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Fairies and Pixies

Fairies and Pixies


Thomas, P.E.

(republished from Xee-A Magazine)

Fairies and pixies are the typical inhabitants of a very different world akin to a parallel universe where they abode amidst gardens and fields, forests and mountains, rivers and seas and indeed practically anywhere they fancy. Pixies are really just another species of fairies who reside in the fairyland.

Fairyland, where pixies, gnomes, leprechauns, fairies and others of the like dwell is a "magical" place where things are simply magical and where time passes at a different pace than the human physical realm. The inhabitants of Fairyland can manifest as whirlwinds, dust storms, rainstorms, or breezes, etc. when they visit the human realm. The Australians of the aboriginal tribe of Dieri believe that the sudden whirling dust in the Australian bush are the playful act of marching armies of fairies known to them as Kutchi.

Every culture on earth has its own fairy tales. Some fairies are good while others are not. Thus, good and evil also exists in the realm of the fairies.

The best-known pixie-fairy of the Never-Never land has got to be one who was known as Currah. He presents himself as Sir Gaylord Thomas to the humans whenever he needs to make an appearance in the physical realm of humans.

Currah is a happy, fun-loving, kind pixie who is a bit like the human's legendary Robin Hood. Currah is good and helpful to well-intended humans, animals and plants but will deal harshly but justly with the black-hearted ones. He loves playing pranks at time but he is never vindictive or irresponsible with his playful tricks. In this world of unjust karma, Currah is like a gallant white knight who helps and comforts good humans/animals and other beings who are in distress.

Currah's only sweetheart was a beautiful, and equally playful pixie named Tarayakee. She now incarnates as an English "rose" in the United Kingdom. Fairies, angels and even the "gods" incarnate as humans from time to time. The argument that angels do not incarnate as humans is false.

Currah is as well known for his kindness and valour as he is for his "mischievous" tricks on the scoundrels of this world. People claim that the legendary Currah sprinkles laughter, joy and happiness wherever he scoots about. Sometimes he rings "bells" when he visits. So be ever alert to the mysterious signals that mark his presence.

© Thomas, P.E. & AHSAF

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