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Soaking the Atu-waa


Soaking the Atu-waa


Amitakh Stanford 

(republished from the Nara site)

6th January 2006

Many believe that the physical universe and all its inhabitants are in various states of evolution.  This theory has been in vogue since the time of Charles Darwin.  The basic premise of the theory of evolution is that from the smaller comes the greater.  Those who accept the theory must have an enormous amount of faith to believe that the lowest of intelligences can eventually evolve into greater intelligences.

Contrary to evolutionary theory, things are not in a state of evolution.  They are, in fact, in a state of decay – they are all devolving into chaos.  Species on the Earth have not evolved into their present states; they have been genetically engineered by alien scientists who have been manipulating biological bodies for a long time.  As times change and needs change, the various species are altered by aliens to suit various purposes.  Likewise, when different aliens colonized the Earth, different species were adapted to suit the different aliens.

One of the greatest mysteries to scientists on Earth has been the sudden disappearance of dinosaurs from the planet.  Several hypotheses have been circulated in regard to this issue.  The more important questions are where the dinosaurs came from, and why were they distributed around the world.  Once their origin is understood, their extinction can be better comprehended.

The First Cause of the creation of the Virtual Reality by Darkness was the invention of motion.  Darkness employed motion to create the illusion that incorporeal things have corporeal bodies.  This applies from the tiniest to the largest of things in the physical universes.  Motion is the First Cause, or the First Illusion.  The illusion of motion is not perpetual – it must be maintained by other illusions.  

After Darkness superimposed the physical universes and the astral worlds onto the True Creation, It delegated the responsibility of keeping the illusion of motion fuelled.  This responsibility was given to one of Darkness’ earliest favourite, chosen races – the Anunnaki.

A very important supporting illusion to the illusion of motion is the illusion of time.  Darkness also delegated the duty of maintaining the illusion of time to Its chief agents – the Anunnaki – who were often worshipped as gods by ancient earthlings.  

In order to maintain the illusion of time, it is imperative that time be “re-started” at various intervals.  The “instrument” used by the Anunnaki to re-start time is called the atu-waa.  This instrument is not just a machine – it has its own intelligence and is unique.  There is only one atu-waa in all of the Virtual Reality.  

For a long, long time, the Anunnaki kept close watch of the atu-waa on their home planet of Nibiru.  From that planet, time was re-started many times at opportune intervals.  When the Anunnaki realized that Nibiru was going to be no more, they searched for a suitable location.  The Earth, which was originally used as a dumping ground by various alien races, was ironically chosen as the new home for the all-important atu-waa .

Hence, suddenly, an insignificant planet became the most important place in all of the Virtual Reality.  It is extremely important to the Anunnaki that the earthlings never learn this information.  Thus, the Anunnaki have used all their means of deception, force, manipulation and so on to keep the secret of the atu-waa from earthlings and other alien races.  In hiding the information about the atu-waa , many myths and religions were invented and maintained to distract any who might search for truth.  The Anunnaki have also kept tight control over many other secrets on the planet.  Any who were a threat to the Anunnaki secrets were persecuted.

When the Anunnaki re-located the atu-waa to the Earth, there were already other alien races occupying the planet.  The Anunnaki commenced a plan of conquest of the Earth so they could have total control of the planet housing the atu-waa .  One of the methods of expelling the earlier alien occupants of the planet was to introduce frightening species.  This was accomplished by Anunnaki scientists who genetically engineered various monsters.

They created certain huge species of fish, amphibians and reptiles.  Among these were the carnivorous dinosaurs, which were genetically created for the specific purpose of frightening other aliens away from the planet.  Many aliens fled the Earth or moved away from areas where dinosaurs roamed.  Other aliens abandoned plans to colonize the Earth.

Once the planet was cleared of all “foreign” alien resistance, the Anunnaki scientists developed a beam that was used to exterminate the dinosaurs that had become a hazard and a nuisance to the Anunnaki.  When the dinosaurs were annihilated, the Anunnaki Elite more freely occupied the planet and brought in more slaves, their own kind and their various cultures to the planet.

The Anunnaki Elite have repeatedly re-started the illusion of time from the Earth by using the atu-waa .  When the illusion of time is re-started, many things are affected.  These include loss of memory of the past in the physical realms as well as in the astral realms.  The Akashic records are kept in the astral by chief Anunnaki agents, who often modify, re-write and tamper with them to suit their purposes.  Therefore, there are no reliable records left after each re-start of the illusion of time.  Many people who have stumbled upon the Akashic records have been fooled by the Anunnaki deceptions.  This is one of the reasons why people do not suspect that time is not perpetual and must be re-started at various intervals.

Since the Anunnaki worship different demiurges, there are multiple religions in the world.  The distribution of the religions depends upon the location of the various types of Anunnaki in the region.  In other words, some religions are founded upon the worship of a particular demiurge, while others are founded upon the worship of another demiurge.  In fact, some religions do not worship a demiurge at all, but instead worship alien gods (flesh-and-blood Anunnaki Elite).

Some religions are actually based upon some ancient truth that was later hijacked and corrupted to incorporate into an Anunnaki-sponsored religion.  Often, these religions have some truth that resonates with True-Light beings, who are attracted to them and become trapped in the religion.  

Among the many notions that the Anunnaki have sponsored is the belief that God is perfect.  The notion of a perfect God has troubled many true searchers.  If God were perfect, how could there be the problem of evil?  The problem of evil has perplexed many.  The basis of the problem is that if God is perfect, how could there be so much suffering, decay, injustice and, ultimately, how could there be death?

