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A-itu Makitah Is Established At A Critical Position Near The Atu-waa

A-itu Makitah Is Established At A Critical Position Near The Atu-waa


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara site)

29th December 2005

Of recent, I have written much about the alien wars. These wars primarily involve evil aliens fighting with other evil aliens. When necessary, for various reasons, good extraterrestrials intervene in the alien wars. However, good extraterrestrials are not really at war with the evil aliens; instead, they are assisting in the Rescue of viable True-Light beings - much to the chagrin of the evil aliens.

Evil aliens are agents for the various demiurges. The evil aliens fight amongst themselves, just as their masters fight amongst themselves. That is why there can never be real, lasting peace in the physical realm.

We have recently re-located and moved closer to the atu-waa. This was quite a move because of many circumstances and complexities involved.

As expected, the battles intensified as Darkness attempted to thwart the move. Not only did we re-locate closer to the atu-waa, our new location allows us to "peep" into the earthly, "invisible" headquarters of many evil aliens. One of the main reasons for the re-location is to bring rain to the drought-stricken area near the atu-waa. The day after our arrival, there was a torrential downpour. Since then, several inches of rain have fallen. Most of the rain has been localized for various reasons.

Despite the many obstructions that Darkness instigated, we completed the move safely. Amongst the many unkind things thrown at us and our animal friends were the following:

We were riding in a taxi to an airport with a very unfriendly driver when the taxi in the next lane to us, for no apparent reason, drove straight into a slow moving truck going the same direction as it was. (This was an example of aliens targeting the wrong taxi, which was similar to the taxi we were in.) As soon as the other taxi was smashed, our taxi driver became very friendly and helpful.

Somehow, the sewer in our new house backed up the day we moved in and our fresh water supply went from clear to muddy. Service people attended to the problems but could not resolve them. Apparently, the previous owners had not had such problems.

The move required the animals and us to take many flights and long car trips. Thirty minutes into one of the flights, Steffan and I heard reports between the pilot and a flight control tower discussing an emergency that required the plane to turn back and attempt an emergency landing at the airport it had departed from. In the message, the pilot reported to the control tower the plane's estimated time of arrival. The routine flight quickly turned into a tense ordeal for the passengers and crew. When we asked other passengers if they had heard the announcements, they said that they had not! Many of the passengers and the crew panicked. Some passengers seated close to us needed oxygen for treatment of what appeared to be panic attacks. (It was later reported by the media that those passengers were overtaken by noxious gas that nobody else, including us, even noticed.) It was a precarious situation. Some knew it - others sensed it.

As the passenger jet landed, the engine on the right wing rattled and clanked, sounding as though it was about to explode. The fire brigade was awaiting the plane with all their lights flashing. One passenger reported seeing smoke pouring out of the right wing during landing.

After many hours of waiting at the airport, another plane took us to our destination without incident. Unbeknownst to the crew, the second jet was escorted by a scout craft of the Light.

On arrival, all the passengers were screened and detained by bomb squads, plain-clothes police and security guards. All the other flights were cancelled and the airport was closed down.

While this was occurring, a radio-station broadcast reported that a butane cylinder in a passenger's baggage had leaked in the aircraft, causing alarm to the crew, so the plane was turned back. If it were true that they found such a butane container, why were all the passengers still being detained, screened and searched? Is it credible to say that a camper's leaking butane tank could cause the engine to rattle, smoke and clank? And, why did the radio report state that the affected plane had NO mechanical difficulties?

From my perspective, I knew that we were being targeted even before the plane took off. Our seats were near the afflicted engine. During the flight, an alien beam was fired at us, but because of our shields, it ricocheted and hit the right engine instead. We had a choice of airlines to fly that day, but it would not have mattered which of them we had selected - the aliens would still have attacked.

