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Mirra of Pondicherry Lives Today

Mirra of Pondicherry Lives Today


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from Nara Site)

8th March 2005

Mirra Alfassa (1878-1973) is often known as Mirra of Pondicherry. She is reverently known as "The Mother", which is a title of respect for a female spiritual teacher in India. The irony is that Mirra is in fact the aspect of the Divine Mother who is the main aspect of the Divine Rescue Mission to liberate trapped True-Light beings from Darkness.

Mirra was a French woman of Egyptian descent. In 1914, in Pondicherry, India, Mirra met Sri Aurobindo, who was believed to be the incarnation of Krishna. She left Pondicherry sometime after, but returned in 1920, where she thereafter remained until the day that she left the physical.

Mirra's earlier role was to commence the disassembly of the entire body of corrupted knowledge of the world by going into it with all her energy. It was her purpose to commence the separation of Falsehood from Truth. In order to do this it was unavoidable that Mirra would have to go through the confusion and distortions of the "knowledge" of the world. Like all the searchers of Truth, Mirra expressed the absurdity of existence here. This is because the "key" (missing link) had not yet been revealed to Mirra - it was not yet time.

Mirra, like all the true searchers of Truth, embarked upon a journey to try to make sense of the world and its relationship to God. This imponderable question is not easily answered as so much is hidden. Mirra noted that Truth could not be written because it was literally beyond expression.

She went down the path of traditional knowledge as though it was correct. But she later realized that this traditional knowledge was a hopeless loop of confusion and distortion of Truth.

Here is one example of the corrupted knowledge that Mirra worked upon in researching the reasons for death and the remedy for it.

Aurobindo was working on a process of spiritual transformation that he called supramental transformation, which would allow all individuals to attain a state of "individual eternal transcendence". Mirra had hoped that if the biological mind could function fast enough, it could overcome the ageing process. Mirra followed in Aurobindo's footsteps on this search while he was alive and for many years after his death. In her last couple of years before physical death she concluded that physical immortality could not be achieved in the realm of Matter where everything decays, and she knew that she must find the "missing link" in order to obtain immortality. This philosophical change of direction led her to the discovery of true spiritual immortality without any affiliation with Matter.

Mirra is recorded as saying in 1972 that if she were to live to be 100 she would have a new energy and a new life. Ironically, she did receive a new energy and a new life when she died the following year on 17 November, and her consciousness left the physical body called Mirra and took up permanent residence in her prepared younger physical body - which was given a name that means "fragrance". Three doctors declared her to be dead and she was buried. But in actual fact, Mirra was only in a very deep meditative state. Her face had the expression of a fierce concentration upon it. (It has been reported by her disciple and confidant, Satprem, that a butterfly left the tomb after the burial - Mirra often spoke of butterflies because she often projected herself as a butterfly for various purposes.)

Mirra concluded that death is a result of a "distortion of consciousness". She reportedly said that she was on the way to discovering the illusion that must be destroyed so that physical life can be uninterrupted. Mirra as Fragrance continued along this line and stated that once the Virtual Reality is broken, Matter will be eradicated and all True-Light beings will be free to continue in the True Divine Creation where there is no death. In other words, there will be continuity of consciousness in the same form (body), which is not made of Matter even though it appears solid.

Mirra was embarking on the exploration of physical immortality, which seems to be why she was discussing cellular transformation. This is before Mirra had the "key" which would have revealed that Matter is an aberration, so she was attempting to find a way to "perfect" and transform the physical body. Very late in her life, she began to realize that the Earth was part of the illusion of a Virtual Reality within a Virtual Reality. From there, she became aware that physical Matter is not of the True Divine Creation - she knew that something was very wrong. People around her could not understand what she was contemplating in her final years when she abandoned her search for physical immortality and was pursuing an inkling of a discovery of Truth. On that path she quietly embarked on the awakening to what she felt would be a breakthrough from Falsehood. However, she was uncertain how it would happen, but she sensed that she would discover the "missing link" that would clarify many things.

Darkness began to sense that the Divine had a plan to move Mirra's consciousness into a new body, and observed some of the preparation and knowledge that was given to the new body. Darkness wanted to block this plan and directed Its agents to bring about Mirra's early death. Had she lived as long as had been intended, the transition into the new body would have been smoother and easier. However, the preparation was such that even though Mirra died prematurely when she was buried alive - although her physical body appeared to be lifeless - the transition of the consciousness from Mirra of Pondicherry to Fragrance went rather smoothly under the circumstances. The reason that her body appeared to be lifeless from time to time was that she was in a deep state travelling a long distance from the physical dimension, and her body was operating on "automatic pilot" without a "stand-in" consciousness. When Mirra was in such a deep state, part of her consciousness remained in the body so there would be no "stand-in". She had warned Satprem about this state and had asked him to delay any burial because of it. Such a state can last for up to several days. However, the evil ones were so frightened of her that they arranged to bury her alive quickly, which is why she had an agonizing expression on her face.

There is a single consciousness, that of Mirra. Mirra was the caterpillar in her early stages of her life - later she was the cocoon - and Fragrance, who is Mirra's consciousness and is actually Mirra, is the butterfly.

During the incubation time from 1962 to 1973, Mirra was aware of the transition occurring to Fragrance's body. She knew that the key to the whole Plan of the Rescue Mission would be revealed to her after her metamorphosis into the butterfly.

Before Mirra died, she had already realized that Nirvana was an illusion. As Fragrance, Mirra knew that even the so-called spiritual enlightenment that so many yearn for is an illusion of Darkness. As Fragrance, she had experienced several incidences of being at "Oneness" with the whole universe, where everything seemed to be in perfect harmony, perfect peace, total freedom, beauty and every cell and everything is connected to one another. At those moments, all is knowing, all is perfect, all is in perfect harmony, beauty and love. (These "Oneness" experiences are not the same as the stillness, peace and harmony that can be experienced in a deep state of meditation.) The "Oneness" experience can occur while someone is performing almost any normal activity such as gardening or walking. It is a spontaneous experience not induced by any intoxicants or mind-altering chemicals.

