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Final Reflections #9

Final Reflections #9

Alien Invisibility Technology


Amitakh Stanford

11th November 2004

(republished from the Nara Site)

Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas

There has been discussion on invisibility technology in various forums. There are many ways that solid things can be made to appear invisible in this dimension of illusion. While it is not common knowledge, some of the techniques have been employed on the Earth for thousands of years. These techniques were brought to the planet by different groups of alien beings, most of which were Anunnaki. The invisibility technology is not to be confused with methods of reducing and increasing the size of objects so they seem to disappear and reappear.

In the long past, there were whispers of spiritual masters having "perfected" a finer body via spiritual attainment that allowed them to be invisible at will. This is not quite accurate. The "masters" who employed invisibility were in fact aided by alien technology although people were deceived into thinking it was due to spiritual attainment. Among those so- called spiritual beings who could appear and disappear was an Anunnaki being known today as Saint Germaine. Another who used the technique in his "travels" was Djwal Khul, one of those whom many claim is an Ascended Master. It should also be mentioned that this technique is not to be confused with teleportation techniques.

For thousands of years, many aliens have had the technology to create illusions that make objects seem to disappear and later appear. This technology can also change the appearance of objects. For instance, a human can be made to appear to be a tree or a rock etc.

There have long been beings in the subtle level who can bend rays to make things on Earth seem to disappear temporarily. Many of you have probably had the experience of not being able to see your watch, hat or keys on a table and yet later on these things became visible to you. This is not a case of misplaced things, or missing them by oversight, or somebody playing a prank. This is about subtle beings who have bent the rays around an object and made it seem to disappear. Some of these beings have been called upon by people engaging in various shamanic work, even though their true identities remain a mystery to the ones who call upon their assistance. These subtle beings who manipulate the rays in this manner are very different from humans. However, these are not alien beings. They are of a different creation entirely.

Today, many are discussing the U.S. Navy's development of invisibility technology that seems to surround beings and objects in an intense magnetic field that effectively makes the beings and objects invisible. There is also talk of optical cloaking developments that various governmental and private organizations are developing. All invisibility methods have the potential of being abused.

There is a great deal of misinformation distributed about invisibility technology. This is a time when misinformation is flourishing. For example, there are so-called channelled materials coming from many different sources, including sources from the evil aliens, astral beings, government projects, human charlatans etc.

For obvious reasons, much of the channelled material is unreliable, misleading and distributed with nefarious purposes. Some people arrogantly or naively believe that they can read energies and therefore are able to ascertain the source of the various materials. While some people can read energies on the mundane level, there are not many people on the planet who can truly read energies that are subtle and complex.

More often than not, channelled materials do come from beings who are skilled in deception and disguise. Hence, many people have been deceived by those beings or by those on Earth who ignorantly or maliciously claim to be able to read energies and they mistakenly proclaim that certain channelled materials as coming from highly advanced Light beings. Many who are searching for truth rely upon these very unreliable proclamations and are deceived. High Light beings have much more important things to do than to come through and supply materials about issues that are relatively unimportant or downright silly. Anyone who has some knowledge of the complexity of the subtle world would hesitate to embrace channelled material, no matter how harmless or outwardly spiritual it appears to be.

Very few on the planet can see through the disguises of the beings responsible for the channelled material. The ability to read subtle energies of this complex nature is not something that one can learn even though it appears that the expansion of one's awareness can help people intuitively sense the more ordinary types of energies. Too many people are depending too heavily on their so-called spirit guides for confirmation of everything. What they do not realize is that their guides are like people on Earth who do not know everything. Just because they no longer exist in a physical realm does not mean that they automatically become wise and almost all knowing! For example some people are born with talents in various fields that others cannot equal no matter how hard they train.

Being able to read COMPLEX subtle energies mainly depends upon who the being is. While there are good and genuine psychics who may be quite good at reading less complex energies, there are others who claim to be able to read energies that are really deluded or are just bluffing. What is most concerning is that a lot of people naively believe that any material that was channelled must be accurate and from the Light. This is dangerous folly.

As I have explained in many earlier writings, aliens have occupied Earth for a long, long time. There are many factions of aliens on the planet who fight amongst themselves. For many reasons, until recently, aliens have kept their existence on the planet as secretive as possible. Those aliens who live close to the surface of the Earth are seen from time to time when they occasionally venture onto the surface of the Earth.

The more sophisticated groups of aliens usually live in the deep sea and in mountainous areas deep inside volcanoes. The most advanced groups often reside in mobile space stations that are like floating villages. Many of these sophisticated aliens are Anunnaki Remnants who have a lot of influence in human affairs.

