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Anunnaki War Plans

Anunnaki War Plans


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara site)

3rd April 2005

The Indian Ocean tsunami was the First Major Cataclysmic Event that I had warned was coming. Although it appeared to be a natural disaster of huge proportions, it was unnatural.

As I have also indicated, the "high-ranking" Reptilian consciousnesses have "migrated" from the United States to China. This is a part of a very involved long-term plan the Reptilians have for world domination. However, they did not carelessly abandon the reins of power in the United States (it is the most powerful nation on Earth at this time); they did not foolishly hand over that power to the Vulturites, their strongest opponents.

The Reptilians have known for a long time that the geographic location of the U.S.A. is a very precarious one. That is the primary reason for their "migration" to China. Secondary reasons include China's huge population, its strict discipline when compared to other nations, its potential to soon become the world's leading economic nation, and other factors, including the long history of scarcely detected alien associations with China.

Another reason is the Reptilians' disdain for the Bill of (individual) Rights that was tacked onto the American Constitution. This has always been an annoyance to them. Among other things, the Bill of Rights includes: freedom of assembly, speech, association, religion, right to bear arms, protection from cruel and unusual punishment, and many other individual rights.

Rarely will a country spell out individual rights as clearly as was done in the American Bill of Rights. Exceptions to this happen in countries that grant freedom of religion and racial equality, which are New World Order preferences, along with cultural diversity. Many countries have protected religious practices and banned racial discrimination - at least superficially - because it was known that when the alien wars were in full swing, many religious and racial differences would have to be set aside in order to form new alliances.

Cruelty amongst humankind and towards animals is on the increase. The ones who are supposed to protect their nations are often the biggest criminals in the land. Many politically/religiously/economically motivated atrocities have been committed without the public being aware of them. In the name of culling out terrorism, free licence has been "issued" to punish and torture indiscriminately.

For human beings to torture other human beings so cruelly shows the level of evilness humans are capable of. Anunnaki influence has existed throughout human history. No country has a clear conscience regarding this matter because Anunnaki ties make them brutal. Political victims are often brutally tortured - severed limbs, ears and tongues, decapitations, gouged eyes, and rapes are just a few of the notorious Anunnaki trademarks. It was not so long ago that it was revealed that Chinese and other races consume human hearts, livers and foetuses. This type of cannibalism has been going on for thousands of years; cannibalism is now being revived. It, too, is an Anunnaki trademark.

As I have indicated, the Reptilians are far too cunning to have left the U.S.A. in the hands of the Vulturites without knowing exactly when the "natural" catastrophes would begin to decimate that nation. Does anyone believe for a moment that the Reptilians would implement a plan that would have to rely on timely natural disasters occurring? Of course the Reptilians are not that foolish! In order for their plan to fit their time schedule it is imperative that the "natural" events occur right on time!

Thus, a plan within the plan was necessary to make sure that everything went according to schedule. This was made possible by introducing ARTIFICIALLY INDUCED natural-appearing disasters. Many small "natural" disasters have been carried out in the past. These include earthquakes, landslides, weather storms, meteorites, floods, fires, diseases, accidents etc.

The Indian Ocean tsunami was artificially induced by the Reptilians. The sinister timing, location and international involvements were all carefully devised. As planned, the Reptilians were able to effectively devastate many Asian third-world countries with the tsunami. Because many of the stricken areas are tourist spots, the Reptilians knew that the Boxing Day tsunami would affect many international tourists who were on holidays. This was also important to their plans as they watched the reactions of the victims and those involved.

As anticipated, the Reptilians ran tests of the stricken people by sounding false alarms about subsequent tsunamis. They scientifically watched and recorded in detail the responses for future manipulation of human emotions.

The Vulturites also participate in artificially-induced disasters. While many Vulturite positions were adversely affected by the tsunami, they cannot divulge the Reptilian plans, nor even the Reptilian presence on Earth, because they do not want the human race to know that either of them are here. It is under these conditions that both sides are conducting an all-out war for global domination - but what will be left of that which they are so ambitious to obtain? Is the Anunnaki battle for a one world order really a fool's parade? Will the loser of this war blow up the planet in spite?

Many smaller artificial and natural disasters will undoubtedly follow the Indian Ocean tsunami. The recent 8.7 earthquake in Indonesia is an example of a natural occurrence. Many huge volcanoes, including supposedly extinct ones, will flare up. These will cause more problems than most people can possibly imagine.

A big artificial event will strike America. It will be devastating. The Reptilians have planted a huge disaster to commence off the northwest coast of Cuba. Likewise, they have planted huge disasters to take place in Alaska. These events will appear to occur naturally and at random; they will be anything but natural and random. They will tick off with the precision of a clock in the planned order. These will ignite geological events in vulnerable areas along the west coast of America, especially the earthquake fault lines.

America will be in shambles after these "natural" disasters hit it. Many of its enemies from without and within await such an opportunity to strike back, which will further weaken the once "proud" eagle of the land.

Along with the planned catastrophes for America, the world will suffer much. There will be food and water shortages as many disasters strike one after another. The resultant health problems will take their toll. Animals, too, will suffer. Many that have not been considered to be a part of the human food chain will be slaughtered for food. Weather conditions will become erratic, which in turn will cause agricultural, geological, medical and economic problems.

The rainbow symbolically represents the colour of creative force. The personalized creative force has been trapped, but now at last a solution is forthcoming. The re-arrangement of the rainbow's colours signifies the unrestricted movement of the creative force moving out of the restrictions imposed by Darkness. There will be calamities around the world now that rainbows have begun displaying strange behaviour.

Out of the dark skies, a bolt of light will descend on Earth. This will crush the northern part of Europe. Seas will rise and devour the land. The air will be thick with dust that hangs like a blanket day and night. Many will be cajoled into taking steps to remain calm, but most will not maintain mental balance.

Ulysses will rise from the sea and the giants will move with speed as the sound of the drum is heard in the distance. Men, women and children will close their eyes wishing for peace to befall them, but waking hours into the night will drag into a routine causing many problems.

Nigeria will be totally flooded in many regions. Tokyo will be affected by huge tidal waves as earthquakes wreck the island. Miami, too, will be blown away by a huge tidal wave. Southeast Asia will continue to be plagued by big-scale typhoons and earthquakes. Wellington will stand in the way of a huge earthquake. Australia will be hit by huge tidal waves and many coastal towns will be swept away.

Iraq will fall over and many will bow to the rule of the conquering Vulturites. Russia will survive an attack. Taiwan will eventually be under Chinese rule.

Remember, the day will arrive when cometh the Second Major Cataclysmic Event. Fire and water will wreak havoc on the Earth. Billions will die.

Many will not see the end. Those who witness it will envy the dead.

Fear not as the flesh perishes. 
The Divine never meant the flesh to be. 
All things in spirit can start anew. 
The Divine spirit in each of us continues.

(c) 2005 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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