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The World Divided

Promenade #8

    The World Divided


Amitakh Stanford 

22nd July 2008

The world affairs are very much influenced and monitored by the alien powers.  The Reptilians and the Vulturites have thus far been the two most powerful alien influences on human affairs.  Within the Reptilian ranks, there are two distinct factions: one seeks conquest and control via religions; the other uses a secular approach.  Presently, these two factions within the Reptilian ranks are at loggerheads.

As I wrote in  The Revised Anunnaki Protocols - The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the Reptilians had a unified agenda for world dominance that entailed the merging of the British Empire with the Catholic Empire for ultimate world control, the former of which was primarily directed by the Secular Reptilians, whilst the latter was primarily influenced by the Religious Reptilians.

As part of this plan, the British were influenced by their Reptilian controllers to instigate the American rebellion in the mid-eighteenth century.  The British planned on crushing this rebellion and making it an example for all of their colonies that might consider resisting British rule.

As a very unusual response to world events, the Attas of the True Light intervened in the American rebellion, and supported the colonists, which resulted in a full-blown revolution that was won by the virtually impotent colonists.  Even today, most people attribute the miracle of the victory to God, but very few have suspected that it was the workings of the True Light God that won the day for the colonists.  The God of this world is the Principle of Darkness.  Most think it was the God of this world (Darkness) who assisted the colonists, because people do not suspect that the God that appears most often in the Bible is the Principle of Darkness.  Very few realize that Jesus has very little to do with the Bible, and even less to do with Christianity, although His name has been hijacked by the ruling elite and inserted in the Bible for their own agenda.  Further, the religion known as Christianity was created by the ruling elite in absolute opposition to what Jesus stands for.

When the British were defeated by the colonists, the Reptilian plan for world conquest had to be revised.  The new plans encompassed plans within the plans.  The Secular Reptilians had always secretly planned on crushing the power of the Religious Reptilians.  This means that the Church would have been curtailed if the British Empire and the Catholic Empire had been merged after the anticipated defeat of the American colonists.

With the American colonists' victory, the Reptilian ruling elite totally revised its plans and invited nearly all of the alien groups on Earth to participate in the Alternate Alien Plan for the New World Order.  There has always been a tacit agreement amongst the aliens on Earth, for their own particular benefits, to keep their respective existences on Earth secret from humans.  The Reptilians were so strong prior to the American Revolution that no other alien group could challenge them.  However, it was their defeat that forced the Reptilians to involve the other groups, who saw  The Revised Anunnaki Protocols as an opportunity for a slice of the NWO "glory".

Hence, the Reptilians are not united in their push for the NWO.  The Secular Reptilians believe that "iron fist" policies are much easier and more effective to employ without the "baggage" of religions.  However, the Religious Reptilians enjoy being worshipped and they desire the adoration from their subjects.  That is, the Secular Reptilians are more prone to rule by oppression, whilst the Religious Reptilians enjoy mocking the humans by watching them worship and offer sacrifices to the Anunnaki "god".

On the other hand, the Vulturites have blended their secular and religious factions and constructed a formidable alien group that can swing with the times, sometimes leaning more towards the secular, whilst other times swinging more towards the religious.  The Vulturites realize that they must put unity above any differences within the group in order to stand up to the far more powerful Reptilians.

Even now, the Reptilians continue to disagree amongst themselves, which has given the Vulturites the opportunity to grow stronger.  Right now, due to various advantages and certain daring opportunistic manoeuvres that the Vulturites have undertaken, the two sides are nearly on par with one another.

Aliens in human bodies are disadvantaged in the sense that they are unable to receive direct "orders" from their alien "bosses".  This is because the human bodies have filtering mechanisms in them in order to keep all of them in ignorance.  This is frustrating for all types of beings who attempt to do any work on Earth in human bodies.  This system was intentionally set up by Darkness to protect Its powers.

Because of the difficulties that Reptilians in alien bodies have in communicating the "orders" to the Reptilian agents in human bodies, mix ups and confusion often occur.  Time is of the essence, and it is unlikely that the Reptilians have enough time to mend their differences and unify against the Vulturites before it is too late for them.  Therefore, it will be necessary for the stronger Secular Reptilians to move on their own, and very soon, or all Reptilians will be greatly disadvantaged.

The Vulturites have been able to lead NATO ever eastward, which has allowed them to collect more and more power bases, which has further strengthened their positions.  If the Vulturites are allowed to continue their forward advancement unchecked, it could change the course of things in the world.  However, the Vulturites have spread their forces too thin in taking all of the daring steps.  If they continue their "conquests" by extending their military operations into a conflict with Iran, or if they have to pour a lot of resources into protecting Israel at this time, the risk of loss is very high.