Evil aliens have employed trial and error cloning and controlling of human bodies for a long time. These experiments were initially conducted on a very small scale until they were happy with the results. Now, with these methods nearly perfected, the aliens have implemented a massive takeover effort of human bodies. They no longer care if they are detected by humans because the alien numbers are now so large and they have taken over so many areas, including commercial business, government, law, education, health services, entertainment, religion, community services, utilities, transportation, military, police etc.

Many world leaders are now either alien consciousnesses in human bodies, or they remain human consciousnesses under the influence of aliens. Due to their close ties to aliens, certain world leaders have been given enough alien technology so that their nations can develop "cloaking" devices and methods. However, the aliens held back a vast amount of vital information about invisibility to ensure that humans could not compete with alien technology in this field.

In recent years, this technology has been implemented in some combat situations. For example: trucks, ships, helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and military personnel have been made "invisible" in some military operations that took place in remote, third-world countries. From the rudimentary nature of the "cloaking" it would appear that these are early tests of the technology. At this stage, human invisibility techniques are crude, awkward and require support services to operate.

Alien beings have applied cloaking technology on Earth that is employed far more often than people suspect. Further, their invisibility techniques are quite refined; alien invisibility is smooth and even individual aliens can employ it without supervision or assistance from others.

There are times when entire communities or colonies of aliens migrate from one place on Earth to another without being detected. It should be mentioned that while they are invisible to "normal" human eyes in this mode, if someone were to chance into their path, his/her sense of touch would perceive having bumped into something solid.

Despite many speculations, human technology is still unable to effectively track "invisible" alien activities. Work is presently being done on night vision that uses green beams to "see" in the dark. Humans hope that this technology will develop into a means of "seeing" or detecting objects cloaked by alien invisibility technology. The aliens are fully aware of human ambitions in this and most other matters. Aliens do not trust humans.

There are certain Amoebas on Earth today who can detect alien invisibility without using any technological devices. These beings are not humans per se. They can detect aliens in a way almost similar to the way one sees with night vision equipment (yet it is different from that). This vision allows those Amoebas to see the invisible alien personnel and their surrounding area in green or violet hues, depending upon which mode the vision is operating in. (Violet beams are used by aliens; humans have not yet been able to explore this area). Even when aliens use invisibility covering, they can be detected by the Amoebas with special vision and by the Rescuers' crafts.

The violet beams are normally used for "homing-in-mode" viewing to obtain clearer and more precise viewing and for gathering background information. Such beams, if modified, are very dangerous when directed at someone or something. In other words, these can act as powerful weapons. Fortunately, the Amoebas who have this natural ability are well- disciplined. The Amoebas with this special vision are also the ones who have ventured into the Artificial Reality to investigate It.

It will not be long before alien battles will be openly waged on the land, in the sea and in the air. Already there have been many battles fought, especially in the air, but these incidents either go undetected or reports of them are covered up by agents of the ruling elite.

As many of you are aware, the ruling elite directs the media on what to and what not to report or air. For instance, global warming is far more serious than reports indicate it to be. Some of the bases located on the continent of Antarctica are currently under-reporting the temperature of the air - although the reports from Argentine bases are closer to the truth than those from some others. The ice melt is much faster than indicated in any of the reports released to the public. The ruling elite is trying to avoid the panic that would ensue if the truth about polar ice melt were made known and has either misinformed the media of the situation or in other cases, actually directed the media to mislead on issues such as global warming and polar ice melt. Hence, many people on Earth have been misinformed.

Interestingly, our own investigation of Antarctica's air temperatures have revealed that many of the bases are reporting temperatures being much colder than they really are. Hopefully, after this posting is made public, more of the bases will accurately report air and water temperatures!

In September of 2004, a small community of aliens relocated from the lowlands of Jamaica to its highlands. In all probability this was done because the aliens know that the sea levels will be rising much sooner than scientists are guessing. Some scientific reports show that the seas will rise 30 feet in the next 60 to 600 years. Of course those dates assume the world will still be in existence 60 to 600 years in the future. Sea levels will indeed rise at least 30 feet, but it will happen much sooner than the scientists have surmised. Incidentally, the relocation of the Jamaican aliens was not detected by humans because the aliens employed invisibility technology.

Much of Jamaica will survive the rise in sea levels, but surrounding land masses, such as Cuba, the Bahamas and a huge section of the Southeast United States including much of Florida, will be severely affected by them. As I have stated before, all coastal areas will be severely affected by the rising sea levels, including Australia. Of course there will be some land masses that disappear even though they have sufficient elevation to ward off the sea and new lands will surface. Alaska, even though much of it is mountainous, will be one of the land areas to disappear. Its elimination will occur because of geological phenomena such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc.

