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Demagnetism (Omni #1)

Demagnetism (Omni #1)


Amitakh Stanford

25th August 2003

The following information, as with all information that I have given out in the past, is not channelled material; I do not channel material. 

The information contained in this Omni is important and serious. 

One of the most critical traps in this world is caused by magnetism, which operates from minute scales onwards to universal scales.  This trap has been hidden and is currently not even suspected by people.  In fact, today some "healers" are actively promoting the use of magnets in clothing, bedding, jewellery etc., which is totally contrary to spiritual well-being, despite its APPARENT beneficial uses such as providing directional compasses, shielding from much harmful radiation, use in electric motors, a multitude of electronic uses and certain biological healing effects. 

At the present time, beings of Light especially are being affected by magnetic fields that are being operated by the Dark Side.  Beings of Light are being drained of massive amounts of energy, sometimes even totally depleted of their energy because they are being magnetised.  On the contrary, beings of Darkness are full of energy due to "polarization".

A huge "monitor" is controlling the magnetics in this Evil Creation.  In the True Divine Creation, there is no magnetic field and nothing is magnetised.  Magnetism is a tool used by Evil in this sector to programme and manipulate all facets of all types of beings.  This is done at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 

The Earth contains a vast magnetic field on and about it.  DE-MAGNETISM is THE KEY to unlocking the "prison" doors that have kept so many imprisoned in Darkness and Ignorance for so long that they have forgotten their Divine heritage because of the magnetic-filtering mechanism placed on and about the Earth. 

On the physical level, magnets can be temporarily formed by electrical current that flows through coils or inductors.  They can also be permanent in nature, thereby needing no electrical current to effect a magnetic field.  Permanent magnets are static - there is no flow in or through them - anything that falls within a permanent magnet's field is trapped.  Once something is trapped in a magnetic field, it is forced to maintain a pattern and is locked into a shape.  A magnet leaves a residual magnetic effect on anything that it contaminates.  It forms a specific pattern which resists any change, re-alignment or correction.  This carries right through the physical to the spiritual level and is very evil.

Consider how large crowds of people can be instantly organized into specific patterns of thoughts or behaviours.  This has been witnessed world wide, especially recently; discussion about it would be superfluous.  This programmed behaviour is accomplished via magnetism.  Remember how iron filings that are randomly distributed on a piece of paper can be instantly organised into the shapes of a magnet's fields when a magnet is placed under the paper.  Not only iron, nickel and cobalt can be magnetised - all matter is susceptible to adverse magnetic effects and programming - even biological matter can be magnetised by sufficiently powerful magnetic fields.

When alternating current is used to produce an electromagnet, there are rhythmic reversals of the flow of current that correspondingly reverse the polarity of the magnet.  The Earth's magnetic field is primarily the result of a gigantic electromagnet, (a temporary magnet).  Therefore, the earth's magnetic field requires electro-energy to keep it intact.  Currently, the earth's magnetic field is diminishing.  One of the main reasons for the recent power outages in Eastern North America and in the Georgian Republic were the attempts by the Dark Side to replenish the Earth's magnetic field.  These were unsuccessful attempts, but, because Darkness is getting very desperate, It will try again.  Therefore, further power outages are planned for various parts of the world.

Ironically, the Sun's radiation actually diminishes the magnetic field of the Earth.  As the Sun's radiation increases, the Earth's magnetic field diminishes.  As the magnetic field diminishes, the programming by Darkness begins to break down more and more.  The Sun Cruisers are causing the Sun to heat up hotter and hotter, which causes further breaking down of the magnetic field of the Earth and all the other planets in the Solar System. 

When the Light began correcting this sector, there were still many beings of Light trapped on the Earth.  Most of these who were in human bodies have already been evacuated over the last few years.  Prior to the evacuation, Darkness would derive a large amount of energy by extracting it from the "civilian" beings of Light.  Now in the final stages of the Correction Process, there are only a few "Front-Line Warriors of Light" who are being supplied with a lot of Divine Energy.  These are primarily comprised of the Rescuers (the True Divine Mother [not the Earth Mother], the Attas and the True Divine Mother's "Twelve Sisters" and parts and projections of these twelve).  [This has been explained in my Discourses on the Nara Web Site].  Therefore, the Dark Side is really desperate for energy at this time.

The Divine Mother, the Attas, and the parts and projections of the "Twelve Sisters" are the main carriers and distributors of Divine Energy at this time.  This energy that they are carrying and distributing has often been sabotaged and short-circuited by Darkness via magnetism.  Darkness accomplishes this via Its "monitor" by deliberately directing magnetic fields at the Light carriers and totally sucks them of all energy.  It can take a long time for one of the carriers to replenish after being sucked dry.  While the magnetic field is zoomed at them, they cannot receive Divine Energy to replenish themselves.  Once they are drained, the field is removed so they can replenish, only to be massively drained once they have been "re-fueled"by the Divine Side.  This cycle has temporarily made it very difficult for the Light Workers because they have limited energy to operate here. 

While all the Light beings were depleted, Darkness viciously attacked them with negative thoughts and negative emotions by sending them the "Whoak-ka" energy, which comes in very slowly and subtly like poisoned waves that have a tendency to swamp beings in negativity.  The "Whoak-ka" energy begins so slowly that it is basically disregarded until it has swamped the being.  Once caught in the "Whoak-ka" energy, beings can begin playing a kind of sick game with themselves by intentionally remaining in the negative and destructive mood caused by it.  While all of the Attas were able to successfully escape the destructive nature of the "Whoak-ka" energy, the majority of people on Earth would not be able to avoid its "invasion".  The Dark Side knows this and will soon release the "Whoak-ka" energy on the general population, which will cause many to go insane.  This will be the scene of Terminal Madness.

The Evil "monitor" magnetises the bodies of the Light carriers which causes them to be totally drained of their energy and leaves them exhausted and totally spent.  On the other hand the evil ones are full of energy due to the fact that they are "polarized".  Darkness distributes the stolen energy to various Dark beings to feed their nefarious activities.  Geographic distance is no barrier to this type of distribution of the stolen energy. 

This latest massive drainage attack on the carriers of Divine Energy is but another desperate attempt by Darkness to keep Its failing system afloat.  Darkness will not succeed.  A solution to this problem has been discovered and implemented already.  There is a DEMAGNETISATION process underway but is only available to a select few of the Light carriers for security reasons.

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Copyright © 2003 by Amitakh Stanford

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