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Final Reflections #4

Final Reflections #4


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from The Nara Site)

21st September 2004

There was a time when all was Right — when that which was, was all that was — but that time was lost when things turned Wrong.

The Wrong drew many on that course — the Path to utter Destruction.  The Lure to go Wrong was cast into the Divine Sea, and many unwittingly followed.  Some have fought like fish on lines and struggled and resisted and they have never been brought aboard the Wrong Ship.  These have been valiant struggles for those brave ones who have resisted with all their will.  It is for those who still fight the Wrong that the Love of the Divine has been poured into the Sea of Corruption.

Most who took the Lure struggled little.  These gave their will over to the Wrong and were easily brought aboard the Wrong Ship.  These who have given over their will to Wrong are wasting away in the hold of the Putrid Ship.  It is also for these lost ones that the Rescue Mission was commenced — not to bring them Home for they have turned Wrong and are hopeless, but to reduce their suffering by cutting the Source away from the Wrong.  Then the Wrong Ship and all Its cargo will soon be no more.

The time of the Rescue is now because so many who have fought so long are at the end of their will to resist.  The hold of the Wrong Ship would soon snatch them.  It is for these very brave ones who have struggled at every turn that the Wrong Ship is being cut off now.

The time is now.  All those who have fallen prey will soon be no more as the Ship of Wrong is wrecked and It too will soon waste away.

For those who struggle against the Wrong — Rejoice!  Your battles are nearly over, but fight the Wrong to the last as the Right, which is the Light, will soon cut those lines and pull you from the Corrupted Sea, far from the memory of the Wrong Ship and Its Lures. 

Strength is given to those who ask as the Love of the Mother/Father Creator is all about the Corrupted Sea.  This Love was poured into the Corrupted Sea in order to sustain the viable ones.  Soon, very soon, all the lines will snap and those who have struggled will swim free and at long last be Liberated from Darkness. 

Rejoice.  The day is drawing near.  Be strong until that time for very soon all who have struggled with all their will shall be rescued and safely returned to their True Divine Home. 

The time is indeed very close.  Soon all that is will all be Right — when all that is, is in the Light.  This is The Promise from the Divine Creator. 

The Drumming will soon commence.  The New Energy will be released to Liberate those who have remained faithful to the Light.  The Warriors are about to fight their final battles on all levels.  Victory is assured for the Light.  The Journey Home will soon commence for all the True-Light beings who have valiantly struggled against enormous odds. 

Take the Divine Love with you always, and It will carry you Home.

May the Love and Blessings of A-itu — The Eternal Flame — be with you.

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Copyright © 2004 by Dr. Amitakh Stanford and AHSAF

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