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Poems For The Twelve "Sisters"

Poems For The Twelve "Sisters"


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara Site)

27th August 2005

Sweet Babaji

Freezing winds of winter running through my spine,
my body trembling as I lay supine.
Suddenly the sweetest fragrance wafted towards me
Filling me at once with love and glee.

It was Babaji, sweet Babaji who playfully smiled at me,
Who, in the past had honoured me many times in
many different ways you see.
As I stepped outside into winter wonderland,
A tremendous sense of peace 
transported me to winter fairyland.
There was magical beauty reflected in the silence,
reflected in the void of the blanket of ice,
Transforming sky and earth into a mass 
of incorporeal nothingness so nice.

The light of clarity surrounds me as I reflect 
with Babaji who beside me stood,
With purest thoughts, splendid colours and most
melodious sounds he emanated in joyous mood.
O sweet Babaji, with winds of light,
Take me under your wings in my heavenly flight.

The Dance of the Wind

In valleys green and still,
A gentle breeze whispers 
through the enchanting woods.
A maiden, fair and gay, frolicking on the hill,
Bare-footed, she enjoys the warmth of the earth,
without her boots.
The gale whirls round and round 
through the forest in riot,
Through her the gale of energy shot high.
It blows so hard without a moment quiet,
Fanning its desire to reach the summit of the sky.
Now steadily the dance turns loud, rough and strong,
It twists and twirls, with howling, filling the sky,
Scattering everything free at times in throng,
carrying voices crisp, shrieking,
as if desperately attempting to fly.
O beautiful wind soothing my pain, 
Greetings to you, as I heard you plain from the hill.
Your sigh of relief is not in vain
For the joy you breathe into me is never still.
Now you and I, reunited as One
Like the lover and his lass,
Through the friendless world we fought and won.
Together we reach a happy land after letting the
suffering pass.

Life's Clutters

Life is full of clutters,
And a cluttered subconscious mind is surely 
a hindrance to higher aspiration.
Where your life clutters,
There shall your problems be.
Until you deal with issues which cloud your life
without further hesitation,
No life with inner serenity can there be.

So take responsibility then for your clutter 
and clear it quick,
Your pushing it here and there will not 
resolve the problem in any way.
To affect you adversely it will certainly at you pick,
And never a moment can you keep its effects at bay.
May it be clutter in relationships, recurrent thoughts
which torment, or clutter in money matters,
As sure as sun-rise it will your energy sap
Until the clutter out of your life shatters,
Thus, allowing your energy to rise when final farewell
to your clutter eliminates your trap.

Clutter, clutter, you are but junk,
Out of my life you go.
Purifying and refining my whole being 
I shall now take the jump.
With open arms I gladly embrace life 
without clutters so.

Truth And Falsehood

The water in the ocean is soft and supple,
Yet its energy is strong and powerful.
The archons who promote the filth of a nation 
indeed sustain trouble,
And all acts of truth are rarely unsorrowful.

Truth and falsehood cannot harmonize,
Compromising with falsehood 
is not worthy of the truth.
To the virtuous and the good, 
Evil shall not patronize,
Truth shall always abide with the good 
whether in old age or in youth.

Truth does not always appear beautiful,
Beauty is not necessarily true.
The evil ones are not truthful,
Their lies become larger and complicated 
as through the passage of time they grow.

Prayer To The Divine Mother

Divine Mother - A-itu the Eternal Flame,
Help me be true,
In the colours of radiant pink and blue.
Guide me out of this world of sorrow and darkness,
Let my heart be opened to the joy and peace which
transcends all negativity in its starkness.

O Divine Mother, let me rest in Thee.
Like a happy babe cooggles in glee.
Teach me the meaning of Truth, 
Love, and Simplicity,
So that my sojourn here 
may be filled with felicity.

O eternal Mother, lift me up when I fall,
Turn not a deaf ear to my gentle call.
What can I offer Thee
Which Thou has not already given me?
Like a flame that burns in silence,
My communion with Thee puts my life in balance.

Thy peace radiates around and in me,
And in that peace I see Thee 
alone present in eternity forever be.
Thy sacred silence is more valuable 
than all the meditations in the world,
For I entered the gate of silence 
a thousand times before I beheld, 
The face of true silence,
A reward for my patience and vigilance.

Alas, in truth thou art 
the strength of my devotion,
In each act I seek the transformation 
into Thy benediction.
To abide always in Thee I humbly seek,
Transform me into the living torch 
of Thy Divine Love which aspires to peak.

O Sweet Mother, I implore Thee,
May my whole being be identified with Thee.
May I be nothing else any more 
than a flame of love utterly awakened,
To a supreme realisation of Thee unshaken.


