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Shattering the Cube

Shattering the Cube


Amitakh Stanford

4th July 2004

Sacred or esoteric geometry is really a language used to describe the interaction and expression of forms.  In the physical dimension where there is space, time and matter, geometry becomes crude and almost nonsensical, although some have tried to make sense of it.  Because of its obscurity, geometry is not an effective language in the physical dimension.  Sounds and symbols have been substituted for geometry to produce meaningful language for expression and communication.

A square is a quadrilateral (four-sided) plane figure in which all sides are of equal length and at right angles.  By nefarious design, the square is a foundational shape in the physical dimension.  Right angles, perpendiculars or ninety-degree angles are called "squares" but they are actually corners.  Squares are "hard" angles because they cause conflict, disharmony, friction, interference and disruption etc.

Astrologers have long known about the negative characteristics of squares.  Hence, they interpret 90-degree aspects as indicators of difficult times.

Many erroneously think the square is associated with the four elements — Air, Earth, Water and Fire.

A cube is a solid symmetrical figure in the physical dimension.  It has six faces, all of which are squares.  A square has four right angles, a cube has 24 right angles, which means it has six-fold the hard angles or aspects of a square.  Therefore, the quality of a cube is indicative of extremely difficult times.

As stated earlier, it is no co-incidence that there are right angles, squares and cubes involved in the structural design of things manufactured by humans.  The excessive use of right angles is not accidental nor evolutionary in human construction.  They are used because humans are programmed by certain nefarious "time-space" beings to utilize these very difficult angles in construction of sundry objects such as buildings, roads, townships, walls, windows, doors, beds, tables, books, furniture, paintings, shipping containers, writing paper, envelopes, coffins etc.  Electronics is moving from sine waves to square waves in almost everything today, including digital cameras, CDs, computers, cell phones, monitors etc.

Right angles were designed and brought into being by the demiurge in order to trap, control and monitor particles of Light (Light beings).  The assembly of right angles into a cube was an important part of the Entrapment.  The cube is literally a Light trap.

The following will surprise almost everyone.  The sun of our solar system is NOT a sphere at all.  It is a CUBE.  Astronomers and scientists have erroneously assumed that since the planets and moons in the solar systems are spheroid, that the stars (suns) must also be spheres.  It is important to see the sun as it is — a cube — in order to begin breaking down the illusion and programming the sun emits.

The cube (sun) tumbles and gyrates upon its central point.  This tumbling is so rapid that it creates the illusion that the cube (sun) seems to be a sphere.  In fact, all extant stars in the cosmos are cubes tumbling and gyrating so rapidly that they appear to be spheres.

Sun worship is the basis for major religions today, even if it has been corrupted or its foundation has been obscured or lost.  For instance, Jews have their ancient temples constructed to honour the sun and the Zodiac.  In Celtic tradition, the direction east is also very significant.  Druids worshipped the sun; Native Americans place great significance on sun dances; Eastern religions highly respect the sun.  Often, emperors were compared to the rising sun in ancient days of the Eastern world.  Freemasons worship the sun and the master of the blue lodge sits in the east.  The worship of the sun is also influenced by certain nefarious "time-space" beings.

The sun appears to sustain life.  In fact, it does sustain biological life, but, it is also a main programming agent for Darkness.

Cubes have twelve sides of equal length.  Twelve sides plus the centre point make 13.  The power of 13, which is a limited power, is locked within the cube.  It is this power of 13 that holds solar systems and the entire physical universe together.  The power of 13 is akin to the main building block of the universe.  However, the power of 13 is illusional and it only works in this dimension because of the virtual reality that is kept going by artificial perpetual motion.  There is a Dark being called WCLU who has been assigned the responsibility of overseeing this artificial motion.

Even though the power of 13 is illusional, it is still a very harsh taskmaster.  It traps, controls and manipulates True-Light beings as well as the False-Light beings.  The power of 13 is the key to all negative energy, although it deceives people into thinking that it is a positive power.  Twelve are trapped by one and literally frozen.  But they are frozen in the artificial perpetual motion.  Motion is the essence of the illusion.  The power of 13 hinders or "blocks" the Light, even though it appears to assist biological activities.

The Light is dismantling the power of 13.  This is being achieved through the power of Five.  This is the role of the Fifth Amoeba.  Its role is to go directly into the cube to shatter the illusion of the artificial perpetual motion.  When the Five goes inside the cube, it shatters by breaking down the joints or corners.  As the corners are weakened, the 13 loses its grip and the illusion is shattered.

