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Jesus The Spiritual Warrior

Jesus The Spiritual Warrior


D. M.


Jesus The Spiritual Warrior is not about arguments concerning Christian religious beliefs.  It does not conform to the so-called "scientific" methods set out by those who arrogantly and ignorantly demand evidence.  It does not require the approval of any self-appointed critics.  The story of Jesus contained herein will no doubt threaten and upset the traditional and rigid believers, but for those who truly love him, it will comfort, strengthen and offer hope.  No matter what denomination or what system of beliefs they follow, this writing will help free them from traps and allow them to better understand and love Jesus.  It might initially cause emotional turmoil within some people, but once the old programming is lifted, they will experience peace, hope and joy within.

After the death of Jesus, some disciples formed their own inner circle identifying him as the Messiah.  However, neither Jesus nor his initial followers were Christians and Jesus never claimed to be the Messiah which the Jews of his day were expecting, nor did he say that he would rise from the dead to rule over a new world as some of the early Christians proclaimed.  Neither did Jesus say that "God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son" as a sacrificial lamb for the sins of the world.  Jesus did not say that "the world through him might be saved." Further, he did not state, "I came not to judge the world, but to save the world".  Various groups sprang up after Jesus' death.  Some of them were initially following John the Baptist.  There was a great deal of competition among the various groups claiming to be following the teachings of Jesus.  The first followers of Jesus had no affiliation with the cult of Christ which was formed after the death of Jesus.

Many stories about Jesus that are circulating in various circles including the New Age movement are not true.  Take for example the story about Mary Magdalene being Jesus' favourite disciple and the story about her witnessing Jesus' physical resurrection in the garden where he was buried.  They were mere inventions by the writers and compilers of the gospels.  Many Christian leaders proclaim that if there were no resurrection, then the belief in a living Christ would be in vain.  In fact, the celebration of Easter associated with the resurrection of the physical body of Jesus is a fraud and is blasphemy.  Many things attributed to Jesus, including Jesus' rebuke of his mother about the wine, the feeding of the five thousand, the visit of the three Magi, and Jesus walking on the water are all fictional.

The figure of Mary Magdalene did exist but she was a being of the counterfeit creation and Jesus was aware of this; he was never fooled or trapped by her.  Thus, the glorified stories about this woman were merely the handiwork of evil.  Likewise, Jesus was aware from the outset that Judas Iscariot was a being of Darkness.  There were many reasons why he was included in the selection of the twelve disciples.  (Today, yet again, Judas betrayed Jesus for material gain).  Events surrounding Jesus' life and Jesus' teaching were created so that the account we have now in the gospels about Jesus and his utterances are mainly prophecy historicized.  Thus, when Jesus comes back again in another form that does not fit the profile of the mythological Jesus envisaged by people, most will not recognize him.

In fact, evil deliberately misled by assigning Mary Magdalene as one who was very close to Jesus and familiar with his teachings.  Magdalene pushed her way through and tried to take over in the circle of the disciples and followers of Jesus.  She was sponsored by the Dark side and hence was able to gain access.  Many writings were falsely attributed to her as the author.  Some of the writings claimed to be by Magdalene were actually written a long time after her death.  Magdalene was not capable of writing spiritual matters and did not write any of the Gnostic writings attributed to her.

Christianity became orthodox when the emperor and the church councils created creeds and canons at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D.

Jesus, like many great teachers before him, did not put his teachings in writing.  All his teachings were carried out in the oral tradition of the ancient world.  Oral tradition is unreliable, not to mention that even when teachings are recorded, there will always be those who will misinterpret the teachings, or purposely distort them.

Today many people are embarrassed to admit their interest in spiritual matters because like many issues, whether they are in the church, religious or other institutions or universities, people are often trapped in a perpetual holding state forced upon them by a system of rewards/sanctions.  Thus, such a system discouraged and prevented many from doing, investigating or learning what really mattered.  They denied their promptings and followed the majority consensus.

Many of the things in the Bible which were supposedly uttered by Jesus, are not the words of Jesus, nor did all of the events ascribed to Jesus actually occur.  Take for instance: Jesus walking on water; the feeding of the 5,000; the sermon on the mount; the changing of the water into wine at the wedding in Canna; the virgin birth; and the visit of the three wise men.  Likewise, the Apostles' Creed was designed by the church after the death of Jesus to keep the truth about Jesus from the adherents.  Christians even today believe the Apostles' Creed to be accurate teachings about Jesus.  Also, the Essenes of Qumran were not linked to Christianity in any way.

Christian authors have borrowed ideas from Indian and particularly Buddhist teachings.  Hence, not only are there external and internal parallels between the Christian texts and Buddhism, there are also similarities between the Christian faith and Indian beliefs.  Some of the old Indian narratives covering various stages of history made their way across Asia Minor, to Greece, Rome and Europe.  The oldest writings in the New Testament were recorded only towards the end of the 1st century A.D.  It was not until the 4th century A.D., after many theologically-manipulated changes were accomplished, that the New Testament took on its current form as it is presented to us today.  Also, the conception of various religious and spiritual ideas were due to the thought-forms being sown in the ether from the astral realm for a ready audience that is affected by the upheaval within human consciousnesses yearning for liberation from Darkness, from suffering, from injustice, poverty, pain and all forms of evil.

References to Reincarnation were removed by the church in the Second Council of Constantinople in 553 A.D.  for its own selfish and nefarious purposes a long time after the original gospels were supposed to have been written.  It stated that: "Whosoever shall support the mythical doctrine of the pre-existence of the Soul and the consequent wonderful opinion of its return, let him be anathema." Hence, the belief in reincarnation, which was part of most other religious beliefs and myths in antiquity, and in the writings of Plato, only became heretical five centuries after Jesus' death.  (Current Buddhists and Hindus maintain the truth about there being reincarnation in their teachings, however, they do not teach that reincarnation is an evil creation.  Christians have totally rejected the knowledge of reincarnation even though to reject reincarnation would be contradicting their own Bible where it is stated that Jesus would reappear on Earth.)

Jesus did not command Peter to be the foundation to build his church.  He did not ask his disciples to convert the world nor to establish a church or a new religion in his name.  Christianity as we know it is wide-spread as it uses Jesus' name of love and power for its wicked causes.  Many murders and other crimes are committed in the name of Jesus.

It is no wonder so many "demons" and "robots" claim to channel Jesus and to have visions of him.  Why would Jesus of the Light utter things as claimed by the channellers which are contradictory to what Jesus stands for?  These channellers can only get responses from phantoms that they have "created" or were "created" by mischievous beings in the astral.  Phantoms which attract demonic astral beings into disguising as Jesus do so because they know that the real Jesus is not the "god" of their religion.

Regarding the two competing apostles, Peter and Paul: the Catholic Church traces the beginnings of its church to Peter, while Protestants trace their beginnings back to Paul of Tarsus, an educated Jew living in the Hellenistic world — in the Diaspora.  Paul's gospel is not based upon the real life and teachings of Jesus, but on the death of Jesus and Paul's purported vision on the Damascus road.  Paul is a being of Darkness and can never represent Jesus' teachings in any way.  As mentioned earlier, the first followers of Jesus had no affiliation with the Cult of "Christ" which was responsible for many of the reported utterances by and stories about Jesus.

The Roman Catholic faith commissioned the apostle Peter as the foundation of the "new" church long after the death of Jesus.  The Protestants' faith can be traced back to Paul who did not personally know Jesus.  Paul's "conversion" was influenced by his Hellenistic background which identified Jesus in the Hellenistic tradition of a dying/rising god similar to the myth of Osiris in the Isis cult.  Paul was not interested in the life and teachings of Jesus.  As stated before, he was primarily interested in the death of Jesus and the supposed appearance of Jesus to him in a vision reportedly occurring on the Damascus road that became the focal point of the "gospel" according to Paul.  Anyone with some inner knowing can see the reasons behind the story of Paul's supposed "conversion" due to his vision of Jesus.

