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Ata-i-lek, the New Reptilian Pope

Ata-i-lek, the New Reptilian Pope


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara site)

20th April 2005

With the release of the Christ Energy contained in The New Revelation - John the Divine Versus the Anunnaki God, things will now speed up faster than ever before. I knew that there was a need to post that article before the new pope was elected. While I rarely turn on the television, much less early in the morning, I did on the morning that the pope died.

Then, on 17th April 2005, I again turned on the television early in the morning, just before the conclave was to commence. They were discussing the conclave. Amongst the crowd, they showed some faces of the various cardinals. I spotted one of the faces and I recognized him as the new pope. For that moment, it was as if everything was frozen, and as I looked at the face of the new pope, it was as though he was looking back at me through the television.

When it was over, I knew that the television could not have been frozen, and that something else had occurred. I knew that the new pope would come from Germany, which is a Reptilian-influenced country. When I looked at pictures in the newspaper to find the name of the cardinal, I recognized the pope "to be" that I had seen on television, I realized that the new pope would be Joseph Ratzinger.

There was something familiar about him when our eyes met during that episode when he had "looked" back at me through the television. I recognized this person. The next day it dawned on me that it was Ata-i-lek, a top-ranking Green Reptilian military commander from Atasoon. I realized that he had just recently begun overshadowing Cardinal Ratzinger! I have had many encounters with Ata-i-lek in the past. He can be sweet on the outside, but very devious inside. No wonder I had earlier said on 18th March 2005, in Aliens Behind the Super Powers and Super Alliances, that:

The Pope [John-Paul II] is holding onto power because he is very concerned that the next pope will not be able to hold the Church together. In fact, the next pope will cause many problems and much chaos to the Catholic Church and the world.

Ata-i-lek had just "come into" the human body of Joseph Ratzinger shortly before the conclave commenced. It is no wonder that he was able to win the election so quickly. The minority Vulturite members of the Church will resist the new Pontiff. Even though the new pope is 78 years old, he will have a lot of energy and creativity with Ata-i-lek running the body. It is no co-incidence that his birthday is 16th April. I released the New Revelation on 17th April 2005 here, but it was the 16th in Germany. When news of his election reached me, I jokingly said to Ata-i-lek that I had already sent him a birthday present with the release of the New Revelation. Joseph Ratzinger was not happy with the present from John the Divine!

Ata-i-lek is impulsive and has a temper, although he can be jovial. He is a chauvinist. He will certainly cause division, and will quietly condone paedophilia in the clergy since Ata-i-lek belongs to a group of aliens that promotes it. He will also delve into politics and will voice a strong opinion, especially as the Anunnaki wars rage. I suppose his two faithful "lieutenants" will be overshadowing his two top advisors!

Since Ata-i-lek, for all intents and purposes, is the new pope, he will commence full-scale battle with the Light. But the Light is ready for him and all that he can throw at It. No doubt that he will heavily promote the Anunnaki God and what It stands for.

As promised, the evacuation of the animals from Alukar Heights commenced in April 2005. Already, 15 of them have been physically picked up. More will follow, but remember, not everyone will be physically evacuated. If you are not in the physical evacuation, do not be concerned. Many will be leaving in other ways. All will be well.

There will be another physical pick-up of 2,450 beings around the world this year. However, I will not be amongst them; I will be in a later pick-up of 50 beings. I am looking forward to returning Home!

From the heart of the serpent will be pulled all the treasures of the Divine.
In the midst of the quagmire are many pure ones who have waited.
Their wait is nearly over.
The ships are here.
The day draws near.
Be patient.
Be still.
Await but a little while longer.
The wait is nearly over.
When the crest of Charles mounts the throne the world in Darkness all will drone.
Be patient and wait.
The day is close.

© 2005 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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