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Is The Bible The Devil's Tool

One clear evening, our dogs became disturbed and began barking - they sounded alarms that something was very wrong. I rushed out to check on them and discovered a multitude of beings harassing them around their enclosures and I took a photograph of this activity. The photo was taken in low light on a windless evening; it was shortly after sunset. Our dogs were wearing their jackets because it was cold. Surprisingly, the malicious forces that I saw swirling above our dogs' enclosures were captured on film!

Is The Bible The Devil's Tool


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara site)

18th August 2006

Unravelling the Bible has been an age-long exercise. The inconsistencies and contradictions in the Bible can make it difficult to comprehend. To gather understanding of it, it is important to realize that the Bible is a work in progress that contains certain energies. Sometimes the nature of these energies can be readily discerned from the literal words of the book, and other times the energies are more subtle. At times the energies are in opposition to the words.

Is the Bible really the word of God? If your answer is "yes", then is it a perfect rendition of God's word containing no errors whatsoever? In other words, is the Bible infallible?

The doctrine of infallibility has been adopted at times by the Catholic Church, such as when it mandates that the pope is infallible. Anyone who has some understanding of human nature knows that there is not one human who is infallible. Yet, the doctrine stands.

There are those who declare that the Bible is the word of God. Anyone who disagrees with them can expect to be ridiculed, attacked and perhaps be referred to as an agent of Satan. The problem is that people have been so brainwashed by the ruling elite that they will parrot defence of the Bible, regardless of the amount of evidence proving that it is not God's word.

It would assist those trying to make sense of the Bible to consider that there are two voices in the Bible - the Voice of the God of the True Light, the Divine Being of Purity - and the Voice of Darkness. When Darkness speaks, It masquerades as the True Light, which has confounded many readers. When one reads the extant Bible with this understanding, many of the inconsistencies and contradictions dissipate.

Some contradictions in the Bible occur because the two voices are in opposition and are clashing. Other times Darkness has inadvertently placed contradictions into the book - or has intentionally inserted them to cause confusion and unrest.

Most religions or philosophies that seek Truth have layers and layers of "the onion" to peel away. People need to go deeper and deeper to get through all the layers of mysterious things. However, the mystery is never solved.

Esoteric teachings expound stories of creation and godhood and the explanation of the apparent existence of evil. The stories are clouded with such detailed mystery that people get lost in the explanations and put them aside as mysteries. Can the explanation of the godhead and the hierarchy of beings from the godhead be neatly organized and put into writing for people to understand? Of course not. Yet, many religions contain full accounts of the beginnings of creation, often with detailed descriptions of the hierarchy of angels and other high beings. The promoters of these religions are deluding themselves and others. Darkness thrives on this because it is a trap instigated by Darkness.

Things pertaining to the Divine cannot be fully comprehended and conveyed in earthly language on this level. Only high beings of the True Light who temporarily took on physical bodies, such as Jesus, Moses or Luria, were able to get glimpses of the True Divine Creation. Knowledge about the Divine is not something any Tom, Dick or Harry can accurately receive or faithfully transcribe. Nor can psychics, astral beings or so-called guides from the astral or other realms in the Universal Dodecahedron grasp or comprehend it, much less dispense it. Yet, the literature and channelled materials are full of pseudo-knowledge about what god is and what god is not. Darkness also thrives on this because this, too, is a part of Darkness' plan.

For eons messengers of the True Light have given the same basic message that is briefly stated as follows: If Darkness continues to hold True-Light beings spiritually hostage, there will be a forced separation of True Light from Darkness. This basic message was intolerable to Darkness, which did everything It could to suppress and distort it.

There were four fundamental things about the message that bothered Darkness. First, it showed that Darkness was a rebellious being that had turned away from the True Light. Second, it identified Darkness as the energy that was in control of the Earth. Third, it exposed Darkness as having trapped True-Light beings and holding them prisoners. Fourth, it showed that one day the True Light would rescue Its viable True-Light beings from Darkness and separate them from Matter (Evil). The separation would ultimately cause Darkness to dissolve into oblivion.

Darkness had already separated the various bands and tribes of people on Earth by giving them different languages so they could not effectively communicate with one another. Darkness also inspired the various tribes and bands to distrust one another and encouraged warfare amongst them.

Despite the difficulties that Darkness put forward, the True-Light message persisted and continued to kindle in some groups. To suppress even this small amount of Truth, Darkness used many agents who suppressed and corrupted the True-Light message. This has been done time after time after time. However, a glimmer of the message would occasionally remain and be held by a small group that would resonate to the message. Darkness would then send Its agents out to destroy these small groups because It does all It can to hide Truth. Darkness is relentless in Its persecution of Truth.

There were many small bands of non-literate people on the planet, and it was a difficult task for Darkness to deny each group access to Truth. Darkness needed a more effective method of combating and corrupting Truth on the Earth, so It had Its agents, the Anunnaki, bring down written language to the world. Some of the Anunnaki brought down hieroglyphic languages, whilst others presented the world with alphabets. That is, written languages did NOT evolve on the Earth, they were introduced by higher alien intelligence. However, there was subsequent modification and development of the languages by humans.

It was with the written word that Darkness planned Its battle against the True Light. With the benefit of the written word, Darkness could formulate a systematic method of corrupting messages bearing Truth on the Earth. Darkness then invented recorded history. Prior to that, there were only oral legends and myths as handed down from father to son or mother to daughter. Darkness would not continue to risk having legends handed down through parents because they might try to pass Truth to their offspring. Hence, Darkness planted recorded events on the Earth. Recorded events did not necessarily get handed down through families, so it was much easier to encourage the historians to pass down less accurate myths and legends.

