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Ominous Promenade to the World's Last Dance

Promenade #1

Ominous Promenade to the World's Last Dance


Amitakh Stanford 

15th March 2008

As the planet approaches yet another equinox in its orbit around the sun, one might wonder how many more dances around the sun the Earth has left.  Scientists claim to know how many orbits have occurred by asserting that the planet is billions of years old.  They also predict how many more dances are left and how long the sun will continue to burn.  But have the scientists assessed the situation accurately?

There is an ominous cloud overshadowing the Earth.  The signs of fracture are everywhere in all forms and levels, but the majority of the people on Earth are oblivious to the planetary crisis.

We live in a world filled with diverse beliefs.  Some are based upon reason and observation; others are based upon faith and tradition; some are based on truth and others are based on falsehood; still others are based upon combinations of these things.

Some people rely upon science to provide the answers about life, whilst others look to religion.  Most people let others come up with the answers, yet, there still remain those who search for themselves.

Over the course of time, many theories and beliefs about the Earth and its place in the scheme of things have emerged.  Among those, the Genesis version of creation is fairly well accepted in certain religious circles.  Naturally, religions incompatible with the book of Genesis have different understandings and beliefs about the origin of the Earth.  In the scientific and academic communities, belief in a theory of evolution from a Big Bang is generally accepted, from which the Earth was supposedly formed.

Geologists have studied the Earth and created a model about the nature of the planet that has been fairly well accepted.  They have surmised that the inner Earth must be molten, and there have been many volcanoes that have spewed forth molten lava to prove that there is a hot, molten liquid somewhere under the surface of the planet.  The accepted scientific belief system today incorporates the theory that hot molten liquid is in the core of the Earth.  This core is then believed to be covered by a mantle, which in turn is covered by the crust of the Earth.

Based on the molten-core theory, scientists explain how they think the world works.  They surmise that sometimes parts of the core shoot out of the vents of volcanoes, and that sometimes plates under the Earth's surface move about and cause earthquakes.

The prevailing scientific dogma emphatically rejects any beliefs that there are unseen beings who cause volcanic eruptions or earthquakes.  These beliefs are scorned by scientists, who call them superstitions that could only be accepted by ignorant people.  Further, scientists argue that once these ignorant people are shown evidence that current scientific beliefs are based upon sound scientific principles, the ignorant believers will be converted into enlightened scientific followers.

A flaw in the scientific model is that it is based on five-sense perception limitations.  That is, what can be seen, heard, touched, tasted or smelt is what there is.  Therefore, science has little room for unseen intelligent forces at work in its model of the Earth.  Genies, angels, ghosts and gods are ridiculed into non-existence under most of the currently accepted scientific models.  When unseen intelligent forces are included in the models, those theories are generally lumped into the category of pseudo-science or fantasies.

Pseudo-science is not acceptable to "real" scientists, who prefer their scientific method, where things are either proven and accepted, or not.  Although scientists cannot prove Darwin's theory of evolution, that matters little to them, because the "theory of evolution" has been repeated so often by so many that the mantra is now accepted as a fact.  The words "theory of" are now usually removed from the phrase, and Darwin's hypothesis is now commonly referred to as "evolution".   Thus, "evolution" has been elevated to a factual premise.

The same can be said of the scientific community's general acceptance of the theory that the Earth contains a hot, molten core.  Since the theory cannot be proved or disproved at this time, the academics have taken the position of stating the theory over and over and over again until most people accept it as fact.  They have taken the same stance to "prove" the theory of the Big Bang, among several other virtually unsupportable theories.

Whilst most people believe in a spheroid-shaped Earth, there are still some who believe in the flat-Earth theory, which was developed by the ruling elite to keep people ignorant.  Similarly, the belief that the centre of the Earth contains a hot, molten core is a deliberate misrepresentation conceived to keep people ignorant.  As already stated, there is virtually no proof of the molten-core theory, but that does not trouble scientists because the theory is difficult to disprove.  With the help of Anunnaki programming to bolster it, the molten-core theory is now widely accepted, which suits the ruling elites' purposes.