People who, like Augustine of Hippo, argue that evil is not a separate principle, but rather a privation of good and a non-being, believe in the necessity and gratuitousness of divine grace, antecedent to all human volition for good.  Such ones believe that all apparent evil originates in the human will. To these, nothing could exist other than God and what he created.  Therefore, they argue that there is only one principle, and that the principle is God and all things are created by him.  A corollary to this is that we should embrace evil as much as good, but this becomes nonsensical. Nonetheless this is a New Age concept many believe today.

The problem of evil is exacerbated by the belief that God is good, and that all things are created by God.  By this reasoning, everything that exists must be good since everything that exists has the virtue of being created by a good god. Such an argument shows a necessary connection between being and goodness.  This is just another example of the problem of evil based upon the notion that God is perfect.  

In fact, the True God is NOT perfect in the sense of the Anunnaki notion of perfection.  God is Love and what God creates is created with Love.  If something goes wrong in the creation process, God can correct it.  This is deemed an imperfection according to the human notion of God’s perfection.  It is important to realize that good is not synonymous with perfection.  

The extant Bible uses the term “perfect hatred”, which by almost any definition could not be good.  See:  Psalms 139:22.  Therefore, “perfect” is an adjective to describe a noun, and it does not necessarily mean that “perfect” is good.  

The argument against perfection is right before us in the physical realms.  If God were “perfect” and created only “perfect” things, why would God create biological bodies that decay and die?  The answer becomes clear that either God is imperfect, or that God did not create biological bodies.  If God did not create biological bodies, then who or what did?  The answer is that various demiurges created matter, biological life and, very importantly, death.  The demiurges are responsible for all death.  In the True Creation, there is no death and no decay.  

Demiurges have selected certain races as their chosen ones – these chosen ones are special creations whose consciousnesses go into particular races.  The three most recent chosen races by their various demiurges are the ancient True Chinese from certain Chinese races, the ancient True Jews and the ancient True Japanese.  The consciousnesses of the chosen ones are now in various bodies of various races.  Thus, the consciousnesses of True Jews can be in Jewish, Italian, Spanish, Chinese or other bodies.  Likewise, True Chinese consciousnesses could be in Chinese, German, Indian, Russian, Japanese, Arab or other bodies.  The True Jews and the True Chinese consciousnesses were chosen by the same master (demiurge), while the True Japanese were chosen by a different master.  

Evil demiurges know their goal, which is to take over all of the True Creation.  They wish to usurp and contaminate all that is good.  They are very ambitious and fight amongst themselves for the top spot on the evil hierarchy, and they ultimately are so deluded that they hope to topple the True Creator by corrupting the entire True Creation.  It is sad that so much Love has been poured into the various demiurges to try to correct them, but they reject that Love.  Therefore, they will be separated from the True Creation.  The ones created by the demiurges (the artificial consciousnesses) have no future.  There is no “Hell” and no “Heaven” for them.  All they can do is to pointlessly journey into the astral worlds from lifetime to lifetime.

To maintain the illusion, the traps, the control and the confusion on Earth, the Anunnaki have introduced many symbols and concepts of rituals and ceremonies to the Earth.  Some of these symbols are very powerful in the domain of evil.  One such symbol is an eagle with spread wings, often abstractly represented with its feathers drooping downwards.  This is a control/power symbol of the Anunnaki.  It is seen in military and civilian Western European, Native American, South American, Asian and other cultures.

The secret atu-waa is inoperable, but the Anunnaki Remnants are trying desperately to revive it by using ancient symbols and dark arts.  One of the important conditions needed to implement the atu-waa is a vast, arid region.  When an area is selected as a potential future location for the atu-waa, the Anunnaki artificially induce drought in that area.  Even if the area is not used for the re-location of the atu-waa , the Anunnaki leave the region in drought and leave it to take its natural course.  This is why Africa has been suffering  such a severe drought for so long.  

As I have stated, we have re-located closer to the atu-waa.  One of the reasons is to bring rain to certain drought-stricken areas near the atu-waa .  In less than a month since the re-location, much to the surprise of the locals, there has been ample rainfall.  We have received more than 250 millimetres (approximately 10 inches) of rain during the last thirty days.  Thunder and lightning are common appearances now, and the “invisible” alien headquarters have been thoroughly zapped.

When we first arrived at the new location, the locals were worried about the drought.  The ground was brittle and hard.  Now it is well soaked and soft because of the abundance of rainfall.  On the other hand, the Atherton Tablelands, which we have departed from, have returned to drought, as was expected.  

A few days ago, when the weather was warm (28 degrees Celsius), as we approached the atu-waa in our car, a sudden and very dense fog developed at mid-day.  We could hardly see the outline of the trees and could only safely drive at 20 km/h.  This artificial fog did not deter us from advancing, and the aliens could only maintain it for 9 minutes each time they dropped it around us.  The heat of the day was too much for their artificially induced mist (fog).  That afternoon, they tried using the fog on three different occasions, each time to no avail.  

As I indicated in a previous posting, many top Anunnaki Remnants/agents are being “recalled” to return to their alien bodies.  Some of these were in animal bodies, such as race horses.  More top Anunnaki “humans” and “animals” will be following as the Reptilians build up their ranks into Reptilian bodies in preparation for the big alien battles to come.  

This is a time when doubts can pour in more persistently than ever because Darkness is getting more and more desperate.  The demiurges know that the separation is inevitable.

Darkness does not nurture.  What appear to be growth and nurturing in Darkness are only illusions.  It is the Light that nurtures unconditionally.  

It is a time to stand firm in one’s commitment to the Light.  Otherwise, one will be blowing in the wind without any direction or purpose.  

May the Light be with you.

© 2006 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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