Everyone who has studied history closely realizes that it is slanted to benefit the authors of it. For instance, an American history book discussing the American Revolution paints the picture of brave colonists, who, despite the tremendous odds against them, threw off the tyrannical chains George III had bound them in. A British version of the same event shows something very different indeed. Likewise, a Japanese history of that nation's invasion of China reads very differently from a Chinese history about the Japanese invasion of their homeland. The examples of this are countless, and undeniable. Whilst these conflicting accounts might explain in the broadest terms what happened, their overall imports seem to describe totally different events. In short, history is often unreliable and extremely biased. Darkness planned it to be this way to suit Its purposes.

Darkness suspected Its days were numbered, and the True-Light message confirmed this suspicion. Therefore, Darkness sought to alter this message in the hope that It could change the inevitable separation of True-Light beings from False-Light beings. Darkness is deluded into thinking that It is the Source. However, Darkness also knows that It must receive nourishment from the True Light to sustain Itself. Darkness sought to change Its past, present and future by altering the True-Light's message with written words, thereby giving Darkness a better chance in the war between Good and Evil.

Of prime importance to Darkness is to convince as many people as possible that there is no absolute evil. Darkness is able to make a strong argument in this regard because Darkness has become so deluded in Its self-imposed prison, known as the Universal Dodecahedron, that It thinks that It is the creator of everything. Given that mindset, it becomes clearer why Darkness thinks there is no evil. It does not see Itself as evil - It is in self-denial about that.

What Darkness perceives is that It expresses in both positive and negative qualities, and that these are just different sides of the same coin. Therefore, Darkness has formulated a monotheistic doctrine in which It is everything - Light and Darkness, which is all rolled into one being. I have called the light expressed by Darkness the False-Light. It is the expression of a self-admitted emotional, jealous, warring, vindictive, murderous, prejudiced deity. To Darkness, this is light, because Darkness does not express True Love or True Peace. In other words, the best expression one can hope for from Darkness is bundled into the qualities of jealousy, greed, worldly power, conditional love based upon Darkness' created emotions, etc.

With Darkness playing both saviour and devil, it is easy to see why the corrupted version of the Revelation calls for a New Jerusalem, which is to be constructed of Matter. The New Jerusalem would only be the latest version of the Earth that Darkness would create. Darkness has started Its creation over and over whenever things became too chaotic, or whenever the True Light had brought down sufficient energy so that the inhabitants began getting close to discovering the Truth. Darkness then caused cataclysmic events that allowed It to wipe out nearly all knowledge of the past, to cover up the old footprints and start anew.

It is no wonder that so many who have attempted to sort out the purpose of life have ended their searches in despair, or ended up going down one of the myriad of traps set up by Darkness in anticipation of deceiving the deeper searchers. Most never see through the mazes of deception that Darkness has used to obstruct any who search for Truth. Those who begin to get a glimmer of what this world is about would most certainly despair.

Prophecies in the Bible can either be based upon messages from the True Light or messages from representatives of Darkness. If the message comes from a True-Light being such as Moses, Daniel, Jesus or John the Divine, then Darkness corrupts and edits the message so that it is no longer recognizable. However, when a False-Light being such as Ezekiel presents the message, it is generally not corrupted because it is already giving out faulty information to benefit Darkness. Further, agents of Darkness can often be identified by their "fire and brimstone" messages, although these days they often hide behind the facade of love, peace and harmony. The False-Light prophets present future events in the way Darkness wants people to believe they will occur.

Darkness corrupted the Original Revelation of John the Divine in many ways, including adding in the idea of the construction of a New Jerusalem in which peace and harmony would reign for 1,000 years before It unleashed the Devil again. It makes no sense whatsoever for a loving God to release such a dangerous entity to again prey upon humankind, but it makes perfect sense for such an evil deity to do so. After all, in releasing the Devil, It would only be releasing the negative side of Itself to again cause suffering and misery. Of course, the word of this deity is not to be trusted, so the 1,000-year promise of peace could turn out to be something much shorter, especially for a deity that is so war-mongering.

Darkness is constantly re-creating Its domain, seeking, among other things, to find the optimum mix of suffering and conflict with the minimum amount of happiness. In this "ideal" world there would be minimal chance of Truth being discovered. To bring this about, Darkness sought out "chosen ones" to hide the Truth with the written word. It was through these "chosen ones" that Darkness would keep an historical record of the past and present, and make prophecies about the future. These "chosen ones" were given an alphabet and a written language to make records of history that suited Darkness.

The recording of Darkness' history, current and future events has been relatively recent. For instance, catastrophic events have swept the Earth in the past, such as when the dinosaurs became extinct. There is ample evidence that the Earth has been revolving around the sun for a long, long time, yet Darkness' "chosen ones" have recorded a history to make it appear to many that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old. Darkness has impressed Its "chosen ones" to load the historic register with an unbroken string of events and genealogy. One might ask how could a chronological record of the beginning of creation survive. The answer is that the chronology presented was only recently constructed.

Darkness is a warring energy. Many times the True Light has attempted to retrieve Darkness from Its self-constructed prison we know as the Virtual Reality. However, Darkness refuses to walk in the True Light. It is totally opposed to the True Light.

The True Light has journeyed into the Virtual Reality many times to try to retrieve Darkness through Divine Love, but It has always rejected the True Light and tried to corrupt everything in Its presence. So, finally, the True Light commenced the separation process to retrieve all the viable True-Light beings in order to salvage them from Darkness.

Darkness detests the True Light and always tries to squash Truth in this domain so that It can continue to trap and retain Its prisoners and slaves. This is an important point in understanding the Bible.

The dominant Voice or Force in the Bible is the Voice of Darkness. It is the energy that created the Earth and the physical dimension. It is the Voice that claims that the new heaven will be in an earthly form. Sprinkled throughout the chants of Darkness are some gems that the True Light has presented on the Earth. Darkness has allowed some of the messages from True-Light beings to be included in the Bible in order to attract more True-Light beings into the main religions of the Bible - Judaism and Christianity.

Where Darkness has permitted messages from the True Light to be included in the Bible, It has generally given them a twist to confuse and confound searchers and to suit Its purposes. Darkness has added or removed words to the messages to deceive followers into believing that Jesus and other prophets of the True Light uttered things and acted in ways that are contrary to their Divine essences. The insertions and deletions are man-made and not inspirations from the Divine Source.