Yet, when the "key" was finally "given" to Fragrance, and when the Higher Powers of the Mother merged with the physical self of Fragrance, she had a sudden re-awakening and she was able to see through the illusion during her next episode of experiencing the "Oneness". She knew then that like Nirvana, Samadhi and Enlightenment, this "Oneness" is also an illusion that sends searchers into a futile circle that leads nowhere even though the searchers are convinced that these illusions are real. All of these concepts are examples of the falsehood of this dimension where people are deceived into thinking that there is a solution to the suffering/ignorance of humans.

The "Oneness" illusion is used effectively by Darkness to convince true seekers that there is no evil and that all is going according to the Divine Plan. Thus, this sinister illusion sends true seekers into a state of ignorant complacency, when things are really very desperate here for True-Light beings as they are not only imprisoned by Darkness - they are being spiritually assassinated and many have been lost to Darkness. MANY SPIRITUAL TEACHERS HAVE CONSCIOUSLY OR IGNORANTLY TAUGHT THE ILLUSION OF "ONENESS" TO OTHERS WITH DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES TO TRUE SPIRITS.

The True Oneness with the Divine can only be truly experienced after the separation of True Light from the False Light, which has not yet occurred. Hence, nobody on Earth has experienced True Oneness with the True Creator (Light). What some people have experienced and called "True Oneness" is only a pseudo-experience of "Oneness" brought about by an illusion of Darkness. There are many illusions within the illusions - virtual realities within virtual realities - in this world of Virtual Reality controlled by Darkness.

The consciousness of Mirra only occupies one body at a time. It was either in Mirra or in Fragrance, but did not reside in both simultaneously. This is important because this was literally the continuation of a single consciousness on Earth.

When Mirra's consciousness switched from Mirra's body to Fragrance's the Light did NOT want Fragrance to retain all the distorted and confusing metaphysical and other knowledge Mirra had sorted through. What Fragrance primarily retained was Mirra's awareness of Truth and untruth.

It should be remembered that Mirra already had much practice using the physical body called Fragrance while the physical body of Mirra was still alive. The body called Fragrance was occupied by a stand-in consciousness called Mishoomis - a being the Divine had assigned for that task - that was preparing the body for the times that Mirra would temporarily come in, and ultimately for the time when Mirra would permanently occupy the younger body (Fragrance). Further, Mishoomis was also the "stand-in" consciousness for Mirra when she was away occupying the younger body in a different part of the world.

The continuity of consciousness into the second body allowed Fragrance at a young age to begin to discard the distorted knowledge of the world and be able to see through the confusion that Darkness has imposed upon this realm. The Divine had prepared for Mirra to put everything that she had into trying to make sense of the distorted knowledge on the planet. By the time of Mirra's physical death, she had accepted that Darkness had imposed confusing, distorted metaphysical knowledge that would be almost unsolvable in a single human lifetime.

Further, the confusion and falsehood that are so deep, complex and intertwined occurs in all dimensions of this pseudo-creation including the astral world. Therefore, the astral beings are in a deep state of confusion and are just as deceived by the Virtual Reality of the astral world as those in the physical are. This is why it was important for the consciousness of Mirra to continue into the body of Fragrance and live a long life in the physical to avoid the loss of awareness that occurs with physical death.

Mirra resumed her awareness as Fragrance without the obstruction of all the distorted physical knowledge that Mirra had to deal with. Thus, as Fragrance, Mirra was able to discard the "baggage" and start afresh, but with all the awareness that Mirra had obtained. The Divine Plan was for Mirra as Fragrance to recognize the Truth from the untruth based upon all the earlier work that Mirra had done in sorting out the Truth from the untruth.

However, this was only the preliminary stage of the ability of "knowing" Truth from untruth that Mirra, as Fragrance, would obtain. This would be refined for 11 years until 1984, when the Higher Powers of the Mother descended into the body of Fragrance. Then, in 1986, the New Energy that had been revealed to Mirra many years earlier was released according to the Divine Plan. By then, Fragrance's body had been spiritually modified to accommodate the New Energy. This New Energy is also known as the Clearing Energy that is impenetrable by Darkness. Eventually, all the viable beings (beings who have chosen the Light) will have modifications done to them so that their spiritual bodies will be transformed into a "body" which will accommodate the New Energy.

It was by design that Mirra was to go down the track of confusion and distortion in order to begin the process of breaking the illusion of this Virtual Reality. This process would take many years before everything would come together for the final countdown of the breaking down of the whole Virtual Reality of this evil dimension. As a consequence of Mirra's role to pursue confusing and distorted knowledge, she remained incognito, while she was engaged in pursuing accepted and established religions, faiths and other such traditional metaphysical concepts. On this track, Mirra was able to advance while minimizing scrutiny by Darkness and Its agents on the planet.

For example, before Mirra had the "key" she stated that:

All disease is a means towards some new joy of health, all evil and pain a tuning of nature for some more intense bliss and good, all death an opening on widest immortality. Why and how this should be so, is God's secret which only the soul purified of egoism can penetrate. The Mother, 1969.

When nearing her death, she began seeing through the illusion even though she still had not been given the "key" as can be seen in this 1971 writing:

This is my Christmas message.

The time has come for the rule of falsehood to end and the Truth alone is salvation. The Mother's Agenda, Volume 12, December 1971.

The truth of the preceding message was fulfilled after the "key" was brought down and the Plan was revealed to Fragrance in a more complete form in late 1999.

In 1954 Mirra showed how strong her faith in the Divine was when she said:

We must march on with the quiet certitude that what has to be done will be done. Words of the Mother.

In 1961, she said:

To come closer to the Truth, you must accept not to understand [everything]. Words of the Mother.

Mirra wrote about the Earth as the focal point for cosmic transformation before receiving the "key". When the "key" was made known to her it became obvious that the Earth would in fact be the focal point for the transmutation of the Cosmic (Darkness) in order for the true Divine "evolution" to operate.

The transition to the new mode of existence that Mirra had "peeped" into was not the transformation into a new physiological species as she thought at the time. What she "saw" was really the transition to a new mode of existence where there is no evil, no Matter, no death, where consciousness will be taking on an incorruptible and permanent form supported by the New Energy that cannot be corrupted or penetrated by Evil.