Had the plane not turned back, it could easily have exploded en-route. It is no wonder that the investigators took the incident so seriously. They knew something was amiss, but their mindsets would not even allow them to consider the possibility that an undetected alien craft had attacked passengers on the plane and caused the problem.

While being detained by the bomb squad with all the other passengers, I placed a call on my cell phone. The conversation went fine until I started talking about the incident, at which time, my phone was jammed. I tried again, and the same thing happened. I overheard one of the security personnel speaking on a walkie-talkie saying that they did not know what they were looking for. Since that flight, I have noticed that there is a new inspection routine performed on the blades of the jet engines before the crafts take off.

On parts of the journey, we had to travel by car. In one incident, we were hindered by a truck for three hours on a deserted, dark stretch of highway between 8 pm and 11 pm. Most oddly, other than the truck and us, there was not another vehicle travelling in our direction for 300 kilometres of the major highway.

The hindering by the truck - a huge semi-trailer - was most unusual, because it would not allow us to pass it, no matter how fast we travelled. So, we stopped in a small town for half an hour to let it go on its way. No vehicles passed on the highway while we waited.

Soon after as we went back onto the highway, the truck appeared. It was obviously lying in wait for us. Since it was travelling very slowly, we were able to overtake it, but just barely. This huge semi-trailer was able to accelerate very rapidly while we passed it, and it was soon right on our tail. We maintained high speed to keep a little distance between us. Suddenly, on a straight stretch of road, a seemingly identical truck appeared from nowhere directly in front of us.

We were surprised that the same truck was in front of us and behind us simultaneously. This second truck was going about 60 km/h, perhaps in an effort to slow us down and squeeze us between the two trucks. We accelerated and passed the second truck. By the time we passed the second semi-trailer, we were doing 160 km/h. That truck went from 60 km/h to 160 km/h in the short distance it took us to pass. It was now obvious that the second truck was a phantom, a holographic projection of the first truck. We had to travel at 180 km/h to lose the holographic truck.

After a lengthy chase by the phantom and the original truck, we finally reached another town. Immediately, we pulled into a roadside motel parking lot and turned off our lights. Within two minutes, the truck went barrelling past. There was only one truck and it was hard on our tail! It took us three harrowing hours to shake off that truck!

The next day, when we began driving, we noticed many tails on us and several vehicles tried to squeeze us and run us off the road. It was a lot like a James Bond movie, but very real. We had a truck swinging a crane at us on a 100 km/h highway. This time, we stopped right in the middle of the highway and let the truck go. It slowed from 80 km/h to a very slow speed, but, eventually, it had to go on. Apparently, the driver did not want to stop on the highway in broad daylight within the sight of other cars. However, another vehicle soon took its place.

Farther down the road, a car overtook us and an alien beam that was intended for us hit the overtaking car instead, which exploded right before our eyes! The car spontaneously combusted! It was horrible. The scene of the burning car was later shown on local television.

As we continued our journey, a truck passed us going in the opposite direction and flashed a huge, horizontal, silvery beam at us. At the same time, a ute travelling in our direction simultaneously flashed a disk-shaped silvery light at us from the back of it. These flashes caused us to have headaches and temporarily disoriented us. Had it not been for the shields, the impact of the flashes would have been disastrous. We knew we had to keep driving because of all these hostile beings around us. Finally, I called for reinforcements. When help arrived, the opposition dispersed.

The rest of the drive was without incident.

Since our re-location, our presence on the new property - which I have named A-itu Makitah - has thwarted many evil alien manoeuvres and plans. This is all a prelude to 2006, in which year the saying "all hell breaking loose" will be most appropriate.

Since the alien wars have heated up, many top-ranking New World Order personnel have moved on. Some have exited by dropping their physical human bodies to resume their alien identities. Others have gone into underground bunkers in their "human" forms. Still others have retreated to their spacecrafts. More will be expected to depart soon, either by choice or on orders from their masters. Most of these have been of Reptilian origin.

The alien wars are very real indeed.

© 2005 Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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