There are many things that Darkness has inserted into the Bible that identify Its very nature. It proudly announces that It is a jealous god that punishes those who dare to disobey or displease It. Darkness threatens that these punishments can carry over from generation to generation. Darkness has a long memory when It feels It has been slighted. According to Its Bible, Darkness is biased in favour of the Jews and, therefore, prejudiced against non-Jews. If, as Darkness claims in the Bible, It is the god of all creation, then It is very unjust that It favours some of Its creation and punishes others of Its own creation.

In several passages of Genesis, Darkness is shown to encourage and reward fraud and deception. For instance, after Abraham deceived pharaoh by pretending his wife was his sister, which deception enticed pharaoh to desire to wed Sarah, Abraham was blessed by Darkness. Genesis 12:12-19. Rebekah and Jacob deceived Isaac into giving his blessing to Jacob instead of to his firstborn, Esau, and that blessing carries on through the entire Bible. See: Genesis Chapter 27. These, and certain other deceivers in the Bible were rewarded by Darkness even after they committed fraud.

Darkness demanded the sacrifice of Isaac, Abraham's son. If the extant Bible's version is to be believed, this was supposedly only a test of Abraham's devotion to Darkness. Even if it were only a test, putting Abraham and his family through such terrible emotional trauma is evil. Genesis 22:1-13.

Darkness proudly admits to assisting certain tribes in slaughtering thousands and thousands of people. If these were all Its children, why would It want them slaughtered? Why does Darkness thrive on physical death?

To understand why there is so much fighting and death in the Bible, one should consider that there are several alien races on the Earth. Darkness favours certain alien races over others because It is a warring god and derives satisfaction, pleasure and energy from watching beings suffer. Humans have been programmed by Darkness to also derive pleasure from watching or participating in executions, bullfights, gladiatorial contests and engagement in wars, as well as other abominable activities. Darkness also thrives upon human unrest.

Darkness has created various alien races whose purposes are to conquer various planets in the Virtual Reality. The Anunnaki are the chosen ones of Darkness because they are the ones who have been created to most closely resemble the essences of Darkness. They are sly, deceptive, cruel, cunning, greedy, hedonistic, hateful, selfish, power-hungry and bloodthirsty.

The time for the separation of True-Light beings from Matter is now. As I have written before, the artificially induced Indian Ocean Tsunami was the First Major Cataclysmic Event, which signalled that we are in the Original Revelation.

Darkness could not give a time frame for Armageddon and what was to come in the Bible because the True Light would not reveal this information. Therefore, the Bible is shrouded in mystery pertaining to the time when Armageddon would occur. Further, Darkness has attempted to change what Armageddon is - the separation of True-Light beings from Matter. Darkness has corrupted this and turned Its version of Armageddon into a gruesome, physical war.

There are many who accept this to be true. However, there are not so many who know that the Revelation in the extant Bible is corrupted. Those who believe in the correctness of the version of the book contained in the extant Bible are in for a devastating disappointment.

John the Divine is an Attas of the True Light who compiled a book of his divinational-visions into what was then the Original Revelation. Darkness realized that the energy contained in John's book was from the True Light and saw the danger of having it remain intact on the Earth. However, Darkness wanted to include this book in the Bible for Its own agenda. Therefore, Darkness sent out Its agents to tamper with John the Divine's Original Revelation by adding things to it and subtracting things from it to suit Its purposes. They have also fragmented the writing by breaking it into chapters and verses in an attempt to alter its energy.

Among the purposes of John's original book was to undo some of the corruption that had already been done to the teachings of Jesus, and to prepare people for the upcoming energy battle of Armageddon. It gave a blueprint of what would happen.

Some might ask who John was to correct the wrongs that had already been done to Jesus' teachings. John the Divine is the same being as Jesus. In his physical lifetime, he was the returned Christ. Jesus has returned many times since his lifetime as John the Divine, and he had been to Earth many times previous to his lifetime as Jesus. Further, Jesus is on Earth today.

Darkness has altered what Jesus did in every lifetime he lived on the Earth. Shortly after Daniel - who is the same being as Jesus - prophesized the end times, Darkness began altering that book. Darkness knew that if Daniel's predictions were left intact, what he wrote would come to pass. Since Darkness did not like the outcome - the separation of True-Light beings from False-Light beings and the ultimate collapse of Darkness - It had Its agents alter Daniel's prophecies to give Darkness a fighting chance. The events and the outcome in the extant Daniel and in the extant Revelation are purposely corrupted to present a version that makes Darkness the victor, because readers are deceived into thinking that Darkness is the True Light.

Darkness has always known that very few people would follow It if It clearly identified Itself as a rebellious being that broke away from the True Light, and overlaid Its pseudo-creation over the True-Light Creation with which to trap True-Light beings. Therefore, Darkness began making Itself appear to be the True-Light God by deceiving nearly everyone in the world about Its nature. Although Darkness is in opposition to the True Light, It tries to usurp and pretends to be the True Light.

The True Light has Divine qualities that Darkness opposes with Its own evil qualities. Darkness counters Divine Love with worldly emotional love, but It pretends that Its emotional love is really Divine Love. It counters Divine Peace with war. Darkness pretends to be peace loving, when, in fact, It is a demigod of war. Divine Truth is countered with lies, deceit and fraud. Hence, Darkness is a demiurge of deception.

Moses offered his people the message that there was a single, Divine Being of Purity, Love and Light. This message was later corrupted by Darkness into the type of monotheism that appears in the extant Bible. With these alterations, Yahweh became the god of the Hebrews. Yahweh fostered slavery, deception, brutality, cruelty, the belittling and stoning of women. Yahweh loves sacrifices and demands obedience and worship of It as the only god because he is a self-declared jealous god.