It appears that the Vulturites have begun to recognize how precarious their situation is, because they are beginning to back off from their bluffs against Iran, and have directed Israel to take a more reasonable stance in dealing with certain groups in the Middle-East.  The Vulturites have not backed off on their plan for world conquest, they are just trying to pull back enough to re-group, re-fresh their militaries, and solidify their positions for subsequent battles.  If the Vulturites are allowed to do this, the Reptilians will be severely disadvantaged.

Both sides of the ruling elite are keeping the media low-key on reporting significant political, financial and military events around the world.  The Reptilians are now at a crossroads which could determine who will be the ultimate controller of the Earth.  Their plans have changed slightly in some ways.  The Secular Reptilians had planned to steadily build up their positions and military assets until the opportunity was ripe for the picking.  They had planned to denude the Religious Reptilians and the Vulturites in one fell swoop, which would have worked if the Vulturites had not been so aggressive.

Many events that have shaped the world today are difficult to comprehend because alien agendas are hidden from human eyes.  I will list several major events that have greatly affected human affairs in the past few centuries by stating the alien plans and conflicts along with the victorious sides.

The American Revolution was a concerted effort by both the Religious and Secular Reptilians, however, it was a total failure for the Reptilians because the Attas of the Light intervened to protect the Rescue Mission, and to deter the horrendous plan the Reptilians had for the world.  Thus, the Reptilian plan was thwarted.  This incident had co-incidental effects, which led to many different alien groups coming forward to challenge the Reptilians for supremacy over the Earth.  The Reptilians had previously enjoyed controlling the Earth via the Secular Empire of the United Kingdom and the Religious Empire of the Catholic Church.

The Secular Reptilians were forced to alter their plans for world conquest.  This led to the pretence that other alien groups were allowed to participate in the world domination by the Reptilians.  All the while, the Reptilians intended to discard or subjugate all of the minor alien groups, and the Vulturites.  Further, the Secular Reptilians planned on quashing the power of the Religious Reptilians when they took over.

The introduction of Darwinian evolutionary theory was engineered by the Secular Reptilians to reduce the global influence of religions and spur the influence of science throughout the world.  This strategy proved so appealing to the ego of humans and aliens in human bodies, that it has gained enormous acceptance throughout the academic world.  This has, in turn, given the Secular Reptilians immense power over the Religious Reptilians.

World War I was instigated by the Secular Reptilians, which they were extraordinarily successful in implementing and executing.  As a result of this tremendous success for the Secular Reptilians, two enormous nations were eventually brought under secular control.  Those were the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the People's Republic of China.

To counter the huge gains being made by the Secular Reptilians, the Religious Reptilians brought about the Great Depression of the 1930s by collapsing the finances worldwide, and brought Adolf Hitler to power in Nazi Germany.  Hitler formed the axis powers by combining various nations that were under the domination of the Religious Reptilians, which most notably included Italy and Japan.  Whilst some people might find it surprising that Religious Reptilians would involve themselves in wars, it should be remembered that Religious Reptilians can be brutally totalitarian and militaristic.  This is evidenced by the Inquisitions and the Crusades.

Whilst outwardly Hitler's regime appeared to be focused on white supremacy issues, underlying Hitler's power base was predominately the Church, although there were other forces aligning, particularly in the case of Japan joining the axis powers.  Regardless of what history has recorded or how things appear on the surface, Hitler's two ultimate targets were the U.S.S.R. and China.

As the Religious Reptilians began sweeping through Europe, there was not too much resistance from either the United Kingdom or the United States because at the time, both nations were under the influence of the Religious Reptilians.  However, there was a shift in power during the course of World War II, and both the United States and Great Britain came under the influence of Secular Reptilians, and they in turn drove all their forces against the axis powers.  The astonishing defeat of the Religious Reptilians in WWII has resulted in a tremendous turn of events, and empowered the Secular Reptilians, who have had the upper hand ever since.  The Religious Reptilians' desperate, all-out attempt at world conquest by backing Aldolf Hitler and the axis parties proved disastrous for them.

Ironically, the nation of Israel was formed by the Secular Reptilians who were in power in Great Britain.  This was a shift, since the Jewish people had been under the watchful eyes of the Religious Reptilians up to that point.

