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The Approaching Battle With Satan

The Approaching Battle With Satan


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara site)

23rd February 2006

Of late, there have been many confrontations amongst various groups in the world.   These include:  governments, nations, coalitions, alliances, factions, alien groups, races, religions, organizations and others.

On what appears to be a smaller scale, there has been an escalation of attacks on A-itu Makitah (the name of the property where we reside with our animal friends).  When we moved the Light workers onto the property, there were immediate confrontations.  A-itu Makitah is like a base for the Light deep into enemy territory.  It is a place where even many of the surrounding minerals, flora and fauna are not what they appear to be.  This is an absolute battleground.  Even though I knew that we might not live on this property for long, and even though I knew we were moving into a battleground, I knew we had to move here.

When we moved in, the garden and the surrounding vegetation was lifeless, dull and dry.  A few days after our arrival, certain devas from our old property began arriving and bringing "life" and colour to the garden.  The tradesmen who had come before the change remarked how lively the property had become.  They could not understand what it was.  These are people who have little spiritual awareness, and yet, they immediately noticed the improvement of the property.

We have cleared the place of many unwelcome intruders and "squatters".  Although it is uncomfortable for them, some of the unfriendly beings have persisted and caused continual annoyance.  Many of these intruders are alien beings in alien bodies.  Most alien beings in alien bodies have certain alien abilities that give them definite advantages over Light workers who are in human and animal bodies.

In order to remove some of the obstinate "squatters" from the house, I deliberately played Loving You on four different players in various locations in the house.  All the recordings were played out of sync.  This frustrated the unfriendlies and caused their shields to drop as their foul odours permeated the entire house while they fled.  The smell was so unbearable that our little doggies in the house began complaining about the stench.

Lillo, one of our little doggies, was so affected that he must have used his alien abilities to walk through walls and dog barriers to enter a private room where I was working.  There was no physical way for our little doggie to have entered the room because the door was closed.  However, Lillo really wanted to get away from the horrible odour.  While this little doggie was "travelling", all the other little doggies were barking to alert me of his "travels".  It was like a frantic marketplace with everyone shouting for my attention when Lillo suddenly appeared in the room that I was in.

On 11th February 2006, our 16-year-old warrior dog named Ibana took a ferocious hit from a being whom I later traced and discovered it was the one commonly known in this world as "Satan".  Satan is actually one of the demiurges.  Although this being manifests as both male and female, Satan seems to prefer masculine identities and is very proud to be known as the Satan.  From now on, I will refer to Satan as a male.  I will express parts of this article in allegorical language in order to simplify it and try to make it comprehensible.  Hence, parts of this article might sound like a story. 

It is very unusual for Satan to attack personally.  He usually sends one of his henchmen to do his dirty jobs.  It is only when Satan is desperate or in a fit of uncontrollable anger that he personally strikes.

Satan is the ultimate master of the Reptilian aliens, sometimes known as the serpent race - some of the other evil aliens are under other demiurges.  For many reasons, Satan has emerged as the most significant demiurge in these final days.

The arrogant Reptilians thought that everything was under control because Satan deceived even them into thinking that he was still in full command of the physical and astral worlds.  This caused the Reptilians to be lax and overconfident.  Even though the Atu-waa was non-functional and the Reptilians had lost the "code" to start it and their Anunnaki Elite were unable to assist them, they still fully expected their lord Satan to extract the "code" and re-activate the Atu-waa. (The Atu-waais a unique creation that for many complex reasons, not even Satan or any of his demiurge colleagues can recreate another one at this time.)

Due to their overconfidence, the Reptilians entrusted the Wagools with the primary duty of guarding the Atu-waa.  As the Atu-waa was being prepared for operation, the impatient Reptilians tried once again to extract the "code" through blackmail, bribery and deception.  When all things failed, they launched a full frontal attack on the Light workers.  This brought about a re-action from the Light workers that shocked the Reptilians, who mistakenly thought they were untouchable.  There was a tremendous and extended battle which ultimately cost the Reptilians their Atu-waa and also resulted in an earlier-than-planned rescue of the Light being trapped in the Atu-waa.  Without the trapped Light being, the Atu-waa is dying and has no chance of being revived.