By the time Mirra assumed the body of Fragrance she was clearer about the concepts that she called True Matter and False Matter when she was in Mirra's body. These concepts became clearer after she had the "key" and the bits started to come together. She re-named the concepts True Light and False Light. While this may appear to be an insignificant change of terms, it is in fact a reversal of the perspective from which Matter and Spirit are viewed. As Fragrance, Mirra recognized that ALL Matter is of the False Creation (Darkness/False Light).

Mirra as Fragrance understood the following, which is the most complete expression of the "key" to seeing through the illusions, distortions and falsehood of this dimension that is controlled by the usurping Darkness:

She recognized that many are charmed by the expression of Light, but are not able to recognize the Source of the Light. The Light is NOT the Source.

The [Divine] Source is often mentioned, but one must ask, "What is the Source?" It has been called by many names, such as: The Unmanifest, The Fount, All That Is, The One, The Great Mystery, Wakan Tanka, The Great Mind, The Great Spirit, The Logos, The Formless One, The Infinite, The Timeless One, etc.

The Source is the original "Home" of the Light. From the Source, or The Unmanifest, grows the Root of Creation. Continuing with the analogy of a plant, (realizing that this is necessarily a simplified explanation of something that physical minds have a great deal of difficulty in comprehending), consider that the trunk of Creation brings forth a single branch - the Branch of Light.

From the Branch of Light appeared a shoot - the Shoot of Darkness. I have occasionally referred to the Shoot of Darkness as the Evil Creation, the Evil Mind, the Evil Principle, Darkness or Evil. For purposes of this discussion, these terms are interchangeable.

The Shoot of Darkness was not created by Evil. It is in fact a shoot from the Divine Creation that went awry. If the Shoot of Darkness were severed from the Tree of Creation, it would wither and fade upon severance from the Source.

If the Branch of Light were severed from the Source, it also would wither and die. Creation is the Expression of the Source and the Expression cannot exist without nourishment from the Source.

The Branch of Light eventually became intertwined with the Shoot of Darkness as the shoot clung to the branch for sustenance and support. Due to this mingling, it is difficult to discern if a being belongs to the Branch of Light or the Shoot of Darkness. All beings need to be traced to the Root or Trunk of Creation to discover where they stem from.

The closer to the Trunk, the easier it is to discern, but as the Branch and Shoot grow and express further, the interweaving of Light and Darkness makes it harder and harder to identify individual beings.

Evil stemmed from a celestial experimental error that would not correct itself, nor take Divine Correction, but instead thrived on the Corrective Energy all the while resisting and defying Divine Correction. Evil saw the Creation (The Expression) as the Ultimate and forgot that without the Source there would be no Expression.

Darkness created the illusion that it is the Source. This illusion is so real that Darkness itself is deluded and thinks that It (Darkness) is the Source. Evil chose the glitter over the substance. The glitter attracts the majority of beings. Many of the Light beings also erroneously perceive the Expression of Light as the Ultimate.

It is not the Source, but the Expression that is corrupted. The Source, the Unmanifest, is all there is of permanence and it remains uncorrupted. Nothing is self-sustaining that is manifested from the Source. Only the Source is eternal and perpetual. Thus, the statement that the Light is self-sustaining is clearly a simplification that needs further explanation at this time. A simple explanation is that the Light of Creation has been deemed Good by the Unmanifest, and so long as the Light tends towards Purity, it is self-sustaining because by striving towards Purity it automatically connects Itself to the Source.

The Unmanifest will always be as it is - the Unmanifest. It is not personalized in the way humans comprehend and perceive it to be. People are unaware of the existence of the two Lights that are present in this False Creation. For purposes of clarification, I shall refer to the two Lights as the True Light and the False Light.

However, the Light can be contaminated by Darkness if Darkness invades Light. Hence, if Darkness is not checked, the Light could be swamped and weakened by Darkness and become contaminated by It. The Light referred to and experienced by the majority of people in this world and in the astral is often not the True Light - it is actually the False Light from the Shoot of Darkness. Few people suspect that the Light they see and experience is in fact not the True Light of the Branch of Light. This explains why beings of Light as well as beings of Darkness often claim that they are of the Light and have been in the Light during near-death experiences and at other times even though the Light they experienced is the False Light. The Light experienced by many people during near-death experiences is the False Light.

The present Dalai Lama has cautioned his followers that existence may not be infinite. Further, the Catholic Bible in Psalm 23 expresses a similar thought in its final verse: "I will dwell in the house of the LORD for years to come." This concept is correct - when True Light is withdrawn from the False Light at the time when the True-Light beings are withdrawn from this Evil Creation (Shoot of Darkness). In other words, Darkness is beginning to suspect that when the Light supplied by the True-Light beings is withdrawn due to their liberation from Darkness, the False Light will be extinguished. Hence the existence of the False-Light beings (beings of Darkness) is not infinite.

Creation is an ongoing process. It is only in the Dark Shoot of Creation that "time" exists. True Creation is Timeless.

Beings of Light will naturally be attracted to the True Light unless they are severely contaminated by Darkness. Beings from the Shoot of Darkness are naturally attracted to the False Light created by the Shoot of Darkness and will naturally be repulsed and threatened by the True Light. Further, True-Light beings can still be attracted to the False Light due to programming, illusions and pollution.

Although True-Light beings can be attracted to the False Light, they are not ultimately repulsed or threatened by True Light even though they might initially be a bit insecure towards It due to pollution and programming from Darkness. True-Light beings are in fact nurtured, strengthened and sustained by the True Light.

Beings of Darkness are attracted to the False Light and are nurtured by It while beings of Light, even when they are being programmed to respond to or be attracted to the False Light, are not nurtured by the False Light. Instead, they are being exploited by the False Light and become pockets of energy that nurture Darkness.

Beings of Darkness are not comfortable in the presence of True Light. They feel a sense of gloom and doom. They can never recognize nor accept the True Light and Its "Messengers". They can never truly feel at home nor can they truly be committed to the Work sponsored by the True Light. Such ones will always feel that they are still searching for their way home, even if they encounter True Light and Its Messengers. This is true since their real home goes back to the Shoot of Darkness and not to the Branch of Light or the Source.

On the other hand, beings of Light can never totally feel committed or comfortable with the False Light. The True-Light beings who are nourished by the True Light grow in Purity, while the False-Light beings who are nurtured by the False Light grow more and more evil. However, beings for either side will ultimately know which side they belong to.