The Religious Reptilians took power temporarily in both the United States and the U.S.S.R., which resulted in the dismantling of the latter nation into 13 separate nation states.  This move caused a major set-back for the Secular Reptilians.  When the Religious Reptilians joined forces in the late twentieth century, it led to the dismantling of the U.S.S.R. and the Eastern Bloc in Europe.  However, when the Vulturites were given what were hoped to be temporary reins of the U.S.A., they seized on the opportunity to drive NATO right up to the Russian frontiers.

The Secular Reptilians prefer a more totalitarian approach to things than the Religious Reptilians, as already mentioned.  The Bill of Rights, which includes a citizen's right to bear arms, was very disruptive to the Secular Reptilians, so they decided to move their base from America to China.  Before moving, they transferred information and technology to China.  As soon as the Secular Reptilians moved out of the U.S., the Vulturites seized the opportunity, and became very aggressive.

Currently, NATO is predominately under the influence of the Vulturites.  This sets a very explosive stage.  Will the Secular Reptilians challenge the Vulturites now, or will the Vulturites take over control due to inaction by the Secular Reptilians?  The Religious Reptilians have been incapacitated, and cannot mount a serious challenge at this time.  This is due to many reasons.  As people become more affluent, they are less concerned with spiritual matters and the after-life.  They are more concerned with day-to-day living than with abstract promises of everlasting life.

There are four predominant alien groups on Earth.  Two of them are the Religious and Secular Reptilians which I have already mentioned. The third is the Vulturites, and the fourth is the Greys.

The Greys are currently allied with the Reptilians, and they have vast numbers on the planet.  The Greys have resided underground for so long that they have developed various physiological deficiencies due to their living situations.  This has made it difficult for them to take on human bodies and live on the surface.  Fluoride was found to assist them, so it has been added to drinking supplies where the Greys are located or re-locating to.

The nation of Israel is in a most precarious situation.  The Zionists were being backed by the Religious Reptilians until those aliens backed Hitler to launch a war in Europe and eliminated many of the Jewish people.  This is another example of the ruling elite playing out another version of good guys and bad guys under the same boss.  The Jews were later assisted by the Secular Reptilians, who helped them to found the nation of Israel and had protected that nation until about the turn of the twenty-first century, when the Vulturites took over the protector role by default.  However, the Vulturites have no desire to assist Israel, and only kept up the impression that they would for transitory political reasons.  Israel has now become a big liability to the Vulturites, who will soon abandon it, leaving it without alien sponsorship in the midst of the alien wars.  This means that Israel has to be very careful in all of its political and military operations, and guard itself against betrayals.

Australia is the launching pad for the NWO, and is undergoing transition from a democratic nation to a totalitarian one, even though the illusion of democracy is being maintained.  Australia was a good stepping stone for the NWO because it has no express bill of rights, and there is no absolute right of the people to bear arms.  Nearly all of the guns in Australia were restricted by staging a single "lone gunman" event in Port Arthur, Tasmania.  As an example, the ruling elite has staged scores of "lone gunman" incidents in America without successfully taking the guns from the people.  This is because Americans have a constitutional right to bear arms which the ruling elite has not been able to abolish, despite numerous attempts to do so.

Australia is a small nation with a relatively small military.  Since it plays such an important role in the launching of the NWO, it is also a target.  The nation will not be self governing for too long as it will succumb to external rule.  This will happen when the Religious Reptilians currently in power in Australia are ousted by Secular Reptilians from another nation.  It could entail a shooting war on Australian soil.

The death of Saddam Hussein was instigated by Vulturite-influenced agents after he was abandoned by the Secular Reptilians.  Milosovich and Arafat were also removed by Vulturites after they were abandoned by the Reptilians.  These three moves have strengthened the Vulturite positions much more than could have been expected.

The Reptilians planned to let the Vulturites do most of the dirty work and let them think that they were enjoying some victories.  But, the situation is now out of control as the Vulturites grow in strength, even though they have stretched themselves too far.  If the Vulturites are allowed enough time to re-group, they will re-commence their attacks and continue to erode the Reptilian territories until they have an overwhelming advantage over the Reptilians.

Hence, should the Reptilians delay their moves for too long, they will have a difficult match against the Vulturites.  Right now the Vulturites are vulnerable because they have over-extended their resources.  They could not effectively ward off a Reptilian strike at this time.  Should the Secular Reptilians make their move now, they are almost assured a victory over the Vulturites.

As part of the ruling elites' plans, we live in a world where citizens are in a sense being subliminally attacked, manipulated, influenced and controlled by unseen forces.  Drinking water is being bombarded with chemicals for many reasons.  Mind control techniques infest the internet, and those who use it too much are in danger of being programmed considerably.  These forces can come from many levels of existence, but, presently, the ruling elite is playing a key role by gathering information and programming people in the physical.

