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The Liberation of Numbers

The Liberation of Numbers

On distant continents, two significant events transpired - in succession. The first occurred approximately one hour before the second.

As many are now aware, the Four Elements were symbolically released from the Shadows in September 2004. In October 2005, the Numbers were symbolically released from the grasp of the Shadows. Sadly, for a long, long time, certain of the True Creator's children were forced to perform the functions of Numbers. This servitude was dictated by the Shadows.

In the True-Light Creation, there are no negative aspects of anything - not for the purpose of balance as some erroneously insist - nor for any other reason. In the True Creation there is NO negativity - NO evil. However, in the dimensions run by the Shadows, Numbers were forced to take on certain negative characteristics. This has been most distressing for the children of the True Creator - it goes against their nature.

In the Creation of the Shadows - which is not really a creation at all, but an imposition on the True-Light Creation - everything is based upon falsehood.

The recent spontaneous release of all the Numbers was a powerful event that took on many energy patterns.

The first Number to be spontaneously released was Number Four, which took far longer to release than all the other Numbers combined. This was no surprise since Number Four has been the most abused by the Shadows. Number Four is the model used by the Shadows in many of Its "prisons". There was a huge release from Number Four, because, apart from many others reasons, Four carries with it all the burdens and tears of One to Three. Thus, Number Four had to be released first.

Number Nine was the second to be spontaneously released. This makes sense because Number Nine, apart from its own burdens, has to bear some of the trail of tears of Five to Eight. The release of Nine made way for an easier disentanglement for Five to Eight.

The next to be released was Number Five, followed by Seven, then Eight. These were followed by Three, One and Six. The final Number to be released was Number Two. Number Two had become so "rooted" in the Shadows - like a pseudo-union - that it was "numbed".

The liberation of Numbers was a long awaited, joyous occasion, attended by benevolent beings from all levels.

Aku-sa itoo-a

Laa-ka, laa-ka isoo-paa

The liberation of the Numbers was followed by a calling song to prepare the conversion of Nine to Twelve and the release of the power of Twelve to do its work for the True Creator. The Keeper (Awgawk) was given the responsibility to carry out this important task and his account of the event follows.

With Love and Blessings


13 November 2005

The Conversion of Nine to Twelve



The materials for the conversion of 'Nine' were gathered five days before the ceremony was to take place. A trip was made by the 'Keeper' and one 'protecting warrior' into the forest to gather these purified materials. No one (not even the 'protecting warrior') was aware, outside of the 'Mother, White Buffalo Woman' and the faithful 'Flying White Buffalos' that the special conversion ceremony was to take place, to convert the power of 'Nine' to the power of 'Twelve'.

Four days prior to the ceremony, to convert the power of 'Nine', the fire pit was cleansed with fire to prepare the circle where the conversion ceremony would take place. The fire pit was then protected against the invasion of the 'dark' with the placement of the releasing symbols in the manner known only to the 'keeper'.

Three days hence to the ceremony two groups of swans were presented to view, to signify approval of the upcoming ceremony. (The swan in the native culture is the representation of the embodiment of 'Grace'.) These two groups of swans were seen, the first group in a count of nine, and the second group in a count of three. These two, the nine and three signalled that the twelve was preparing to be introduced.

The first group of swans stood upon an ice sheet over a frozen lake, all of them facing away from the 'Keeper'. The signification was that the 'nine' was reluctant to leave being as they stood upon the frozen ice, separated from the water, not flying free to continue in their cycle of migration. The observer, the 'keeper' became immediately aware of that the 'dark' was preparing to infiltrate, use the power of 'nine' against the forces of the 'Divine Light'.

The second group of swans floated free on open water facing the 'keeper' adding their numeral onto the nine to make the twelve. The significance was undeniably clear that the ceremony was to take place as prearranged being as the swans were at ease, quite content, in their current environment.

One day before the ceremony, the skies opened and a heavy rain fell, with the intention by the 'dark' to thoroughly soak the purified materials prepared for the ceremonial fire. Again the intrusion attempts by the 'dark' failed, as these purified materials, were sheltered from the imminent soaking. The 'keeper' rested for the garnering of strength needed to conduct the ceremony without failure.