The True Light carries an inner sound, an inner vibration, a blueprint which the False Light cannot reproduce even though the False Light can imitate the appearance of the True Light. This is where the awakened beings of Light will be able to discriminate the True-Light beings from the False-Light beings AFTER the final stages of the separation of Light from Darkness commence. There is the Pulse, the inner Sound, the inner Vibration that individual beings of True Light can inwardly access to recognize the True Light.

The separation of the True Light and False Light is now in progress. This is manifesting on many levels and the operation is extremely complex and delicate. The entire Tree of Creation (the Expression) appears to be far gone, but some of It can still be retrieved. Therefore, the Tree can be saved with some delicate pruning. It is better to lose the offending part than to lose the entire Tree.

As beings of the True Light become more and more detached from the beings of the False Light, they become more and more unified with the True Light. When this occurs they begin to notice the differences between themselves and the beings of Darkness (This will occur more on the subtle level and in their spiritual expression rather than in their physical appearance).

As beings of Light become more and more in tune with the True Light, they will become more and more vibrant, shining sparks of the True Light. Beings of Light and beings of Darkness will then become more and more intolerant and uncomfortable with one another. While this separation of the two Lights is in progress, True-Light beings and False-Light beings will both be undertaking their respective "metamorphoses".

The Miniature Galaxy that has been discussed in the past is a "Half-Way House" for the viables when they are evacuated from this Evil Creation. True-Light beings who have been contaminated by Darkness will reside there until all the necessary "metamorphoses" are completed so that they can safely be re-assimilated into the Branch of Light. Thus, once again, they will be re-united with the Source and become an integral part of the True Creation.

It is then that True-Light beings will exist in the love, purity, timelessness, harmony, joy and beauty of the True Creation. Even the being known as "Time" will have been liberated from Darkness. The Source.

(The method for freeing the being called "Time" will be via vertical time, which will be explained in a subsequent posting.)

Many people, including Satprem, have unsuccessfully tried to comprehend and interpret Mirra's teaching and experiences. Like many, Satprem mistakenly thought that Mirra had taken her secrets to the grave. Satprem also erroneously attributed certain things to Sri Aurobindo that in fact originated from Mirra. For example, Mirra spoke about dismantling the physical universe in April of 1962 and Satprem assumed that Sri Aurobindo must have had the vision before Mirra even though Satprem acknowledged that Aurobindo never mentioned it. Many have noted that Aurobindo's work took on a more profound status after Mirra began working with him. This is because Mirra was an "incarnation" of the Divine Mother and afforded Aurobindo exposure to considerable spiritual knowledge once she started her Divine mission.

There was a time when Mirra was about 40 years old that she and Aurobindo worked on bringing down their yoga "from the mind into the vital", and after a month's yoga, Mirra looked like an 18-year-old woman. However, Aurobindo was not affected in the same way. This is because the reverse of ageing was due not to the yoga, but instead to her visits to "places" where the cells were rejuvenated. Further, her spiritual mission required a very long life, so it was extended during that time.

One thing that Mirra expressed was that she felt things through her body. This is because her physical body was like a barometer of what was going on around her. She could tell if things were changing at any given time. She could feel the pain of the entire world and what was wrong with this creation. This happens to Fragrance too. One such example of Mirra's follows:

Everything is becoming a discomfort - a perpetual discomfort - as if my body were experiencing all the things that must disappear. And it's perpetual. Everything - things from outside, things from inside, things from so-called others, things concerning this body - everything, everything is terrible, terrible, terrible . . . As if the contradictions were accumulating in me in order for me to do the work, but I don't know who "me" is. The whole life of this body, of this poor body, is the negation of what it feels is the . . . Beauty to be realized . . . As though the battle of the world were waged in my consciousness . . . Satprem, Mother or the Mutation of Death.

What Mirra was feeling at the time was the whole weight of the True-Light particles trapped in False Light. She could feel that parts of herself were being trapped in this creation that is controlled by Darkness. The battle she referred to was in fact being waged in her consciousness, if you can appreciate what the consciousness of the Divine Mother entails. However, it was not yet time to bring forward the "key" that would explain all the bits and pieces and missing links of what was transpiring.

While Mirra could sense and intuitively comprehend what was going on in her "quiet" states, she was unable to fully express the implications of what was going on to those around her. She faced a paradox because when she was in her quiet time or higher-mind state, she was more fully connected to the Divine and what she experienced was harmonious, loving and beautiful. However, when she withdrew from her quiet time back to the mundane world, she immediately saw the contradiction between the Divine she communicated with and the expression on the planet.

While she did have the "key" in her higher mind, it had not yet descended to her biological mind. The lack of the "key" confused her as to the nature of the Divine, and why the Divine would allow such horrific experiences here. Even though she seemed to follow the traditional explanations about evil, suffering and death, she never fully accepted the spiritual drivel that attempted to explain why there was suffering and death on the planet. She inwardly knew something was very wrong, but it was not yet time for the Plan to be revealed. It must always be remembered that there is a war of essences and battle plans need to be protected.

To truly understand the Divine Vibration is to know the love and power of the True Godhead. The main points in Mirra's teachings, and the embodiment of her work, was to impart understanding of the "soul's" confusion and entrapment in physical Matter. However, it is not the "soul" that is imprisoned because the "soul" is not the true spirit as it has been erroneously understood to be. The latter part of her work in the body of Fragrance is the removal of the true spirit from the encasement of the "soul". The true spirit is not the "soul". The "soul" is really an artificial creation imposed by Darkness trying to imitate a true spirit. The "soul" is in fact an encasement of a true spirit - the jail or prison imposed on the true spirit by Darkness when it entrapped the True-Light particles.

Thus, ever since, the true spirits have been encased and imprisoned in artificial "souls". The true spirits have been restricted in all ways for a long, long time. Hence, it is the true spirit and not the "soul" that is awaiting liberation from Matter (Darkness). "Souls" have been mistaken as true spirits, just like the Earth Mother (another imitation by Darkness) has been mistaken for the True Divine Mother of Light. It should be mentioned that the Divine Mother allowed a part of herself to be trapped in Matter because of her love for her Creation and desire to rescue her trapped children (particles of Light) from Darkness. That trapped part of the Divine Mother has now been liberated.

