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The Atu-waa - The Critical Tool for Maintaining Darkness' Virtual Reality

The Atu-waa - The Critical Tool for Maintaining Darkness' Virtual Reality


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara site)

25th September 2005

Weather conditions around the world are destabilizing. Some of the "freak" storms are natural, while others are staged. The natural ones have grown in intensity because the Earth is fracturing and also approaching the end of its grand cycle. What we are witnessing now is only the beginning of what is to come.

The prevailing weather anomalies fall into three main categories:

The first involves natural phenomena, which have intensified of late because of the breakdown of the various systems on the planet. Further, the Four Elements were symbolically liberated from their forced toil a year ago. The natural weather anomalies happen somewhat randomly and unpredictably now. As time goes on, natural occurrences will become more erratic and can be intensified by geological phenomena.

The second category comprises those that the ruling elite in human bodies and their agents bring about. These are staged weather anomalies. They can be used as weapons against their adversaries and they can also be effectively used against their own people for various purposes. When staged weather events are used domestically, their implementation can be for experimental purposes, or to control the populations via forced evacuations, dislocations, and, in the most drastic cases, elimination of those evacuated. Many countries have histories of these types of events with their indigenous peoples, and now this process will be implemented on their non-indigenous subjects.

The third category involves alien-launched weather anomalies. They can be launched by aliens themselves or by their human agents. These types are the most devastating weapons of staged weather events. When alien weather events are coupled with geological events, they can cause widespread disasters as seen by the Indian Ocean tsunami. Hurricane Katrina was an alien weather event directed at New Orleans. The Brisbane ice storm was another alien weather event, but it was blunted by the Light for various reasons, so it was more of an oddity than the disaster that the aliens had planned for that city.

The staged weather events often ride atop natural ones, and build on them so that everything appears normal. The staged ones are then directed to particular areas to do whatever damage they can. The first few staged ones are more to observe how the people in the affected area react, and how those of the world react. They are also meant to prepare people to follow evacuation orders and demands. The storms also discourage people from residing or relocating to the devastated areas. Many of these areas that are being evacuated have been "reserved" by the ruling elite for other purposes. The ruling elite are also assessing how well their police, military and civilian personnel handle the situations.

The American ruling elite were not prepared to observe the plight of their subjects when Hurricane Katrina struck - they were caught by surprise. However, staged weather events are different. There is a build up to the event, and orders are given for the people to blindly follow - supposedly for their own good.

The recent evacuation of Houston is a hybrid. While the ruling elite did not really inflict it upon their own people - although they have done such things many times in the past - they took the opportunity of Hurricane Rita to frighten, control and order about their subjects. One could almost feel the atmosphere of a police state emerging as the hurricane was approaching the Texas/Louisiana coasts.

Anyone who has observed footage of that evacuation could see that the people stuck in highway queues were at great risk. Tempers flared, petrol tanks ran dry, people were jittery and on tenterhooks. It was a recipe for disaster. And, once all these people had stranded themselves inland on orders from the government, just what were they supposed to do? Those who dared to override the government's orders and remained in their homes were being subjected to threats, scorn and ridicule from the government authorities. Perhaps they stayed put because they did not want to brave the crawling queues on the motorways, or they did not want to leave everything for marauders to plunder, or they felt safer at home or they could not travel.

In general, coastal areas have been selected by the ruling elite for various purposes. The ruling elite want to control the coasts so they can prevent ingress and egress of the areas. Of importance to them is the set up of buffer areas through which the coastal residents must travel in any evacuation ordered by the authorities. These buffer zones can readily be identified for those who have been carefully watching the ruling elite's methods.

The coasts will be hit by many natural and staged disasters, so their populations will be considerably lessened in the process of the alien wars that are being waged. As the fleeing people pass through the buffer zones, they will be funnelled to the areas where they can be best controlled by the ruling elite, or, in severe cases, they will be eliminated by the ruling elite as they flee the afflicted areas.

On the other end of the spectrum, the weather is being manipulated in several areas to make them more arid. The Reptilians have implemented a drought in much of Australia and dried it out. This has been to prepare the site for the re-location of the atu-waa.

The atu-waa was relocated to the Earth from the Anunnaki home planet of Nibiru for many reasons. The electromagnetic field created by the Earth's hollow core, rotation, orbit, surrounding planets, sun and other factors make the Earth a very effective dynamo for the operation of the atu-waa. At present, the magnetic field of the Earth is failing and falling below the ideal level for commencing the atu-waa.

The Earth contains a vast magnetic field on and about it. DE-MAGNETISM is THE KEY to unlocking the "prison" doors that have kept so many imprisoned in Darkness and Ignorance for so long that they have forgotten their Divine heritage because of the magnetic-filtering mechanism placed on and about the Earth. See my article on Demagnetism.