To digress a little, ancient Hebrews, like the Greeks, believed in polytheism in which some individual deities may be considered good and others evil. Mythological deities often personify the malevolent aspect of God. The Hebrew nation had its own deities who protected them, answered their prayers, gave them good harvests, good health, victory in wars and responded to sacrifices and rituals.

However, over time, Judaism evolved from polytheism, the belief in many gods, to henotheism, the worship of one god by a particular people, and finally to monotheism, the belief in one supreme God whom they call Yahweh or Jehovah. This god imparted ideas, rituals, practices and laws that are out of place in the modern era. For instance, decapitation, stoning, mass murder and certain other activities in the extant Bible that Yahweh encouraged, condoned and sponsored are taboo and considered savage today. However, the deception, vengeance, hate and jealousy that Yahweh encouraged, condoned and sponsored in the Old Testament are still in vogue today.

Judaism, with its monist approach, made Yahweh responsible for all the good and bad things in the world, including the Adversary. Thus, according to Judaism, both good and evil belong to God; evil is but a negative aspect of God - His shadow or dark side that falls on the Hebrews when they offend Him. This view is clearly exemplified in the Old Testament as in the book of Isaiah 45:7:

I form the light and create darkness. I make peace and create evil. I the Lord do these things.

Thus, the Hebrews believed that all the things that happened in people's lives occurred according to the will of their God, Yahweh, the one and only all-powerful creator of all things who represented both good and evil. The idea that evil represents the shadow of God continues to influence many people today. Consequently, moral evil - that which occurs when a human being knowingly and deliberately inflicts suffering on another - is attributed to the dark side of humankind, which mirrors the dark side of God. No wonder there are many who resist the concept of absolute evil and claim that there is no evil.

Perhaps one of the reasons why the dualist concept of evil is rejected in favour of the monist notion is because the dualist idea of evil is too painful for those who cannot bear to think that one of their loved ones could, in fact, be a False-Light being of Darkness. Therefore, it is comforting for them to believe that there is only one creation and that there is good and evil in everyone, and that the evil in us is only the shadow of the good. This type of denial gets them nowhere. Certainly, very few evil ones would want to admit that they are evil. Therefore, it is convenient for them to deny the existence of absolute evil.

Christians preach love but often lead with a sword because they believe in the Old Testament and the additions to the New Testament by Paul. Only recently, many of the fundamentalist Christians openly supported Israel's incursions in the Middle East. History is full of Christian atrocities. An outspoken Anglican bishop who has dared to question some aspects of the Bible once declared that it would be more likely that a Christian would hurt him in the street than would a mugger or a thief. The extremists in all religions are dangerous to society.

For some, evil is not an abstraction, but rather a reality. Some people call this reality the Devil. Perhaps for many, evil is best understood in terms of the pain and suffering of an individual. Many who have seriously thought about the nature of evil concluded that the great difficulty in defining evil is the elusive, paradoxical nature of the relation between what is perceived and experienced as evil and as good. The following quote demonstrates how meaningless, senseless, cruel and destructive evil is. The shocking nature of evil is vividly and effectively portrayed in Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov:

Imagine a trembling mother with her baby in her arms, a circle of invading Turks around her. They've planned a diversion; they pet the baby, laugh to make it laugh. They succeed, the baby laughs. At that moment a Turk points a pistol four inches from the baby's face. The baby laughs with glee, holds out its little hands to the pistol, and he pulls the trigger in the baby's face and blows out its brains.

Graphic descriptions of wars remind us of the above story, yet, people are now numb to the mass killings of innocent civilians in wars and the destruction of their homes and families all in the name of fighting terrorism and defending their countries. If the majority of the people are numb to these horrific events, how could they comprehend or awaken enough to see through the abstract, subtle and spiritual traps and assassinations of their Will set up by Darkness! No wonder so many have been lost to Darkness.

As stated earlier, once it is understood that the main Voice in the Bible is that of Darkness, many things will fall into place. Most of the authors of the Bible were Anunnaki, so the dominant messages are from Anunnaki points of view, and the Anunnaki are chief agents of Darkness.

Darkness impressed the Anunnaki to bring down written language in many tongues to keep distance between societies through alienation. It also controlled the various cultures through Anunnaki-influenced wars, and It spread mistrust and xenophobia throughout the world. Once things were recorded in writing, they became relatively permanent and somewhat inflexible. Of course, Darkness sponsored heavy editing after the fact of the historical and religious documents. Therefore, there always remained a dynamic flexibility to suit Darkness' purposes. With many languages, when the True Light brought down Its message, much of it would be muddled and distorted in translations of the message. The energy in the original message is also altered in translations. Then, as always, Darkness would begin a systematic distortion of the True-Light message.

Darkness has always followed the same pattern. When an Attas of the True Light brings down a message, Darkness sends out a flock of agents to discredit, edit, alter, manipulate and otherwise distort and suppress the original message. The True Light was aware of this, and during this final stage of the Rescue Mission, It changed Its approach. Instead of bringing down a Pure Message solely through an Attas of the True Light, It allowed Darkness to participate in the operation. Darkness was given a chance to be touched by the message and allowed to feel Its full impact as It was brought down to the planet. This was a final effort by the Light to retrieve Darkness.

Alas, Darkness did all it could to corrupt the message and to limit the spreading of it. However, this time, AFTER THE FACT, the Christ Energy was on hand to restore the original message that Darkness corrupted.

Written language affords cultural advancement, but at a cost. Most of the ancient and relatively modern written languages fall into two categories. They are either hieroglyphic or alphabet based. The alphabet-based languages have certain hidden numerological powers that those who have esoteric knowledge can use to their advantage at the expense of those ignorant of the properties. Through the use of the numerological properties of the letters and words, those with esoteric knowledge are able to covertly manipulate and otherwise influence things that almost nobody even suspects.

Numbering systems have similar numerological properties, which are also esoteric, but a little more easily discovered than the properties of alphabets. Numerology is a relatively strong esoteric force that is easily manipulated. With this knowledge, one can, over time, alter personality traits, health, career, finance, business, scholastic performance and so on.