Jesus was not here to "convert" anyone.  Nor did he ever tell his disciples to become "fishers of men".  He was here to prepare and rescue his own kind.  Paul, like many evangelists, "converted" people by abusing the name of Jesus for fame, power, earthly glory, egotistical reasons and other evil purposes.  Evil ones want "converts" for the sake of inflating their egos, building up their power, for monetary gain, and suppression and control of others.  Power without Love and Light is very dangerous.  Evil cannot ever turn to the Light, thus, one cannot "convert" beings of Darkness to beings of Light, and Jesus knew this very well.  Hence, he would not approve of his disciples ever attempting to "convert" anyone, much less the whole world, as is stated in the current Bible.

Ontologically, Paul's essence is opposed to Jesus.  Thus, it is absolutely ridiculous that Jesus would appear to Paul for the reason of "converting" him so that he can then carry out the teachings of Jesus.  This is yet another example of Evil twisting the truth to link up beings of Light with beings of Darkness to further confuse, confound and entrap beings of Light.

The work of the early Christians and the propaganda of Paul and those who hid themselves behind the name of Jesus all contributed to the invention of a marvellous story which resulted in Jesus being known to this day as the founder of a religion that was never his.  Similarly, Jesus' name was being included in all types of so-called esoteric teachings as an adept or some other personality.

All organised religions were and are sponsored by the Anunnaki, including Christianity.  Unfortunately, work of those High beings of Light who brought down information and various messages to assist true beings who are trapped in this dimension is often used, corrupted and usurped by evil ones who would eventually turn it into a religion so they could enslave true seekers' spirits.  In the end, truth and untruth are so mixed that it takes a great deal of insight, intuition, inner work and assistance from the Light to help sort through the rubble and the gems.

Jesus was an Essene (Gnostic) of the inner circle, hence he did not marry nor did he drink alcohol.  Therefore, he would not have changed water into wine, nor would his mother, who was also an Essene who respected the inner circle, ever request her son to do such a thing as is recorded in the accepted gospels.  Further, Jesus would never speak to his mother with such disrespect as to rudely call her "woman ..." After all, Jesus was very aware and knew that he and his mother were parts of the same Being.

Jesus' final days were spent on speaking up against the temple authorities.  Like all Essenes, Jesus was against the priesthood in Jerusalem.  Jesus was opposed by some jealous religious authorities in Galilee and Jerusalem.  Some of the narratives of Jesus are Christian polemics, apologetics, propaganda and lies.  The scriptures were modified many times to correspond to their fulfilment.  Many of the stories in the scriptures about Jesus appear to tie in with the prophesies from the Old Testament because they have been deliberately arranged to have them fulfilled.

Many of the supposed teachings of Jesus appear similar to other religions, especially the Buddhist religion because they have been invented by the gospel writers, the early Christian "storytellers" and other religious writers.  Why is this so?  Because there truly is a conspiracy by Evil to twist what Jesus represents and further confuse the true seekers by using Jesus' name as the driving force for selfish and evil purposes.

Many have attributed the name of "Issa" to Jesus and regarded Issa as a Buddha.  The documents supposedly concerning the existence of Issa brought from India to Nepal and from Nepal to Tibet are supposed to imply that Jesus was a Buddhist.  Again, this is similar to what the early church has done to Jesus.  Gautama Buddha himself did not utter or preach all of the Buddhist teachings that are currently attributed to him.  He was seeking "enlightenment" from the existing teachings of his time before he formed his "own" teaching.  Buddha did not originate all the teachings attributed to him.  Jesus was a Gnostic.  What would he be doing with the teachings of Buddha or those associated with Buddha when Jesus knew very well that his essence and the essence of Buddha are opposites?

Many narratives about Jesus' childhood and teachings are borrowings from India and especially from Buddhist tradition.  Even from the time of King Solomon, the Jews had contact with India.  After the Babylonian captivity, the Jews were influenced by Persian and Indian ideas.  At the time of Jesus, Indian and Buddhist teachings were well-known and practised in the Hellenistic world and the area close to Palestine which was comprised of Judea, Samaria and Galilee in those days.  There are many borrowings from other religions about the story of Jesus also.  For example, the depiction of Christ as a good shepherd and proclaimer of a new religion of love and redemption derives from a Hindu legend about a shepherd god.  This legend has also been adopted by various other cultures throughout the world.

Jesus is associated with the concept of the Trinity — God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost.  The concept and definition of the "Trinity of God" is so distorted and manipulated that unless one moves away from the accepted traditional definition which is promoted by the established religions, one cannot see through the falsehood.  In fact, the whole concept of the "Trinity of God" is a human invention.


The Unknown Jesus

Many know Jesus superficially as the mythical and legendary Jesus of Christian orthodoxy and other "doxies" and cults.  Religions always tend to make god in the image of man, an aggrandized image, because religions are created by the Anunnaki, but in the end, it is always a god with human qualities.  Whatever the image that humans have created for their god, even if to our physical eye, it appears ugly, horrible or whether it appears a caricature or disdainful, there is always within it the presence of the thing that it represents.  There is always someone, a priest or priestess, an initiate or follower, who has the power and who draws the force, the presence within and keeps it alive.  The presence is real.  It is the presence that is within an idol, the image which people worship.

Human beings created "god" with human qualities.  This is what makes it possible for people to get hold of god and give him a satisfactory beating, when their prayers are not answered or when they feel let down, but it is the makers who are the fools, who treat god as they would treat a human enemy.  Likewise, they have turned Jesus into some sort of man-made religious figure and have assigned him with qualities, roles and duties that humans want Jesus to have.  Therefore Jesus becomes a suitable saviour in their eyes.  They would not want to really know what Jesus came to Earth for, what his actual role was, or how he would perform it.  The current Bible is an assembly of writings by various ones who would dare to do these acts even though they had never met or known Jesus.

Jesus was not considered successful in the way this materialistic world would regard as marks of success, whether in his day or at this present time.  Instead, he was an ordinary man, born of peasant parents and was later unjustly crucified on a cross as a common criminal.

Jesus was far ahead of his time.  His vision and his teachings gave a glimpse into other realities beyond this physical one.  Many horrendous frauds, crimes, murders and massacres have been committed in his name over the centuries, not because the perpetrators really love Jesus, but because of their selfish motives and evilness.  Many have been enslaved by a man-made version of Christ imposed upon them by man-made rules and rigid, selfish legacy.  The very slavery those who falsely preached in his name is the very slavery they imposed upon their converts and believers.

The very fictionally-embellished gospels that proclaim to preach Christ are ironically the very things that impede any true seeker of Light from knowing the real Christ even though they are mixed with some truth.  Fundamentally, half-truths are at least as dangerous, destructive and misleading as untruths.

Jesus, in every one of his "incarnations" as a "walk-in", always follows the Anti-Christ about.  He did it two thousand years ago and he does it today.


The Jesus Of Myths

Who was Jesus?  The historical Jesus was very different from what people are taught to believe.  The Jesus generally known to people today is the Jesus people over the centuries have enshrined in their imaginations, creeds and cultures.  The modern Jesus was a scholarly reconstruction during the nineteenth century.  Bearing in mind that no truth is immune to critical or hostile criticism and attack, what I am about to present here may not meet the approval of everyone.

What people generally know about Jesus of Nazareth comes mainly from the New Testament.  It must be mentioned from the outset that no parts of any books of the New Testament are older than 125 A.D., and none of the Christian writings were written after 200 A.D.  Most of the writings were translations from other languages, long after Jesus' death.  Hence, inaccuracies in interpretation, personal conviction and deliberate embellishments could have occurred and did.

The discovery of the Qumran scrolls near the Dead Sea in 1947 and the subsequent publication of the Qumran literature in this century have provided new insights into the conceptual world of an important Jewish sect known as the Essenes, shortly before the composition of the New Testament writings.  The Qumran documents, dated to the second century B.C. are older than the copies of the Hebrew Bible.  They reveal the influences that shaped the environment in Jesus' time.  Discoveries at Nag Hammadi in Egypt in 1946 have provided new insights into the political, social and religious climate of those bygone times.  The Coptic texts available now are dated at the earliest from the 5th to the 7th century A.D.  The English version of the gospels we have now were originally translated from Greek.