The ruling elite collect information on everyone in the world to use it against them by distorting whatever has gone on and to libel them when it suits their purposes.  This is done to anyone whom the ruling elite perceive as a threat to their system.

Agents of the ruling elite are involved in many fields and have many branches throughout the world.  The small town of Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia is a hot spot of ruling elite activities.  Further, it is an alien congregation point.  There is a diversity of alien races residing in human bodies and even in alien bodies in the region.  This is a formula for conflict, which many in Stanthorpe are feeling, but not really understanding.

Recently, there was a hard-fought attempt to resist forced amalgamation of shires, which Stanthorpe lost, and it was swallowed up into a super shire that includes what used to be many individual shires.  Many of the surrounding shires house certain alien groups, whether in human bodies or otherwise.  This part of the world contains many "twin" faces.  That is, some of the residents have look-alike faces to people in diverse parts of the world.  Ironically, the look-alike people in Australia are often in humble positions, whilst their counter-parts are often professional people in positions of high repute.  It appears to be a dumping ground for alien clones.  No wonder there is a support base in the area to maintain this activity.

In this small area, there is a vastly disproportionate payroll of ruling elite agents.  These agents work for opposing parties, hence there is a battleground here that has been identified by some of the ruling elite, and they are having their agents keep tabs on the situation.  The state government desired to take control of the Stanthorpe area.  It is a special and isolated location.  To break up the power structure in the community, Stanthorpe was targeted for swallowing up in a forced amalgamation of shires.  Whilst many other shires were forced to amalgamate, the real target by the government was Stanthorpe.

Stanthorpe is a relatively wealthy community which attracts many artists and independent sorts of people.  Many people are drawn to the community, but they often do not know why that is the case.  Others have expressed a distinct unfriendliness about the town and say they sense something weird is going on there.

After the forced amalgamation, a newly formed shire called Southern Downs emerged, where a lot of data collecting is going on.  Human and animal tissue and fluid samples are being collected and analysed in laboratories because there are so many aliens in the area.  The purpose is nefarious.  The data is being used to develop "poisons" to debilitate certain alien groups whilst leaving other alien groups relatively unharmed.  This is a delicate process.  It also injures certain humans, animals and plants in the process.  This collateral damage is of no consequence to the ruling elite.  In other words, the ruling elite are enacting an undeclared war on Stanthorpe and surrounding areas.

Incidentally, Australian patriots have also congregated in the surrounding areas.  This is seen as a potential threat by the ruling elite.  However, the Australian patriots are not too much of a concern to the government at this time because Australians have been effectively disarmed after a single, staged "lone gunman" episode took place in Port Arthur, Tasmania.  Port Arthur housed a former prison that has been converted into a family tourist attraction.  The "lone gunman" supposedly went on a rampage that could only be believed if he had been trained in mass murder tactics, which he had not.  The news stories about him are non-credible; it is bizarre that they have been believed, but such is the power of propaganda.  Immediately after the incident, gun ownership was severely curtailed.  It could not have happened so swiftly and smoothly without a lot of support from the ruling elite.  Many of the politicians here knew there was something very fishy about the Port Arthur incident.  Clearly, the whole episode was done to disarm Australians in preparation for later takeover by the ruling elite.

Whilst Stanthorpe has been the main focus of many attacks by the ruling elite, they try to deflect attention by going after other areas simultaneously so as not to arouse suspicion.  However, the New England Highway has been targeted by aliens with subtle beams to cause confusion, programming and physical accidents to occur on the stretch, especially between the towns of Warwick and Stanthorpe.  There is a sleepy energy that is directed at the highway to cause numerous fatigue-related incidents.  They are trying to programme people who drive through the corridor and to suck brain energy from the victims on the road.  Some road signs that are ostensibly placed to remind people to drive safely have been physically placed to crowd the roadway, are painted with obnoxious colours, and have actually become road hazards.  There are also signals being beamed at drivers to cause stupor and sudden uncontrollable sleepiness.  In short, the aliens have declared war upon the motorists, particularly the truck drivers.

Orchards, vineyards and other agricultural enterprises have flourished in the area, but that is about to change because the ruling elite have other plans for the region, and they do not want it to be financially self-sufficient, like it was before the forced amalgamation.  With the forced amalgamation, the shire lost its $13 million surplus to pay debts for the super shire - the Southern Downs - it was forced to join.  The people in Stanthorpe fought the amalgamation, but the ruling elite programmed a vocal minority to go along with the amalgamation.  This resulted in overturning the will of more than 80 percent of the community, who opposed the forced amalgamation.  The people in the town are now starting to lament how they have been disadvantaged by the forced amalgamation.  It is too late now.