The Bible has been assembled for the specific purpose of doing battle with the True Light, specifically to counter-act the True-Light messages. The Bible was chosen to be the very thing to counter-act the True Light on the energy level. In this sense, the Bible is one of Satan's main tools in the battle of Armageddon. But, the deception of Darkness has been exposed!

The concept of the resurrection of the body is an extreme distortion of the True-Light messages, which state that True Light will be separated from Matter (Evil) and that after the separation is complete, Matter will be dissolved. So, it is absurd to consider that Jesus would resurrect his old body that was made of Matter! This gives a clue to the ontology of the message in Ezekiel talking about resurrecting old bones.

The history of the Kabbalah is a history of a battle that concerned the reality of True Light and Darkness. The exoteric study of the Old Testament is dry and legalistic. To breathe life into Judaism, various scholars began to delve into more esoteric investigation of the writings, which led to the study of the Kabbalah. Many searchers have spent tremendous amounts of time and energy studying the Kabbalah without suspecting that the Kabbalah has already been substantially corrupted by agents of Darkness. The Kabbalah can be of assistance to sincere searchers IF they understand that it has been distorted AND they are able to discern Truth from corruption. Of course, even the discerning searcher will not be aware of what Truth has been redacted from the Kabbalah.

One noted contributor to the Kabbalah was rabbi Isaac Luria, who lived in the sixteenth century of the common era. Luria is an Attas of the True Light and is the same being as Jesus. In the lifetime as Luria, Jesus again brought down the True-Light message for those who ventured into the Kabbalah. As has always happened in the past, the True-Light message was suppressed, edited, redacted, distorted and corrupted. If Luria were to read his surviving teachings today, he would hardly recognize them, so prolific has been their distortion. The evil agents always twist True-Light messages.

The twisting of Luria's work is similar to what was done to Manichaeus' teachings by others, including Augustine of Hippo. It is also akin to what was done to the teachings of Jesus by Paul of Tarsus. Of course, with regard to Jesus, there have been many agents of Darkness editing, redacting, altering, corrupting and distorting his teachings as seen throughout the entire New Testament. The twisting of True-Light messages goes on in all religions and philosophies throughout the world. It is a trademark of Darkness.

While Moses did bring down the message that there was a Divine Being of Purity from which everything emanated, Darkness corrupted this message and created Its own version of monotheism, whereby It was the top being and It could express pseudo-good and evil.

A reading of the Old Testament shows very little concern about Satan. Jesus warned about Darkness repeatedly, and some of his words remain in the extant New Testament. Paul of Tarsus tried to counter-act the references to Satan, and attempted to misdirect people into believing that the Old Testament Anunnaki god was the father of Jesus. But, even the corrupted, extant Bible still contains some of Jesus' denials of any association with the Old Testament god. Jesus said he was not of the world, nor of the father who was a liar and a murderer.

Darkness created the environment on Earth with written language, and words are not effective tools for disseminating Truth. However, the True Light must now work within the framework that Darkness has imposed upon all inhabitants of the planet. Therefore, It is presenting Its message through the written word.

As mentioned previously, the extant Bible contains two Voices. The Voice to which the reader resonates will tell them who they are, that is, whether they are of the True Light or Darkness. However, it is not only what they resonate to, but what they practise that is most revealing. If they resonate to Divine Love but practise hate, they know who they are. If they resonate to Divine Peace but insist upon war, they are supporting the Anunnaki god of war, that is, they are supporting Darkness.

The readers of the Bible know who they are by their own genuine responses to it. This is not to say that they appear to resonate to the Divine, but rather do they actually resonate to It.

Jesus dying on the cross did not wash away the sins of the world. Jesus never claimed that he came to wash away the sins of the world, and his murder on the cross certainly did not do this. Darkness made this claim so that people can go about doing evil and not worry about the consequences because they claim that their sins are taken away by Christ.

Nobody can force someone to walk the Path of the True Light. On the contrary, many have been forced to walk in Darkness. If the Will is strong and one is focused on the True Light, even though Darkness' mud is on them, it cannot taint them, and the filth of Darkness can be washed away by the True Light. Then, the person will be able to live forever in the True Light. This will be liberation. Darkness will never be able to repeat Its sadistic rule again.

Many fundamentalist Christians and others are expecting the unfolding of events to be as the Bible dictates. That is, they expect a physical resurrection of bodies and for things to happen as they have been predicted in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. They are misguided because they are relying upon written words sponsored by Darkness that they mistake for words from the True Light. They never suspect that the Bible was written by Anunnaki scribes on behalf of Darkness. The Bible has been written to suit Darkness. The Bible is used to frighten people into submission to Darkness under the guise of the True God.

Some people think that they can find answers to what is occurring today in Ezekiel chapters 37, 38 and 39. These chapters depict a cruel god who would bring down hell and brimstone. Some of this hateful rhetoric was even tossed into the extant Revelation to confuse and frighten readers. For instance, the following curse is found in the extant version of the Revelation (which is really a corrupted version of the Original Revelation):

For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. Revelation 22:18-19.

The horrible verses of 22:18-19 contain a curse upon those who would dare make any changes to the book. These two verses contain the threat of dark arts, which is pure sorcery. This contradicts many of the warnings against sorcery and all forms of dark arts that appear throughout the Bible. THESE TWO VERSES, IN AND OF THEMSELVES, SHOULD HAVE ALERTED ANY THINKING THEOLOGIAN THAT SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG WITH THE EXTANT VERSION OF THE REVELATION.

According to Ezekiel 39:7, the deity proclaimed itself to be the "holy one". But, this deity is the same being who has polluted Itself with Its own cruel, bloodthirsty utterances and actions. Anyone who can read these horrible chapters in Ezekiel (37, 38 and 39) and think they are acceptable and that there is nothing horrible about them must be of the same genre as the deity. That is, they are of Darkness.

