluent, developed countries are drinking reclaimed sewer water.  When the filtering systems in place in these countries break down many new problems will occur.

It is ironic that initially, the ruling elite staged many of the problems in the communications industry for their own purposes.  However, now the ruling elite is facing the onset of the very problems that they manufactured, and it will lead to chaos, much like their Dark Master who is losing control of this realm that is falling into chaos.

All things in "nature" will soon be affected and behave out of the ordinary.  Here at Alukar Heights we have already seen offspring from ducks and chickens that leave their mothers when only two weeks old.  We have seen unprecedented growth of ducklings and chicks.  A few days ago some of our new-born ducklings that were about 4 weeks old had an overnight growth spurt and became the size of adult ducks in one night!  These ducklings still lack full wings, but they have enormous bodies, legs, feet and heads for their age.  Many have mature features that usually take over a year to normally develop.  Even the ducklings' feathers changed colours overnight from light grey to black.  Their feet are bigger than all the adult ducks and roosters here.  These ducks are Muscoveys, which are large ducks.  All the ducks and ducklings and chicks are fed the same food, but some grew enormously big overnight and others did not.  A veterinarian here has no answer for the sudden growth and seemed rather nervous at being quizzed about it.

Some of you may become more sensitive to energies now.  This can cause some difficulties because you may encounter beings that carry very putrid energies.  The more sensitive you are to those energies, the more affected you can become by them.  It is imperative to cleanse your aura daily and especially after you have been in contact with negative energies.

Do keep in mind that what is coming is NOT Judgment Day like the Bible puts it.  It is NOT the brimstone and hellfire preached by Paul of Tarsus and his followers along with the false prophets of the Anunnaki.  The word "judge" is used in so many ways, both positively and negatively, that its use can cause confusion to some.  To survive in this realm, one has to make many judgments everyday.  You have to judge what clothing is adequate for the day, whether there is enough petrol in the car for a particular trip, whether someone is to be trusted in a business dealing, whether bathwater is a safe temperature for a baby etc.  Thus, the use of the word "judge" has many implications.  Likewise, the separation of the True-Light beings from the False-Light beings is based upon the choice individuals have made (they are not being judged by anyone in the strictest sense of the word — they have judged themselves — thus, it is Judgment Day for themselves).  Sadly, many have chosen to serve Darkness; these are the False-Light beings.

To restate the above, the Divine does NOT really judge who is worthy and who is unworthy.  All individual consciousnesses have chosen their own paths.  Each consciousness has chosen whether it truly desires to return to the Light or to remain in Darkness.  Hence, each consciousness is in effect, its own judge and has made its own choice.

This separation could be painful to those who have biological family members who will not be amongst those returning Home to the Light.  But everyone and everything has made his/her/its own choice, including Ikluk.  Nobody could make the choice for them.  All have been given countless chances and assistance to return to the Light.

However, if you view those who will be returning Home as your "true" family, then the process will be much easier for you.  After all, those who are affiliated with you in this life might wear the fa├žade of friends and family, but they are actually your bitter enemies from many past lives.  (An enemy is anyone or anything that is deliberately instrumental in obstructing your path back to the Light).  There are those who propose to others that they should work through relationships to overcome blocks for those who cannot get along with certain others.  The reason that many people do not get along well is because of their different essences.  (That is: one has chosen to return to the Light and the other has chosen to remain in Darkness).  In order to establish harmony in these circumstances, usually, one has to give in to the other.  In this world of Darkness, usually it is the True-Light being who has to compromise at the risk of weakening their will.  This situation is different from programmed disharmony where two people of the same essence who still fight one another even though they like each other.

At this time of final separation of True-Light beings from False-Light beings, it is imperative that people not give their will over to Darkness.  It is not a time for individuals to judge who will return to the Light or who will remain in Darkness.  Nobody can be certain of such things except the True Creator.