It is often said that beauty 
is in the eyes of the beholder,
But it is a greater truth that 
the following statements are bolder:
When all the world knows beauty as beauty,
It is ugliness, not true beauty.
When all the world knows good as good,
There is evilness, not good.

The truth about reality 
cannot come through words,
But only through experiences 
and gnosis, 
not empty words.
When all the world proclaims 
something as truth,
You can be certain it 
is far from the truth.

I Remember

I remember it happened in the tropical 
rainforest hills,
There, in the serenity, amongst 
green ferns and gigantic trees
I was touched by love of unimaginable breadth 
as I walked in the wind.

I remember, there, looking into the light of infinite
essence, the future I saw revealed as these:
Beings of Light separated forever 
from beings of Darkness.
In a twinkling moment all is silence,
Then comes the celebration of True Love in earnest
Healing all past separation in Oneness 
and Celestial abundance.


As one awakens,
Ripples of apprehension 
Dissolve in True Light.

The reality here
A virtual reality, dear,
Awaiting its end.

Through your alignment
The Light in you reconnect,
Force of Light are you.

As the world breaks down
Keep laughing to ease your pain,
Remember your Star.


A sense of tranquillity and peace filled my being,
As I sat beside the gentle river.
The gentlest of river breezes stirred
the golden boughs when no one was seeing,
bringing home the reflection 
on the lack of the quality,
of respect in one who is forever deceiving.

The lack of quality of respect in humankind,
Such an attitude must surely 
be a malignancy of the mind.
On a rising wave of triumphant feeling,
I recall the spirit of the Unmeasurable,
O so healing!
Such feeling fills the heart 
which has knowledge of Divine voice,
A loving heart, soft and kind,
Pulsating with Divine rhythm in girls and boys.

Behold! Each flower shall weep tears joyously,
As witness it shall be of you in spirit free.
Let your doubts and fears be transformed speedily
By beams of Divine love showered on you readily.
Let thoughts that churn and churn be burned away,
Make it swift, and keep them at bay.

In times of controversy and challenge,
I remember the repose at the foot 
of the mountain nonchalant.
Then behold I, the steep and lofty cliffs 
in the harsh summer,
Softly I counteract with thoughts 
of soothing scenes in sweet slumber.

O shades of darkness shall no more assail my eyes
For the Spirit of Truth has lifted 
the veil over my tired eyes.
I wish you peace in all your ways,
Till your spirits reunite 
with your Creator by Divine grace.
Let everything become resplendent and
Transfigured by the knowledge of Thy Truth 
without reservation,
Let your power awaken the unconsciousness 
of all Thy creation.

Letting Go

Every life has a measure of sorrow and pain,
This is true in this evil's bane.
Animals too are subject to such terror,
No one is spared of this abominable horror.
Dogs, cats and other animals are often under 
the mercy of humans who play gods,
To live or die is decidedly 
the finality of their lords.

Regardless of whether the animal
was just sick and not ready to let go, 
The order for the vet to terminate 
the animal's life was given so.
"I'm confident I can save your dog," 
said the vet,
"No, no," thundered the owner, 
"it's time for her to die 
as her life clock is set."
But the poor dog wasn't letting go,
She was a dog that was just sick though.
It was the insensitive owner who had made the
decision for the dog to die,
Imposing his will, his need 
for control, alas I sigh.
He hadn't bothered to ask his dog 
what she wanted as his pet,
For if he had, she would have told him 
she was not ready to let go yet.
I appeal to those who deal with our animal friends,
Please, extend a heart of compassion and gentle hands.

Looking Beyond

How many tears are shed in the process 
of spiritual awakening!
How many cuts and bruises have been 
sustained in the awesome process
of spiritual enfoldment!
Take confidence in knowing that 
all tears will soon be disappearing,
When the day of "soul-gathering" 
attains its fulfilment.

The glory and joy of imminent transformation
Will wipe out all tears and humiliation.
When clothed in a body of spiritual 
light in celebration
Of those rescued in the number 
revealed in affirmation.

The Waiting Is Nearly Over

At last the waiting is nearly over,
Arise, my friends, be sure you are sober.
Let your love and joy and fortitude 
flow from the Divine,
Know yourself and you will know 
the plan and how to act at all times
so things will be fine.
Silently, I hear the Mother's whispers to me:
"If you can feel my pain 
you are connected to me.
If you feel my joy, dear,
You are one with me without fear.
If you feel my thirst,
You are there for me first.
If you feel at one with me and 
also feel that you are mine,
Then, truly you recognize 
that you are Divine."

At last the waiting is nearly over,
Be sure when the time comes 
you are spiritually sober.

© 2005 Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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