Those born in the "wrong" geographic areas will not believe "correctly", and according to the teachings of Christianity, will be doomed. If this were true, it would have to be the workings of a very unfair god. There are many who died before Jesus did, and many who were born in places where it is highly unlikely that the Church will ever venture. Will these wretched ones then perish because of their birthplace and timing?

It is time to expose the bloodthirsty god of the Bible and divorce ourselves from that wrathful, hateful, jealous, vengeful, murderous, lying, deceitful, merciless, biased being, who is really a usurper. Darkness is the misfit who has deceived the whole world, and much of Its deception has been performed in the Bible.

Jesus is now confronting the Anti-Christ Energy by dismantling the lies, exposing the distortions, and presenting the Truth. The lies will dissolve, as will the kingdom of Darkness.

White Buffalo Woman's message was corrupted by Kirok, the plunderer. It was then handed down generation to generation in corrupted form. This is how Darkness works against True Light messages. But, Darkness' days of terror are numbered.

White Buffalo Woman is the same being as Jesus. This aspect of the being is likewise confronting the Anti-Christ Energy at this time.

Some of you might recognize that the following words from me are contradictory to what Darkness has predicted in Its Bible:

Israel will crumble
The crumbling has commenced
Spread out the teepee
It is almost time to fold up the tent
The struggle is nearly over
We will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel 
Roses will be waved
The celebration will soon begin
The time is at hand
Daffodils will wave too
When the daffodils next bloom
The time will be close

Although the markings are everywhere in the extant Bible, until now, Darkness' Voice has remained hidden. But Its magic is dissipating; It is not a loving, peaceful, compassionate, caring, fair, just, holy, good deity. Instead, It is a vengeful, deceptive, murderous, wrathful, hateful, prejudiced, jealous deity.

While you sift through the rubble in the Bible, you may find some Truth hidden and buried in these words from "god". Sadly, there is so little of the True-Light message left in the extant Bible that it is truly the Devil's Tool. The heart will tell you what is True Light and what is Darkness. But, the key is that the True Light is loving, compassionate and just to all. Darkness is jealous, unjust, lustful, vengeful, hateful, deceptive etc. Remember that any verse can be contaminated by Darkness. And the tainting is so thorough as to make nearly everything in the Bible a confusing, contradictory trap for the unwary and a battle flag for evil ones to wave as they march out to slaughter others.

These days, many are interpreting the increasing global unrest as signposts for the upcoming battle of Armageddon, but most are sadly misled because they are relying upon verses in the extant Bible for their interpretation. As already mentioned, while there are some messages from the True-Light God in the Bible, it is predominantly the Voice of Darkness that one hears. Jesus separated his teachings from the Old Testament, but, later, the Voice of Darkness polluted and altered what was said by Jesus and affixed the Old Testament to his teachings.

What will happen is very different from what people who follow the Bible think will happen. The Bible says what Darkness HOPES will happen. The Bible is a battle of good and evil. Darkness has "forecasted" a different outcome and switched things around so that black appears white and white looks black. Darkness has tricked nearly the whole world into seeing It as light, but, Its claw marks are everywhere in the Bible for those who can see them. The True Light has seen through Darkness' plan, so Darkness will fail, but, Darkness will take down all that It can with It.

I wrote the following last year pertaining to the THREE horsemen of the Apocalypse. There are NOT four as the current Bible states. These events will soon come to pass:

The Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse

14th May 2005

Yonder lies the Eagle, proud and strong.
Then cometh the Dragon spewing fire at the Eagle.
The Eagle fights back hard and swift; 
But it is no match for the fiery Dragon.

The Dragon summons its favoured baby to the east
To storm the Eagle's nests to the baby's south and east, 
Towards the Rising Sun.
Then retrieves the Dragon its rebellious child 
When the Eagle's feathers are scattered.
Wherever the Eagle gathers, there will the corpses be.

In scattering the Eagle's feathers, the Dragon treads on a friend.
Furious and angered, the friend turns.
The Dragon sucks the Lion from the Eagle's clutches
As the Dragon and Bear march together in glory.

The downed Eagle is revived when up springs unsuspected aid 
From the weak-appearing Eaglet to the South.
Once the Dragon's friend, the trodden Eaglet rises from the mountains to lash out
With vengeance as it wields unsuspected power in its battle with the Dragon.

The battle wages in the sky, sea and land for all to see.
The Dragon laughs.
And so the battle continues.

When the Three Horsemen ride, that will be the Second Major Cataclysmic Event to befall the Earth.

Those following Paul are in very deep trouble because he is one of the latest agents of Darkness to have been given enough space in the Bible to have seriously polluted it after the death of Jesus. Paul's insanity in Romans 13:1-7:

Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same: For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil. Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake. For this cause pay ye tribute also: for they are God's ministers, attending continually upon this very thing. Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor. Romans 13:1-7.

While a strained reading could mean that one should obey the hierarchy of the godhead, that would be very strained indeed. The more plausible reading of this is that Paul was directing people to follow the earthly rulers because they were ordained by God. To understand these passages, one needs to realize that Darkness wants to keep order in Its realm and wants people to obey the civil authorities.

To take this a bit further, Paul is instigating wars. This is so because, according to Paul's teaching, if the German citizens had resisted Adolf Hitler, they would have been going against God. Further, if the citizens of the countries comprising the allied forces had resisted war with Nazi Germany, they, too, would have been going against God. Thus, Paul's teaching is flawed and contradictory to the teachings of Jesus. Yet, the Christian mantra is that the Bible is the Word of God and perfect. How then can it be so flawed? The answer to this is that Paul is speaking for himself on behalf of the war-mongering Anunnaki god.

If everyone supports their rulers who were supposedly put into place by God, then God craves wars because the nations are constantly fighting. But, it is not really insanity. It is Darkness' plan. As long as everyone supports those in power, there will be constant warfare. Nobody can bring peace into Darkness' world. Not even Jesus could accomplish peace on Earth. Peace is of the Pure realm. Those who love war are of Darkness. Some who are in the Virtual Reality are forced to fight even though they love Peace. This is because they are of the True-Light and stuck in the warring world of Darkness.