When a "soul" leaves the body at the time of physical death, the true spirit that is encased in the "soul" goes with the "soul" and continues in its imprisonment to the next place of existence. Hence the true spirit is imprisoned and cannot leave until it is totally separated from Matter (Darkness). The day of liberation from Darkness is rapidly approaching.

The entrapment of the true spirit in the "soul" of Virtual Reality stems from the illusion of "no-motion", which has been under the management of a being called Wanchenlu for a long, long time. The illusion of "no-motion" is that illusion that deceives beings into thinking there is no motion unless their rate of travel changes. This illusion causes things in this pseudo-creation to appear to be very different from what they really are. Hence, people are deceived and confused by the illusion. For example: The illusion of "no-motion" makes the Earth appear to be standing still for those who occupy it, and without in-depth study, the Earth's residents are ignorant that the Earth is in constant motion.

The illusion of "no-motion" is now fracturing because the being known as Wanchenlu is now being exposed by the Light. This being is actually on the planet at this time and has taken on the physical body of a human. Now that Wanchenlu has been exposed by the Attas, its Virtual Reality is collapsing. This is, of course, a very simplified explanation of a very complex process.

Once the illusion of "no-motion" is totally fractured, the separation of Spirit from Matter will commence. This means that the true spirits will be finally freed from the encasements that are called "souls". As stated earlier, the latter are pseudo-spirits that impersonate true spirits while all the while they are the jails. The illusion of "no-motion" should not be confused with the Buddhist concept of illusion, which is yet another form of illusion within the illusion - a virtual reality within the Virtual Reality.

A lot of information pertaining to spiritual matters was retained by Mirra, only to be released later when her consciousness took up permanent residence in her subsequent body, which she had started using periodically while she was still in the physical.

Mirra knew that there was a mission for her to carry out on Earth. She was able to assemble a great deal of spiritual knowledge and explain profound things. In fact, she was far beyond any of her contemporaries, including those who assisted her while she was spiritually awakening. In truth, she was the Divine Mother "incarnate", and hence beyond all others.

In her later years, those around Mirra were unable to understand what she was doing, and this frightened them. They were hoping for a "cosmic redemption" in which Evil would be transformed and thereafter brought back into the fold with Good (Light). They did not recognize Mirra as the Divine Mother, and even if they had, they would have treated her as a lesser aspect of the Godhead because she was a female.

As mentioned before, a part of the Mother was trapped in Matter due to the Mother's love for her creation. However, this part has recently been reclaimed by the Light and removed from this dimension. Darkness is now getting very nervous because It has lost Its main "hostage" that was incidentally helping to sustain It. What has been called the war of essences is really a rescue mission led by the Mother. Now that she has retrieved the part of herself that had been trapped in Matter, it is time to begin freeing all her trapped "children".

Mirra described the new state of existence that she saw. It was not clear to her at the time because the Plan had not yet been totally brought down to her physical consciousness - it was not time. What Mirra was seeing and experiencing was the new existence where all the "bodies" are made of the New Energy. Mirra was able to convey this concept after the "key" and the Plan were revealed. Fragrance has seen the new body and the new dimension several times. The concept of the New Bodies is best described in what Mirra as Fragrance conveyed to one of the Attas of the Rescue Mission many years later:

The structure of the new bodies in which we are to eventually move into once those physical bodies have been discarded is unique in its design.

The new dimension into which we shall go, after this dimension ceases, shall be a great and unique one with a special design, with a special structure, with new and unique facilities all created from a new type of energy.

This new dimension was created with an energy that has neither been known nor experienced before.

It is an energy which totally rejects negativities and they cannot exist in its presence.

The new dimension has, in fact, been made in accordance with the construction of the new bodies, and it has been designed and constructed to facilitate the many new and amazing abilities of the new bodies.

Within the new dimension lies the opportunity for all beings to experience, express and progress [with harmony, love and purity].

When one is within this new dimension, one no longer needs to play a charade for all shall express all that they truly are.

Thus, there shall be no Evil.

Thus, there shall be no pretence, for that is negative. Negativity cannot exist in the new dimension.

The new body is not a rigid form. It will be a vehicle of expression which will facilitate one's existence. It is not constructed of rigid [physical] matter. It is constructed purely of the new type of energy.

All [physical] human design of the [False-Light creation of the] evil Usurper will disappear as will the respiratory system, the reproductive system and the alimentary system. The form of the new body will be supple, light, mobile, sexless and radiant.

Mirra was laying the foundation of her spiritual mission, which was to take more than a century and a quarter. It was necessary to have such a long lifespan so that the confusion of this realm could be sorted out by a single consciousness over an uninterrupted continuum. This spiritual mission has never been undertaken in the past by anyone.

Mirra constantly discussed physical death, and how to overcome it. Many believed that Mirra was discussing the possibility of a re-assembly at the cellular level for immortality. She often said that death must be overcome and that there should be no more death. Mirra believed that when death had no meaning it would be irrelevant - gone. Unbeknown to her at the time, she was actually seeing the new dimension of the True Creation where there is no death. However, without the "key" she thought that death had a Divine purpose. But its only purpose is to suit Darkness. Mirra's concept of the absence of death was misunderstood by many who applied a physical immortality to it. In fact, Mirra was discussing the elimination of all physical bodies and the attainment of spiritual eternity via what she called a new body.

Although later Mirra knew that death was an evil imposition, due to cultural constraints and the timing, she continued to adjust her teachings to suit the surroundings. She took her quest for the elimination of death within and kept her own counsel on this.

Mirra as Fragrance continues to declare that death is not natural. Physical death is an artificial invention of Evil. Many lies have been told about death, such as it being the source of re-birth, regeneration, growth for the "soul", a learning opportunity etc. None of these are true or necessary for the evolvement of the consciousness in the True Divine Creation. In fact, death is a means for enslavement of the spirit in Matter.