Ironically, in spite of apparent increase in water on the planet, many places will go without sufficient rainfall. There will be many more drought-stricken areas. Fresh water will become scarce and the quality of drinking water will deteriorate significantly. Potable water will become an expensive commodity.

In the future, aliens will be using more invisibility technology in battles and in their day-to-day interaction with humans. Throughout the ages, some of the strange encounters that have been attributed to inter-dimensional events or supernatural experiences have been alien invisibility encounters. Some aliens have taken advantage of these circumstances and have used their techniques to frighten, exploit or abuse people.

The early stages of the recent alien battles have involved mainly various factions of aliens. However, this will soon develop into battles between aliens and humans. The problem for ordinary people will be their inability to differentiate most of the aliens in human bodies as they have taken on human appearances. In spite of that, it will eventually become easier to see the alien beings that are behind the human faces as things break down more and more. Some humans who are "in the know" will fight the aliens but it will be more in the nature of self-defence.

To explain this, you may recall that I have written that aliens are behind the New World Order - that the NWO is an alien agenda being implemented by the ruling elite on the Earth. The aliens behind the NWO plan on taking over the planet themselves after the NWO plan has been fully implemented on Earth.

If the aliens follow in the footsteps of their ancestors who conquered other systems, they will attempt to turn on humans, including those of the ruling elite. The aliens will force the small number of humans that they allow to survive to serve them as slaves. (Let us not forget that many of the ruling elite are themselves the Anunnaki Remnants). It is unlikely that the human portion of the ruling elite will ever be trusted by the aliens, and for all intents and purposes, the survivors will continue as the slaves of the conquering aliens.

Alarmingly, the alien "take overs" of human bodies is widespread and expanding rapidly. For example, in Hangzhou, China, many of the population have been taken over or been cloned in the last 3 years in keeping up with the Reptilian advancement in China. Undoubtedly, this activity is not restricted to Hangzhou. It is happening in other parts of China as well as in Japan, Australia and other countries.

Ironically, strictly speaking, the Earth is mainly populated by aliens. Unknown to most inhabitants of the Earth, the majority of the occupants of the planet have alien roots. Only a small percentage of the humans are earthlings. Like the humans, some of the aliens in human bodies are True- Light beings and some are False-Light beings.

The aliens who are behind the NWO on Earth will have tremendous difficulties that their ancestors never faced because of the unprecedented break down of this dimension. In prior conquests of planets, there was no dimensional breakdown. What will soon occur, because of the dimensional breakdown, is that more and more people will start to "see" beyond the human masks that are worn by alien consciousnesses.

This will have startling consequences. For example, in many families there may be different alien groups represented. Thus, in a family there might be a Reptilian mother, a Vulturite father, and children who are Masa-karas, Greys, Kuka or other Anunnaki aliens. Of course there could also be some of human consciousness and some Rescuers of the Light in the same family too. Imagine when the masks are all removed and people see each other as they really are! Will that not be a shock? Just imagine the consequences of this revelation!

Since the aliens have intermingled all around the planet and many of these aliens are bitter enemies, as the masks fall away, hostilities will explode everywhere on micro and macro scales. Civil wars could abound. People may revolt against leaders of opposing alien roots. The United States will be deeply engulfed in revolts within and outside their boundaries.

As a prelude to all-out belligerence, things are going to deteriorate rapidly in the Middle East. There were to be 8 signs before everything would finally break loose. Seven of those signs have already come to pass and their respective events have transpired. The removal of Yasser Arafat from power was the seventh sign of the times. There is only one sign left to fulfil, and that will be the end of it.

It is interesting to note how many Western leaders have slighted and insulted the Palestinians regarding the death of Arafat. This will have dire consequences in the coming days. In Israel, there are some who want peace and others who want war. The same is true among the Palestinians and all other nations of the world. However, the Palestinians and the Israelis are under the influence of two distinct groups of aliens that are bitter enemies. They have been fighting between themselves for thousands of years. That is why there cannot be lasting peace between them no matter who gets into political power. While there will always be friction, mistrust and abuse between the two nations, the recent slighting of Palestinians in regard to Arafat's death will open wounds that will lead to many new conflicts. Those who openly celebrated and literally spit on Arafat have inflamed the already volatile situation. The conflict will spread . . .

In the last few years, many aliens in human bodies have been moving to Australia from other countries. These aliens make up the population that will be there to welcome, support and uphold the implementation of the NWO. Already, under the influence of the Anunnaki Remnants, Australian leaders have made serious inroads into the removal of many civil rights. More restrictions are coming to Australians in this regard.