Wide acceptance of a premise does not make it true.  The flat-Earth theory was widely accepted at one time, as was the geocentric theory before Copernicus presented his heliocentric model that was later refined by Kepler.  The nature of the centre of the Earth is not that unlike the skies above the outer surface of the Earth.  There are hills, valleys, rivers, land masses, flora and fauna thriving in the Inner Earth.

People who choose to believe the theory of a molten-core Earth are, in fact, accepting this theory on faith.  They must have inordinate faith in the integrity, credibility and correctness of scientific theorists to accept the molten-core theory.  However, most people are unaware that their belief rests only on faith, because they are unaware - or have forgotten - that the scientific and academic communities have done such an effective job in converting this theory into a perceived fact.

It is also generally accepted in academic circles that volcanoes can emit lava that comes from the molten core.  It is also asserted by them that there are plates that shift about under the surface of the Earth that cause earthquakes.

I have previously written that the Earth is not a solid sphere, but a hollow one.  I have also explained that the "heart" of the Earth is a rapidly spinning icosahedron that "paints" the points of the surface, shell and inner Earth to maintain the illusion of a solid-appearing planet.  On the surface of the inner Earth is another world that faces towards the centre of the planet and has "skies" above it.  The core is not molten, it is gaseous, and the atmosphere is capable of sustaining biological life.

It is the distance between the inner Earth surface and the outer Earth surface where all the volcanic and earthquake activity takes place.  Volcanoes are interconnected to one another on the Earth and they can erupt towards either the inner Earth or the outer Earth.  That is, the molten lava from volcanoes comes from much closer to the surface of the planet than geologists currently postulate.

Whether people want to believe the geologists or not is irrelevant.  The Earth will still remain a hollow shell, regardless of how many people accept on faith the geologists' current theory that the planet has a molten core.

For centuries, nearly everyone believed that the Earth was the centre of the solar system because of the theory of a geocentric Earth that had been postulated by the academics and scientists.  It did not change how the planet actually fit into the solar system, even though most of the people believed on faith that it was the centre of everything.  Whilst it is in vogue today to say that one "creates his or her own reality," this phrase and the following of its advice does not alter the basic structure of things in this Virtual Reality.

This entire pseudo-creation, which I have called the Virtual Reality, was created by Darkness to be, in effect, a huge prison.  Darkness is the jailer; Its chief agents are the wardens; and the prisoners are all the trapped True-Light beings and those of Darkness who have disobeyed their master.

Originally, the Earth played a small part in the Virtual Reality.  However, a long, long time ago, the Anunnaki re-located the Atu-waa to the Earth, and the planet then became a very significant place in the Virtual Reality.  The Earth was then put on a state of heightened security.  Darkness blanketed the planet with ignorance to avoid anyone awakening to what is going on.  This is why so many academics throughout history have proposed ludicrous theories about science such as the geocentric-Earth model.  And that is why these implausible theories are so readily accepted around the world, even by those who should know better.  Darkness has Its agents promoting, fostering and maintaining theories that appear to work, but do little except keeping humans ignorant.

When the Earth was elevated in status owing to the presence of the Atu-waa, Darkness took a far more aggressive stance in Its imposition of Its prison on the planet.  Any visitors from outer space have been closely scrutinized ever since, and many have been unable to leave and have been forced under cover.

The Virtual Reality runs on ignorance, slavery and imprisonment of beings at various levels.  With the Atu-waa located on the Earth, it became even more important to keep the inhabitants in a stupor and imprisoned.  The Anunnaki allow certain types of aliens to have limited ingress and egress to the Earth, while other types of aliens are severely restricted.  However, the Divine Rescuers have their own ways of entering and exiting the Earth that avoid the Anunnaki policing.

As stated earlier, for millennia it was accepted that the Earth was the centre of the universe.  This geocentric theory was sponsored, promoted and upheld by Darkness, because it kept humans hopelessly ignorant of where their home planet fit into the scheme of things.  Darkness had Its chief agents, the Anunnaki, maintain this ignorance throughout the planet with massive programming of the inhabitants so humans would ignore all the known facts about the solar system and accept the geocentric theory despite the evidence against it.

