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Consciousness Swapping in Humans and Animals


Consciousness Swapping in Humans and Animals


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara site)

8th June 2005

Consciousness swapping is becoming more and more prevalent at this time, as the Earth enters into a time of great turmoil.

In the past, this was done less frequently. However, the Attas have purposefully done it throughout history, as needed. Here are some examples of Attas swapping consciousnesses for various reasons at various times. When Jesus was about twelve years of age, the Power of A-itu (the Eternal Flame) descended upon the physical body of Jesus and he was adorned with Divine Spirit. This was also the point in time when the consciousness in the physical body of Mary swapped with the consciousness that was in the physical body of Jesus. In other words, the consciousness that played the part of Jesus for twelve years went into Mary's body, while the consciousness in Mary's body simultaneously entered the body of Jesus. Thus, Jesus the Christ is the Divine Mother.

Much later, Attas Thomas Paine's consciousness entered the body of Attas Thomas Jefferson in 1809, and Jefferson's consciousness left and later came as a "walk-in" consciousness in the body of the German composer, Richard Wagner.

Swapping consciousnesses is not confined to Attas or other beings of True Light or False Light. It can occur in quite ordinary circumstances in humans and animals. Serious accidents often bring about a sudden consciousness swap. In some cases, the original consciousness occupying a body is yanked out during a traumatic impact and another consciousness (usually from the astral) jumps into the body. Sometimes there is a mutual agreement on the subtle level when the consciousness in the physical wants to leave and another wants to come into the situation, and they swap places. Sometimes it is a forced swap, against the will of the original occupying consciousness of the body. The latter are often erroneously referred to as possessions; possessions are when an invading consciousness or consciousnesses superimpose themselves upon the original occupant of the body.

Hospitals are common places for consciousness swapping to take place. While a patient is under anaesthetic, his or her etheric body is substantially "loosened" and it is easier for another consciousness to take over the physical body with consent or by force. This happens especially in cases when the heart is stopped momentarily during surgery. Many people have noticed changes in the personalities of people who have had surgery, especially those who have had open-heart surgery. Many medical professionals deem this to be a side effect of the medical procedure, when, in fact, it is a case of consciousness swapping.

When a consciousness swap occurs, it will not be obvious at first, because there is an integration of the new consciousness into the old programming put into the body by the preceding consciousness and the physical memory and knowledge of the physical brain. Therefore, a foreign consciousness can enter a body and immediately speak the language, identify appropriate family members, friends, colleagues etc. and carry on as though nothing has happened. Eventually, however, the new consciousness will begin to express in its own manner. Hence, there can be a marked change in personality. However, in cases where the new consciousness is of a very forceful type, the impact can be very dramatic and the expression can change immediately.

As I wrote earlier, an alien consciousness known as Ata-i-lek has recently taken over the body of a human being who now resides in the Vatican. I also wrote that many Reptilian consciousnesses evacuated their host bodies in America and the United Kingdom and entered new hosts in China. At the same time, Vulturite consciousnesses took over the abandoned bodies because they were occupying powerful political and influential positions. This can cause confusion to those who are not aware of consciousness swapping, much less of the particular swaps.

Consciousnesses can also swap in animal bodies, but what I am about to describe is a little different. We have a brindled dog called Mani who was abandoned. He was found by a roadside, covered with lots of ticks, when I rescued him. He is a very loving, appreciative and smart dog. A couple of months after he arrived, I heard a male voice talking when I was around Mani. Then, one day I realized that it was Mani who was speaking to me in verbal English. It was a very strange experience. Thereafter, I asked him to please speak when other people were around. He did just that one day. Three people heard Mani speaking English while I was there! It was then that I realized that he was a friend who had passed on a few years earlier who had temporarily swapped consciousnesses with Mani. The friend later left, so Mani no longer speaks English.

Here is a slightly different twist to consciousness swapping. A few years ago, a very smart, little Chihuahua named Beauty, who was normally very affectionate and gave kisses freely, suddenly behaved very differently on a long car trip. There were other little doggies on the trip who knew her well.

Beauty became very quiet and anti-social. She would not eat or drink and kept her distance from all of us in the car. She behaved as though she was a stranger to us. This was totally out of character for Beauty. I looked at her and remarked that she was not in the body. It went on for about two days. Then, suddenly, while I was looking at her, I watched at the exact moment when her consciousness returned to her doggie body. Immediately, Beauty was animated and rushed towards me and could not stop kissing me and all the other animals in the car. She started eating and drinking heartily. Beauty's case is not one of consciousness swapping, but it does show that the body is only a shell, and the consciousness can come and go for periods of time. This happens to humans also.

