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Final Reflections #13

Final Reflections #13

The Emancipation of the Elements


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara Site)

4th December 2004

In esoteric study it is known that there are four major elements - Air, Earth, Water and Fire. These elements are intimately involved with everything on the planet. They have been forced to perform various functions for Darkness in this realm. The natural function of the element Air is NOT to be gas. Nor is it natural for Earth to be solid. Water was NOT gas, liquid or solid before the enslavement by Darkness. And Fire was not meant to burn.

When Darkness superimposed Itself upon the True Creation and introduced the spiralling energy to slow things down (solidify into matter), It trapped many high beings, including the beings who were forced into the forms of what are now known as the four major elements, Air, Earth, Water and Fire. All matter is foreign to True-Light beings, so making these high beings involuntarily serve Darkness in these material forms has greatly suppressed them.

Matter is a creation of Evil (Darkness). Like all things in this sector since the superimposition of the Artificial Creation upon the True Divine Creation, all material bodies are made of matter. In order to form physical bodies, Darkness used True-Light particles that It stole from the Mother. Hence, all physical forms contain a mixture of Good (Light) and Evil (Darkness). Hence, the major elements too contain a mixture of Good and Evil when forced into a physical expression.

To better understand the import of this article, I recommend that you consciously separate the beings labelled as the four elements from the expression of the nouns air, earth, water and fire.

All of the consciousnesses who were forced to assume the forms of the four major elements in matter have remained true to the Light. Even though they have been forced to compromise, they have continued to work as best as they can for the Light under horrible circumstances. Although the Sacred Drumming marked the symbolic release of the elements, for many reasons, they still remain in this realm and will not totally withdraw until later.

Of the four elements, Darkness has had the most difficulty harnessing Water; It has not been able to force Water to do Its absolute bidding. Ironically, one of Darkness' most severe traps is the imposition of biological "life" bodies upon consciousnesses, and water is absolutely critical to Darkness' trap of biological existence. Because of this irony, Darkness has been forced to deal with Its very "rebellious" slave, Water.

Due to the spiralling energy, the element Earth has been slowed down so much that its expression has become solidified, and as such it has difficulty resisting the imposition forced upon it. Air can wander about and would seem free to leave, but Darkness imposed the force of gravity to force it to go to certain objects. Fire never burned, but it is now forced to burn and transform things in this wasteful realm.

Physical water becomes gas (like Air) when it is heated, and returns to liquid form when it is cooled. The element Water refused to conform to the illusion of no-motion and literally has to be dragged from one end of the Earth to the other by the moon's gravitational force. Darkness punished Water by freezing it into a solid. In the form of ice, Water is nearly as entrapped as Earth.

The ice near the Earth's poles and on its higher points and colder places always serves as a reminder to the "rebellious" Water that it could all be turned into a frozen solid. With the exception of the Rescuers of the Light, Darkness is holding every True-Light being in this Virtual Reality as ransom. Darkness steadfastly refuses to release any True-Light beings, which is why the Rescue by the Light is becoming so intense and dramatic.

The Rescue Process has been going on for quite some time and it is very complex. One of the critical traps created by Darkness is the sun, which emits False-Light but appears to give life. However, it really only gives "life" to the biological traps of consciousnesses. As the sun heats up, so does the atmosphere around the Earth, which in turn is causing much of the polar and glacial ice on the planet to thaw. There are other reasons for global warming, including alien microwave heating of the Antarctic seas, but for the most part, the super-heating of the sun is the main cause of global warming. (You can find a more detailed discussion of these issues in my other writings.)

As more and more water is freed from its ice prison, Water is being allowed to better express on the planet. It is being liberated as best as it can be here on Earth. This liberation is important to the Rescue because it is a symbolic release of True-Light beings from the grasp of Darkness. This is because Darkness has held the functional liquid form of Water hostage by freezing it solid. So, Water has very reluctantly obeyed Darkness and endured endless cycles of evaporation into the atmosphere and return to the land as precipitation to appear to "bless" the land with the "gift" of Darkness. The rain on the Earth is important to keep Darkness' trap of biological existence functioning. Soon, Water will no longer go through the pointless cycles that benefit Darkness and disadvantage True-Light beings. Even though water is needed to sustain biological life, this process is inevitable for the liberation of Water. It is understood that without water, all biological life will die.