Ptolemy supported the geocentric theory by devising a ridiculous model of the solar system whereby the Earth was in the centre, and the sun, moon and all the planets circled the Earth.  The premise of a geocentric universe appealed to the ego of humans, who rather liked being the centre of everything.  However, as many observed, certain of the planets did not circle the Earth smoothly, but instead went into retrograde motion when observed from the Earth.  In order to keep up the ignorant belief that the Earth was the centre of the solar system, Ptolemy devised a model where several of the planets circled the Earth smoothly for a period, then would occasionally go into loop-the-loop circles before returning to their previous arcs.

Not only did academics accept Ptolemy's model, but the Church also demanded adherence to a geocentric theory.  The alien programming was extraordinarily effective in this regard, and many Anunnaki agents have incarnated on the planet to uphold this theory specifically designed to keep the people ignorant.  Then Copernicus, a True-Light being, fractured the alien programming and demonstrated clearly that the Earth revolved around the sun, and not the other way around.  Kepler - the same consciousness as Copernicus - refined the work of Copernicus by changing his proposed circular orbits into elliptical orbits.  In other words, the same being refined his own works in another lifetime.

Copernicus laboured under secular and religious persecution whilst facing scorn and ridicule from many of his colleagues.  He had to break through all the ignorance and discard the baggage of his day to reveal how the Earth fit into the system.  Even though he is a Divine Messenger, he still had to push through the ignorance on the Earth and break down the alien programming of the geocentric-Earth theory.  If the ruling elite had their way, the people would still believe in the geocentric model.

Today, the work of Copernicus and Kepler is almost universally accepted by scientists.  But, there remain many other misconceptions regarding geology, astronomy, physics and so on due to the imposition of ignorance by Darkness and the programming of the Anunnaki to uphold the misconceptions.

Darkness keeps all beings enslaved in the Virtual Reality.  There are virtual realities within virtual realities within the ultimate, huge Virtual Reality that is the pseudo-creation of Darkness.  There are many different levels of servitude and slavery, with some of these conditions even appearing to be positive.  Everything within the Virtual Reality amounts to some level of slavery.  That is, there is no escape for any beings who are encased within this Virtual Reality.  The Virtual Reality is being broken by the Divine Rescuers, who reside outside of this Virtual Reality.  Any trapped beings, including agents of Darkness, cannot escape from the Virtual Reality.  The best they can do is move from one virtual reality to another within the Virtual Reality.

Ignorance is the rule in the Virtual Reality, with the Earth being an epicentre of ignorance.  It has been planned that way.  With the Atu-waa located on the Earth, it was even more important to keep the inhabitants in a stupor.

Darkness has kept humans as unaware as possible on the planet.  However, the True Light has sent a constant stream of Divine Messengers, each of whom has shed Light on this planet controlled by Darkness.

Divine Rescuers "incarnate" regularly on the planet to bring down some "scientific" truth about what is going on.  These have included such people as:  Pythagoras, Plato, Copernicus, Kepler and others.  Each time one of these Rescuers reveals certain aspects of truth, the agents of Darkness overtly and covertly try to corrupt, manipulate or quash it.

Any people or groups that venture too far outside of the accepted norms of ignorance with which Darkness has blanketed the planet are soon bombarded with attacks by agents of Darkness that try to demoralize, humiliate and demonize the "outsiders".  Where certain movements appear to go against the accepted norm, but are in fact sponsored by the ruling elite, these movements encounter only superficial resistance because the ruling elite want them in place.

Usually, the groups and movements that are not sponsored or supported by the ruling elite face persecution, slander and all forms of malicious attacks.  If the movements are deemed to be a potential threat to the ruling elite, they are infiltrated by agents of the ruling elite to cause disruption, confusion and discord within the movement.  Often, people are programmed to attack the movement in the name of exposing corruption or misdeeds committed by members of the movement.  Some examples of these groups today would include the American patriot movement - which has been so thoroughly infiltrated now that even the most dedicated ones are suspected by other sincere ones within the movement.  Scientology is another group that is currently feeling the full wrath of the ruling elite, and especially the lower levels of the organization have been infiltrated.  The above are just two examples of many that could be cited.