As the Earth's magnetic field weakens, it becomes far more difficult for the atu-waa to re-start time. Time is running out for the Anunnaki plan.

There are not very many planets that have the Earth's ideal electro-magnetic characteristics. Simplistically put, the Earth has a great deal of water around it, which is a good conductor of electricity, something that is critical to the operation of the atu-waa. Further, the Earth has several arid locales, which, ironically, are conditions most suitable for the starting up of the atu-waa. Therefore, the Reptilians will usually prepare any area that they hope will be used to start the atu-waa by sending it into a drought.

Originally, the Reptilians had enlisted the Masa-karas to prepare the way for the atu-waa. Many of the Masa-karas migrated from central Europe to Australia over the years, with a large contingent settling in the Atherton Tablelands area and certain parts of Victoria. The Reptilians commenced a drought in the Tablelands and parts of Victoria in preparation for their plans concerning the atu-waa and other critical issues. This was no small undertaking because much of the Tablelands averages over two metres (80 inches) of rain per annum. The drought occurred on the Tablelands, and, after a while, it was the main topic of discussion. People who thought they had an endless supply of water and had never conserved it began to worry incessantly. But, the drought is ending because the Masa-karas' plans for the Tablelands were thwarted and their plans had to be changed - the atu-waa would not be coming to the Tablelands.

In recent months, many of the Masa-karas have departed the Tablelands. Those who have been following my previous postings can guess where most of these have relocated! Some of these Masa-karas' consciousnesses have migrated in the human bodies they occupied on the Tablelands, but others have fled the hosts that they took over when they invaded the Tablelands. The humans who were previously victimized and taken over by Masa-karas consciousnesses are now left in a terrible state because the Masa-karas consciousnesses have left the hosts.

When the Masa-karas took over the bodies they either expelled the original consciousnesses in the bodies or suppressed them. In the process they severely damaged the original bodies and brains of the hosts. As the Masa-karas abandon the bodies, the human hosts are left to robotically cope without a consciousness or to exist with a damaged one. Many of the victims are like vacant "shells" with their brains frizzled. This is primarily due to what the Masa-karas have done to them. Most of the victims are taken during their sleep and immersed in a form of liquid before being worked on. Their brains have been so affected that they can no longer function the way they used to. They have been damaged badly during the Masa-karas' invasion of their bodies. It is a big step backward for these unfortunate victims - a sad sight.

These victims are now easy prey for lurking consciousnesses who are eager to possess human bodies. One can imagine the repercussions the exodus of the Masa-karas will have on the area. Many affected businesspeople have wondered why their businesses have gone down so much even though the number of tourists to the area has remained constant.

Some conspiracy theorists claim that the ruling elite creates the situations then uses the opportunities to further control the people. While this is true to some extent, it is a simplistic view of things. Many things happen that the Earth's ruling elite have no control over or expectation of, however, they are so opportunistic that they use these events to further control the people. Some disasters occur because of the alien wars and are caused by physical aliens. Other disasters are launched on the subtle level, sometimes even beyond the ken of the physical aliens. There are many levels to this Virtual Reality of illusions and it is difficult to glimpse even one level removed from where one is located, let alone comprehend the more distant levels.

There is urgency about events now. People should prepare themselves for the unexpected. It is better to be prepared than to worry about being laughed at by the ruling elites' sceptical agents who do not want people to be prepared. Preparation is NOT being ready to evacuate at the behest of the ruling elite. Most of those who work for the ruling elite will be discarded by their alien masters when they are no longer of any use to them. They should wake up before it is too late!

There are many on Earth who want the physical dimension to continue even though they have now received enough information to realize that it is only a temporary existence. It is these people who are knowingly choosing evil for their temporary comforts. Others are being sucked into the charade of thinking that the physical/astral is all there is. The aliens will discard those who assist them soon enough. Of course, the aliens, too, will no longer exist after the atu-waa fails to operate.

Since the programming of Darkness is so deeply entrenched in this world, it is not surprising that many will actively choose to support the evil that Darkness has created and foolishly shun Liberation from Darkness. If the atu-waa were allowed to operate, the Virtual Reality of Darkness would survive for yet another cycle of suffering and misery. Those who have not given over their will to Darkness will rejoice to know that the atu-waa will never run again.

When the Reptilians fail to re-start time with the atu-waa, the whole dimension will just drag and drag until it winds down completely. This could take years.

One might wonder why the Reptilians would have placed the all-important atu-waa right into Vulturite-controlled territory!

Real preparation for what is to come involves being prepared within - and without wherever possible. Embrace the Light within.

© 2005 Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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