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Uncovering the Reclusive Wagools' Alien Base

Uncovering the Reclusive Wagools' Alien Base


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara site)

1st August 2005

The ruling elite's world systems are falling apart. All those in the know are able to see that this is happening. The Light has worked for eons to bring about the Correction and dismantling of the Virtual Reality of Darkness. To get to the present stage of the Work by the Light, the journey has been paved with unconditional love, sacrifices, tears, suffering and courage by the Attas and all the Light workers.

It can now be seen that the ruling elite's religions, especially Christianity, have lost their ability to effectively control and manipulate the minds and actions of people in the way that they did for so long. The many exposures of all forms of abuse and corruption within and about the Church show the decay of the institution. The Light has worked diligently to break down the old programming that contributed to the effectiveness of religions in controlling and manipulating their members, the affairs of their respective countries, and the world at large. It is no wonder that Ata-i-lek himself had to take on a human form to fill the physical role. Darkness knows Its sponsored religions are coming apart and has sent a chief agent to try to halt their demise.

As I have stated many times, we are in the midst of alien wars, even though many of the alien developments go unnoticed by the majority of humans who are so programmed and brainwashed that they deny any existence of aliens, regardless of the overwhelming evidence. Religions are primarily created and maintained by the Reptilians, whilst Vulturites and other groups dabble in religious affairs to a lesser degree.

Reptilians tend to go under the surface of things and control via surreptitious methods, while Vulturites are more actively aggressive and more militaristic. However, both groups are actively involved in the military, espionage, war, politics, commerce, science, education, finance, banking, real estate, law, medicine, psychiatry, entertainment etc.

The alien wars are being played out in various worldly activities through politics, commerce and other fields. Recent political developments show the severing of many relationships and re-alignments of various alien groups. One can now see strong Reptilian alliances are forming and segregating themselves from Vulturite-dominated countries. For example, the relationship between the Reptilian-influenced Uzbekistan and the Vulturite-influenced USA is now severely strained. Recently, Russia, China and other Reptilian-influenced states have demanded a timetable for US troop withdrawal from the region and they are backing Uzbekistan. These incidents are due to the alien alignments for upcoming events.

One can now see that many systems are rapidly breaking down. Commerce, share markets, currencies, banking systems, and trade matters are being supported by artificial means that are extremely precarious, and the ruling elite know that the entire financial network is about to collapse.

Education has inflated grades and degrees to the point that few take them seriously any longer. People have lost faith in conventional medicine, leaving those seeking alternative medicine at the hands of frauds who have infiltrated the field. The pharmaceutical industry is taking over various aspects of supplement/vitamin production and distribution so they can gouge enormous profits from the public for items that were previously inexpensive and easily accessible. Laws have been created to protect monetary interests in the name of safeguarding public interests. Some simple and effective supplements now require prescriptions because of the "unholy" merging of law and medicine to defraud the public.

Currencies are artificially inflated and deflated at the whims of the ruling elite for profits, regardless of the suffering caused to those affected by the vast swings in the currencies. Thus, the gap between the "haves" and the "have nots" is widening. The pattern that is emerging is getting more and more obvious, such that even those who are unaware of the alien wars are beginning to sense that something is very wrong as the systems continue to benefit the ruling elite at the expense of their slaves.

The ruling elite, through the entertainment industry, has been preparing people for the ultimate control by a single alien group although the ruling group of aliens is yet to be decided by the alien wars. Many humans refer to the ultimate control as the One World Order or the New World Order. Amongst many alien groups, it is referred to as the Lagoo. Movies such as Armageddon and Deep Impact have been used to instil the absurd idea that nuclear weapons have their "good" purposes and have to be retained by "responsible" countries. Both movies also try to terrify people about "chance" occurrences from deep space that pose severe risks to life on Earth. In the end, the movies portray the use of nuclear weapons to save the Earth from catastrophic "chance" events originating from deep space.

The ruling elite has invested enormous resources in programming the masses with the message that a foreign object from deep space could destroy the Earth. The main purpose behind this type of programming is to unite people against a common enemy that almost nobody could empathize with. Very few people could relate to a comet or asteroid having a consciousness.

The supposed arrival of Nibiru (Planet X), human-made "meteors" crashing to Earth, false New Age channellings, false prophets, false alien transmissions, false Messiahs, false apparitions, false remote viewings and many other activities sponsored by agents of the ruling elite have a common theme - to frighten people into accepting the aliens' Lagoo. However, the ruling elite's plan was thwarted. See: Watch the Earth - Not the Sky; The Coming of False Visions, False Prophets and False Messiahs.

The ruling elite already control the conventional media, and they have invaded the alternative media, including websites, bulletin boards and other aspects of the internet. Even websites, networks and software that were originally set up and maintained by sincere individuals have been extensively corrupted by agents of the ruling elite. The footprints of the ruling elite's agents are easily detected by the awares. In the past, I have deliberately allowed some of these agents onto my website. Other agents continue with their persistent snooping and other nefarious activities.