Light beings are attracted to fast spinning motion but when they go inside the motion to investigate, they find that the motion is imperceptible and it appears that there is no motion.  This stagnation effect often causes confusion that further traps the Light beings.  To explain:  the Earth is spinning around one revolution per twenty-four hours, which is readily perceived from a position in the sky.  However, people on Earth cannot feel the spinning.  It is this false sense of stagnation that further traps beings and makes them complacent in the midst of extreme spiritual danger.

WCLU is responsible for the illusion of non-movement, which I shall hereafter refer to as "no motion".  WCLU deceives all beings in the physical realm into believing that this existence is all that there is and that the merry-go-round ride is over and everything has stopped.  WCLU has a weakness in Water because Water is not fooled by the "no motion".  This can be observed in the tides that ebb and flow each day.  The ones who watch Water closely often begin to see through the "no motion" illusion.  However, those who do see through it often sense that there is no hope and no way out of this mess.

Under the guidance of the First and Second Amoebas, the Fifth Amoeba and all its parts are actively breaking down the false power of WCLU.  The Five is literally inside the cube and actively breaking down the barriers.  WCLU is trying to discourage and slow down the Five, but WCLU's attempts are futile.

Pyramids are usually constructed with either triangular or square bases.  It is the square-based pyramids, like those in Egypt that have been most readily used to serve Darkness on this planet.  Many are trying to unlock the mysteries of the pyramids.  The mysteries fade like the illusions around them when square-based pyramids are looked at from either the bottom up or the top down.

These pyramids are in fact a series of squares descending in dimension as they rise from the Earth or ascending in dimension as they approach the Earth.  Seeing pyramids in this way is rather like looking into a square tunnel.  These pyramids help to sustain the illusion of the power of 13 on this planet.  In addition to all the pyramids above the ground, there are many constructed below the Earth's surface.  Further, the energy of the nearly infinite squares in each pyramid on the surface continues to spread underground as the base grows larger and larger, esoterically speaking.

The power of the cubed sun is amplified many fold by the presence of pyramids.  Here in the physical realm we talk of information being transmitted and stored in physical objects.  However, in many other dimensions information is transmitted and stored in and through what appear to be invisible light beams or transparent sensors. The cube in the sun has similar properties. In a crude form, pyramids can also transmit and store information.  These facts are known to very few.

The whole planet is like a cube emitting, transmitting and receiving all forms of cube-based "traffic".  This is linked to the "unseen cube" of the astral. Thus, all life is being manipulated and controlled from this level from the astral. All beings coming through are being tagged from incarnation to incarnation. Only the very tough and strong willed "warriors" with the help from the Light Rescuers have managed to resist some of the brainwashing as they pass through the channel of rebirth.  To maintain the control and deception, it was critical that Darkness formed physical stars from cubes.  This facilitated the control of the astral cube in the physical dimension.

Nefarious time-space beings direct earthlings to construct cubes and to use squares to help "connect" to the astral cube.  It is no co-incidence that the motto of Freemasons is to meet on the square.  This is why the logo of Freemasons (square and compasses) has a square at the base of it.  The compasses in the Freemason's logo signify total control of the dimension by use of the square.  The capital "G" in the centre of the Freemason's logo stands for geometric or geometry, but specifically and esoterically signifies the square and the cubed sphere. Thus, the Dark beings make circles from squares and spheres from cubes. Little do people suspect that indeed the apparently innocent square and cube form such an evil trap.

Some Freemason propaganda follows to demonstrate how important right angles and squares are to their practices.  It should be noted that the Master of the Lodge sits in the East where the sun rises, and wears a specific jewel around his neck.  That jewel is the square:

The Master carries with him, a great symbol. If you are of a York Mason you will learn that it is immoveable, whereas if you use the Canadian Work, that it is moveable. The square is the symbol of regulated life and actions.  It is the masonic rule for correcting and harmonising conduct on principles or morality and virtue, and as a symbol, it is dedicated to the Master.  We also identify ourselves with this symbol, because we are taught that squares, levels and perpendiculars are the proper signs to know a mason. Norman Senn, Past Master Mosaic Lodge #176.

The squares and cubes that imprison and suffocate Light beings are in the process of being shattered by the Five.  Rejoice, the rule of tyranny is almost over.

The joint efforts of many Light warriors under the direction of the Attas are finally to be realized when this virtual reality of virtual realities is finally dismantled.  The separation of True-Light beings and False-Light beings is inevitable — those who have chosen of their own freewill to enter the Light will be liberated forever — those who have chose Darkness will remain in Darkness until Darkness is no more.  Air, Earth, Water and Fire, the Four major elements, have chosen to enter the Light and soon they will be Liberated from Darkness.

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Copyright © 2004 by Dr. Amitakh Stanford and AHSAF

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