Contrary to common belief, Christianity as we know it did not originate with Jesus Christ, nor did the first church start with a blessing from Jesus.  The first Christians merely used his name, and his death, as a pretext for a new religion that does not truly represent the truth about him or his teachings.  There are numerous fictional embellishments and the invention of stories and sayings wrongly imputed to Jesus in the gospels and in the Qumran documents.  The gospels were written at least 300 years after the death of Jesus.  Like the so-called authors of the texts who often did not write what appears in the New and Old Testaments, Jesus too, was said to have uttered certain words that appear in the gospels which he never spoke.  Jesus did not say that the world was going to end immediately.  He did not say repent.  He did not practise baptism.  The baptism story about him is false.  He did not initiate the Eucharist although he did have a last meal with the inner circle of his faithful ones.  The gospels, including those recently discovered writings found in Qumran, and the Nag Hammadi Library were written by people who had no first-hand contact with Jesus, and they were written many years after the death of Jesus.  All of these writings contain their own distortions due to misunderstandings, mistranslations, embellishments, or deliberate editings.

Christianity assumed its orthodoxy under the decisions of the Roman emperor and the church councils in the fourth century by introducing various creeds and canons to the church.  Clearly, the orthodoxy of the early church was intensely associated with political and other pressures.

By using the pesher method, a technique whereby texts were cited and then rewritten and reinterpreted in ways quite different from the original sense, the writers and compilers of various texts were able to invent, interpret or embellish stories which could be tailored to specific purpose or prophecy.  However, it was an acceptable practice in those days.  Hence, various texts were cited from different sources and then rewritten and reinterpreted according to the writer's personal convictions.

This was the method the writers of the scripture used to ensure that the scriptures were kept timely and relevant and that what was recorded in the Old Testament found fulfilment in the New Testament, thereby creating an aura of authenticity and credibility.

This practice of borrowing from others and using as one's own, giving the necessary modifications and twists to suit the occasion, was not a practice of antiquity alone.  In fact, it continued right up until the nineteenth century.  The claim made by the Catholic church of indisputable authority based on its position which can be traced back in an unbroken line to the time of Jesus in the case of the New Testament, and to the very cradle of civilization before David, Moses, Abraham and so on, in the case of the Old Testament, is false.  Indeed, the claim of absolute authenticity of the Bible is spurious — there is no unbroken line linking the present day Bible to the time of Jesus.  The oldest records belong to the 4th century.

Clearly, the current Bible is a collection of various articles from various sources which were rewritten, perverted, plagiarized, distorted and confused, added to, deleted and abused in order to suit the aims of the Church hierarchy.


The Essenes

Before we embark on the story of historical and metaphysical Jesus, it is important to know something of the background surrounding the time before and after the birth of Jesus in order to gain a better understanding of the spiritual, political and social climate and influence into which Jesus was born.  As Jesus' parents were Essenes we need to look at the historical and spiritual background concerning this Gnostic Jewish group.

The Essene movement was first started in Mesopotamia and came to Palestine in the first half of the second century B.C.  Zoroastrian religious concepts were known to the Jews living in Babylon during their exile before the second century B.C.  The Jews who had been in Babylon and formed the original Essene community there, lived for many years in a Zoroaster milieu.  Their assimilation of Iranian religious thought, in particular the most significant concept of the conflict between the two spirits, was reflected in the Essene teaching about the conflict between the Angel of Light (Good) and the Angel of Darkness (Evil) that forms the basis for the particular form of dualism found in Qumran literature.  The dualism in the Essene writings — as in early Zoroastrianism — is not one of absolute dualism for in both, the balance is heavily weighted on the side of the good spirit.

Thus, the Essenes' concept of sons of Light and sons of Darkness is due to the influence of Iranian religious thought on the tenets and beliefs of the community which later settled at Sekhakha (the ancient name for Qumran) after the victories of the Maccabees.

Hence, the relationship between the literature of the Essenes and Iranian religious thought is extensive, as is their particular form of dualism, their intense striking for purity, their interest in angelology and demonology, their eschatology and the idea of judgement and those relating to the Spirit of Light and the Spirit of Darkness.

4Q`Amram (of Qumran literature) is the earliest extant example of a text containing a story of the war between the good and bad angels for possession of a human soul.  In later literature, this theme is represented in both Jewish and Christian sources dating from the first century A.D.

By the time 4Q`Amram (dated early to mid-second century B.C.) was being composed, under the influence of Zoroastrian dualistic spirit world of Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, a major development had occurred in certain Jewish circles in the concept of Satan and the advocate angel.  By that time the two biblical figures had become the rulers of two worlds:

  • Satan, referred to as Belial, was the ruler of the world of Darkness and Evil;
  • The advocate angel, generally referred to the angel Michael as the ruler of the world of Light and Goodness.

Indeed, the Essene teachings, of the division of humanity into Light-Darkness duality, was borrowed directly from Iran because until the time of composition of the Essene writings there was no record of a doctrine of two spirits in Jewish literature.  Clearly, post-exilic influence of Iranian religious ideas on Judaism is evidential — Iranian influence in Qumran literature is undeniable!  In spite of some differences in the use of symbolisms from the time before and after Zoroaster, the fundamental message remains the same.

The conceptual framework behind the Essenes' ideas about the two spirits originated with the teachings found in the earliest writings of Zoroaster himself and considerably developed in later Zoroastrian thought.  In the Essene writings, the spirits of Light and Darkness resembling the teaching of the Zoroastrian twins are known as Michael and Belial and as Melchizedek and Melchírea (all Hebrew names) — the heavenly leaders of the forces of Good and Evil.  Consequently, the Melchizedek is understood as each of these figures of Light.  Though the texts that mention Melchizedek and Melchírea are scarce, they are important ones because of the information they provide on the dualistic and eschatological outlook of the Essene community.

The Essene teaching advocates the teaching of the spiritual realms of Light and Darkness which permeates human existence to the extent that all human beings are divided into sons of Light and sons of Darkness.

Human existence is seen as a constant struggle between the opposing forces of Good and Evil and culminates in the eschatological war waged between these two forces which results in the final victory of the Light.  It is in this context that the two angelic beings, called the watchers appeared in the text of 4Q`Amram.

The Essenes were divided into three ranks, ranging from the common members (outer circle) to the lower and higher priests (inner circle).  The higher priestly rank observed the strictest discipline while the common members were allowed to be involved in certain worldly activities such as marriage, which the priestly rank were forbidden to participate in.  Thus, the highest order of Essenes lived a monastic life of celibacy and asceticism and living a life of celibacy was regarded as the highest way of life for the Essenes, for marriage and sex were considered to be distractions.  This is in line with the Gnostic belief that propagation allowed the evil demiurge to exploit the beings of Light and bind them to Darkness.

The Essenes as a community lived a life away from the world so to speak, sharing community property, owning nothing, helping one another as a community in the area of child care and other activities such as involvement in a craft for mutual benefit.  The Essenes were against the killing and eating of animals.  Primarily, they dedicated their lives to God.  The Essenes order practised initiations and rituals and knew the ancient wisdom like the Zoroastrians before them did.


Jesus' Background

Jesus was born to a peasant Hebrew family in Galilee during the reign of Augustus Caesar.  His native tongue was Aramaic, although he was conversant in Greek and other languages and dialects.  His parents were Joseph and Mary, who were both practising Essenes.  Joseph was a carpenter by trade, which does not imply that he built furniture, but instead would indicate that he would do handyman's work of a labouring nature.  The Essenes were a Jewish Gnostic sect with their home at Qumran, which was destroyed during the first Roman-Jewish war.

The reason for assigning Jesus' birthplace to Bethlehem in the gospels is for convenience in fulfilling an ancient prophecy that the Messiah of King David's lineage would be born in Bethlehem.  Jesus' home was near a Greco-Roman city called Sepphoris.  He was not of a virgin birth.  He was second born in a family of six children, which included five boys and one girl.  His brother James and his sister Miriam played an important role in his life then, as they again do in this life.