Even as a child Fragrance was plagued by the thought that death was unnatural, unwarranted and cruel and that there should be no death. She kept this to herself because she sensed that others would not understand her. She was also working on reversing the ageing process. Even as a child, Fragrance had begun to display psychic abilities and spiritual understanding similar to those attributed to Mirra. She was wise beyond her age and many adults sought her counsel. She had the ability to bring dead animals to life, go out of body at will, see energies and auras and other things not visible to human eyes - including atoms. She could see things in the "empty" space and could see other dimensional beings etc. She felt very close to God and knew she was being guided by the Divine. She was spiritual in a hedonistic environment. Like Mirra, she knew she had a mission to fulfil. It was as though she was born to it. And, like Mirra, she felt that as she was "following the growth of the mind and brain, the precision and completeness of this consciousness grew also." Words of the Mother, Volume 13, 1920.

Fragrance was also very intuitive. She was different from other children and teenagers of her time. She knew the Divine was guiding her, and her whole life was devoted to the Divine. Her biological family thought that she would grow out of her spiritual devotion, but they were wrong. She saw herself as a spiritual warrior and she also knew that she was an alien, even when she was a little girl. But, she also knew that she had to keep these things to herself.

Like Mirra, Fragrance was concerned about issues of equality of women in society and the various forms of slavery. Both believed that only women could liberate themselves by fracturing the bonds that enslave them in this world. These bonds include the blind acceptance and attraction towards masculine strength and looking to males for security, home life and motherhood. Both believed that if women could get free of these slaveries, they would truly be the equal of men. Both also believed that if men could keep under control the desire for sexual relationships with women and the attachments to the small comforts of married life and the enhancement of male egos, then men could truly become the equal of women. Even today, women are restricted in worship and denied voting rights in some places. Likewise, some men are made to feel inadequate and insecure by some so-called feminists who take things to the extreme.

Without the "key" and following the old system, Mirra voiced that good and evil are opposites of the same. Some people claim that evil is the mere absence of good (privation theory). If this is so, then a given good plus a given evil is no worse than that good by itself. But if evil is the opposite of good, then it is worse.

Consequently, if we argue that corruptibility cannot occur anywhere, we are then negating the existence of anything contrary to God's nature. In that case, either Evil does not exist, or else Evil has to be taken as part of God's nature. Both these conclusions are absurd, for we know evil exists and we know evil is opposite to what we assume we know the Divine to be.

When it comes to suffering, some argue implausibly that this is just the privation of a proper good. To cause the privation of a proper good is to corrupt, which is a wrong action. According to this argument then, a physical pain or suffering inflicted purposely and unnecessarily on another is not an evil action carried out by the offender. Such argument excuses all types of offenders.

One may argue that there is nothing evil about suffering for one's own misdeeds, but what if a misdeed was out of one's control? In this sense it is evil even when one has to suffer for one's own misdeeds.

On the issue of pain and suffering, some believe that such pain and suffering are dependent on knowledge and awareness, as in the knowledge and awareness of a disorder or privation. Thus, according to this argument, pain, suffering, and sorrow are only events in one's life that are devoid of a perfection of good, whereas the evil of nature dispenses pain, suffering, and death to animals in a manner whose justification we cannot fully comprehend.

It is sad that many people believe that animals feel pain but do not suffer. My own experiences with various types of animals over the years show that animals do suffer physically and emotionally. Hence those who abuse and assault an animal should be dealt with in the same manner as those who abuse and assault a human being.

Many people believe that the act of evil is due to ignorance. This may be correct to some extent, but false beliefs and misunderstandings are recognizably worse than mere ignorance or failure to understand. For example, someone who believes that all Jews are murderers may be in a worse situation than someone who has not a clue about whether they are or not. But on a privative theory this could not be so.

False belief could lead to fanaticism. For example: British author Salman Rushdie had a fatwa, or death sentence edict against him for blaspheming against Islam in his novel, The Satanic Verses. Muslims were ordered to kill Rushdie. It is easier to "re-educate" an ignorant person than a fanatic blinded by his false belief. Thus, false belief is harder to overcome than mere ignorance, and any doctrine, when taken to fanatical extremes, can be deadly dangerous.

Mirra had spoken of a new body that she had "seen". However, she was not sure whether it was the supramental body or a transitional body. She described the body as being a very slender, very pretty, asexual harmonious form. What Mirra was seeing was the new body (described earlier in this essay) that is made to accommodate the New Energy in a place where there is no physical Matter (Evil/Darkness). This will occur after the sorting of True-Light particles from False-Light particles.

Mirra was about 70 when her new body was being prepared. Off and on, Mirra spent time in this body as it developed and left many of her memories (as mentioned before, when Mirra was not in this young girl's body, there was a stand-in consciousness known as Mishoomis, who often expressed as a playful pixie). Due to these two bodies housing the same single consciousness, the new body was able to "awaken" very rapidly and soon come up to the level at which Mirra was at while Mirra was still in the physical. As a young girl growing up Fragrance wanted to wear a sari, but her mother objected to it because they were not East Indians. Fragrance also had many Indian friends, developed a taste for Indian curries, and would not eat meat even though her family did not prepare Indian food or appreciate Indian culture. Later, as Fragrance, Mirra also remembered being buried alive and trying to alert those around her not to bury her.

Mirra suspected that she was slowly being poisoned over the years by "close" associates. She knew that something was very wrong. It was very much like she was being imprisoned by those around her; her movements were restricted, and visits by others were curtailed or denied without her consent. Even Satprem was restricted in visiting Mirra.

Fragrance remembers many of the people in Mirra's life, including those who loved her and those who were abusive to her in her old age. When her body was frail, the people who cared for her paraded her on the balcony for the devotees of the Ashram to see her, but as soon as she was brought in from the balcony, they scolded and sneered at her. Many of those assigned to care for Mirra viewed her as a senile, deranged woman. They mocked, ridiculed, scorned and abused her. One of the women often pinched Mirra for not eating as expected or spilling the food. They could not understand her spiritual explorations and so they concluded she must be senile. On the contrary, Mirra's mind was active, sound and clear until the very end.

In 1973, when Mirra was buried alive, the consciousness in Mirra of Pondicherry left that body to permanently reside in the body called Fragrance. Mishoomis, the stand-in for Fragrance, continued to occasionally stand-in for her when Fragrance/Mirra had to be "away" for a longer period of time. Fragrance later became aware of Mishoomis and the two have become very close.