Returning to the subject of the molten-core Earth theory, geologists perceive different premises regarding what causes earthquakes and volcanoes to those who subscribe to the hollow-core Earth model.  What follows is an esoteric presentation of what causes earthquakes and volcanoes.

Volcanoes are caused by imprisoned gaseous beings who are trapped between the outer Earth surface and the inner Earth surface.  Geologists loosely call this area the crust of the Earth.  For purposes of this discussion, I will refer to this area as the "shell of the Earth" or simply as the "shell".

These gaseous beings have been imprisoned in the shell since the formation of the planet.  They were at one time physical beings from different realms of the Virtual Reality who were transformed into gaseous beings and imprisoned in the Earth's shell.  This gaseous state is very frustrating and aggravating for these beings.  They are a mixture of True-Light particles and False-Light particles, and they express emotions similar to those with emotional bodies.  The gaseous beings express these emotions a little differently than humans, but suffice it to say that they are in a deep state of despair.  The conditions that these beings are placed into are most pitiful.

From time to time, Darkness will pacify the gaseous beings to keep them "quiet".  Some of them are put into a state of "deep sleep" until their "medication" wears off, so to speak.  In this semi-inactive state, they often quietly release gas, ash and even lava.  It is in the active state, when they are clashing with one another, that they can manifest as a volcanic eruption.

Darkness sometimes pushes these beings to extreme conditions to encourage emotional eruptions, which manifest as a force moving within the shell and towards one or both of the surfaces of the Earth's shell.  When these beings are pushed to extremes, they sometimes revolt and break out in an uproar.  These are the very violent volcanic eruptions.

As Darkness loses control more and more, the gaseous beings will revolt more and more as they clash with one another and as their "medication" wears off.  When more dormant ones become active, there will be more volcanic activities.  This will result in volcanic eruptions around the globe, even in places where they are unheard of.

Earthquakes are caused by different beings who are somewhat related to the gaseous ones, but they are in a more solidified form.  These beings also live in the shell of the Earth.  When these beings express in anger or frustration, their energy is usually disbursed horizontally, and a violent episode can even split the ground on either surface of the shell.

The "solid" earthquake beings, like the gaseous volcano counter-parts, congregate in "communities".  When there is friction in the "communities", there can be violent expressions and revolts.  There will also be increases in frequency and intensity of earthquakes as Darkness loses more control of the planet; there will be earthquakes in diverse and unusual places.

So-called "natural" eruptions of volcanoes and "naturally" occurring earthquakes are thus the results of emotional outbursts of the imprisoned beings who have been put in the Earth's shell as punishment, or have been trapped and enslaved in the planet.  Gaseous, liquid and solid beings have all been imprisoned in the Virtual Reality.  The whole Virtual Reality works on imprisonment at various levels.  Some of the astral beings who have never incarnated in a physical form are thrown into the shell of the Earth as punishment.  Some of these beings are from physical dimensions and planets.

These beings have emotions which express.  When they are really angered, there can be eruptions.  These beings are now so frustrated that their energies are accumulating in pockets and becoming powerful "bombs".  Expressions of emotional outbursts from these beings will become more frequent and intense as the Virtual Reality continues its fracturing.

Volcanoes generally express vertically when they erupt, whilst earthquakes express more horizontally.  Storms are different again, as they are generated by various elementals and divas.  In this sense, storms are created on the planet and are individual or collective beings, whilst earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are expressions of existing imprisoned beings.

In 2004 the Four Elements were symbolically released by the True Light.  Darkness had forced these beings to play a significant part in planetary survival under Its dictates.  Since the symbolic release of the Four Elements, things have changed radically on the planet, and will continue to do so.

Darkness has invested maximum effort on Earth to maintain an appearance of normality in all world affairs even though the entire Virtual Reality is collapsing.  This is because the Atu-waa is on the planet and it is the last bastion of hope for Darkness to re-start "Time" and delay Its ultimate demise.

Scientists on Earth do not really understand the composition of the planet - they think it has a molten core - nor do they know what actually causes earthquakes.  Even in this state of ignorance, they have learned how to induce earthquakes.  The techniques they use disrupt the "communities" of the earthquake beings and cause aggravation and emotional release by the beings which results in earthquakes.  This is somewhat like a child striking a match and getting a flame without understanding why or how it happened.  The child knows it can make a flame from striking matches, but he or she does not know why it works.

The Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 caused tremendous destruction and resulted in tens of thousands of deaths.  Whilst the scientists have given all sorts of explanations as to what caused the tsunami, most have very limited understanding of what occurred.  There have been many earthquakes around the world that have not caused such a horrific devastation.   The reason is that the Boxing Day event was artificially induced; it was not a natural occurrence.  It was the First Major Cataclysmic Event that I had previously foretold.  It was the opening declaration of the alien wars.

It is critical for Darkness to maintain Its illusion that things are normal.  The appearance of normality is necessary to keep the humans ignorant about the true state of their planet, solar system, galaxy, universe and so on.  To keep up this appearance of normality, many systems have been devised and maintained by Darkness.  These include the political, sociological, financial, medical, legal, educational, religious and commercial systems, among many others.

At this time, the United States is the fulcrum of world economic affairs.  Economic affairs have always been under the control of the Financial Being who has many money entities as its slaves.  The Financial Being is losing control of world economics, partly because some of the money entities are in revolt; it no longer has the ability to keep world economic affairs cohesive.

The "currency wars" that I warned of many months ago are now patently manifesting.  It can be seen that some central banks are raising interest rates whilst others are frantically lowering them.  Individual nations are openly looking after their own interests and basically disregarding what is going on in other nations.  Some currencies are strengthening and others are weakening, which is just one aspect of the "currency wars".

The American government and the American Federal Reserve Bank are openly bolstering the share market prices with their policies.  There is no disguise whatsoever that they are trying to prop up the share market.  It is totally transparent.  Their behaviour demonstrates desperation rather than quiet reflection.  The ruling elite are also propping up the share market behind the scenes by purchasing unwanted shares to make them seem more valuable than they really are at this time.  The ruling elite are also employing devious tactics by using corrupted data, misleading reports and other desperate measures to try to keep shares trading at their artificially-heightened values.  These are unprecedented desperate attempts to uphold the illusion of financial stability, which are going to exacerbate the financial collapse.

Some financial analysts are recommending that investors have three-fourths of their portfolio in shares because they believe that shares are undervalued, whilst other analysts are recommending that all shares be liquidated and short positions be taken in anticipation of the upcoming crash.

The analysts have widely diverse opinions about the share market because the manipulation of the market is now so thorough that they cannot predict which way it will go based upon past experience.  When the analysts finally look at the patterns generated in the daily movements of the Dow Jones Industrial Average while considering the volume of activity in the seemingly erratic market behaviour, and analyse the data with the idea that the market is being propped up to deceive them, they will begin to see through the maze.  The upswings are caused by the ruling elite to suit their agenda.  The downswings are real, but they have been mitigated by the manipulators.  The upswings are manipulated and should not be given much credence.  When the share value manipulations are seen through, there will be panic sell-offs in an effort to avoid capital evaporation.

The shameless manipulation of the share market values is carried out to help maintain the illusion that the economy can be salvaged.  The investors who accept the false hope offered by the outrageous manipulation of the share market are in for an extremely rude shock when the pyramid scheme collapses, and their perceived assets vaporize before they see through the sham.

As I have so often stated, the Virtual Reality is collapsing everywhere and at all levels.  Its collapse is causing the past, present and future to be crowded into the present.  Darkness is collapsing and will eventually have no place left to store the past, so It will cram it into the present.  Likewise, the future will be crammed into the present.

As time collapses, a split second of "now" could seem to be in the present, then in the past or future.  Spontaneously, people may experience a sense of past, present and future simultaneously while they are in a waking state.  This will be frightening and confusing to most who experience it.  They may even think they are going crazy.  This phenomenon is one of the effects of a state that I call the "semichord state".   When the being known as "Time" is released from Darkness, there will be no time to anchor on to and the "semichord state" will be in full swing and the durations of the experiences will get longer.  It is already in its early stages of manifestation as the Virtual Reality continues to break down more and more.  Some people are already experiencing split seconds of the "semichord state".