Most agents who work for the ruling elite are unaware that they have been coded in a way unknown to them.  The ruling elite are unaware that certain aliens opposed to them have the technology to detect their agents from a distance.  In fact, it is possible to detect the number of ruling elite agents in any area.  Unbeknown to them, the trackers have become the tracked because they leave such obvious "footprints" everywhere they go.

The ruling elite has declared war on Stanthorpe, which is one of the reasons we are here.  However, the main reason is because the Atu-waa is also nearby, as is the earthly civilian headquarters for the Reptilians.  We are also observing the underground alien bases that run for over 100 kilometres from Stanthorpe.

With so much alien activity, there are a lot of UFO sightings in the area.  Sometimes, alien craft hover so daringly that they often do not even cloak their ships in invisibility shields.  We watched one land and take off very near to our property.  It did not even attempt to hide itself, but it did scramble our telephones whilst it was here.

Stanthorpe once banned Alsatian (German shepherd) dogs in 1939.  This was a precursor to breed-banning that has taken hold worldwide.  The ruling elite are frightened of big dogs.  This is for several reasons.  One reason is that dogs can sense aliens, and the big ones are threatening to them.  In seizure situations, such as the one staged in Waco, Texas, the dogs were nearly the first thing the ruling elite forces killed before entering the compound.  This tactic is used in many seizure situations worldwide, from small scale to large-scale events.  In other words, dogs are often killed to clear the way for the arrests.

Like it is represented in the board game of Risk, Australia is so isolated that it becomes a strong strategic point for world conquest.  It is close to Antarctica, which will be a very significant place once the polar ice in the Northern Hemisphere vanishes.

Ata-i-lek has recently spent ten days in Australia, with most of his stay near Sydney.  He and others have had an energy feast drawing off energy from tens of thousands of young people especially.  The Religious Reptilians have been building an energy force in New South Wales, Australia.  The main events took place within 500 miles of the Atu-waa, which was no co-incidence.  The Light watched these events very closely.

Leading up to and during Ata-i-lek's visit, the news media blanketed the airwaves with a story about a convicted paedophile and another about a surgeon charged with manslaughter.  The media has certain "cover" stories that they present whenever the need arises to distract the public.  Child kidnapping and child murders happen every day, but there are a few that attract international attention, and appear in the news whenever they are needed.  The readers probably know exactly which ones I am referring to, and whenever they see them re-appear in the news, they should be questioning what is really behind the most current resurrection of these stories.  Another favourite news tactic is to place undue emphasis on various unimportant political elections around the world.

The news media is now using inexperienced and less qualified presenters to address the non-stories.  Also, the media is extracting foolish statements from people they interview and using short video clips to then stir up the public at large.  If they interview enough people, they will be able to cut-and-paste until they have their silly sound bytes to support whatever they are pushing.

The media can build or break celebrities and organizations.  The ruling elite know how to use propaganda wars, so the various alien groups have invested heavily in media because they know the media is powerful.

The plans to restrict travel in private motorcars and on commercial airlines are now in full swing.  Oil prices, road congestion, inflation, recession are all taking a toll, and it will not be long before most overseas travelling will be done by the wealthy and the privileged ones.

Citizens' rights are being taken away more and more; things are being done more and more despotically.  Most of the people do not take enough interest in what is going on to concern themselves with the issues.  Many are oblivious to what is going on; they carry on their lives by looking through rose-coloured glasses or they have given up the fight.

Whilst Australia is only a regional military power, the ruling elite has other plans for this isolated, yet strategically placed, continent.  It is easy to defend, close to Antarctica and a stepping stone to the huge Muslim nation of Indonesia.  Up until recently, the ruling elite believed that it could entice the Vulturites to use their military forces to conquer Indonesia from Australia, but the Vulturites have not taken the bait, so different plans are being hatched.

Indonesia will not shout out, "Selamat datang!" to welcome external military forces.  They have other plans too.

The alien wars are being watched closely by many independent alien groups.  Most of these are attempting to remain neutral.  Most parties are sending out misinformation which is confusing even themselves.

Although the Religious Reptilians are at present "pulling the strings" in Australian matters, they are about to be taken over by a different puppet master, and the Australian dance will be directed by externally-based Secular Reptilians.

The alien wars are about to take many twists.  The world will plunge itself in wars, poverty, social, financial, spiritual and political unrest, and will face many natural and un-natural challenges.

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© 2008 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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