Thus the consciousness of Mirra lives on without interruption and without going through the various changes and memory losses that happen with each incarnation. Since Mirra had had so much practice in using a different body, it was a smooth transfer. As soon as Mirra was in the body called Fragrance, all the psychic abilities began to function full time and Mirra also brought her spiritual knowledge with her in the transfer.

As Fragrance, Mirra continues to explore and consolidate all the necessary information related to her mission. Fragrance is able to bring forth passive knowledge into her active awareness whenever it is necessary. This is much like what Mirra reportedly said when she discussed the:

knowledge of events on the various levels of existence was, as it were, stored in the gradations of her consciousness which corresponded to those levels, and that for her embodied personality that passive knowledge could be made actively available if she concentrated on it . . . Vrekhem, Beyond the Human Species.

At this time, Mirra as Fragrance is still awakening further and further to her mission. So far she has bits and pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. By 1984, Fragrance was intuitively given the knowledge that the Higher Aspect of the Divine Mother would descend to be at one with her. Normally these are always kept separate, but for the late stages of this very important mission, it was necessary for the complete being to be incorporated into one body.

In 1985, Fragrance began her spiritual public work. When she first started her public work she met a professor of philosophy who immediately recognized her energy as Mirra's without even knowing Fragrance. This philosopher was very devoted to Mirra. However, Fragrance did not tell him who she was. She knew that it was not time to do so. Fragrance's written signature even resembles that of Mirra's when Mirra was still in the physical.

Many observed that when Mirra appeared on the balcony of the Ashram, where she gave blessings to the devotees, sometimes she looked much taller than she was in the physical. Fragrance has heard many similar comments about her height also. These can be explained by the alien affiliation of Mirra/Fragrance that shows up from time to time. Her alien form is very tall and slender.

In 1989, Premah South, who recognized Fragrance as Mirra, wrote a book dedicated to her entitled The True Divine Mother, Her Love and Creation. In the book are the following passages which were the result of the author's discussions with Fragrance coupled with his own intuitive work:

All the different forms of power on this planet come originally from the Mother, but they are no longer under Her control. The demiurge has manipulated and changed the Power so much that its origins are almost unrecognizable.

Many times the Mother's Love was used to try and remove or modify the ways of evil, but each time was a failure.

But this was inevitable, for trying to persuade evil to change its ways with Love and Compassion is like trying to put out a fire with petrol!

Evil soaks up the power and energy of the Love, changes its intent and uses it against the Mother.

But the situation has now changed.

The original energy of Love easily modified and misused by Evil is no longer in use.

The energy of the Mother's Love has been radically changed. It can no longer be harnessed and abused by evil for evil purposes.

Outside of the realm of Evil, She has the Power to direct everything in Creation and She directs all things for the good of the true Creation.

As the Mother now helps in the Rescue, evil will believe that it is performing its own will, when in fact it will be unwittingly carrying out the Will of the Mother.

Fragrance said that in order to accomplish her work she had sunk down into the bottomless depths of Matter. She had witnessed and experienced the horror of evil with its falsehood and ignorance. This is similar to what Mirra expressed earlier.

Indira Gandhi and Mirra had a close relationship; Indira Gandhi was a devotee of Mirra and often sought her counsel on various issues. Here are excerpts from two letters exchanged between Mirra and Indira Gandhi in 1971:

Revered Mother,

Through these critical months I have thought constantly of you. I can find no words with which to express my gratitude for your support. Your blessings are a great source of strength . . .

The American [Nixon] administration is most upset that its calculation was so completely wrong, and they will use their power to try to humble us and specially to create division between Bangla Desh and ourselves. I think our nation has taken a step towards maturity. Yet, there are many who look only to today. If India is to be great we must improve the quality of the minds of our people. I know that this is your desire. In my humble way, I'm trying to do what I can . . .

Indira Gandhi [Prime Minister of India]

29 December 1971 reply from Mirra to Indira Gandhi:

With Blessings.

India must be proud of your leadership. Let the country take its true place in the world for showing the way towards the Supreme Truth.

With Love,


In 1984, a few days before it actually happened, Fragrance saw a vision of Indira Gandhi being assassinated. Fragrance saw two assassins running away from the crime. She saw the funeral being attended by dignitaries from other countries. Then, suddenly, Indira Gandhi appeared before her in her astral body addressing Fragrance as "Mother", and asked Fragrance to please not intervene, but to help her only after she was assassinated. Obviously, Indira Gandhi's true self recognised Mirra in Fragrance's body.

In his astral body, Satprem, too, came to Fragrance a few times during her waking hours. He expressed his joy of knowing that Mirra as Fragrance continued in this realm in the physical. He followed his name of "Satprem" with its meaning of "true love", which he reiterated with gratitude that it had been given and explained to him by Mirra.

These accounts show that the higher selves of individuals recognize Mirra even though she is now occupying a different body. Both Indira Gandhi and Satprem addressed Fragrance as "Mother".

A young student whom Fragrance knew died unexpectedly, and a memorial service was held overseas. The following is an abbreviated account from an attendant of the funeral who knew the student:

The service began with a pile of pomp and ceremony and a procession up the centre isle. The deceased's father was crying, the first emotion I had seen from him. I felt out of it somehow and worked purely on auto-pilot and emotion throughout the proceedings. Suddenly, I was nudged by a colleague who asked me, "Did you see that brightly-coloured butterfly that appeared out of nowhere?"Where did that butterfly appear from in the depths of our winter in the Northern Hemisphere?

Fragrance frequently "appears" in places as a butterfly, eagle or other animal forms. This was one such occasion because she knew the deceased.

Another person had been jogging and stopped to meditate for a while when he reported that he could feel the presence of Fragrance all around him. He looked up and saw a Golden eagle, a bird that is very rarely sighted in that locale. Fragrance later smilingly asked him if he had seen any Golden eagles and he exclaimed, "So it was you! I thought so!"

Her continuity of consciousness from Mirra to Fragrance explains why she is the only one who has the information regarding the Rescue Mission. Only she has put in the extended spiritual effort and assembled more than one and a quarter century's knowledge and intuition into a continuum.

The illusion is now fracturing to the point where it is becoming obvious in many "natural" and human events. The Four Elements have recently been released from their servitude. For a long, long time they were forced to conform to the "laws" of Darkness, however, they continued to faithfully serve the Light during their long, long captivity. The trapped part of the Mother has been released from the Earth. I have referred to this elsewhere as the rescue of the "soul" of the Earth.

