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Alien Battles In Brisbane's Sky

Alien Battles In Brisbane's Sky


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara site)

22nd May 2005

A freak hailstorm dropped knee-high ice onto sub-tropical Brisbane, Australia. The ice storm turned parts of the city into a winter wonderland at about 5.30 pm on Thursday 19th May, 2005. Even though it is late autumn in the southern hemisphere, this was a most unusual storm because the average May temperature for Brisbane is over 23º C (73º F). Hail is unusual in Brisbane, and this type of ice storm is unheard of.

This unprecedented ice storm was LOCALIZED. Before the storm struck, some residents reported seeing a sinister-appearing black cloud that was surrounded by blue sky. Just before 5.30 pm, the temperature was 20º C (68º F). There was a substantial and rapid drop in air temperature just before the ice storm suddenly hit the city. The ice storm took the locals and the authorities by surprise and it caused chaos. This was such a localized storm that many in Brisbane were unaware of its occurrence until it was reported so extensively on the news.

The hail stopped traffic, clogged gutters and flooded many buildings and streets. Ceilings collapsed and houses were reported sinking from the melting ice. The official weather bureau did not report the storm until after it had been pelting down on Brisbane streets for nearly 40 minutes. The deputy regional manager of the bureau claimed that the main forecasting computer and its backup had crashed and therefore the bureau was unable to put out any bulletins. The manager conveniently blamed the crash on the age of the computers.

But, a storm of this magnitude moving over the land should have been picked up long before it hit under normal circumstances. However, these were not normal circumstances. It is no wonder that the regional manager had a "computer-crash" cover story. It was important that the storm be a surprise because the storm had a specific intent.

I have indicated in previous postings that alien battles are being waged in the skies, seas and on the land, which often appear to be natural events. The recent Brisbane ice storm was one such battle. It is common for alien crafts to hide inside clouds that the crafts create. However, it is not so common for them to form black clouds, unless the craft intends to produce a storm. There were several crafts responsible for the Brisbane ice storm.

On Tuesday 17th May, 2005, two days before the Brisbane ice storm, there was a large, sinister-appearing, alien-created, subdued orange/grey tornado cloud not far from my residence. It looked as though it was hovering over the ground and stretched vertically upwards. Strangely enough, nobody reported this localized event. I knew that hostile aliens were up to something regarding the weather. However, there was no storm and no wind - it was in the developmental stages. I sent out a signal to craft of the Light for assistance. The cloud dispersed almost immediately after the signal was sent and a craft from the Light arrived. The hostile aliens' plans were once again thwarted. That same afternoon, they retaliated hitting one of the Alukar Heights alien dogs and a Light worker with sudden, life-threatening symptoms. The vets were confused by the alien dog's symptoms and did not know what to do. When conventional treatments failed, I gave healing to both of those who had been stricken. Fortunately, both were restored to health almost immediately.

Unlike the Brisbane ice-storm cloud, this cloud was a fire-starting cloud. The hostile aliens have mobile tactical forces that hide within self-generated clouds that can deposit severe thunder, lightning, wind, rain, hail, snow, fire etc. from the skies. The orange/greyish tornado-shaped giant cloud formations are for starting fires.

The hostile aliens can also use these cloud-like mobile "machines" to deposit poison onto any location in the world to spread diseases etc. These aliens are of various races of Anunnaki. They are very evil and have no regard for the welfare of earthlings. Politicians and others who have aligned themselves with these aliens are traitors of the highest level. One day they will be discarded like fodder when they are no longer of any use to the evil aliens.

Two days later, on 19th May 2005, four of the Attas happened to be concentrated in a small area of Brisbane, Australia. One of them was taking a walk in the late afternoon when she noticed the strange dark column of clouds developing in the sky. It felt ominous to her. As she looked towards the left the sky was blue, calm and sunny. But on her right was this huge, dark cloud growing bigger and bigger. She sensed something sinister about the dark cloud so she cut short her walk and headed for shelter.

Shortly after reaching shelter, the storm hit, and the ice nearly collapsed the ceiling above her as water flooded the whole area from the leaking ceiling. She later discovered that her area was amongst the hardest hit. Only two blocks away from her there was no ice. This storm was extremely localized, although the media has not exposed this aspect of it. One school was severely damaged by the ice storm, yet another school across the street was not even hit by the ice.

Another Attas reported that he was driving home when he was stopped at an intersection. He could not help but notice an enormous storm cloud directly in front of the car. He leaned forward to get a better look and was shocked by the size of the cloud. Out of fascination, he observed it until the traffic light changed. In this time, he noticed that the top of the clouds were very tall and fluffy and white. Like some storm clouds he had seen in the outback, these clouds had a funny thin aura around them that made them stand out from the background, almost in the manner of poor special effects in a movie.

However, as he watched, he noticed that the cloud was clearly moving at a fast rate. Moreover, it was not one, but in fact three clouds or layers, one in front of the other. He did not notice this immediately, because only a small portion of each obscured cloud was visible. The one in the rear was moving fast, the one in front of it was moving faster and the closest one was fastest of all.