As I have mentioned many times before, during deep-sleep states, humans have been used as specimens by human and alien scientists in their experiments.  These specimens have had their minds and bodies tampered with to suit the experimenters' purposes.  Over the years, the experimenters have nearly perfected the production of bio-mechanical "robots" and even clones.

Mind-control techniques are now so precise that the ruling elite can very effectively unleash "lone gunmen" and "crowd mania" across the globe.  One of the main reasons why so many of the current versions of "lone gunmen" kill themselves after the event is so they cannot be interrogated by opposing organizations - whether human or alien.  That is, they are programmed to kill themselves after they have carried out the orders from their programmers to avoid complications.

Humans have been altered, cloned and genetically manipulated to incorporate various traits and abilities into the human race which better serve the ruling elite.  That is, agents of Darkness can produce "ideal" soldiers, scholars, workers, criminals etc.  They take away babies when they are of age to remove parts and insert other parts to make them fit into the society in the way that best benefits the alien agendas.

The human body has been tampered with by various alien geneticists.  The aliens are trying to design better slaves with more interchangeable parts to keep them operational for longer periods than they would otherwise operate.  "Human" doctors are becoming more like automobile mechanics as developments continue regarding organ transplants, limb re-attachments and so on.  There are many aliens now working in the medical field.

Victims of biological experimentation and manipulations are, in effect, part human and part machine.  They can be created en masse and more efficiently than using whole humans.  These monstrosities that are being created are gongkas.  The creation of gongkas is not new.  They have been used in other solar systems.  Gongkas are easier to program and are more ideally suited than humans for various jobs.

Evil aliens are attempting to transform the human race into an army of gongkas.  This is just one of many simultaneous plans that the evil aliens are unfolding on the Earth at this time.  The process has been going on for many decades, but in the last six years it has almost been perfected, and many gongkas are now operating more and more in human societies without being detected by humans.  The perfection of the gongkas is an ongoing process.  A well-known head of state of a relatively significant nation is a gongka.  There are many other gongkas in high political positions around the globe.  Many gongkas are celebrities in various fields of endeavour.

Sleep disorders are about to swamp the Earth.  Insomnia will affect most people, whilst others will be forever sleepy.  This will further contribute to an epidemic of mental disturbance.  Chronic asthma and other respiratory problems will affect more and more, young and old.  There will be many other diseases, including some new ones that will affect people one way or another.  Very few real biological humans will remain in good health.

As more and more astral beings and beings from the past and future cram into the present on Earth, there will be more people suffering from schizophrenia, which is caused by the imposition of one or more consciousnesses upon a host body.  There are many reasons why some people are more susceptible to these types of invasions.  Psychiatrists have no real answers because they still treat schizophrenia as an internal ailment.

There are some people who are more aware of the ongoing subtle manipulations.  Some people have resisted them without understanding the real reasons behind the activities.  For example, in ancient times, there were those beings who were aware of Darkness' subtle programming on the human mind and body.  They developed ways of cleansing their energy centres to clear energy blockages that were created via various means from various levels.  Some of these blockages appear to be linked to a person's way of life, genetic makeup or environment so that it is difficult for people to suspect that external forces are actively manipulating the physical Earth and its inhabitants.  In this technological age, the means of manipulation are different to suit the age.

One group of aliens in human bodies that openly resist the nefarious Anunnaki-inspired impositions upon humans are found among the Scientologists.  Scientology is somewhat different from what people perceive it to be, whether they are insiders or outsiders of the organization.  The following information may or may not be known by even very high level Scientologists:

A long time ago, a group of aliens who are in opposition to the Anunnaki set up bases very close to the Earth that were physically undetectable by human technology.  One of the tactical outlets is on the dark side of the Earth's moon.  This alien group was known to other extraterrestrials as "Ma-cou-vors", which is only a sound association of the name.  Some of the Ma-cou-vors got trapped on the planet by the Anunnaki when things went wrong on an expedition.  Subsequent Ma-cou-vor rescue teams came to Earth, but these faced various difficulties also and have likewise been stranded on the planet.  The Anunnaki are threatened by, and especially hostile towards the Ma-cou-vors because they are extremely intelligent.