He was not born in a manger, nor did any wise men visit Mary and Joseph when Jesus was born.  Had these wise men actually visited bearing gifts as stated in gospels they would have made Jesus' parents quite wealthy.  Neither were there any shepherds who saw the guiding "star" or who were told by angels that the son of God was born in a manger.  There was no massacre of Jewish male infants and no flight to Egypt by Mary and Joseph as recorded in the Bible.  In fact, Jesus was born quietly and his birth was unannounced so that he could avoid suspicion from the opposing force.

Although Jesus was not born into a priestly class, his mother's family had connections which made it possible for him to have the opportunity to learn the ancient Jewish texts at an early age.  He was familiar with the Vedic Hymns and the Avesta from his mother, who had learned extensive knowledge from the connections her family had.  Being extremely intelligent and being guided by the Divine Light within him, he was able to make great progress within a short time.

There was immense rebellion and harsh suppression by the ruling elite of Jesus' time.  Hence, at an early age, Jesus was exposed to such scenes and was sensitive to injustice, oppression of the poor and the disadvantaged, and the suffering and exploitation around him.

He was very opposed to animal sacrifice and the unjust distinction of classes in the society of his time.  He had profound compassion for suffering human beings and animals.  He was saddened and empathetic towards the animals as they pathetically bleated in terror as they were being sacrificed for religious purposes: he was also greatly impacted as birds and other animals pleaded before being slaughtered for food.  He was nauseated by the awful stench that came from burning flesh.

Jesus was against people defiling the temples of worship by such acts as having money-changers at the doors and selling worldly goods and providing inappropriate entertainment there.  This is why he turned over the money-changers' tables and rebuked them all.  This was done shortly after he rejected the fig tree, which represented the entire evil creation.  Jesus was spared of punishment for the incident involving the money-changers only because of the intervention of a Roman nobleman who was in fact one of the "Twelve Sisters" "incarnated" (affectionately known as Burnley Naylor in the 20th century).  In esoteric terms, the "temple" is where your inner being resides which should be respected and honoured.  The physical temples built by humankind are only symbolic representations of the true "temples", however, the polluting of the physical temples has a polluting effect on the real "temples" of the consciousnesses of beings of Light.  Jesus personalised a strict inner discipline.  He showed people that it could be done with sincerity, perseverance and faith in the Divine.  Jesus warned true beings of the traps of glitters of this material world which will lure many true beings from their Divine path.

His mother Mary inwardly sensed that Jesus was no ordinary child.  She sensed the divine guidance during the conception, growth and nurturing of Jesus.  She intuitively knew that Jesus had a divine mission.  Mary could see purity and light surrounding her child and she paid meticulous attention in nurturing him physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  It gave Mary great pleasure in watching Jesus walking through the courtyard of their home towards her and greeting her lovingly with a broad smile as he proceeded to join her and members of the family for the evening meal.  She was distinctly aware of the events which awaited Jesus in the not too distant years.  She knew that her heart would be pierced with sorrow one day.

It should be mentioned here that the being who is Jesus was earlier in the physical body of Mary, his mother, until Jesus attained the age of twelve.  At that point, the physical body of Mary was thereafter occupied by a "walk-in" who is the same being who occupied the physical body of Jesus until that point.

As stated above, something very special happened to the physical body of Jesus when he was about twelve years of age.  A-itu the Eternal Flame descended upon the physical body of Jesus and he was adorned with Divine Spirit.  (This is the point in time when the consciousness in the physical body of Mary swapped with the consciousness in the physical body of Jesus).

The Divine Spirit guided and nurtured Jesus throughout the rest of his life.  Although he spent much of his time in strict inner discipline, he felt "impressed" to travel to other lands for further instructions and re-awakening.  He knew that he had an important Divine Mission to accomplish in his lifetime.  There was a sense of urgency with timing.

Jesus grew up in a Greek speaking world, just a few miles from a large Hellenistic city.  He was a happy child surrounded with a lot of love and compassion and by loving people in his family and the community around him.  Jesus grew up as a "normal" Essene until he was twelve when the spirit of A-itu, the Eternal Flame touched him.  From then on, personal conflict with John the Baptist and with the corrupted teachings slowly developed.  He was aware of various sectarian differences existing in the Essene community in which he was reared.  He hoped to reveal new teachings that would be incorporated with the salient and spiritual aspects of the duality and other various factions of Essenes' teachings which were given by the Light through Divine Messengers before him, while at the same time removing the man-made and corrupted aspects that had polluted the Gnostic Truth.

Thus, with his mother's blessings, at a very young age by our modern standards, Jesus was guided by the Spirit of A-itu to quietly disappear from his home.  He took a ride with a merchant from Jerusalem who knew his parents.  Together with the merchant and others, he travelled to India.  By this time, he was a wise young man (by the days of old) with a gift of words.  He was about fourteen when he first beheld the buzzing city of Gujarat.  There, Jesus stayed in various towns and villages doing odd jobs and quietly observing and learning the local spiritual beliefs of the people of this new land.  All the time, he was observing and taking things in and noting the corruption of Truth by agents of Darkness.  During his travels he kept in communication with his home through merchants who travelled from India to Jerusalem and back.  While in India, Jesus travelled to many lands but his main stops were at Gujarat, Jaganneth, Benares, Nepal and Lhasa in Tibet.  Jesus further studied the Vedas and other ancient texts from various cultures.  One of the many things that he was opposed to was the caste system in India and the mistreatment of women there and elsewhere.

While travelling, Jesus visited many places abroad in Asia, Greece and Africa.  In India, he studied the works of Buddha (Prince Siddhartha Gautama, called the Buddha) who lived over 500 years before him and was able to sort out the distortions of Buddha's teaching from the fundamental Gnostic truth.  He was aware that Buddha adopted the Gnostic view of the "soul" being trapped in the material body which was a prison for it, that all sufferings in this world were due to human desires, that if human beings could detach themselves from such desires they could break the cycle of rebirth to achieve nirvana (liberation from rebirth and from the entrapment in matter).

Many people think that Jesus' teachings are based upon Buddhist principles.  This is not so.  Gautama Buddha himself was influenced by a mixture of Gnostic and other teachings of his time.  Even though Buddha supposedly taught beautiful principles, they were actually empty words that he had purloined from other sources.  Things are not always what they appear to be in this Virtual Reality.  Likewise, Buddha, in spite of his apparent struggle for spirituality, for truth, for liberation from suffering and the depiction of him being a compassionate being are deceptions by the Buddha.  This is so because Buddha is a High Being of Darkness whose mission was to corrupt and blind the seekers of truth.  It is another case of a wolf in sheep's skin.  Buddha is one of the many incarnations (faces) of the Anti-Christ.  The apparent Light in him was due to the attachment of the Light of one of the "Twelve Sisters" in him.

Buddha's teachings were not recorded until 500 years after his death.  Oral tradition is unreliable, not to mention that even when teachings are recorded there will always be those who will misinterpret it, embellish it to give it apparent authenticity, mysticism, prophetic fulfilment, or to purposely distort it.  Such is the common experience in this dimension of untruth, of evil.  This is done even to the "teachings" of the Anti-Christ.

Many of the sayings of Jesus are similar to the sayings of Buddha not because Jesus was a Buddhist nor that he copied Buddha's teachings but due to human manipulation using the pesher method which allows many gaps to be filled and things added and edited to make them look similar and to fulfil prophecies invented by men.  Even the records of Jesus' life in India and Tibet were mostly distortions and myths.  It is not uncommon for apparently well-meaning people to "invent" stories of heroes or well-respected figures to encourage or inspire others.  Jesus was well respected and loved by many in his sojourn in the East even though he had enemies also.  Further, the Buddha being was not the same being "incarnated" previously as Zoroaster.  Zoroaster was the "incarnation" of one of the "Sisters".

