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Carry the Pipe in Your Heart

Carry the Pipe in Your Heart

9th April 2006

Great calamities are about to befall humankind.

The serpent beings have begun their chant.
The grey ones, the wiry-faced jumping ones, the slimy-skinned ones, the fair-faced jumpers, the big-faced fighters and others have responded to their commanders' chant.

The feathered beings likewise have squawked and spread their wings.
The raven beings, the masked beings, the tall clay ones, the tentacled beings and more are railing behind their feathered commanders.

The serpents and the feathered ones are about to wage a giant war against one another.

Humans shall watch and scream in terror. 
Many will not know or suspect what is happening.
Some have become servants to the serpentine or the feathered beings.
Others will turn soon.

Nothing here will survive the Great Thunder.
Nothing in this world can survive the Great Flood.  
Nothing on this planet can survive the Great Heat.
Only time will ease the pain of horror that the sun brings to the Earth.
Time is running thin.

When the tundra breaks off from the continent many lands will be left bare.
Before the summer is over, the heavens will sing, proclaiming the demise of horror.

Humans will be confused, frightened, angered and empty and many will fight one another as their hearts plunge into Darkness while others weep.
Only a small number will remember their Creator and follow their Creator's Voice to find hope, peace and calmness within.
The rest will be swallowed by the Shadows.

Those who hear the Creator's Voice will not succumb to the Shadows.
These are the ones who will climb the mountains to the Land of Peace, Love and Beauty.

The Call has begun.

White Buffalo Woman has returned to fulfil her role.
An outside mediator between the children and their Creator is not needed.
The only mediator is one's True Light connecting to one's Creator.

The Drumming has happened.
The Split Feather is joined.
The Call has gone out.
The Singing has commenced.
The Song is spreading around all corners of the Earth and beyond.


The Call is done.

The Harvest has begun.
Joyous are the children of the Creator journeying towards the Light.
White Buffalo Woman has returned.

Evil will end Its reign and be no more.


Carry the Pipe in your heart.
The original Pipe was given as a gift of love.
The Pipe is not a trophy.
Do not be concerned which nation now holds the original Pipe.
It matters not which nation you come from or which nation claims to hold the Pipe.
What is important is that each of you hold the Pipe in your heart.
You can then smile with confidence knowing that you still carry the Pipe in your heart.

With Love and Blessings

White Buffalo Woman

© 2006 AHSAF

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