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BEN-DA-KO The First Wave Cometh


The First Wave Cometh


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara Site)

27 December 2004

After the Sacred Drumming in September 2004, I announced that there would be seven days and seven nights of rain as a sign – among other things involving the Warriors of the Light – that the BEN-DA-KO is in full swing. We indeed experienced seven days and seven nights of rain here earlier this month. Bear in mind that where we live is affected by drought.

On the eighth day, there was no rain and that evening there was a huge battle in the skies. The whole sky was lit up like a football field. Earlier that day there were strange clouds in the sky that hid several spacecrafts. I also experienced the astral and this level simultaneously all day long. I was seeing astral beings everywhere all day and night, even during the huge thunderstorm, which was the worst I have seen. Yet, there was little rain and almost no wind during the storm. The last thunderclap was accompanied by a huge column of pink light as thick as a tree trunk, which was much like the lights I had seen in the horizon two days before that. When the final thunderclap hit, the lights appeared only a few yards from where I watched them. The power went off and the phone line went dead.

This was an alien battle in the sky. There was a small revolt amongst three of the minor reptilian groups that was quashed by the commander of a major alien group. Crafts of the Light watched over the events.

Aliens have conducted similar battles in the skies many times, however, not on so large a scale as this one. Before the Sacred Drumming and the release of the Four Elements, aliens had been able to simulate storms to cover up their battles. This time when the aliens tried to start the storm with artificial thunder and lightning, no wind and rain followed. This is because the Elements did not respond as they did in the past. Now, the aliens are beginning to realize that the weather on the planet is very different than it was before the Drumming. It is only the Reptilians who have this knowledge at this time, and they have plans to launch a huge attack against the Vulturites. Because of the newly discovered information about the weather, the Reptilians are moving up their attack plans. They are now quite concerned about how everything on the planet will operate in the near future.

Less than a fortnight after the alien revolt was crushed, the Earth was swamped by the first of the three major cataclysmic events that I wrote about in Global Warming – Natural or Artificial:

. . . There will be three MAJOR cataclysmic events to befall the Earth. The first one will startle many, however, many will survive the first. The second will take out further numbers, but the third one will be horrendous and few will survive it. . .

The first major cataclysmic event began as a 9.0 earthquake off the west coast of Sumatra on 26 December 2004, which caused violent tsunamis throughout the Indian Ocean. This event has truly startled many around the world. But, as I stated in Global Warming – Natural or Artificial, many have survived it.

These cataclysmic events will be very painful to watch, and the suffering will be horrible to endure. As you might imagine, the next one will be far worse than the Indian Ocean tsunamis.

Two days before the Indian Ocean tsunamis, a huge earthquake struck near New Zealand. Many of the animals at Alukar Heights reacted to both earthquakes before they occurred. I knew that things were happening at both times and the pain I felt was very difficult to bear, before and after the earthquakes.

Everyone should now take notice that earthquakes will happen more frequently and more violently all across the globe. Many of these will occur without any warning and in places where seismic activity has heretofore been unusual.

Alaska will experience many earthquakes and the alien force-field "grid" on the Yukon/Alaska border will be shattered. When the grid falls, it will affect the control that the aliens have over the surrounding areas.

Antarctica will release massive amounts of water into its seas and water levels will rise. This will occur gradually at first, but then a huge slide of ice will flood the seas. The northern hemisphere's ice will also flow into the seas, compounding the situation.

Earthquakes and sea events will hit diverse areas. Mexico, the U.S.A. (including the East and West Coasts, Texas and the Deep South) and Cuba will be impacted by sea events in the Gulf of Mexico. The aliens who inhabited the coastal areas of Jamaica have already moved from the lowlands to the highlands in anticipation of sea events in the area. (See my article on Alien Invisibility Technology.) Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, the Solomon Islands, Tahiti and the surrounding areas will also suffer great damage. Many other places, including Istanbul, Barcelona and several parts of Italy will be devastated. Europe will not be spared.

Many people have been conditioned by the Indian Ocean tsunamis to run from the sea when it pulls back after an earthquake. From off the coast of Cuba will come a mammoth earthquake that will start the tsunami effects in the Gulf of Mexico. Because the Gulf is smaller than the Indian Ocean, the speed of the strike will be much faster than it happened in the Indian Ocean. The death toll will far outstrip the 26 December 2004 event. When the people learn of the quake, they will panic and flee inland, trampling anything in their way. Many animals and plants will perish also.

Many have noticed that Australia has been flooded with immigrants in the last few years. Part of the reason for this is its proximity to Antarctica, where the ruling elite plan to eventually retreat when the globe heats up tremendously and fresh water is scarce. This is also why many aliens in human bodies are relocating to Australia. Apart from socio-economic and political reasons, many others are drawn to Australia because the continent is relatively safe geologically and geographically compared to other places.

The sea will turn poisonous and no longer provide food. At first, people will try to assist those stricken by tragedies, but later they will be looking out for their own interests as food shortages become acute. There will be lots of rioting, looting and revolts over food and safety. As I have reminded you before, you should keep food, water and other important essentials on hand. The time will come when currencies will be worthless and there is no real barter system in place. Thus, chaos will follow the collapse of the currencies. All governments will struggle to help themselves.

With the violence of a race, the horsemen will come like thunder.

The Christians will proclaim it is the end of the world and that Christ is coming. (They are unaware that Christ the Spiritual Warrior is already here, has almost completed the Work and will be departing soon with all the Spiritual Warriors).

Followers of many religions will say that God is punishing people for straying from the "faith". The truth is that the God of Light does not punish anyone. The Light is only removing Its own from the prison of Darkness. In fact, it is Darkness – the false creator – that has caused, is causing and will cause ALL of the suffering on the planet.

The path of Silence will be broken so that those with true hearing, true sight and true hearts will absorb the music of the Silence. The time will arrive for the unity of spirits amongst the True-Light beings, regardless of colour, race, gender, creed or age. What is most important is one's spirit.

La-too-la. Itu-sa. The first wave cometh.
Pa-ra-tee-asa. Koo-ta-ee-tua.
The dawn of the Creator's Light overseeing everything.
Ata-ka-yudi. Beginning and end.
Watsa-ki-u-ti. All things shall follow.

May you rejoice in the Divine Love. May you open your heart to the Divine Light beyond your essence. The ones led by the Shadows are many. These and their leaders will continue to scorn and attack the children of Light with venom and hatred as they expose their own falsehood and Dark identities. They can no longer touch the spirits of the children of Light.

Be not fearful. Remain calm and serene in the Light.

"These are the times that try men's souls." Those who have experienced that flood of Divine Love in their lives can hold onto that feeling to sustain them throughout the ordeal. Those who have not experienced a flood of Divine Love can imagine what it is like to unconditionally love an animal or another human being. Without the Divine Love, no one can ever express or experience unconditional love.

The True Creator loves all Its children and is retrieving all those who still respond to that Love.

May the Love, Peace and Light of A-itu the Eternal Flame be with you.

© 2004 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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