Jesus also studied the art of healing and various Hindu disciplines.  It was not uncommon to find him engaging in discussions with Indian priests and teaching amongst the people he lived with.  As he travelled from village to village, he was very aware of the injustices, sufferings and exploitations around him hovering like vultures ever ready to devour the oppressed, the disadvantaged and the poor.  He spoke with great wisdom, so much so that some of the people who had met him and listened to his teaching thought he was Buddha incarnated.  (Which is quite similar to Herod thinking that Jesus was John the Baptist resurrected — and equally wrong — however John the Baptist and Buddha are one and the same being, as are Mohammed and Krishna.  Always remember, however, that all of the above-named individuals had attached to them one of the "Twelve Sisters" which would give them the occasional appearance of Divinity.)

Jesus was not short of criticism against the injustices of the caste system in India.  He saw through the hypocrisy and arrogance of the Brahmin class and the humiliation and oppression of the "untouchables" — the lowest class.  He was critical of the Brahmin rites as he could see the illusions and evilness behind them.  One of the highlights of his stay in India was meeting an Indian sage who was ontologically intimately connected to him.  This Indian sage who resided in a small village in the hills of the Himalayas was none other than Babaji of Haidakhan.  They both recognised each other as ontological beings outside this dimension and beyond.  This event further facilitated the spiritual progress and work of both beings (Jesus and Babaji).

Jesus visited and engaged in debates and discussions on a wide range of subjects with the various religious teachers in the countries he spent time in.  Some of these were happy with his discourses, others rejected him outright with intense hate and jealousy.

One day he received a message from his Higher-Self, A-itu (the Eternal Flame), that it was time to return to his homeland to begin his "real work" which was to commence in Galilee.  Hence, he returned to his homeland shortly after.

Jesus was about thirty years old when he made preparation for the beginning of his real public work.  He spent many days in the desert, isolating himself from all humans and fasting and meditating for days.  During that time he received many instructions from his Higher Self which he was to carry out.  He told his mother about his Divine mission and received her blessings.  His father Joseph, who Jesus was very close to, had since passed away while he was in India.

Most of the Essenes were supportive of him even though he was to start his own teaching.  Jesus was given his own message.  His Divine message went beyond that of the Essenes though his central Gnostic theme remained the same as their undistorted portions of their message because the messages came from the same Source.  His first official teaching was held in his own home amongst his family members and some Essene friends of the family.

Subsequently, he preached to the people in Qumran who called themselves "the Poor".  In his own teachings, amongst other things, Jesus rejected strict asceticism (which often is an outward display of ego) and baptism.  In his ministry, Jesus was confronted by people filled with messianic fanaticism.  This often caused misunderstanding, confusion and resentment among the unawares when Jesus rejected people's hopes that he might fulfil their expectations of that time as a liberator from the Roman rule.  The Christ conceived of by Paul is a pre-existent divine being who takes on a human body to save humankind from the powers of sin, law and death.  Others view Christ as the incarnation of Logos.  In reality, Christ is the Ultimate — the Divine Mother Absolute — A-itu, the Eternal Flame.

Jesus stressed the simplicity of life to combat the temptations and beguilement of evil.  He often taught in parables to illustrate his point.  His main message was about the two Natures (Principles) — of Light and Darkness — Good and Evil.  He was awakening people to the fact that the creator of this world was not the true God but an evil usurper; that there were two creations; and that those of the true Divine creation had been trapped in this material world ever since the take-over by Evil which resulted in a continuous battle of Good and Evil in humankind ever since.

He urged those who would listen to him to be vigilant against the falsehood of the Prince of Darkness of this world which was symbolically represented by Satan or the Devil.

He healed the sick and exorcised those who were possessed by evil spirits.  He taught about the end time when Light would proclaim victory over Evil and guided his followers on the path of Light.  He stressed the importance of turning within to seek the Divine Truth which alone could liberate them from the control of Evil.

Jesus condemned the hypocrisy and arrogance of the Pharisees and Sadducees as he did the Brahmin priests in India.  This inevitably incurred their wrath.  But what he said was true and he was there to expose falsehood.  As Jesus' popularity soared, and as he became more vocal and open in his exposure of evil, those of evil, in particular the Pharisees and the Sadducees were jealous towards him and enraged by his truth.  Until then, no one dared speak so passionately against them.

For various reasons, these enemies of Jesus plotted to get rid of him.  Jesus and Mary knew the day would come when he (Jesus) would be murdered by the archons of Evil, but they knew that until it was time for him to return to the Mother-Father Spirit, he would not be harmed.  Like all good mothers who loved their children, Mary knew that the day would come when her heart would be pierced by the sorrow of watching as her son suffered unjustly and horrendously in the hands of evil beings.  She knew the time for that was drawing nearer each day.  Her energy supported Jesus as he diligently spread the Divine message from place to place.

A few months after the commencement of his public work, Jesus had gathered a small group of men and women who had volunteered to assist with organising the meeting place, provision of food and lodging and other day to day domestic activities.  His work attracted people of both essences for diverse reasons.  Superficially those of the counterfeit creation who were following him agreed with his teaching and some even appeared to embrace it ardently.

However, on the energy level, they were not sincere.  Such ones almost always appear amongst any given group of any messengers of Light and they always try to distort the truth.  There was no exception in Jesus' case.  These evil ones purposely distorted his teachings and called his teaching heresy.  Jesus was given his own teaching.  He did not need the approval of the priestly class who regarded themselves as the experts on Divine revelation.  These evil ones always create a mess for the beings of Light whenever they take over as a representative of the Light.

Can you envisage an enemy of Light acting as teacher of Light?  Undoubtedly, such one will lead others astray by giving them the untruth.  This practice of hi-jacking occurred after Jesus' death and continues even until the present time.  It will continue to operate in that evil manner until evil is totally annihilated, for evil always corrupts if it is allowed to continue.

Contrary to the image constructed by the compilers of the gospels, Jesus was an eloquently out-spoken man.  He did not tell his followers to love their enemies or to turn the other cheek to them.  He did not teach that marriage was sacred and should be observed at all costs.  Jesus never advocated that God put couples together in marriage.  Nor did he say what God has put together, let no man put asunder.  His enemies twisted what he said to suit themselves.  The work that Jesus performed in the world for the Gnostics (the beings of Light) is revelation, for the most part, rather than redemption in the sense in which mainstream Christianity identified his work.

Jesus' revelation involved imparting secret knowledge, the Nous, especially during that time prior to his ascent into the heavenly region of Light.  He preached about the dangers of compromising with Darkness; and encouraged his followers to be ongoing warriors for the Light.  He warned them of the many disguises of evil and the traps that could occur in a marriage and encouraged those who could, to remain celibate.  For this he was accused of being a homosexual.

He disregarded the rules that the "unclean" persons — gentiles, the physically handicapped, women, and married men, were barred from communion and from being initiated into the full monastic life.  Most importantly, he showed them the way by his own examples in words, thoughts, and actions.  Thus, his appearance in the world and his presence among his followers brought enlightenment to his true disciples.  Enlightenment is understood as knowledge of one's self as belonging to an other-worldly order of Divine origin and self-sufficiency.

The Gnostic Christ did not come to the world to save it or to forgive sins, or to die for the sins of this world, but he came instead to collect the Light beings, awaken the true beings among humankind to their ignorance of their true spiritual origin, and prepare the way and bring them home to the heavenly world of Light.  He did not seek to prepare the minds of people for the coming of the new world teacher in the Aquarian Age as the New Agers believe.  Also, Jesus is not associated in any way with the one who is currently referred to as "Lord Maitreya", who is in fact a very Dark being.

As the energy built up around Jesus, his work became more and more intense and so was the retaliation from evil — like a big rock being thrown into the water, the ripples spread out and debris and mud are stirred to the surface.  At last the day had arrived when Jesus was delivered to his enemies.  The Pharisees who themselves were people of the Lie referred to him and his teachings as heretical and called him "the Man of a Lie".  This sounds familiar when we look at how the church fathers looked upon all teachings different from theirs as heresies and took steps to silence those who dared differ from their teaching.  The archons and minions of Evil always lie against the messengers and followers of the Light in order to frustrate, block and destroy them.  This trait of Evil has never deviated from time immemorial.  In all probability, if Jesus were to appear in any body and identify herself/himself as Jesus Christ to the current leaders of the major Christian churches, they would persecute her/him anew just like the Pharisees and Sadducees of old.  This is because the leaders of the churches stand to lose the most with the return of Jesus.