The Reptilians are now very desperate and have called upon their master - Satan - to personally assist in their attacks on front-line Light workers throughout the world.  Satan is now very angry with me.  That is why he recently struck Ibana at the same time he struck me.  Satan has taught the Reptilians to leave serpentine marks on their victims' bodies.  These marks are often in single two or three mark patterns.  Sometimes they are arranged in multiples of twos or threes in various patterns.  Often, when Satan personally strikes, he leaves the same patterns.  This is a bit like saying "Zorro is here!"  

I know Satan well - I have had many encounters with him.  Due to the nature of the "war" between Light and Darkness, it is not unusual for front-line workers to be put together with beings of Darkness, and even, at times, to work closely together with them.  As the saying goes:  "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."  I will now recount the three most striking encounters I have previously had with Satan.

When I was in my early teens, I was often troubled by what I perceived as contradictions in some of the teachings of the Christian church. However, I had no doubt about the existence of the force of good and the force of evil. I affirmed daily that I would serve the Light and renounce evil.

One night, as I was in my room doing my homework, I felt the temperature in my room suddenly drop tremendously.  Although the night was warm I suddenly felt quite chilly. I also felt an eerie presence in my room.  Although I did not see any being I could sense something in my midst.  It was a very hostile presence.  It intimidated me, yelled mocking words about Jesus, and threatened me.  Although I was really scared, I did not scream or call anyone for help.  I just knew I had to face this presence on my own.  I prayed hard for deliverance from this evil presence.  After what seemed like five minutes, the presence left and the chill in the room disappeared.  I kept this experience to myself.

The following night, the invisible being came again.  I noted the time.  The being taunted me again and I refused to give in.  This time I called the entity Satan and it acknowledged that it was.  The entity laughed and replied that it is known by many names, but that "the name will do".  I quoted a verse from the Bible and Satan responded with a verse from the Bible also.  He laughed mockingly and said he was not afraid of the Bible.  Again I prayed very hard in the name of Christ.  After what seemed like a long time, the Devil left.  This unwelcome visitation continued nightly for seven nights.

On the seventh night of the Devil's visits, I was acutely aware of the difference in intensity and power of his threat.  The Devil was getting very angry with me.  The energy in the room was horribly thick and heavy.  I could sense danger and something sinister was about to happen.  It was like the silence before the storm.  I could feel it coming and I prayed and prayed as I had never prayed with more focus and intensity on God than I had ever done before.  I continued to renounce the Devil and affirm my allegiance to God (the True Light).  The Devil got angrier and angrier.  I could feel the whole room getting hotter and hotter.  I could smell the Devil's intense anger.  I felt the evil power in the room was getting too powerful for me.  I felt I could not hold the Devil at bay for too long.  I called out loud in the name of Christ at the very moment when I thought I could not take it anymore, and suddenly the atmosphere changed.  I felt a sudden peace over my whole being.  I no longer felt fearful.  I was calm and strong.  Suddenly the Devil left.  At that moment I knew that one day I would battle Satan.  My faith in the Divine took a giant leap.

Over the years, I have often dreamt of wrestling with the Devil in the form of a snake.  Sometimes, he came in other forms, but I could recognize it as the same energy.

In the spring of 2000, while I was in Arizona, U.S.A., I again "saw" the Devil.  At the time I was resting and getting ready to meditate.  Suddenly, I saw a vision of an entity standing in a dark, dank, dreary, desolate depressing place.  Immediately I felt I knew that entity.  Within a moment, I remembered. I recognized the entity as the presence in my room many years ago, when I was a teenager.  As I was staring into his face, it began to change.  I saw the many faces of the Devil. I know the Devil is now in a human body.  This time, I was no longer afraid of him. 

The third, and most striking series of encounters, occurred shortly after the Reptilians suffered a great loss and lost any chance of activating the Atu-waa.  Satan came to A-itu Makitah and personally struck Ibana.  I intervened and was struck on my shoulder, but Satan's glancing blow still hit Ibana in her rear legs.  Within a few hours, she was unable to walk and maggots were all over her body.  I bathed her three times to rid her body of the maggots.  She was so comforted by the warm bathwater that she fell asleep and began snoring in the tub.