The following is what I wrote some time ago:

Many are charmed by the expression of Light - not seeing the Source of the Light. The Light is NOT the Source.
The [Divine] Source is often mentioned, but one must ask, "What is the Source?" It has been called by many names, such as: The Unmanifest, The Fount, All That Is, The One, The Great Mystery, Wakan Tanka, The Great Mind, The Great Spirit, The Logos, The Formless One, The Infinite, The Timeless One, etc.
The Source is the original "Home" of the Light. From the Source, or The Unmanifest, grows the Root of Creation. Continuing with the analogy of a plant, (realizing that this is necessarily a simplified explanation of something that physical minds have a great deal of difficulty in comprehending), consider that the trunk of Creation brings forth a single branch - the Branch of Light.
From the Branch of Light appeared a shoot - the Shoot of Darkness. I have occasionally referred to the Shoot of Darkness as the Evil Creation, the Evil Mind, the Evil Principle, Darkness or Evil. For purposes of this discussion, these terms are interchangeable.
The Shoot of Darkness was not created by Evil. It is in fact a shoot from the Divine Creation that went awry. If the Shoot of Darkness were severed from the Tree of Creation, it would wither and fade upon severance from the Source.
If the Branch of Light were severed from the Source, it also would wither and die. Creation is the Expression of the Source and the Expression cannot exist without nourishment from the Source.
The Branch of Light eventually became intertwined with the Shoot of Darkness as the shoot clung to the branch for sustenance and support. Due to this mingling, it is difficult to discern if a being belongs to the Branch of Light or the Shoot of Darkness. All beings need to be traced to the Root or Trunk of Creation to discover from where they stem .
The closer to the Trunk, the easier it is to discern, but as the Branch and Shoot grow and express further, the interweaving of Light and Darkness makes it harder and harder to identify individual beings.
Evil stemmed from a celestial experimental error that would not correct itself, nor take Divine Correction, but instead thrived on the Corrective Energy all the while resisting and defying Divine Correction. Evil saw the Creation (The Expression) as the Ultimate and forgot that without the Source there would be no Expression.
Darkness created the illusion that It is the Source. This illusion is so real that Darkness itself is deluded and thinks that It (Darkness) is the Source. Evil chose the glitter over the substance. The glitter attracts the majority of beings. Many of the Light beings also erroneously perceive the Expression of Light as the Ultimate.
It is not the Source, but the Expression that is corrupted. The Source, the Unmanifest, is all there is of permanence and it remains uncorrupted. Nothing is self-sustaining that is manifested from the Source. Only the Source is eternal and perpetual. Thus, the statement that the Light is self-sustaining is clearly a simplification that needs further explanation at this time. A simple explanation is that the Light of Creation has been deemed Good by the Unmanifest, and so long as the Light tends towards Purity, it is self-sustaining because by striving towards Purity it automatically connects Itself to the Source.
The Unmanifest will always be as it is - the Unmanifest. It is not personalized in the way humans comprehend and perceive it to be. People are unaware of the existence of the two Lights that are present in this False Creation. The two Lights I am referring to should not be confused with the concept of the greater and lesser lights of the Masonic teachings. For purposes of clarification, I shall refer to the two Lights as the True Light and the False Light.
However, the Light can be contaminated by Darkness if Darkness invades Light. Hence, if Darkness is not checked, the Light could be swamped and weakened by Darkness and become contaminated by It. The Light referred to and experienced by the majority of people in this world and in the astral is often not the True Light - it is actually the False Light from the Shoot of Darkness. Few people suspect that the Light they see and experience is in fact not the True Light of the Branch of Light. This explains why beings of Light as well as beings of Darkness often claim that they are of the Light and have been in the Light during near-death experiences and at other times even though the Light they experienced is the False Light. The Light experienced by many people during near-death experiences is the False Light.
The present Dalai Lama has cautioned his followers that existence may not be infinite. Further, the Catholic Bible in Psalm 23 expresses a similar thought in its final verse: "I will dwell in the house of the LORD for years to come." This concept is correct - when True Light is withdrawn from the False Light at the time when the True-Light beings are withdrawn from this Evil Creation (Shoot of Darkness). In other words, Darkness is beginning to suspect that when the Light supplied by the True-Light beings is withdrawn due to their liberation from Darkness, the False Light will be extinguished. Hence the existence of the False-Light beings (beings of Darkness) is not infinite.
Creation is an ongoing process. It is only in the Dark Shoot of Creation that "time" exists. True Creation is Timeless.
Beings of Light will naturally be attracted to the True Light unless they are severely contaminated by Darkness. Beings from the Shoot of Darkness are naturally attracted to the False Light created by the Shoot of Darkness and will naturally be repulsed and threatened by the True Light. Further, True-Light beings can still be attracted to the False Light due to programming, illusions and pollution.
Although True-Light beings can be attracted to the False Light, they are not ultimately repulsed or threatened by True Light even though they might initially be a bit insecure towards It due to pollution and programming from Darkness. True-Light beings are in fact nurtured, strengthened and sustained by the True Light.
Beings of Darkness are attracted to the False Light and are nurtured by It, while beings of Light, even if they are being programmed to respond or be attracted to the False Light, are not nurtured by the False Light. Instead, they are being exploited by the False Light and become pockets of energy that nurture Darkness.
Beings of Darkness are not comfortable in the presence of True Light. They feel a sense of gloom and doom. They can never recognize nor accept the True Light and Its "Messengers". They can never truly feel at home nor can they truly be committed to the Work sponsored by the True Light. Such ones will always feel that they are still searching for their way home, even if they encounter True Light and Its Messengers. This is true since their real home goes back to the Shoot of Darkness and not to the Branch of Light or the Source.
On the other hand, beings of Light can never totally feel committed or comfortable with the False Light. The True-Light beings who are nourished by the True Light grow in Purity, while the False-Light beings who are nurtured by the False Light grow more and more evil. However, beings for either side will ultimately know which side they belong to.
The True Light carries an inner sound, an inner "vibration", a blueprint which the False Light cannot reproduce even though the False Light can imitate the appearance of the True Light. This is where the awakened beings of Light will be able to discriminate the True-Light beings from the False-Light beings AFTER the final stages of the separation of Light from Darkness commence. There is the Pulse, the inner Sound, the inner Vibration that individual beings of True Light can inwardly access to recognize the True Light.
The separation of the True Light and False Light is now in progress. This is manifesting on many levels and the operation is extremely complex and delicate. The entire Tree of Creation (the Expression) appears to be far gone, but some of It can still be retrieved. Therefore, the Tree can be saved with some delicate pruning. It is better to lose the offending part than to lose the entire Tree.
As beings of the True Light become more and more detached from the beings of the False Light, they become more and more unified with the True Light. When this occurs they begin to notice the differences between themselves and the beings of Darkness (This will occur more on the subtle level and in their spiritual expression rather than in their physical appearance).
As beings of Light become more and more in tune with the True Light, they will become more and more vibrant, shining sparks of the True Light. Beings of Light and beings of Darkness will then become more and more intolerant and uncomfortable with one another. While this separation of the two Lights is in progress, True-Light beings and False-Light beings will both be undertaking their respective "metamorphoses".
There will be a "half-way house" for the viable True-Light beings when they are evacuated from this Evil Creation. True-Light beings who have been contaminated by Darkness will reside there until all the necessary "metamorphoses" are completed so that they can safely be re-assimilated into the Branch of Light. Thus, once again, they will be re-united with the Source and become an integral part of the True Creation.
It is then that True-Light beings will exist in the love, purity, timelessness, harmony, joy and beauty of the True Creation.