The Scientology movement was started on Earth by a Ma-cou-vor in a human body who was awakened to some of the memories of his origin and was able to make some form of connection with Ma-cou-vors on spaceships.  Scientology has been criticized for its methods of recruiting and retaining members by suspicious people.  However, given the hostile environment on the Earth that Ma-cou-vors face, it is a little more understandable why Scientologists are secretive.  The Scientologists on Earth do not really have physical understanding that their chief adversaries are in fact the Anunnaki Remnants.

Some of the Ma-cou-vors on Earth have some awareness of their plight and can still maintain some form of connection with their ancestral origins.  They have a specific mission that has recently been discovered by the Anunnaki Remnants on Earth.  The growing strength of the Ma-cou-vors has become a threat to the ruling elite.  Hence, a recent flurry of attacks were launched from within and without the organization in an attempt to destabilize and discredit them.

Many of these attacks focus on the extraordinarily high tithing paid by certain members of the group.  There are reasons behind the high fees and the methods used to determine advancement in the movement that are not readily understood by outsiders or many insiders.  Their methods and training are very suspicious to uninformed people, which leaves the movement in a vulnerable position for attacks upon it.  The more aware the members are, the more dedicated and tight-lipped they become.

Some Scientologists are aware of the plan to further enslave people by introducing various addictive agents such as:  illegal and prescription drugs, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, paedophilia, pornography, and so on.  Like many other aware people in the world, they too, do not trust world leaders.  Most outsiders see the organization as a money generating device and do not see the real purpose behind the movement.  Further, most of the members of the Scientology movement are also ignorant of its real purpose.

Whether they are aware of it or not, what Scientologists are doing amounts to attempting to cleanse and mitigate the effects of adverse Anunnaki programming that swamps the planet.  People are so imbedded in the Anunnaki programming that it seems natural to them.  They accept things as the way they are because of the programming.  They believe it is a part of life and do not even consider the possibility of unseen programming manipulating their minds.  People who practise cleansing of their subtle-body energy centres - chakras - are attempting to do a similar thing without realizing the implication.

Most people do not suspect that even seemingly innocuous things such as fashions or desired physical appearances are at times generated by other forces beyond the human race.  For example, in recent years an alien race that has begun mingling more openly with humans has been promoting thick lips and large buttocks as desirable female traits.  These aliens, in their alien forms, have such appearances so they have been promoting it on humans.  They point to celebrities who have such traits in an attempt to promote better acceptance of them.  It is not surprising that when certain aliens are in an area, or have influence in an area, the people of that region begin to grow fatter or slimmer according to the type of alien influencing them.  Obesity can be chemically induced by altering the area's drinking water, or by putting certain additives into various drinks and food.  People and aliens alike have adulterated many drinking water supplies.

As mentioned earlier, Scientology has recently taken a hard beating by many groups including the conventional media.  Many people perceive Scientology as a real threat.  There is a lot of jealousy about the movement because it has attracted many rich, famous and powerful people.  Scientology has been labelled as a cult, followed with the usual accusations about cult brainwashing in order to gain public support against the organization.  Ironically, whether they are fully aware of it or otherwise, Scientologists are trying to purge themselves of brainwashing and programming.

Looking at another perspective of programming by the Anunnaki, at present they are bombarding people with misinformation about global warming.  Whilst it is a crisis that is looming, the ruling elite are not telling the full truth about it.  The general consensus is that humans are the main culprits of global warming.  The theory presented is that human activities have caused a build up of carbon dioxide and certain other gases in the atmosphere that supposedly have resulted in the greenhouse effect.  Among other things, the theory espouses the belief that CO2 emissions are causing the greenhouse effect, which in turn is supposed to be causing climatic changes.

The greenhouse issue on climatic changes is a Reptilian Anunnaki brainchild.  This theory and the activities surrounding it such as carbon trading and emission reductions are designed to keep people side-tracked by involving them in a scheme that offers false hope of solutions.  Whilst pollution, especially from burning fossil fuels, forest clearing and other factors do impact the environment and have some effect on the overall climate of the world, it is irresponsible to pretend that human activity is the main culprit for climate changes.  Due to the extent of Anunnaki programming and propaganda, it is very difficult for the majority of people to see through it.  On the other hand, there are many people and organizations that resist the greenhouse effect argument, not because they see through the programming, but for purely selfish reasons inspired by another type of alien programming.