Beauty died suddenly last August, after being seriously wounded in a battle with evil aliens. She died very peacefully, without going through the normal processes of distressed breathing. I gave her a total spirit healing before she died in my arms. Beauty was very close to me due to many circumstances. When she died, she came back to me almost immediately. She looked so real, standing right in front of me, that I forgot momentarily that she had left the physical. Beauty knew that I missed her so much that she prepared for another dog to come to us recently.

Some of you may recall that I have written about Lovey, a Jack Russell terrier, who defied death as he sang his way out of his body. We miss Lovey very much also. He shared the same snake-proof enclosure with Eddie, the crippled dog who was healed instantly. Lovey saw a deadly brown snake going after Eddie and he selflessly jumped in front of it to protect Eddie. To cut the story short, Lovey ultimately died, but not from the snake bite he received while protecting Eddie. Lovey, in his little doggie body, was battling Ikluk, who caused the snake to go after Eddie.

Lovey is an alien being who took on the body of a little dog. He was brought to us as a young puppy by a woman who took him from a ranger before he was to be put to sleep. Lovey died in October of 2004.

About three weeks ago, the same woman who brought Lovey and Eddie to us called me on the phone and asked if I could help a homeless little dog that a vet had found on an isolated road. She remarked that somehow, this little dog's appearance reminded her of Lovey's sudden appearance. Both Lovey and the new dog looked well fed when they were found. They both appeared lost, but nobody came forward to claim either of them, in spite of great efforts being made to locate the owners.

We took in this new dog and named her Fitonia. To our surprise, Fitonia looks a little like a cross between Beauty and Lovey. She behaves a bit like Beauty and Lovey. She is affectionate and a kisser like Beauty, but also behaves like Lovey the warrior.

Two nights ago, I had a vivid dream in which I saw the neck of a white dog that looked to be the size of Lovey's neck. In the dream, I suddenly realized that we had another white male dog, apart from Fitonia. It was unsettling to think that we had forgotten to attend to him due to many things that were going on around us. I heard the noise of a little dog outside of the house, but did not go out to investigate because I was held up by other things. Meanwhile, someone told me that a woman had picked up a dog and taken it to a neighbour's place. Although I was worried, I thought that if I contacted this woman, I would find out where she had taken the other dog. In the dream, somehow I knew which neighbour it was. I was not happy that the woman had not even asked if it was my dog before taking him to a neighbour. The dream was so real that upon awakening I was going to wake up Steffan to ask him whether we actually had another new dog.

When I told Steffan of the dream, he remarked that it was funny that the day before he, too, had a sudden, passing feeling, during a waking state, in which he felt that we had another new dog apart from Fitonia. It was unsettling to him too, because he felt we were not attending to this dog. It was very real to him, but for some reason, he had forgotten about the passing feeling until I mentioned my dream to him. On the same day I had the dream, Steffan told me that he felt Lovey was nearby and that he could feel his presence. I, too, could feel Lovey's presence close by that day.

Since Fitonia, came to us, she has got on well with our giant cat and never chased him around the house. Oddly, on the same day of my dream, Fitonia started chasing Burnley around the house. When I saw her chasing him I commented that only Lovey dared to chase Burnley and warned her not to. Burnley tolerated the chase by Fitonia. The only other dog who did this and got away with it was Lovey! Still, the penny did not drop because we were all so pre-occupied with many things that were going on around us at that time.

By now, we were both on the lookout for the "other" dog. This morning, all the dogs at Alukar Heights started barking loudly. Then Steffan came running to me and exclaimed that Fitonia had run out the door and was taking after a big dog from the neighbourhood. A search was launched for Fitonia, but she could not be found.

I remembered my dream, and started heading towards the neighbour's place in time to catch a glimpse of little Fitonia, wet and cold, as she was getting ready to challenge a big dog belonging to the neighbour in my dream. Fitonia is only 3 kilograms and the neighbour's dog is over 40 kilograms. As I walked towards Fitonia, she turned towards me. At that moment, I recognized her as Lovey.

Two days earlier, Fitonia had suddenly become very quiet. We had checked her for ticks and other problems, but she was fine. I remarked that she was not in the body. Strangely enough, the little dogs in the house who were not getting along too well with Fitonia before she left the body had suddenly become very friendly towards her. They began behaving like old friends. We took Fitonia to meet Eddie. Eddie was ecstatic to see Fitonia, which is unusual, because Eddie normally barks and becomes a little aggressive towards any new dogs. When we mentioned Lovey's name, Eddie became even more excited at seeing Fitonia. We have seen very similar behaviour when Angie recognized her puppy, Tchaikovsky, after he had left the physical and returned in another body for a week.

Lovey is an alien who has returned. It is not just because we missed him so much that he has returned. Temporary and permanent consciousness swapping will occur more and more in the near future.

© 2005 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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