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The Atu-waa Was Moved as the Reptilian Ruling Elite and the Vulturite Ruling Elite Clashed

The Atu-waa Was Moved as the Reptilian Ruling Elite and the Vulturite Ruling Elite Clashed


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara site)

21st September 2005

My last posting entitled Alien Eyes Guided Hurricane Katrina has caused a stir with the ruling elite. Immediately after the article appeared on the internet, our phones were disconnected from a remote site - the outage lasted for several days. Further, the website has been knocked down repeatedly, often several times a day. While other articles I have written have caused annoyance to the ruling elite, the last posting is in a class by itself. One might wonder why my article describing how aliens were behind Hurricane Katrina's assault on New Orleans affected them so much!

Yet, the ruling elite has allowed relatively free distribution in the alternative media of the theory that Hurricane Katrina was an attack on America by Russian weather-control technology. The Russian weather-control story is indeed beneficial to the ruling elite's agenda. This raises many questions!

To sort out why the "human-manufactured" hurricane is acceptable whilst the "alien-engineered" hurricane is taboo, one needs to remember that the ruling elite has covered up signs of alien activities for many decades. It uses several techniques and its own media to scorn, scoff at and ridicule various observations of alien activities, whilst simultaneously flooding the media with propaganda that confuses the public and sways beliefs and thoughts towards scepticism of alien existence, or which gears beliefs in certain directions about aliens.

Aliens now influence or control all nation states on the Earth. Most of the governments are either predominantly influenced by Reptilians or by Vulturites. These are the two main groups vying for supremacy. They appear in all major political parties around the world.

Whilst the Republican Party in America is currently a Vulturite-influenced party, it is heavily infiltrated by Reptilians, who can often take important leadership roles, and even become Republican presidential candidates. Likewise, the Democratic Party is currently a Reptilian-influenced party that is heavily infiltrated by Vulturites. Today, in America, there is a lot of conflict because of these entanglements and the relative strengths of the two major alien groups.

When one alien group takes full control of a nation, both the opposition and the government will be of the same ilk - that is, either Reptilian or Vulturite. When this happens there is only show fighting because both parties are working for the same alien master.

Whilst most people assume there is a single group of ruling elite on the planet, this is not so. IN FACT, THERE ARE TWO MAIN GROUPS OF RULING ELITE IN THE WORLD. These groups consist of people who are influenced by Reptilians and those who are influenced by Vulturites. In other words, the two main groups of ruling elite in the world are vying for dominance of the Earth. That is why there is so much contradiction and conflict on the planet about various matters.

The ruling elite from both camps dominate all important fields (medicine, education, law, science, politics, technology, ecology, commerce, finance, military and other areas). Therefore, there are constant clashes within and without the fields of operation.

The two groups of ruling elite represent evil fighting evil.

On Earth, Reptilian-sponsored people are constantly being bombarded by Vulturite attacks on the physical and subtle levels. These attacks can result in headaches, other bodily pain, accidents, annoyances, obstructions, traps, set-ups, slanders etc. Of course, not all events are due to alien attacks, but many are. One characteristic of alien attacks is that the attacks can be readily explained away with physical-mind reasoning that appears to offer rational or scientific explanations. Hence, people are being deceived.

Both main groups of aliens have agents in human bodies who carry "poison" and distribute it wherever they go. The particular "poison" can cause physical illness in those affected. It can also cause accidents, epidemics, strange phenomena, depression, anxiety, doubts, despair, fear, friction, loss of energy and other negative occurrences. There are also alien agents who are energy vampires - these may or may not inject "poison" whilst they steal energy.

Hence, Vulturite-sponsored people are constantly being assaulted by Reptilian attacks whilst Reptilian-sponsored people suffer from Vulturite attacks. For those of the Rescue Mission and other Light Workers, there can be attacks from both major alien groups and all of their subordinate groups such as the Greys, Masa-karas, Wagools etc. This is not supposition. It is how the world works. Anunnaki propaganda from the astral world wants searchers to believe that the Earth is a classroom for learning lessons. This is false; the truth is that the Earth is a battlefield.

Currently, the U.S.A. is a Vulturite-influenced nation and Russia is a Reptilian-influenced country. Therefore, it suits the American ruling elite to allow circulation of the theory that Russia attacked America with weather-control weapons. With their respective alien influences in mind, it becomes clearer as to why the Russian government and the American government are at odds with one another at this time. However, the Vulturite-influenced American ruling elite, along with all the world's ruling elite, regardless of whether they are Reptilian- or Vulturite-influenced, have a primary strategy of keeping alien involvement on Earth a secret from humans. This secret is kept for many reasons.

The Earth is a critical battlefield because it is the location of the atu-waa. The aliens want to keep humans in the dark regarding the atu-waa. They have spread many inconsistent theories and religions to conceal the truth from all beings, especially the earthlings. One currently accepted alien-propagated theory is the Big Bang.