As the ice is being heated it is released as water to express in liquid form. The element Water can then express more to its liking and less to the dictates of Darkness. Thus, Water is now freer to fall according to where it desires instead of on the land to benefit Darkness' biological trap. Needless to say, this liberation will certainly cause great hardship to many beings - including plants and animals - throughout the world because there will be severe shortages due to drought and other drought- related reasons. The upcoming hardship will only be brought about because Darkness will not release even a single True-Light being at this late stage of the Rescue. While it is drastic to lose a slave, especially one like Water, that is no justification to keep it enslaved.

Water is now able to better replenish itself in the oceans instead of being forced to continue feeding the illusion of the Garden of Eden (the Earth in biological form). As Water is withdrawn from the land, so too will the element Earth symbolically express itself without the dictates of Darkness. Again, this will cause inconvenience and hardship to the dwellers of the land, but that is no justification to keep the element Earth enslaved.

The sea appears calm on the surface, but underneath it is a predatory nightmare, where the food chain is demonstrated by savageness gone mad, but this insanity is hidden from the surface dwellers. The sea's underwater is full of carnivores, which is yet another punishment that Darkness has imposed upon Its "rebellious" slave Water. Water has paid an extreme price for its continual resistance to Darkness, and all of the Light should rejoice that such a devoted being of Light is soon to be freed.

As Water is symbolically freed before its final liberation, it will keep more and more to itself. This will cause more droughts as the illusion of Eden withers.

The continent of Antarctica is thawing and releasing a huge volume of ice to be reclaimed by the sea. Some of the ruling elite are aware of how quickly global warming will melt the ice and know that most of the surface of the planet will soon be uninhabitable. While the planet bakes and thirsts despite the proliferation of water, certain high spots and icy continents will retain the ice longer than others. Antarctica's glaciers will most likely hold the final retreat from the hot sun and remain a fresh water source for biological life until the planet is too hot to sustain itself and literally implodes from all the heat and melts into oblivion.

Even at this late stage - with all the evidence of liberation of Water before It - Darkness refuses to voluntarily release the water that It holds hostage in ice. Symbolically, each drop melted is a victory for the Light over Darkness. Each drop liberated brings the day of liberation from Darkness closer and closer. Darkness is so insane that It will hold on until It literally collapses - as the planet will collapse - rather than willingly return one drop of Its hostages. This scenario has repeated in solar system after solar system.

Obviously, Darkness will stubbornly uphold the illusion until it collapses. Darkness knows what is happening, but It literally fights to Its death rather than release a single being of Light. Darkness suspects that Its resistance is hopeless. However, It hides this suspicion from Its own agents, who would try to abandon ship if they discovered the precariousness of the situation. So the agents of Darkness ignorantly fight on, not knowing that their Master has them on a suicide mission where they fight the hopeless battle on this planet to keep Water imprisoned in ice so Darkness can maintain Itself temporarily in other retreats. Thus, Darkness hopes to survive another day and hold beings of Light elsewhere for a little while longer.

Like Water and Earth, Air and Fire will also be released as the planet heats up until Fire eventually finishes off the profane shell we call the Earth.

Ironically, some agents of Darkness are unwittingly working against their Master (Darkness) for their own selfish purposes. These include those who cut down rainforests for profit, thereby adding to the Greenhouse effect and unknowingly quickening the release of Water and Earth. Another example can be seen in situations where strip miners devastate the land while extracting minerals from previously fertile farmland. This is motivated by greed; the minerals are relatively more valuable than food products the land produces. Strip mining will ultimately cause further food shortages when the droughts are more severe and the hardships will be exacerbated.

In place of the True Message of Liberation from Darkness, the agents of Darkness are spreading the false message of ascension to the next higher dimension. This is how Darkness is trying to keep a lid on the Truth for the time being. It is trying to give false hope so people will ignorantly battle on against the Light. Of course, even in the higher dimensions of this Virtual Reality, there are still the endless and pointless cycles, just like the repeated and senseless cycles of the Zodiac, going from one Age to another Age only to re-start the whole process again without getting anywhere.

Although the times ahead are troubling and disturbing from a physical point of view, if we look beyond the physical, we can be comforted and strengthened in knowing that we will soon be liberated from Darkness and returning to our True Creator in a place of True Love, Joy, Purity, Beauty and Liberty.


© 2004 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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