Australia held a national election in October 2004. The government won not only the House of Representatives, but also the Senate. This is unusual in Australian political history, especially considering that so many people oppose the invasion and occupation of Iraq by Australia. The opposition to the war heightened when reports of abuse of prisoners in Iraq surfaced. There are many other issues that have tarnished the government, yet it won a stunning victory.

CO-INCIDENTALLY, the United States had a federal election in November 2004. The results mirrored the results in Australia. Many of the issues were similar, yet both governments were given as much control as imaginable from the elections.

It must always be borne in mind that for the NWO to be implemented, governments in power will have to have maximum power and control to make things happen according to the NWO plans. Therefore control of the respective houses and senates is imperative. Once the NWO is achieved, the illusion of elections will be removed entirely because there will be no need for them to hide and pretend any longer and it will be too late for any effective resistance. However, as stated above, the final achievement of the NWO will not occur in the way it is planned by the ruling elite because apart from other factors, when the alien masks drop, it will be total chaos everywhere.

Many people speak of liberty and freedom, BUT in reality, there is very little liberty on this planet. At best, there is only the APPEARANCE of freedom. The aliens have already implemented many means of eavesdropping and monitoring all facets of human life. They have devices that can listen in to what you say without conventional hook-up methods. How many of you have an inkling that you are being listened to and watched while working on your computer or watching television? This is not science fiction, nor is it paranoia.

When the alien battles intensify, people will begin to see human military fighter jets dropping from the sky for no apparent reason. This will be done by aliens directing "invisible" beams at their targets. Conventional aircraft will have no chance whatsoever against these weapons.

Already huge crafts from other systems are appearing in our night skies. Some of you might have seen a type of huge, unlighted, silent craft slowly gliding across the night skies. These are different from the multi- coloured light ones often seen in the sky. These gigantic unlighted ones only arrived here a few months ago. These crafts are from Orion and they are not to be trusted.

Orion has been the headquarters for various Anunnaki groups for a long, long time. Although they are Anunnaki crafts, they are not from the Anunnaki Elite who fled the Earth a long time ago as they will not return for the upcoming battles. There are currently 5 of these huge crafts near the Earth at this time. Their shape is very different from any previously sighted from the Earth. They look flat and ugly, somewhat resembling the underside of a fully-fed paralysis tick without the head and legs. They are not visible in the daytime because they have invisible cloaking shields. For some reason, the shields are down at night. If you happen to spot one of these crafts at night, I would strongly suggest you NOT try to contact it telepathically.

Those who have been following my writings are aware that there are also many crafts of the Rescuers of the Light that are here at this time. Apart from other functions, these crafts monitor the Rescuers and other Light workers who are on Earth. They are aware of the attacks by the Dark ones upon the Light workers. These attackers have been marked and will be dealt with justly in due course. The ironic thing is that the more attacks launched at this time against Light workers, the more the attackers will be disadvantaged and weakened. Remember, the Rescuers of the Light are NOT at war with the Dark aliens. The Rescuers are only retrieving their own kind before the Earth is destroyed by Darkness, but they will retaliate against the Dark ones when necessary to defend their mission.

On another note, those who have alien roots will begin to experience a "split" in their lives. It will confuse a lot of people who are in these circumstances and they will think that they are going crazy. What will be happening is that the alien part will begin to recall some past memories, but these recollections will be incoherent at first. Those who can survive the early stages of remembering without being poisoned by anti-psychotic drugs will begin to stabilize. As they stabilize, they will begin to realize that they have both human and alien existences that are simultaneously being expressed in this life. This will be confusing and frightening to most people at first. However, as they start to adjust to the "dual-personality" of their existences, they will just function quite normally without even thinking about their "dual-personality". It will be like someone wearing two distinctly different hats. For example a head of state can also be a father or a mother. The more informed ones will adjust much quicker than those taken completely by surprise. However, once the adjustment occurs, it will greatly advantage those who have adjusted to the "dual-personality" circumstances. For those of us who have lived with this "dual-personality" all our lives, there will be no alarm whatsoever.

The foregoing scenario is what most of the occupants of the Earth will be facing in the future.

What is important for all who embrace the Light and seek to remain in the Light is to persevere under these difficult conditions. Darkness can injure or destroy physical bodies, but It cannot touch the spirits of True- Light beings who sincerely choose to remain in the Light. Their spirits will survive and reside with the Divine forever.

May the Spirit of the Eternal Flame be with you.

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Copyright © 2004 Dr. Amitakh Stanford and AHSAF

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