Whilst many of Earth's scientists and other theorists are still locked into the possibility that the universe began as a dense unintelligent mass of matter that exploded out and randomly spread out into galaxies and solar systems and thereafter developed intelligence as it evolved, more and more of them are beginning to accept that there is an Intelligence behind the formation of the physical universe.

Some sceptics are realizing the absurdity of something huge evolving from something that is minute. Many evolutionists place humankind at the top of the evolutionary ladder, and claim that humans will mutate and evolve into greater and greater intelligences. Not only is this claim exceedingly arrogant, it is basically absurd. How can any thinking person believe that the Earth is run by a lesser intelligence than a single human being, or that the entire solar system is less intelligent than one human being?

Any reasonable reflection tells a thinking mind that the solar system runs in a very predictable order and is anything but random. All of the planets maintain regular rotations and orbits. It is very obvious that there is something directing the motions of the planets. That something has to be an Intelligence far beyond the comprehension of every human mind on Earth.

This Intelligence has planned and created all there is around the universe(s) and superimposed this upon the True-Light Creation. The plan of this Intelligence is very complex and detailed. The characteristics of every atom have been programmed by the Intelligence to bond together to make larger bodies. Likewise, the properties of every planet have been carefully programmed into them to affect things on those planets and the others of the solar system. Astrologers have been able to observe and predict the many complex influences the various planets have upon Earth and its inhabitants. However, astrologers have generally avoided the "why" question about the properties of celestial bodies and interaction of their respective energies. The answer to the question is that the Intelligence programmed the properties into the planets to serve Its own nefarious purposes.

There is a tremendous amount of empty space between the planets of a solar system. On the micro level, there is also a tremendous amount of empty space between atomic parts of physical matter. This is all part of the Intelligence's illusion of vastness.

All of the orbits of every planet are in a particular state of decay - every one of them would fall off their course if something did not keep them aligned and moving continuously. Likewise, all atomic particles are in a state of decay. On the macro and micro levels, the Intelligence has created what appear to be complex, inter-related, perpetual-motion machines.

However, they only appear to be in perpetual motion. Everything in the material world decays and can only continue until it winds down. The universe is winding down. It has wound down many times in the past and each time it has been re-started. Just like humans, the universe, too, has its own lifespan.

As a universe reaches the end of its life, things begin to go awry. Planets start to wobble, stars burn out, celestial bodies become less predictable in their movements and other signs of deterioration become apparent. It is at that point that the universe needs a re-start.

As I have mentioned in other writings, the Intelligence has appointed the Anunnaki as Its agents to bring about the re-starts when they are due. The Anunnaki have kept this information within a very small circle of Anunnaki Elite. This small group is phonetically known as the Waah-haalu. The Waah-haalu were the only ones who knew how to operate the atu-waa. Needless to say, this small group held an enormous power over every being in the Virtual Reality.

For a long time the atu-waa was kept on the Anunnaki home planet of Nibiru until that planet was in its final days. When the Waah-haalu re-located the atu-waa to Earth, suddenly, a remote, insignificant and primitive planet became a very important place to those who were aware of the atu-waa.

When the Rescuers of the True-Light discovered the atu-waa on Earth, they disabled the device. After many severe confrontations, the Rescuers were able to separate the atu-waa from the Waah-haalu. Eventually, the Waah-haalu fled the Earth. Ever since, the Waah-haalu have been unable to return to the Earth because of the tight, complex security the Rescuers have placed around the planet's entry points.

Most of the Anunnaki Remnants on Earth are awaiting the return of the Waah-haalu, whom they believe will be able to activate the atu-waa and re-start time before the Virtual Reality breaks down completely. Since the Waah-haalu know they cannot return, they attempted to send a code to King Hiram, King Solomon and Hiram Abiff, but their attempt failed. Some of the aware Freemasons are still seeking the lost code that they refer to as the "lost word".

The Reptilians, who are members of the Anunnaki Remnants, currently possess the non-functional atu-waa. The Waah-haalu have not been able to pass on the operational code to the Anunnaki Remnants on Earth - in fact, the Waah-haalu have since lost the code. Therefore, even if the Waah-haalu were able to return to Earth, they could not operate the atu-waa. There is now only one being who possesses the "code" to the atu-waa.

The atu-waa has been moved many times in the past by the Anunnaki Remnants. It is a complex manoeuvre to re-locate it.


The unsuspecting Vulturites are still searching in the Middle East for the atu-waa - their Middle East search is in vain. Times are very tense because the two major groups of aliens are vying for the atu-waa and hope to be the next generation of controllers of the Virtual Reality. It is for this reason that otherwise rational-appearing people who control weapons of mass destruction are very dangerous. Beware! The talk of peace is only lip service - the two major alien groups are on a war footing!

The Reptilian/Vulturite battle for supremacy has so consumed the aliens that they are involved in an insane war of evil versus evil - and all those in their vicinity are forced to suffer the consequences.

The Light has patiently awaited this day to rescue those of the Light whom the Intelligence trapped in Its Virtual Reality.

The time is drawing near - the Rescue is at hand.

© 2005 Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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