Jesus lived a life of celibacy right till the end of his physical life when he was crucified on the cross at the age of thirty-three.  He had an extremely strong, yet slender body.  He was not big, but was a very imposing figure.  His hair was dark, slightly wavy, and he wore it at shoulder length.  There was no trial before Pontius Pilate as the gospels would have us believe.  Jesus, however, was mercilessly tortured, humiliated and spat upon before he was murdered.  The denial by Peter never took place and neither did Jesus heal the man whose ear was cut off.

Although it appears that Jesus was put to death for political-religious reasons, those are only physical reasons.  It was the Pharisees and the Sadducees who instigated the murder of Jesus.  Under the jurisdiction and order of Pontius Pilate with the concurrence of high Judean officials who were jealous of Jesus and who were threatened by his outspoken words against them, Jesus was finally delivered to the evil ones and was executed.  However, on the energy level, the opposing force was attempting to kill Jesus because they suspected that he was the one sent to lead the mission of Correction of the Celestial Error.  But, Jesus was ready to return "Home" because he had laid all the groundwork that was required for the future, when he would return again to conclude the Correction when the time was right.  The time is now!

Jesus was punished for speaking the Truth and for being a champion for those who were exploited by the system.  Crucifixion is a punishment widely practised in antiquity as a deliberate humiliation and punishment and deterrent.  Jesus was delivered to King Herod — an Evil Being, who is like a "spiritual twin" to John the Baptist.  When Jesus was crucified his mother, his brother James and his sister Miriam were nearby.  King Herod was so threatened by Jesus (not so much because of political differences, but primarily due to their opposite ontologies) that Herod personally went to the cross to mock Jesus and make certain that he died.

When Mary was kneeling near the cross while Jesus suffered and was dying, she was overwhelmed with sadness and leaned forward to touch her son's feet.  Her heart was pierced with sorrow.  While touching Jesus' feet, Herod Antipas himself came up to her and accosted her with a whip that had many tails and feathers on the handle.  He was also adorned in white-feathered attire.  This was a most unusual appearance at an execution, but he wanted to make certain that Jesus was killed and in his sick mind, he wanted to watch Jesus die.  As he hit Mary, he shouted, "Woman!  Get out of here!"

Jesus was crucified alone.  There were no others on crosses near him.  The story of Barabbas associated with the crucifixion of Jesus was false.  There was never an attempt to free Jesus by Pilate, nor did the crowd influence Pilate to free Barabbas instead of Jesus.  The site was at a very ordinary spot, outside the city, which has been referred to as Golgotha.  As Jesus' physical body laid hanging on the cross with blood streaming all over his body, his spirit hovered above him looking down at the blood-stained body.  Mary and her family buried Jesus soon after his death.  No angel appeared at his tomb, and Mary Magdalene was never near Jesus' tomb.  There is no historical truthfulness in the physical resurrection of Jesus.  Jesus would not resurrect a physical body that was created by Darkness (Matter).

Although there was no physical resurrection, after his death the spirit-body of Jesus was first "seen" by his brother James (who later incarnated as Edgar Cayce) and later by others.

The belief that Jesus came to this world to save humanity by redeeming the negative karma (Sanskrit word for action) of humanity (or paying the debt of humanity's Sin) through his death is terribly flawed.  The truth is, he came to awaken true beings to the Mother-Father Light within them — and for this the evil beings murdered him.

Karma is understood as being a just law of cause and effect.  Unfortunately this is not true.  Karma is not a just system.  Karma is evil.  Few people know or suspect that karma is evil.  The true God of Light did not impose such an evil system on this planet or anywhere else.  Under this law, any one who incarnates on this plane has to abide by the law.  It is not just and impersonal at all.  It is imposed by Evil to exploit, manipulate and control humans.  Contrary to what the Cosmic wants us to believe, this law is unjustly applied with favouritism.  It was designed in such a way that in total, true beings were unjustly punished.  It is a way of trapping people in a no-win situation for its own evil, selfish purpose.

Indeed, most people do not suspect that karma is a perfect trap set up by the Cosmic (the Usurper) to bring people back again and again through the wheels of incarnation.  Misfortune is believed to be bad deeds done in a previous or present incarnation which is now catching up with the victim of misfortune and conversely, good fortune is regarded as a reward for past good deeds.  Hence, people are taught not to interfere with karma.

The truth is, all suffering results in the production of emotional energy which prospers the Cosmic.  The Cosmic depends on a constant supply of energy for its creation.  In every lifetime mistakes are made so retribution according to this law of karma is never ending!  Thus, like all the rest, everyone is trapped.  How can karma be fair when so many factors, such as programming are dictating the actions of people?  Fortunately the Board of Karma which dispenses it is finished.  It appears to be continuing at present because of "unseen computers" which have been programmed to function and communicate with those down here just as the Lords of Karma did.

As stated earlier, shortly after Jesus' death he appeared in the etheric form to James and later to Mary, his mother and others who were close to him.  Not long after Jesus' death, Mary, in taking the advice Jesus gave her before his death, left for India with a few trusted followers.  There, she was welcomed by Babaji (the Babaji of Haidakhan of this century) with whom Jesus had spent some happy times previously in the Himalayas.

Jesus' departing words to his disciples were: "The Spirit of the Eternal Flame lives in all true Divine beings."

The apocalyptic phenomenon is a much misunderstood matter.  Often people associate Christ's message as an apocalyptic message.  But Jesus' message is about awakening the trapped beings who have forgotten their divine identity and preparing them for the time when they can be evacuated and returned to their original Divine abode.  "Salvation" does not depend on physical destruction or physical resurrection.

It is not necessarily true that all those who advocate the apocalyptic solution to sufferings in life are seeking vindication for their mistreatment in this life and punishment for the wicked in the next world as some claim.


Jesus and John the Baptist

Jesus and John the Baptist were brought up in the Qumran tradition and although they were biological cousins, they were ontological opposites.  Jesus was an Enlightened Being and John was sufficiently unbalanced mentally that even his apologist writers and corrupters of truth had to present him as mentally disturbed.

John's message was mainly eschatological and apocalyptic with a heavy stress on baptism and forgiveness of sins in order to make it to "heaven".

As can be seen in the Gospel according to Luke, John is first introduced as though he is important to the introduction of Jesus.  Jesus needs no introduction from anyone, and certainly not from John.  John never baptised Jesus as has been stated in the gospels, nor was John the "voice crying in the wilderness".  There were many problems between Jesus and John the Baptist due to John always trying to take over and usurp Jesus' role while also undermining Jesus.  John was never Jesus' precursor as is suggested in the propaganda of Darkness.  Jesus needed no announcement then or now.

John did not call Pharisees and Sadducees a generation of vipers.  In fact, John's disciples were even associated with the Pharisees in the existing Bible.  Although it is reported that John claimed to be unworthy of unloosening the sandals of Jesus, these were empty words — John never declared himself unworthy to baptise Jesus because John always felt he was a higher being than Jesus.  Throughout Jesus' ministry, the disciples of John were at odds with the disciples of Jesus.  John's disciples joined the Pharisees to challenge and attack the disciples of Jesus because they did not fast or observe the Sabbath.  John's disciples remained actively aligned with John during the ministry of Jesus.  Many of the malicious and false rumours about Jesus were propagated by John and his followers.  This continued even after the death of Jesus.

John was unable to recognise Jesus' spiritual identity.  It was only in desperation, when John was facing death in prison that he sent his disciples to report back to him about whether Jesus was the Christ.  John did this out of fear of death, and not for a spiritual reason.  Had John earlier believed Jesus to be the Christ at the supposed baptism which he was allegedly present at and so declared, why would he send disciples for subsequent confirmation?

John preached hell-fire-and-brimstone and used other fear tactics to convert people.  John dared to even proclaim what the Messiah would teach and how he would punish his enemies.  However, Jesus taught of love of the Divine and the entrapment by Darkness.  The supposed mutual reverence and acknowledgement between Jesus and John the Baptist are inventions and pure fantasy.

