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Watch the Earth - Not the Sky

Permission by the author is specifically given to anyone to disseminate this article in any form, electronic, written or otherwise, PROVIDED that the entire article is reproduced with the date of June 5, 2004, unedited, acknowledging "D. M." as the author and copyright holder along with this notice attached to it.

Watch the Earth - Not the Sky


D. M.

21st June, 2004

Many of the events that I have predicted in the past have already occurred. Now is the time for Purification in preparation for our return to our Pristine Home where there is unconditional Love and no Evil. What follows could frighten some, but take comfort that the Light will take care of Its children.

You have a right to know what is in store. What is to come, will come. All that is important is spiritual survival of your consciousness. You can make the best of it by weathering the upcoming events as best you can.

Of recent many have had their attention drawn to the skies to look for incoming foreign objects such as meteors, comets and even whole planets. This has been by design. The alternative media has especially promoted sky searching. False prophets of incoming objects have blossomed. The masses are getting worked up into a frenzy about the possibility of huge disasters being caused by celestial impacts or near misses, and even the possibility of alien invasions.

There has been a long-range plan by the ruling elite to spread contrived incoming disaster stories. This includes the Planet X scares, which I have already explained that the Planet X no longer exists. I have said that something is coming this way, but it will NOT be Nibiru (Planet X).

The ruling elite want to control the fear that they will be spreading and the story of incoming objects works very well to suit their purposes. However, they know the bulk of the real disasters will not be coming from incoming objects, but from the Earth itself. Hence, there will soon appear to be incoming objects and damage caused by the ruling elite. These will be artificially launched by them and the objects will crash on the Earth and appear to have been incoming objects from deep space.

The activities of foreign governments of recent have demonstrated that this plan is about to be implemented with the co-operation of other governments. The recent Mexican UFO scam is just one of these. The Portuguese mass sighting of lights, tied in with the Seattle light show signals that everything is set to go. These three events were artificially staged to set the scene.

False prophets – many are on the payroll of the ruling elite while others have been sincerely and innocently drawn into the plot – are springing up everywhere and talking about incoming objects causing disasters. Soon the launches of these incoming objects and other things will commence. These launches will be from Earth or from human-made launching pads in the sky and will be targeted at various points on the Earth.

The ruling elite want people to be frightened, but to remain where they are so that society continues somewhat as it is today. They want to keep governments, economies, industries, religions, schools etc. as stable as possible in the upcoming days. However, there are certain areas that the ruling elite want cleared of people, so they will direct evacuation of those places.

The ruling elite have invested enormous efforts to try to implement their artificial launching of incoming objects plan earlier than today. However, the Light intervened and thwarted that plan and delayed it by several weeks. The ruling elite then executed another plan with "new" false prophets and have worked up the same frenzy using their own agents to do so. This alternative plan is about to be implemented, however, it will not work exactly as the ruling elite have planned for it.

One of the main reasons for the "incoming-object" attack plan is that controlled population re-location can be effected. With this plan, the ruling elite can move and clear locations at will because they can control where things are targeted and give warnings for evacuations and few would want to remain at ground zero for the impacts. Certain test locations are already targeted.

The "incoming-objects" plan suits the ruling elite's agenda for their One World Government, but what is really happening to the Earth does not.

There will be disasters on this planet, but what the ruling elite does not want you to know is that they are primarily occurring because the Earth is collapsing. This is happening because, as I have written some time ago, the consciousness of the Earth, which has been held prisoner by Darkness in Matter for a long time, has been liberated by the Light. This has left the physical Earth as a literal shell, operating robotically. It can no longer self-correct or self-sustain. The shell is dying because of this. Fear not the death of the Earth, but instead rejoice that the consciousness of the Earth is liberated and is no longer imprisoned in Matter.

The Earth is unable to cope and is having convulsions everywhere. These are primarily seen by earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, droughts, heat waves, freezes and flooding at this time. However, other things will be apparent soon. The ruling elite see all these things occurring and want to divert everyone's attention from the natural disasters. This diversion is being done for the ruling elite's own agenda to effect the One World Order. This is another key reason for the "incoming object" plan and the press releases about UFO activities at this time.

There have long been warnings given that there would be cataclysmic events befalling the Earth. However, because of all the false prophets who are confusing people, even some of the workers of Light are going to be taken by surprise when these events occur.

As I stated some years ago, this will be a time when madness and confusion will reign.

In the days of darkness and confusion, men and women, young and old, will crumble under the Force which sweeps across this planet.

The sky will turn red and black. Total silence will come suddenly after the big Uproar. Many will die due to extremes in temperature. No lives will remain untouched. Only spiritual strength will withstand the "Cold" and the "Fire" of Destruction.

Most of North America will be severely destroyed by large-scale earthquakes. The San Andreas fault will fracture completely. Mountains near Big Brother (Mount Rainier) will tremble and Big Brother will burst into flames. Lava will flow westward from Big Brother – the western quarter of Big Brother will be no more.

The rumbling sound announces its presence and the seas swallow almost every coastal town from San Francisco to Seattle, leaving part of Seattle as oceanfront property. The Coastal Range will hold back the sea, but the Olympic Mountains will be swallowed mercilessly. Portland, Olympia, and the entire Olympic Peninsula will be under water. Southern California will hear the call and millions will flee east to the mountains. Many will seek refuge in Kansas and Colorado.

A series of volcanic eruptions etc. will eliminate Alaska from the Earth.

South Carolina will be devastated by a Giant Wind with five prongs. Rhode Island will be totally submerged. Baltimore will be hit by a huge hurricane and will later be totally under water. A worse fate awaits New York.

Many parts of South America will also be under water.

Madagascar will sink into the sea as the drought worsens in Africa. Diseases and starvation will kill most of its population.

Istanbul, Barcelona and parts of Italy will be in ruins and eventually it will break off from the continent and simply disappear into the sea. Much of Europe will be flooded and the sea will continue to rise. The Jutland peninsula too, will be swallowed by the sea. The Midland Plain of the British Isles will meet the same fate as the Danish Peninsula and the Thames will flow no more.

Asia will be hit by the worst typhoon ever. Earthquakes, floods and volcanoes will batter it and Japan will sink into the sea.

Australia will be relatively safe until the very end although its coastal areas will be swallowed by the sea.

All people in the world will be affected by what is taking place and their Mind energy will undergo great change. Civil wars will break out in many countries. No nation will trust the others. There will be chaos surrounding these great disasters.

In spite of great waters everywhere, ironically, THE EARTH WILL FINISH IN FLAMES.

For these upcoming times, certain sounds have been released by the Light to assist the True-Light beings. Their spirits have responded to the call of the Light even though many of the physical beings are not aware of these protective and comforting sounds. Again, it does not depend on what religion, belief, colour, gender or age a person is. Its spirit has chosen where it wants to belong. This applies to all classes of Creation, including mineral, vegetable, animal, human and other forms of existence.

All viable beings will soon be rejoicing. This is a joyous message for all True beings – Liberation from Darkness at last and the continuation of existence in our Original Pristine Creation.

© 2004 D. M.

Permission by the author is specifically given to anyone to disseminate this article in any form, electronic, written or otherwise, PROVIDED that the entire article is reproduced with the date of June 5, 2004, unedited, acknowledging "D. M." as the author and copyright holder along with this notice attached to it.

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