I would also like to repeat what I wrote some time ago:

There was a time when all was Right - when that which was, was all that was - but that time was lost when things turned Wrong.
The Wrong drew many on that course - the Path to utter Destruction. The Lure to go Wrong was cast into the Divine Sea, and many unwittingly followed. Some have fought like fish on lines and struggled and resisted and they have never been brought aboard the Wrong Ship. These have been valiant struggles for those brave ones who have resisted with all their Will. It is for those who still fight the Wrong that the Love of the Divine has been poured into the Sea of Corruption.
Most who took the Lure struggled little. These gave their Will over to the Wrong and were easily brought aboard the Wrong Ship. These who have given over their Will to Wrong are wasting away in the hold of the Putrid Ship. It is also for these lost ones that the Rescue Mission was commenced - not to bring them Home for they have turned Wrong and are hopeless, but to reduce their suffering by cutting the Source away from the Wrong. Then the Wrong Ship and all Its cargo will soon be no more.
The time of the Rescue is now because so many who have fought so long are at the end of their Will to resist. The hold of the Wrong Ship would soon snatch them. It is for these very brave ones who have struggled at every turn that the Wrong Ship is being cut off now.
The time is now. All those who have fallen prey will soon be no more as the Ship of Wrong is wrecked and It too will soon waste away.
For those who struggle against the Wrong - Rejoice! Your battles are nearly over, but fight the Wrong to the last as the Right, which is the Light, will soon cut those lines and pull you from the Corrupted Sea, far from the memory of the Wrong Ship and Its Lures.
Strength is given to those who ask as the Love of the Mother/Father Creator is all about the Corrupted Sea. This Love was poured into the Corrupted Sea in order to sustain the viable ones. Soon, very soon, all the lines will snap and those who have struggled will swim free and at long last be Liberated from Darkness.
Rejoice. The day is drawing near. Be strong until that time for very soon all who have struggled with all their Will shall be rescued and safely returned to their True Divine Home.
The time is indeed very close. Soon all that is will all be Right - when all that is, is in the Light. This is The Promise from the Divine Creator.
The Drumming will soon commence. The New Energy will be released to Liberate those who have remained faithful to the Light. The Warriors are about to fight their final battles on all levels. Victory is assured for the Light. The Journey Home will soon commence for all the True-Light beings who have valiantly struggled against enormous odds.
Take the Divine Love with you always, and It will carry you Home.
May the Love and Blessings of A-itu - The Eternal Flame - be with you.

Darkness is a punishing god. The True Light does not punish or threaten people into submission with fear and vengeance. The Grim coming to the world is a curse from Darkness. Darkness is an evil, hateful being. Although many willingly serve It, others have been deceived by It. All the evidence of what Darkness is appears in Its own Bible. It is a "fire and brimstone" being who will soon rain that fire and brimstone upon the Earth. The sun will soon set on the Earth.

Christ has returned.

The Christ Energy will soon defeat the Anti-Christ Energy.

Here are my concluding words:

Behold, the Lamb of God is before you, they said
But the Lamb will not be the Lamb for sacrifice
It will be the lion roaring at the gusty ones

Darkness is weakening at one end and wobbly at the other
Soon Darkness will reveal Its utmost ugliness
And, the whole world will be disgusted

Not to fear Darkness' threats or sneers
It is like the wind that blows nowhere
And, soon it will dissipate
And things will be still and silent

The why and the what will be asked by all
Only the ones who can understand the language of Love
Will stand firm
The rest will wallow in pity and despair.

Soon, the moment of peace will be at hand
And Darkness will no longer be able to war upon the Light
Hundreds of thousands will march toward Golgotha to take revenge
But, the walls will fall on them
Any who cruelly brought tears to others
Will be forced to cry in pain

The ones of Light and the ones of Darkness will come face-to-face
It will then be the True Light beings standing apart from the False-Light beings
The Light will prevail
Darkness will falter and be dissolved

May the Light bestow upon you the eternal love of Light
May you strive forth upon the rim of Darkness
And disperse all doubts and fear
Yea, the film of Darkness will be pierced through
And Darkness will no longer be able to block the Light

Soon the pain will be over
Supreme Victory shall reign forever and ever

© 2006 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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