Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Poems Dedicated to Jesus

Poems Dedicated to Jesus


John Stamatiou 

Thanks for the Light

Dear Jesus, thank You for opening up my eyes
That were shut tight by day and by night,
to the suffering in this world and the reason why,
Until You shone upon me the Truth and the Light.

When I came upon Your words in this life,
I knew at once, that they were quite right.
The Path, the Way, the Why You made clear
Your Truth, the Key, the Nous I hold dear.

Your knock in this life, at my front door
was a sharp wake up call, of that I am sure,
To live in ignorance and in darkness no more,
but to strive and be, a spiritual warrior.

Thank You, Jesus for giving me the sight
to navigate out of the treacherous sea,
Away from evil, darkness and the night
towards Home, to love, peace and harmony.

Thank You dear Jesus, for the Light.

A Place

I long for a special place.
One that I often see in meditation,
of a gentle green hill bordered with flowers
From which springs forth a breeze dancing whimsically,
carrying a sweet fragrant bouquet like a protective shower.
It surrounds my being, standing in contemplation,
of this place radiating familial love, peace and joy,
with a sense of excitement and vibrant activity.
Like a playground filled with girls and boys,
laughing and playing and completely carefree,
Happily together in each others' company,
Is this place so dear, where I will someday again be.

© 2006 John Stamatiou

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