Even the methods of Jesus and John were diametrically opposed, as were their spiritual essences.  Jesus was never John's follower, nor was he ever baptised by him or by anyone else.  Jesus was never involved in John the Baptist's cult.  Although submersion was part of the ritual practice at Qumran, Jesus himself never initiated baptism of any kind.  Baptisms conducted by John the Baptist involved the forgiveness of sins, which totally contradicts all that Jesus stands for.  It is another corruption of truth that Jesus came to take away the sins of the world.  While John spoke of such things, Jesus did not.  This is because Jesus knew that he had come to awaken the spiritually drunk and trapped beings of Light so that they could move away from the traps of this world and purify themselves in preparation for their return to Purity, to Light.  This is the main message of Jesus — liberation of trapped Light beings from Darkness.

John had a larger number of followers than did Jesus, which makes a great deal of sense when you consider that there are many more beings of Darkness on this planet than there are beings of the True Divine Creation.  The feeding of the 5,000 never occurred, neither did the miracle of the multiplication of the bread and fishes.  There was never a crowd so large around Jesus.

John the Baptist was viewed by many of his time as a prophet with a messianic movement giving hope to the Jews of the time who were driven by deep unrest and who lived under Roman rule.  Herod Antipas, the ruler of Galilee and Peraea, felt threatened by John the Baptist.  He eventually imprisoned him at Machaeres and later had him killed.  Herod is said to have made an oath to give a present to the daughter of Herodias for dancing on his birthday.  When she asked for the head of John the Baptist on a charger, Herod was exceedingly sorry, but he reportedly fulfilled his promise.  He would have been sad because he and John were parts of the same being.

In the current Bible, it was claimed that Jesus implied that Elijah had come already.  Then the disciples of Jesus supposedly concluded that John the Baptist was Elijah in a previous incarnation.  The disciples of Jesus could never make this mistake because they knew that Jesus was Elijah and that John was an enemy of Christ.

The following two verses from the current Bible are worthy of reflection and will make more sense when you consider what John is:

Verily I say unto you, Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist: notwithstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.

And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.  Matthew 11:11-12.

The work of Jesus in that life was nearly finished when John died.  Jesus knew that the Evil Herod had killed the Evil John whom Jesus would confront one day.

At the present time, Jesus and John the Baptist are on the planet Earth as "walk-ins".  The Anti-Christ has a main purpose of avoiding the Correction of the Celestial Error, or delaying it for as long as possible.  He knows that his time is limited, but he will drag it out as long as he can.  The Anti-Christ hopes to take as many beings down with him as possible, so he will keep up the illusion that all is well until the very bitter end when it will be impossible to maintain the charade.

The Anti-Christ is a great deceiver and a consummate actor.  "Saint" Germaine is one of the disguises of the Anti-Christ.  Germaine has been reputedly incarnated in many beings throughout history.  Some people believe that Germaine was Merlin of Camelot.  This is untrue — Merlin is a part of the Divine Mother who manifested in that time as Gwenevere.

The time has come for Christ to confront the Anti-Christ head-on.  Contrary to expectations which are based upon religious dogma that the Anunnaki sponsored, the real battle will take place in relative anonymity, hidden from all but the awares.

This time the Anti-Christ cannot escape, whether the battle takes place in the physical or in the subtle.  Nothing can stop it now.  Otherwise, this information would not be released.

The Anunnaki elite escaped from their future into the past.  That is why they gave the information that 2012 was a marker of the end of this planet.  At the time they thought that they could come back here into the past to reset the clock before 2012, but they have been impeded by the Light from doing it.  Time is running out for them.

The "Twelve Sisters" are now re-united as one force working with Christ (the Divine Mother) in this final confrontation with the Anti-Christ.  This is the time when the Mother as Christ will declare: "I shall gather all that are mine."


The Sayings of Jesus the Spiritual Warrior

(For ease of reading male gender pronouns apply to female gender also).