Incidentally, both Attas who watched the strange clouds forming over Brisbane saw them from very different vantage points. They both noticed that the clouds moved in a manner displaying a definite control of them by an intelligence. One of the Attas noticed that the clouds were moving in the opposite direction of that reported in the media. This confirms that the cloud formation created by the hostile aliens is of a mobile type similar to the fire-starting formation I saw two days earlier. The media and weather bureau were so confused by Brisbane's unprecedented, erratic-appearing ice storm that they tried to explain it away as a pulse storm.

That Attas in the car reported that underneath the white fluffy top was a nearly pitch black underbelly, which almost resembled the special effects used inIndependence Day when the spaceships are coming into the atmosphere.

Of the four Attas in the affected area, two were very well "shielded" from the event even though the ice storm swept their area; it was deflected from them entirely. Another Attas was in a location that the Vulturites protect for various reasons, so he was not impacted by the ice storm either.

The Attas of the Light were being targeted because of a recent intervention by the Light that impeded the hostile aliens from poisoning certain populations of humans, and also because of certain information that I have recently distributed. This is not the first attempted retaliation by the hostile aliens; it is one of many. The attacks by the hostile aliens of Darkness only intensifies resolution of the workers of the Light to complete the Rescue Mission with earnest.

During the Brisbane battle, over 200 lightning strikes were reported to have hit the city. This was not ordinary lightning. Most of the lightning was from weapons fire from hostile alien crafts, but some of the lightning came from crafts of the Light that had swooped in to protect the four Attas who had been targeted by the evil aliens.

If the Light had not intervened in the Brisbane ice storm, it would have been a very severe disaster. The hostile aliens had planned to devastate a section of the city to observe how people would react to a very localized and unprecedented, natural-appearing urban disaster. Instead of the idyllic pictures on the news depicting children playing in a winter wonderland building snowmen, ice angels and sledding, the pictures would have been ones of ruin, devastation, tears and despair if the hostile aliens had had their way. For instance, the Brisbane airport would not have been temporarily closed, it was scheduled for a long shut down. The mobile ice storm cloud formation was going to shift about and strike many vulnerable places in Brisbane with such ferocity that the entire city would have been decimated and declared a disaster area.

Most of the battles in the skies, seas and land are amongst various groups of hostile aliens battling over various issues, but ultimately over which group will dominate the Earth in the near future. The Light occasionally engages when it is deemed necessary to defend or protect certain beings of Light. Under most circumstances though, the Light only observes as it prepares to rescue Its own and is not here to engage in conventional warfare. Occasionally, when the hostile aliens are committing horrific acts against the helpless ones by playing "dirty", crafts from the Light have intervened and confiscated and neutralized the offending crafts.

The hostile aliens have been retaliating all along, causing many petty inconveniences to us. The following account is something that occurred about 6 months ago because of a posting that infuriated the hostile aliens:

Nine hours after posting Final Reflections #9, there was a retaliation launched by the opposition at Alukar Heights. This was the most overt and obvious direct attack ever launched against me for writing an article. Previously, the opposition had used other methods, but this time, instead of using physical human beings and various subtle beings to attack my body and cause physical inconvenience and expenses, such as breaking water lines, attacking the Alukar Heights animals, causing physical injuries or unexplained illnesses etc., the opposition really lost their cool and showed their alien faces. All of the other previous attacks on others or me were under the direction of aliens, but usually the aliens employed agents to do their dirty work.

This time the aliens did the work themselves. Although I have been attacked directly by aliens before, it has never been over a posting on the internet. Clearly, Final Reflections #9 must have annoyed them tremendously. The following is a quick summary of what transpired nine hours after the article was posted.

At about 7.15 pm, on a very hot, humid evening, I thought I would water the pot plants on the veranda. As I was watering the plants, I heard a rustling sound like wind blowing. But the air was so still that I thought it could not be the wind blowing and that it must be raining. I walked out onto the lawn to see whether there was any rain falling, even though I did not think that it could rain as there were no clouds in the sky and no sign of rain. There was no rain.

As I stood on the lawn I could feel an eerie atmosphere outside the house. I felt a strange wind coming towards me from the east. I could feel something strange in the air as a column of wind was coming towards me. As it drew closer I could feel the wind. It quickly developed into a gale as it approached me, yet it was only a localized storm. The trees a few feet away from me stood still. Only the plants nearest to me showed signs of swaying from the wind. I felt something in the wind was targeting me so I went into the house.

When I went inside the house, I told Steffan that there was a strange wind outside. He went outside immediately to investigate and found that indeed there was a localized wind that seemed to be directly over the house.

About 5 minutes later, he came inside the house and told me that the wind swirled like a small tornado without that type of velocity. As he watched the effects of the wind, he could hear the wind depart to the west. He then described it as feeling a little bit like being under the draft of helicopter, although not that strong, and without the noise from that type of hovering vehicle. He said that the wind had departed.