After bathing her, Steffan and I carried Ibana back to her bed.  Her littermate, Alpha, was lying nearby, watching us nurse Ibana.  All of a sudden, I heard a sound and Alpha cried in pain and jumped up.  We watched as she was struck by the sound that manifested as a thin beam of light.  Alpha looked ridiculous as she tried to walk and all four legs were going in and out as though she was an out-of-control puppet, and yet, she did not fall.  As Alpha walked back to her bed, she yelped again in severe pain.

Knowing from past experiences with Satan that he strikes repeatedly at the same locale, we whisked both Alpha and Ibana to a different location on the property.  Before the strikes, our dogs were re-arranged several times.  Alpha and Ibana were not happy until we placed them right on the front line, which is where they remained until Satan struck several days later.

Two weeks before the strike, I knew that Ibana would be going Home soon.  She died two days after being struck by Satan.  Just before the strike, while she was out on a walk with us, Ibana sat down and serenely posed for us.  Steffan and I looked at each other and we both said that she was posing for us to take her picture.

The day before she died, she stopped eating and drank very little.  Although I gave her a healing, it was not a healing for revival of her physical body, it was a healing to prepare her for her leaving the physical.  I knew she would pass away at 2.00 pm on 13th February 2006.  So, we knew that we had time to prepare her and to say good-bye.  We brought some dogs who knew her well to also say good-bye to her.  Ibana still wagged her tail in response to us right up to an hour before she died.

During the time before her passing, when I was alone, I was struck on both feet.  The strikes left serpentine markings on my feet.  The strikes caused me severe pain when I walked, so I crawled back to the house.  As I was crawling, I said to Satan, "You and your kind have no legs.  Is that why you like to cripple people's legs?"  By the time I almost reached the house, I was able to walk pain free again.

Satan had previously sent his henchmen many times to strike other animal warriors during our absence.  They struck one with an infestation of fleas that covered his entire body, from his nose to his tail.  It was so bad that his corpse had to be sprayed just to control the fleas enough to perform a burial.  Satan knows that the targeted animals are Light workers taking on animal bodies.  That is why he has been responsible for so many murders of our animal friends.  These include:  Athena, (mother of Ibana and Alpha), Zeus, Tronto, Simon, Alex, Troy, Beauty, Lisa, Kwalika, Agro, Miracle, Snow White, Mary, Ann,  Lovey, Angie and Tchaikovsky.

Angie was hanged until she died and then she was strung up horizontally on a fence about ten feet from where she had been hanged.  I knew something was going to happen that day and I almost cancelled my plans.  Just before leaving, I gave specific instructions for Steffan to especially watch over the dogs.  A freak storm arrived and the little dogs were so frightened that Steffan stayed with them.  While he was comforting and watching over the little doggies in the house, Angie was hanged outside.

About the same time this was happening, I was sick and began choking.  I could hardly breathe.  All I could see was Angie's face.  As soon as I arrived at my destination, I received a call from Steffan.  As soon as Steffan said, "Angie . . ." I knew that something horrible had happened to her.  Angie was a warrior in a dog's body.  She was very tough and massively strong, but she was also extremely gentle.  Angie returned to show us where she was hanged and the evidence of it.

Throughout her short life, Angie suffered many attacks from Reptilians.  A few months ago, Angie returned to us in a puppy's body to complete her unfinished work.  This little puppy behaves like Angie and has shown us that she remembers her life as Angie.  Incidentally, she has been named Angelina in this life.

Returning to the story about Ibana, she died at exactly 2.00 pm on 13th February, 2006.  She died peacefully, without the usual struggle for breath.  She remained alert and responsive until her last breath.  At 1.55 pm, I called Haidakhan Babaji to accompany Ibana home.  Babaji came with Agro and others to take Ibana home.  Ibana's eyes were open when she died and would not shut; Babaji closed them as he took her home.  Ibana had a beautiful, serene look on her face when she was buried.  Nine days later, Ibana returned in her beautiful, youthful, healthy form, to tell us that she was okay.