No matter what walk of life you are in, remember to allow the Divine to be an integral part of your existence.  Remain focused on the Light every day and let It become a natural part of your existence.

Now that the Sacred Drumming and the "Excavation" event have occurred, things will progress rapidly as the Light is withdrawn from this dimension.  With the release of the Four Elements, soon things will become unpredictable.

When the Four Elements were imprisoned and under the control of this dimension, things were relatively predictable in this Virtual Reality.  As they relied upon the predictability of things because of the Four Elements, the ruling elite have set about manipulating things by staging some weather events such as storms, some natural events such as earthquakes, some technological events such as internet and communications disruptions, some power outages to divert vast amounts of energy, some terrorist events etc.  The Big "O" who is supposedly being actively hunted by the ruling elite is in fact part of the plan to bring in the New World Order.  They do not want to catch their own agent at this time.

The ruling elite has staged many events to bring about tighter control of the people.  They have pre-ordained "elections" in various countries.  These farcical elections are occurring because many world leaders are either alien consciousnesses or under the control of alien beings.  Many events are staged with the main purpose of eliminating certain liberties from the people.  Everything is turning "global" - global phone cards, global banking, global travel, global economy, global village, global internet services etc.  This is the design of the ruling elite.

But these staged events are starting to backfire upon the ruling elite.  These staged events will now be returned to the senders manyfold.  Natural and unnatural earthquakes, volcanoes, storms and floods will intensify and increase in number.  Natural events will soon begin to behave erratically since the Four Elements are no longer under the full control of Darkness.  Wars and terrorist attacks, all being written by their own hand before, will now return to haunt the ruling elite and their supporters.

Now that the ruling elite has laid the foundation for bringing in the NWO, they are now introducing more sophisticated ideas via movies and television programmes.  Many of these contain information that the ruling elite wants to disseminate and imprint upon the minds of the populace.  One of the latest television shows with this intent is called The 4,400.  This show has the overt message that aliens are here to help, but they just do not understand how to communicate well with humans so humans need to be patient with aliens and accept them as they appear to be.  It also contains a great amount of programming energy to the unawares.  For instance, the majority of people are unsuspecting of the programming that occurs because of different lighting schemes used in the films.

The ruling elite are also introducing more sophisticated and dangerous computer video games.  This started with children playing relatively harmless video games, but it has progressed and many of the games mind-control mechanisms for both children and adults are being introduced to the unsuspecting public.  They are programmed to be addictive.  They do this by triggering certain things in human minds through imagery, sounds, lighting etc. in the interaction between the human mind and the objects in the game.  Some of these games can "enter" the minds of the players and can actually "live" there and interfere with the player's life thereafter.

The ruling elite intend to introduce very deep space mind trigger video games which can split the human mind into artificial realities within the Virtual Reality of the games.  These at first will be seen as enjoyable escapes for the players.  But, if the player gets caught in the game it will exacerbate the mental condition of the player at a critical time when terminal madness is spreading.  What is about to transpire will represent the darkest hour in human history!

Many people are aware that the ruling elite has hijacked airplanes, blown up buildings, caused wars, murdered civilians, disrupted power supplies etc. to bring in draconian legislation for the NWO.  These tactics will be their own undoing.  The ruling elite will now face real wars that they have not planned, real revolutions that they have not designed, real earthquakes that they have not staged, real terrorist attacks that they did not plan, real power outages that they did not anticipate, real chaos that they did not expect nor can they control.  They will use the media to colour the "news" and report what they are ordered to report and attempt to keep control of the people by using the media to misinform and black out the news.  However, as the communications networks break down, it will take a great deal of effort by the ruling elite to keep up the illusion that all is still well.  When the people start to see that all is chaotic, the fireworks will really begin.

Remain calm in the time of chaos.  Remain alert.  Focus on Divine Love and Light.  May the Peace of A-itu be with you.

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Copyright © 2004 by Dr. Amitakh Stanford and AHSAF

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