I went back outside and the wind returned. I exclaimed to Steffan that it was still there. He came outside and agreed that the wind had certainly returned. He then went back inside the house to continue with what he was doing because the wind was so much weaker than it was before.

I decided to water the plants on the side of the house. As I stood on the lawn watering the plants the wind started to pick up again within seconds. There was a rustling sound like brittle grass crackling. I heard Pearl, one of our cats, meowing nearby. Some birds nearby gave loud squawks and some of the dogs gave a couple of barks and suddenly stopped barking.

I sensed beings were very close by and decided to wait to see what would develop. By then, I was certain that I was the target. It went through my mind at the time that an invisible craft was trying to suck me up. When I "looked" beyond the craft, I could see its outline despite its shield of invisibility. Immediately I thought of Homer Simpson in the television series where he was too fat to be sucked up into the craft. I gave a smile and thought, if our little pixie, Thomas, was around he would probably be saying, "Nah, nah, nah," to them. I stopped laughing as I realized it was a serious situation and then I called out to Steffan, but he did not hear me.

Just then, a bright yellow column of light arose from the driveway about 15 feet away from me. The light was confined into a column of about 6 feet in height and about 18 feet in length. It appeared that the yellow light was rising from the ground and extending across the driveway. This light did not spread out like other lights in this dimension. It was contained, much like a solid object or wall of light. I heard our cat cry again from nearby. I quickly went inside to get Steffan as he could not hear my calls from outside. I was quite calm, but curious.

Steffan came out straight away and we saw lights spreading in the sky nearby, but the yellow column of light had disappeared. Within a few moments, there was a sudden explosion off to the south. It was a huge yellow ball of light, about 5 times the size of a rising sun. The yellow light explosion was contained like the column of yellow light. Then, several flashes of what looked like white lightning spread in the sky and seemed to mask the actual incident of the explosion of yellow light.

I knew inwardly that our side had prevented the aliens' attack on me.

As we have said many times, the Light will retaliate if Darkness continues to try to harm the Attas or impede our Work.

Soon after the explosion, Pearl appeared at the door, crying to come in. This is very unusual as Pearl prefers to stay out late every night. Ling-Ling, one of the alien dogs, was very restless and on the alert. She was barking towards where the explosion occurred. A large insect was near her enclosure and she was very suspicious. Steffan went out to assure her that everything was all right. She kept barking at the bug, which Steffan told her was only an insect. He shooed it away and it flew in the air and began attacking Steffan, hitting him in the face several times. He finally got rid of the bug that gave out a very strange sound. Ling-Ling was right, it was not an insect at all, it was an alien being in disguise.

When we came back into the house, both of us were very red in the face, like we had been sunburnt. We were not sunburnt before and it was night time! We had been radiated by the hostile aliens.

It is not a fair game for aliens to use alien technology against those in human bodies, and the hostile aliens have been repeatedly warned not to take advantage of aliens when they are in human bodies. However, the hostile aliens continue to abuse aliens in human and especially those in animal bodies, which is why the Light often has to intervene to protect certain ones from the hostile aliens.

There will be many other freak events like the Brisbane ice storm in the future as the hostile aliens (primarily the Reptilians and the Vulturites) step up the alien wars. These freak events can involve storms, fires, diseases etc. using the same type of cloudlike formations. As I have written before, the hostile aliens will often use human agents or human-appearing agents to fight the battles in what look like human wars. But, the battle over Brisbane was different - it was started by hostile aliens in alien bodies and in alien crafts using alien technology. It was purely alien - it was purely Anunnaki.

Watch out for "freak" localized events and be on the lookout for strange cloud formations. The hostile aliens are fighting a surreptitious war. They do not want their cover blown, but they are getting desperate and taking risks. The more that people become aware of the hostile alien activities, the harder it will be for them to administer their hidden agenda through their human agents and their own kind (aliens) in human bodies.

Amongst the upcoming "freak" incidents, Japan has been scheduled to receive two large freak-appearing events. These have been scheduled by hostile aliens, who will be using the "freak" events as cover when they attempt to remove some aliens from Japan before the islands receive heavy bombardments.

The reason why Ata-i-lek is so upset with me is mainly because I have something of theirs that allows me to keep track of their movements and plans. This "thing" is so well hidden that if the hostile aliens were to stop me, their whole "library" would be lost forever to them.

Many of you are experiencing mental attacks that come upon you unexpectedly. These are generally from external sources, although some are self inflicted. All beings in this Virtual Reality are affected by a mixture of good and evil particles because of the imposition of Darkness. Sometimes an external attack can activate dark particles, hence a high being of True Light can express some Darkness. This has helped the Light to see how utterly dangerous Darkness is - it is a constant battle to fend off Darkness in this environment.

So, a being with a True-Light core who has given in repeatedly to Darkness will wear a vest of Darkness and eventually that vest will become so thick that the internal Light can only shine through in rare instances.

It is important to focus on the Light even though it is impossible to achieve Purity in this Virtual Reality of Darkness.

© 2005 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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