  1. Truth is above Mind.
  2. Follow Truth, it will cure you of falsehood.
  3. The Truth will set you free from the Falsity of this alluring, evil world. The pure in heart can experience the Divine and communicate with the Divine spirit within.
  4. Once falsehood is conquered, all difficulties will disappear.
  5. May the Truth be invincible, overwhelming, all-powerful, leaving no room for falsehood anywhere and forever.
  6. Everyone is given his chance and help is there for all, but for each the benefit is proportionate to his sincerity.
  7. Jesus said, when you pray, remember to say to the Heavenly Mother/Father God, "I belong to you and I want to be close to you."
  8. I am the Light. Whoever follows me will never walk in Darkness, but will have the Light of eternal life.
  9. I came from the Divine, who sent me. I know the Divine and I honour the Divine’s word.
  10. If you believe that the roles that people play are meant only to teach you, and that your experiences are intricately entwined with those who may have hurt you and the hurt they caused was meant to help you, then you believe that no one is accountable for wrong doing or evil deeds. But, there is Evil, and Evil is NOT a necessary opposite to Good. Good is self-sufficient.
  11. Recognise the Divine spark in you to draw a step closer to the Divine.
  12. Divine spiritual beings are imprisoned in material bodies of Matter.
  13. If you do not recognise my energy, no matter how long you have been with me, you have not known me and you are far from me and I am far from you. You do not recognise me because you have not been committed to the Divine energy. To be in communication with the Divine energy you must not be covetous in your desires. Your heart must be sincere and pure and you must be fearless in the midst of Darkness. When you love me you love the Divine and you will recognise me for I will reveal myself to you.
  14. I have come not to be served, but to liberate Divine beings from Darkness by showing them the way back to the Light. I am the way Home.
  15. Peace. Be still.
  16. Concentration wholly upon oneself leads to decay and death, concentration on the Divine alone brings life and growth and realization.
  17. Do not take my words for a teaching. Always view them as a force in action uttered with a definite intent. They lose their true power if ever separated from that purpose.
  18. Let the flower of Truth blossom within you.
  19. Caring for Beings of Light brings more inner strength.
  20. If you are always concerned about yourself, and not thinking more about others, you develop a feeling of dissatisfaction, inadequacy, and insecurity within yourself. This will put you in danger of the greater trap in this world.
  21. Patience is an active state when one deliberately adopts the stand of not retaliating against another. Patience is not meekness or cowardice.
  22. You should liberate yourself from your own traps.
  23. Cultivate inner mental stability. If your mental attitude is stable and firm, the hostile environment will not be a cause for much disturbance.
  24. Emptiness is an aspect of something. It is a particular quality or aspect of a phenomenon. For any aspect, there must be some basis. Thus, emptiness is an aspect or quality based upon a particular phenomenon. Thus emptiness is not of an absolute nature because it is dependent on some particular basis for its existence or expression. Thus the basis of emptiness can either be of the Light or of Darkness.
  25. Love your neighbour, but who is your neighbour. Your neighbour is the one who is sent to you from the Divine. Your neighbour can be one who is a total stranger to you from afar. Your neighbour can be someone living close to you. But what is true is that your neighbour is one of the Light who needs your support as much as you need his.
  26. You shall not bow to the manifestations of Darkness. In all things that transpire, let the Divine Spirit take you through and Darkness will dissipate.
  27. Be humble to even the lowest amongst your brethren (neighbours) and you will be exalted.
  28. Humility in the Divine flow strengthens and empowers you in the Light.
  29. Cowardice in the guise of humility weakens you in the eyes of a Dark being. You become subservient to the negativity/evil pull which he represents.
  30. Do not concern yourself with things of this world which have no value to your spiritual life.
  31. The spiritual life is eternal. No amount of wealth and things of this world can buy you eternal life.
  32. The material physical life is temporary and illusional. Therefore, strive for that which is good and eternal.
  33. When your spiritual life is open and pure in your spiritual heart, so too will your concerns of this world begin to lose control of you.
  34. Know yourself. The kingdom of Eternal Flame is within you. Let the Eternal Flame remain kindled in you for eternity.
  35. Darkness tries at every angle to extinguish the Eternal Flame that resides in each of you who bears the Divine spark. But the love of the Eternal Flame will not allow Darkness to succeed.
  36. When you look for your enemies, first look into yourself because you are your worst enemy, for only through your weak Will can Darkness be able to extinguish that Divine Flame within you.
  37. I come with a sword that divides the wheat from the chaff, the Good from the Evil, the ones of love from the ones of hate, the ones of Light from the ones of Darkness.
  38. Many shall come and claim to be me. My own will recognise me, no matter what.
  39. Love not for the flesh, but for eternal life, Light, peace and joy.
  40. The road that is most travelled leads to utter despair and ruin. The path that is less travelled and which leads you Home is narrow and seems inaccessible to you in this world of Darkness. But with focused mind and total commitment, perseverance and courage, you can cross the thorny, steep, narrow mountain and sail the rough seas to reach the glorious Home.
  41. There is only one way that leads to eternal life — the way of Truth.
  42. The beings of Darkness inwardly know that there is no infinite existence along with the Light beings. Thus, some of them have encouraged and promoted others to live fully in the "now".
  43. The beings of Darkness will always find fault with the beings of Light, no matter how much good the beings of Light have done because beings of Darkness are jealous of beings of Light.
  44. There is only one love that loves unconditionally — the love of the Divine.
  45. There is only one true everlasting joy — the joy that the Mother/Father God can give you.
  46. You must discriminate between what is true and what it false, what is real and what is illusion.
  47. You need to practise living your spiritual truth in the beginning of your path right until the end of your physical existence.
  48. Those who know truth will work to resist evil. These too, will work for the Light and not against the Light.
  49. One does not become pure by outward appearance and action.
  50. The enemies of Light do not truly befriend the children of Light. Avoid such children of Darkness.
  51. Those who love the entrapments and glitter of this material world are slaves to Evil.
  52. The Devil desired the submission of True Divine beings from the very beginning. The Devil has no truth in him. He is absolute Deception and Falsehood. The Devil misguides truth seekers by opening up false paths so that they might be led astray from the Light and be trapped, abused, manipulated and destroyed.
  53. I speak of the ultimate challenge — it is to become pure. To do this one has to relinquish the physical, the material. To do this is not easy. One has to adhere to truth and overcome the lure of the world before one can achieve freedom.
  54. Be pure in heart.
  55. I give you authority to tread on snakes and scorpions (the Evil ones) and over all the power of the beings of Darkness.
  56. One should not egotistically display one’s psychic power.
  57. When you are in the Light, your spiritual body becomes a dazzling white light.
  58. Your eye is the lamp of your body. If your eye is full of Light, so too is your whole body. If your eye is full of Darkness, your body too is full of Darkness.
  59. If you body is full of Light, with no part of it in Darkness, it will be full of bright light as when a lamp gives you bright light with its rays.
  60. Do not let fear trouble and control you.
  61. When you relinquish your egotism, you will be liberated.
  62. When someone comes to me and hears my words and acts on them he is like someone who built his house on a solid foundation which can withstand a flood. The one who hears and does not act is like one who built his house on the ground without a solid foundation. When the river bursts against it, immediately it will fall and great will be the destruction of that house.
  63. The path to "Heaven" is narrow but a small number will travel it. The road that leads to Destruction is easily accessible and wide and many travel it. But the gate to "Divine Life" is narrow and the road to it is difficult and few will choose to take it. Thus few will be saved from the path of Destruction.
  64. The Earth will be built up and destroyed and be no more.
  65. Evil will be exposed and the rectification plan revealed throughout this dimension and then the end will come.
  66. I have not come to start a religion, nor to seek followers. I have come to prepare for the day when I shall return again to gather all that are mine and to return them Home where there will be no suffering, no pain, no injustice and no Evil.
  67. God so loved Her own Creation that She sent part of Herself down to this evil-ridden world to liberate trapped True beings from Darkness.
  68. Jesus said to his disciples "I have given the Divine beings my message and the world has hated them because they do not belong to the world, just as I do not belong to the world. I am not asking you to take them out of the world, I am asking you to protect them from the Evil ones. The world does not recognise nor want to accept my message, for my message is for those who have the Divine essence which resonates with my message."
  69. I come to this world to testify to the Truth. Everyone who belongs to the Truth listens to my voice.
  70. I have come not to bring peace upon the world. I have come to cast conflict and division upon the earth. Father will be against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, and brothers against sisters. This is because in many families there will be some of those who are of the Light and others who are of Darkness. This has nothing to do with one’s belief — it has to do with his essence.
  71. If there is Light within a person of Light, it will shine on the whole world. If it does not shine, it is dark because the Light was never in it.
  72. If you do not fast from the world, you will not find the kingdom of Light.
  73. If the flesh came into being because of spirit, that is a marvel, but if spirit came into being because of the body, that is indeed a marvel of marvels. This is because spirit could create a material body, but a material body could not create a spirit.
  74. Sincere and earnest prayer will strengthen you.
  75. Some follow truth, some listen to it and like it, but forget about it because it does not suit their situations.
  76. When you search for the truth you should persevere until you find it. When you find truth you may at first be disturbed, but once you are able to sort through, you will marvel and will rise up above falsehood.
  77. The kingdom of God is within you. You cannot find the Divine outside of you.
  78. When you know your true spiritual identity, then you will be one with those of the Light. You will inwardly know that you are one of the children of the True God, but if you do not know yourself, then you will live in ignorance and unawareness and you are the unawakened.
  79. Be honest to your True Self because your True Self knows everything. All things will be known to the Divine.
  80. Reject evil. Do not covet that which is not yours. Help those of the Light who are in need. Do good to them. Do not let your ego stand in your way.
  81. You cannot find God with your external eye and mind. Strive to behold the Eternal Spirit with your being and feel it with your heart and purify yourself.
  82. Do not condone those who abuse humans and animals or those who practise human or animal sacrifice.
  83. Those who trap beings by the glitter of this material world will themselves be cast into Darkness.
  84. Many will attempt to lure the children of God from the Divine path.
  85. Be ever vigilant and strong while you await deliverance from Darkness.
  86. No one who is luke-warm in their love for the Divine is ever going to be a devoted, loving and strong warrior for the Light. If you are sitting on the fence waiting to see which side you should choose, I say to you that by your inaction you have already chosen to serve Darkness.
  87. Darkness will never respond to Divine love.
  88. Do not make enemies amongst one another of the Light.
  89. Never give in or compromise with the enemies of the Light for such actions will weaken you. Never turn the other cheek to beings of Darkness for if you do, you will always be their slaves. If you love beings of Darkness indiscriminately which can NEVER truly respond to your Light and love, they will attempt to spiritually assassinate you.
  90. If I had come to you in a different body in another life, how many of you would recognise or accept me? Very few would recognise me, not only because of ingrained prejudices, but because very few have the awareness to recognise my energy.
  91. Look, the sower went out to sow his seeds, some fell on the road and the birds came and gathered them. Others fell on rock, and they withered and died because they did not take root in the soil and did not produce heads of grain.
  92. When the message of truth was revealed, some did not heed it, some did not cultivate it and follow it through, some did not persevere, others simply gave up when confronted with trials and tribulations, but a few seekers accepted truth and followed truth and made progress in the long run.
  93. Seek for things that are real and lasting rather than things that will perish and be of no spiritual value.
  94. There is but one Light, the Light that leads you out of Darkness.
  95. The beings of Darkness and the world hate the beings of Light because the beings of Light are not of the world even as I am not of the world.
  96. You are not alone because the Divine is with you.
  97. I pray not for the world, but for them which belong to the Divine Creation. I have not come to heal the world, but to sustain those of mine who are here until the time of deliverance is nigh.
  98. A prayer: The Eternal Flame of Purity, praise be your name; your kingdom come. May your Will be done at all times. Grant to us all that we need for our spiritual sustenance. Strengthen our Will and show us your way. Your love and majesty we long to behold. Open our eyes that we may discern the Truth from the False. Lead us to our Paradise — our Divine Eternal Home. May your Love, Power and Light surround and abide in us always.
  99. I shall gather all that are mine.

© 2003 by ATTBAR

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