Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When The Last Dance Begins

Promenade #2

When The Last Dance Begins


Amitakh Stanford 

17th March 2008


Debris scatters the globe
Junk strewn about
Storms of all types rage
Quakes and Volcanoes too
The mess is too big to fix
Junk here, junk there, junk everywhere

The sky looms dark
The sea rises
Lands that teem with locusts
Weep like children in hunger and fear
Fires consume the land like never before seen
The sky roars

People despair from disasters
And the military strikes
Bombs and bullets fly and crash

Humans act like wild animals
The streets teem with remains of air and land disasters
The trees are scorched
The land is parched

Humans and aliens at war
The Bear marches
So too the Great Hawk
It flies over the mountains towards the peak
But, the journey is too arduous
It cannot reach the top

The Warriors of Light await
The time draws near
Evacuation is almost here

Humans fight each other for food and shelter
Zombies roam the Earth
Flying saucers fill the sky
Humans watch the battles being fought
Tears, no laughter
The Last Dance begins . . .


© 2008 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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