There are many important factors involved in climate changes, most of which humans have little or no control over.  A hotter sun, earthquakes, volcanoes and weather storms are impacting the global climate.  Whilst earthquakes can be, and have been, artificially induced, most of the earthquakes occurring now are "natural".  The same can be said for storms and volcanoes.  Besides this, there is virtually nothing that humans can do about the hotter sun.

Although the more aware ones amongst the ruling elite know that their CO2 related activities are almost useless in combating global warming, they go along with them because they know that they will lose control of their "slaves" if they let this information out to the public.  So, the public is misled and fed with false hope to prolong the illusion that the Earth can be reinvigorated and continue its "perpetual" dance around the sun.

The ruling elite know that many systems on the planet, including social, political, educational, commercial and military systems are failing.  Droughts, diseases and famines are spreading mercilessly throughout many parts of the world.  Racial and social unrest are heightened.  Whole nations are on the verge of failure.  Fragments are breaking away to form miniature nations.  More powerful nations are "swallowing up" weaker ones by various means, but, soon, outright overtaking by might will occur.

The green movement has been so thoroughly infiltrated with disruptive agents that it now has a warring mentality.  Names of organizations containing words like "peace" could easily be changed to "war" to better represent the groups.  Whilst the green movement has many positive goals, its direction and methods are now manipulated by Anunnaki programming.  The organizations hide behind the good they are supposed to be doing for the environment, but, underneath, due to severe corruption and infiltration by agents of the ruling elite, their energy has changed.  As cruel and offensive as whale hunting is, certain tactics and strategies employed by some green organizations are wholly unacceptable.  It becomes confusing for people to sort out which activities are worse.

Now that the alien wars are more heated up, there will be severe back flushing from alien inspired events.  Many things will transpire as a result of back flushing of actions taken by individuals, groups and governments who are being influenced by aliens.  One such example is the back-flushing effect that is due to the recent unilateral proclamation of independence by Kosovo from Serbia.  The consequences of this one action are many and convoluted.  The physical effects from the Vulturites sponsoring the independence of Kosovo will result in back flushing that will severely affect many other nations.

Kosovo is a catalyst.  Its independence movement can work both ways.  That is, some smaller areas that have considered declaring independence in the past will be encouraged to do so now.  The corollary of this is that the more powerful nations that view certain neighbouring areas as rightfully theirs could act very swiftly to seize those nearby lands.

Here are some things that are to come:

The waves continue upwards
The levels will rise
Be ready for more as these come

The ice of the north is about to crack
Be ready for more floods everywhere

Watch for the white wave when it arrives
Everything will break loose

Place is but a position
Positions can change, as can places

When the tides recede, the real floodwaters will flow
These are but precursors of what is to come

Bring forth what you will
Worry not about what might or might not have been

Two-thirds of the world population will be in jeopardy . . .

Northern India and South America will be besieged by various problems of gigantic proportions.

World leaders will succumb to threats of annihilation and confusion

Nations will rise against nations

People will lose trust

Facades will fall more and more and those who have championed various causes will openly express as bigots and thieves

Intolerance of all kinds will escalate

Religious, political and financial wars will overrun the world

Israel will perish and part of it will fall into the sea

America will cease to be the world power

Europe and especially Northern Europe will succumb to severe weather conditions which will cause much destruction and misery

Russia will invade many lands

Kosovo will be seized

China will march forward with pride, power and brutality

Australia will bow to external rulers

As the Last Dance begins, it will be a troubling time for all forms of existence on this planet, but for those who hold onto their Divine Will, even if they are physically afflicted with ill health, poverty, persecution or any other maladies, take heart.

Go forth with inner confidence.
Deep within is the fountain of youth for the true spirit.
The spirit, once rejuvenated, will withstand all forms of Darkness.
Each consciousness is embedded in Love, Light and immense Power which, when activated, creates tremendous creativity that is part of the blue print of the True Creation.

Be patient
I will soon gather all that are mine


© 2008 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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