During the morning hours of the ceremony day, the 'keeper' was impelled to walk into the forest and upon doing so, proceeded to go directly, to where three eagle feathers awaited him. The feathers were, one white, one with two points, and one young eagle's feather. The impelling awareness was to go and retrieve three feathers, the white feather and two others, these to be used within the traditional ceremony.

The actual conversion ceremony happened on October 22, 2005, commencing at precisely 4:30 p.m. PMT, (Yukon time and date) and was presided over by the 'keeper' alone in the physical. The 'Mother, White Buffalo Woman' and the faithful 'Flying White Buffalos' were present at the ceremony in the 'spiritual aspect'. The ceremony was viewed from afar by the 'Mother' and one 'Flying White Buffalo' warrior. The 'keeper' felt their presence by the overwhelming love that permeated the area immediately surrounding the ceremonial site. The melodious calling sound of the 'Mother' was also sensed above the ferocity of the wind as 'Mother' sang out, calling for the 'power of twelve' to be released.

Prior to the ceremony, one hour before, the 'dark' unleashed a very strong wind with enough strength to bend the neighbouring trees far over in front of the wind. The intent of the 'dark' was to make it impossible to ignite the ceremonial fire, the wind to cause failure to the ignition source. The wind continued to blow with intensity as the 'keeper' drank water and then the ceremonial fire was ignited, with some degree of difficulty, but ignited none-the-less. Once the ignition flame was placed the wind actually increased in severity but the outcome only assisted the flame in gaining access to all the 'purified materials' in the ceremonial fire-pit, causing the ceremonial fire to roar into life.

Four sacred plants that had been placed within the framework of the ceremonial fire were the first to be consumed by the flames; the smoke emitted from the plants purifying the pathway for the 'power of twelve' to envelop the globe. The 'keeper' began to play the sacred drum, the drumbeat alone the only sound being emitted from the ceremonial circle. On the twelfth beat of the drum the wind subsided down to a whisper of wind. Following the twelfth drumbeat the 'keeper' started to follow a clockwise direction around the ceremonial fire as he began to sing, the song wavering in his voice, and the resonance fluctuating from high to low as he sang. This fluctuating was unintentional, happening without guidance as the song flowed through him. The 'keeper' knew spontaneously that the power of twelve was being released through his ceremonial song, flowing out in each and every direction, no lineal line being missed. During the first four encirclements, the immediate top, the head of the flame followed the 'keeper' as he circled the ceremonial fire, then stood straight for the other eight encirclements.

During the short moments that it took to beat the drum the first twelve beats the dark attacked the 'keeper'. He had to ward off these attacks as well as continue with the ceremony. The physical side of the 'keeper' attended to the attacks while the spiritual side attended to the ceremony. Other Divine Light Beings, the spiritual aspects of the 'Mother', and the faithful 'Flying White Buffalos' were also assisting in the defence of the 'keeper'. Continuous distractions were being sent of which the sole in close attendance 'protector warrior' attended to while the ceremony commenced without interruption.

The 'keeper' circled the ceremonial fire for twelve complete circles, in which in every completion, he included 'Bendako' into his song. His song was simple, Heh-Na with the Na coming out extended, that it sounded so. The Heh-Na-A-a-A-a-A-a-A-a-A-a was in each and every repetition, flowing as a wave in motion. The drum sound was strong, vibrant as the keeper 'played' the accompaniment to the song.

Following the song the 'keeper' prayed to the 'Creator', that the peace of love would flow around the globe, the power of twelve to be erected as a shield force around each and every viable true 'light being'. The love was directed outwards, the intent, the love to be felt by every being upon this globe, that all the children of creation would be included in the love of the 'Creator'.

Upon the completion of the ceremony, the wind came again in one very short but very strong gust, low to the ground and pointed, wedge shaped. This wind blew the one short gust directly onto the fire only, not even a whisper of wind hitting the 'keeper'. Then the wind subsided and blew no more. The release of the power of twelve was completed and the 'keeper' drank again of water then rested.

One hour later following the ceremony the 'keeper' felt a double pain in his chest, centred over his heart. It was as if the sharp end of a hoof of an animal was dragged downwards over his chest, the double line of pain going downwards in a vicious scratching movement. The pain was only felt once, then was gone.

This is my truth, the way in which the release of the power of twelve transpired.



© 2005 AHSAF

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