Symbolically, death was conquered as is shown in this recent account:

Lovey, our young Jack Russel terrier was dying from a snake bite and other vicious attacks of Darkness. Although the vets were confident that he would survive, it was time for Lovey to return Home.

We had been playing the Luminescence CD for Lovey all day before putting on the Loving You CD for Lovey to hear. It was the first time we played that CD for Lovey. It was about 9:30 pm. As soon as the title song (Loving You) started to play, Lovey moved towards me and started "talking" in a distinct language pattern that gave me the inner knowing that he was saying "Mommy, I love you and I am going to be free soon." I felt an inner peace from this. Then he started barking and singing to the song and continued throughout the entire CD. When Luminescence was put back on, Lovey continued singing to that CD. Individual dogs at Alukar Heights responded to Lovey's barking and singing one at a time. I have never seen or heard anything like that before. His barks were clear and strong with a distinctive pattern. They seemed to be conveying information. When Wandering Minstrels started playing, Lovey sang along with the entire piece without taking a break. He also kept singing and barking after Luminescence concluded andLoving You was again played. This continued for nearly two hours, before Lovey gave his loudest single bark and left the physical peacefully.

Lovey died peacefully. At no time did Lovey ever struggle for breath, as is so common in the final stages of physical death. His body looked strong and healthy. He did not tire during all the time he was singing and barking. He looked almost his normal self, certainly strong for a dog who had been through so much.

Strangely, there was no release of bodily fluids, as usually occurs in physical death. His body remained intact and he looked peaceful and alive even the following day before his burial - he looked as though he was in a peaceful sleep.

Lovey conquered the mockery of physical death and took the sting away from death.

Elsewhere, things are breaking down and the veil of confusion is falling. For example, ultra-violet light is now affecting lives on Earth in a way as never before. I have noticed the increase in the intensity of ultra-violet light since 1982. As another example, a few days ago, a mist "appeared" in our lounge that was observable as misty rain inside the house. This is not water at all - it is really the breaking down of a type of energy that contributes to the regular operation of the universe and assists in holding up the illusion. Now, the mist is moving faster and faster. Also, protons and other sub-atomic particles are now whirling in a less predictable manner. This will soon have major consequences in the physical illusory world. This mist is not localized to our lounge - it is everywhere, and instead of swirling as it did in the past it is falling like rain.

It should be mentioned that protons are NOT spherical - they only appear to be. They are the Usurper's sub-atomic building blocks that are really minute cubes that are spinning so rapidly that they appear to be spherical. I have discussed this phenomenon in Shattering the Cube and other essays. Cubes are constructed of right (hard) angles and metaphysically speaking, they spread strife, war, friction and belligerence from the tiniest to the largest of the Usurper's "creations". This is by devious design to suit Darkness.

For too long people have mistakenly honoured the Usurper and called the Usurper "their creator", whilst all the time the Usurper has been their captor, abuser and jailer. The Usurper wears the fa├žade of a benevolent deity while all the time It is the murderer of Truth.

The Rescue Mission of the Light led by Mirra is nearing completion. Some have chosen to remain with Darkness. Others have chosen to remain faithful to the Light. Those who have remained faithful to the Light (the viables) should recognize that their true Family could be very different from their biological families.

There was a time when all was Right - when that which was, was all that was - but that time was lost when things turned Wrong.

The Wrong drew many on that course - the Path to utter Destruction. The Lure to go Wrong was cast into the Divine Sea, and many unwittingly followed. Some have fought like fish on lines and struggled and resisted and they have never been brought aboard the Wrong Ship. These have been valiant struggles for those brave ones who have resisted with all their will. It is for those who still fight the Wrong that the Love of the Divine has been poured into the Sea of Corruption.

Most who took the Lure struggled little. These gave their will over to the Wrong and were easily brought aboard the Wrong Ship. These who have given over their will to Wrong are wasting away in the hold of the Putrid Ship. It is also for these lost ones that the Rescue Mission was commenced - not to bring them Home for they have turned Wrong and are hopeless, but to reduce their suffering by cutting the Source away from the Wrong. Then the Wrong Ship and all Its cargo will soon be no more.

The time of the Rescue is NOW because so many who have fought so long are at the end of their will to resist. The hold of the Wrong Ship would soon snatch them. It is for these very brave ones who have struggled at every turn that the Wrong Ship is being cut off now.

The time is now. All those who have fallen prey will soon be no more as the Ship of Wrong is wrecked and It too will soon waste away.

For those who struggle against the Wrong - Rejoice! Your battles are nearly over, but fight the Wrong to the last, as the Right, which is the Light, will soon cut those lines and pull you from the Corrupted Sea, far from the memory of the Wrong Ship and Its Lures.

Strength is given to those who ask as the Love of the Mother/Father Creator is all about the Corrupted Sea. This Love was poured into the Corrupted Sea in order to sustain the viable ones. Soon, very soon, all the lines will snap and those who have struggled will swim free and at long last be Liberated from Darkness.

Rejoice. The day is drawing near. Be strong until that time for very soon all who have struggled with all their will shall be rescued and safely returned to their True Divine Home.

The time is indeed very close. Soon all that is will all be Right - when all that is, is in the Light. This is The Promise from the Divine Creator.

The Drumming has commenced. The New Energy has been released to Liberate those who have remained faithful to the Light. The Warriors have commenced their final battles on all levels. Victory is assured for the Light. The Journey Home will soon commence for all the True-Light beings who have valiantly struggled against enormous odds.

Here is something that Mirra as Jesus said that is very similar to what Fragrance also exclaimed:

Do not take my words for a teaching. Always view them as a force in action uttered with a definite intent. They lose their true power if ever separated from that purpose.

Those who know Fragrance know how apt her words were.

As Haidakhan Babaji (one of Mirra's Warriors and an Attas of the Rescue Mission) said in Path to Happiness:

If you are one of those who demands proof for everything, beware that it does not become an intellectual exercise which blocks your expansion and denies you the Truth.

But Truth will still be Truth if not a single person believes it, for Truth does not depend on the approval or on the acceptance by people in this system.

© 2005 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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