Last week, Steffan and I were impressed to visit a certain remote area in New South Wales, Australia, ostensively to look at some property. I was aware that the place we were going to was full of aliens, but I was surprised to find it teaming with the most reclusive group of aliens, which I had nicknamed the "Lost Tribe". These are the Wagools. They keep to themselves and actually disdain other groups. In their alien form, they are tall with short necks and small heads. Their bodies are disproportionately large for their heads. Their skin is a very light brown and they are solidly built. Their home base is difficult to get to and very isolated. It resembles something out of a history book because it has very little modern influence. American influence in stores, restaurants and other areas is virtually non-existent. They appear to be behind the times because they resist outside influence.

The first thing that caught my attention when we arrived at their home base was the sense that the whole community is working together on a cohesive plan, whether various individuals are consciously aware of this or not. It is as if the aliens are setting up a trap for newcomers to the area for various reasons. They do not like outsiders, but the Wagools are tolerating them for their own purposes.

We saw a few Wagools in human bodies while we were there. Like in many other areas throughout the world, the Wagools have taken over human bodies. I made a blunt comment to a realtor who showed us some properties that although the community is small and rural, the people seemed artistic and scientific minded. Many inventions and innovations originate from this small, primarily uneducated community.

When the Wagools detected my presence, an enormous resistance commenced. I felt hostility coming from them. I could feel their unseen presence as we drove around the area in a hired car. The realtor was very nice on a physical level, but, towards the end of the encounter, he obstructed us from viewing properties that we wanted to see. Instead, he showed us half-finished houses that no other realtor would even list for sale. He brought the wrong keys and could not enter one premises. He led us to properties that were totally unsuitable and not on our list. He claimed that he was late for an appointment and asked us to locate some properties for ourselves. These properties were very difficult to find despite the map he provided.

When we went looking on our own, the roads started to "change" and there were a lot of illusions put before us. We had to find our way around by using our alien sight, otherwise we would have been hopelessly lost. They tried to inflict sudden physical ailments upon us, which we overcame. By noon, our hired car, which we had inspected before driving into the area, was scratched from one end of the roof to the other by unseen claws. The passenger's and driver's sides were also scratched by unseen claws down both sides. Yet, the car was never out of our sight.

After that encounter, they emptied our petrol tank. Fortunately, we found a one-shop town that sold petrol. After filling the tank, we drove for about an hour before they attacked again and disabled the alternator, which drained the battery and stranded us on a deserted road. Luckily, we had brought with us a powerful cell phone that worked in that area. Three others whom we encountered in the area were unable to get a signal on their cell phones.

We waited six hours for a tow truck because it got bogged in a swamp on the way to pick us up; it needed a crane to pull it free. The driver commented that everything was unusual about the tow job. A series of other seemingly unrelated incidents occurred that confounded all those around us, but we understood that the basis behind the "comedy of errors" was the anger and attacks launched by the reclusive Wagools. Due to the debacle, we missed our flight. Even though we gave the airline ample warning as things were transpiring, they tried to overcharge us. They refused to give us the same courtesy they give to other passengers who miss flights. In fact, they ignored their usual policies for such circumstances and actually tried to be punitive. However, in the end, we got our way after prolonged battles with various authorities.

After we returned home, I went out in my alien body to further investigate the area and was confronted by a hoard of Wagools. They did not show themselves at first until I removed their invisibility disguises. In a deep, low, amplified voice, one of the Wagools exclaimed with arrogance, "We are from the ground!" In a cheeky way, I used an exaggerated, low voice to respond, "Big-g-g-g deal."

They tried to frighten me by claiming that they could cause the land to give out from under me and sent what appeared to be layers of silvery liquid towards where I was standing. Tronto, a "Flying Buffalo", came to join me and we had to fly to combat that attack. However, the Wagools were bluffing because the silvery liquid was only a means they use to temporarily transform the ground so that they can pass through it. It was not a weapon at all and it did not destroy the ground that it passed as the Wagools had claimed it would. When they saw that Tronto and I could fly, they were terrified and fled. This event occurred on 29th July 2005.

You may recall that Ikluk's disguise shield was severely damaged during Its battle with us over Lovey. When Ikluk's shield was damaged, all agents of Darkness were affected too and have a much more difficult time hiding behind their masks. Darkness is now being forced to fight with Its highest-level agents because Its systems are collapsing and Its agents' disguises are falling apart.

The battles will now be even more intense and real to those in the know and those involved. The battles have shifted because many of the systems set up by the agents of Darkness on the planet (governments, religions, spy agencies, militaries, legal systems, entertainment industries, media, health systems, educational systems, commerce, finance etc.) have failed to accomplish the goal of Darkness to extend Its temporary reign of terror via confusion, force, brutality, imposition, abuse etc. Now Darkness Itself must engage in the real battle with the Christ Energy. The real fireworks will commence.

When things get tough, remind yourself that the difficulties are like scenery on your journey and instead concentrate your attention on the real important issue of focusing on the Light.

© 2005 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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