Several nights ago, Satan commenced another series of attacks upon us.  He tried hard to harm Steffan by putting him in a sleepy state in order to attack him.  Satan tried to lower something that resembled a giant wind chime over his face while he was asleep.  I had to awaken him while deflecting the object away from his face.  I had stayed awake almost the entire night just to shield Steffan and the animals from Satan's vicious attacks.

During the series of attacks, Satan mimicked Steffan's voice twice to make it appear that Steffan was in a lot of pain or danger.  The second time it happened, I said to Satan, "Okay, if Steffan is hurt, he will crawl back if he has to.  No big deal."  At that, the taunting with the voice stopped.

It was the sound and smell that accompanies Satan and his henchmen that alerted me before his arrival.  Previously, Satan could conceal his sound and smell, but now Satan is breaking down and his cloaking shields are fracturing.

Satan struck my arm and must have thought I could not heal with it injured.  He has forgotten that one can heal without using hands or arms.  From the injured hand, I was able to trace the tracks left by Satan and gained insight into his most secret plans.  Eventually, I gave healing to my injured arm, which felt very much like a broken arm.  Before the healing, it was excruciatingly painful to use.  One good thing that came out of the healing was that I found myself able to read with perfect vision without my spectacles.

Last night, Satan came again in a new disguise.  As soon as I exposed him as Satan, he tried all sorts of ways to annoy me in an attempt to bring about a premature confrontation with him.  I told him firmly that I will confront him when the time is right.  Again, he tried to bribe me and told me to join forces with him and that together, we would be invincible.  I told him that he had nothing to offer and that his world will soon disappear.  I told him that his behaviour of inflicting agony and prolonging painful physical deaths is sadistically evil.  I reminded him that even though he caused Jesus to suffer horrible pain on the cross, he could not prolong the suffering of Jesus because Jesus' consciousness was lifted up long before he died.

In uncontrolled anger, Satan lunged at me and I fended him off.  Again, I felt as if I was wrestling with a snake and I refrained myself from striking him like one would strike a snake.  It was not time.  Satan left very abruptly.

Soon after Satan left, I had a vision of confronting Satan in a place where other people were paired up and fighting with one another as if it was only acting.  I was paired with someone dressed in a medieval knight's chain mail attire of black and white.  The person wore a hood over his head.  It was supposed to be a pretend fight, but I could see that Satan was not pretending - he was trying to kill me - I fought back.  Again, it felt like I was fighting a snake.  I told the man that he was Satan and that it was now time.  We fought.  I destroyed Satan.  My vision ended.

After the vision, I heard a gentle whispering.  "My love is with you always."  Then, I was filled with joy and I cried.  Steffan was in another room and was unaware of the whispering I heard, but simultaneously, he was also filled with joy and began crying.   The next morning, one of the Light workers rang me and mentioned that I had been in her dream.  The dream confirmed my confrontation with Satan, even though the Light worker had not been told anything about the event.

Just after I had finished writing the above, I stopped to go somewhere with Steffan and Angelina.  As we were travelling to our destination, a huge, bright disc in the guise of the sun, began shining a glaring light at us.  The light from the disc changed from yellow to a putrid shade of purple.  The disc was powerfully blinding and appeared to be at least double the size of the largest full moon I have ever seen.  Its glaring blaze hurt our eyes, caused us headaches, nausea, and forced us to travel at a snail's pace on a main highway.  Fortunately, there were no other cars on the road.  The disc harassed us for more than fifteen minutes.  As soon as I used a certain sound, it started to withdraw, at which time the disc's cloaking shield faltered and I saw a dome-shaped spacecraft speeding away.

The days are drawing near in which Satan will be confronted.  I ask all workers of the Light to support your brothers and sisters of the Light by centring your energy, remembering and supporting them, all the while, refraining from anger.  Anger is one of Satan's most powerful tools to extract energy from Light beings.  Remain calm and strong.  Do not give into fear and paranoia.  Fear is another powerful tool used by Satan to weaken Light beings.

May you all be blessed with love for the Divine Being of Purity.

© 2006 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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