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Two Victorious Stories

Two Victorious Stories


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from Nara Site)

10th September 2004

Although my public work ended on 31st August 2004, the very next day the battles began to rage. There were lots of confrontations on the subtle as well as on the physical level. Our big shield is up which has helped to keep things under control. However, we have received reports of many people being targeted.

This is a time the opposition will try to play on your mind and inflict illnesses and discomfort upon your physical body. To mitigate these types of attacks you can use all the tools that you have been given. You can also ask for Divine Guidance and follow your intuition.

This is a realm where the Shadows have a certain amount of influence. They can do things to your physical body, but they cannot take your will away unless you give into them. Stay strong in the Light.

Here are two stories I would like to share with you. They are stories of hope, strength, joy and victory.

We are connected in the Light. May the Blessings and Strength of A-itu the Eternal Flame be with you.

Story #1

The Healing of Eddie

In mid-August 2004, someone picked up a stray Jack Russell terrier mix about 3 months old. They noticed it had deformed front legs, so they dropped it at the vet. A veterinarian nurse called us to see if we would take him - without stressing too much upon the extent of his physical problem. She said to me that if anyone could help the puppy, it would be us. So she asked if we would take him. On 23rd August, we adopted the little puppy. It was then that we realised the extent of his deformity. This deformity was even more reason for us to take the little puppy.

Later that evening, while talking to someone on the phone, the person suggested the name of "Eddie" for the puppy. That is a very good name for the little terrier. All of the cats and dogs have taken to the little guy straight away. We felt so much love for Eddie and wanted to protect and nurture him.

As the pictures taken on the day of his arrival show, he could barely stand because his front legs were so bowed. We carried him around like a baby because his legs shook just from his weight when he tried to stand up. We put a cushion under his legs when he ate to ease his discomfort. Steffan and I were delighted to have him.

When I called him the second day that he was with us, he tried so hard to walk to me, dragging his feet and his head as he crawled across the floor. My heart sank as I watched him bravely struggle to me. I told myself not to call him to come to me again unless he could walk.

The change in Eddie was dramatic from the first day he arrived. Others commented that he quickly went from looking like nobody's dog to a happy, confident and affectionate puppy. Eddie is a tough fighter with a strong spirit.

Eddie put on weight very quickly and his condition was worsening because his legs couldn't stand the additional weight. He shook violently when he tried to stand up. It was heartbreaking to watch this valiant little dog try to move about.

I kept asking Eddie who he was because I recognised the face behind Eddie, but could not recall where I had seen him before. On 28th August 2004, before I said goodnight to Eddie, I gave him about one minute of healing for his deformity and felt tremendous energy entering his chest. The next morning, I saw Eddie up on the window sill. The day before, Eddie could not even climb into his indoor doghouse. When Eddie saw me, he was so excited that he jumped from the window to greet me. I knew then that Eddie could walk! Eddie was able to stand up and walk straight to me.

All the other dogs knew something was very different about Eddie that day. They all stared at him with surprised looks on their faces. When I asked Eddie who he was, he gave me a look and I said, "Is that you Andy?" and he said, "Yes, I am."

In his last life, Andy passed away when he was 25 years old. He was in his final year at university when he fell ill with cancer. He was born with polio and had to drag his feet when he walked. In that life, he was also very determined to walk despite the problems he had with his legs.

Andy is part of the Rescue Team - he has been working on the subtle level since his physical death. He has now come back as a little puppy to help with Class 3 consciousness.

Here are some photos taken of Eddie on the first day of his arrival at Alukar Heights. He got progressively worse afterwards, until he received the healing. Eddie is now a confident, happy puppy. He is well behaved and very affectionate. He brings us a lot of joy. He is growing stronger by the day.

We have had a lot of new animals arrive here as they prepare for the "drumming".

Eddie on the first day at Alukar Heights

Eddie on his first day at Alukar Heights

Eddie the morning after his healing

Eddie the morning after his healing

Eddie the morning after his healing

Story #2

For those of you who know Rowena, she passed away on 27th August 2004. She had asked me to conduct her memorial service. What follows is the framework of the service I gave. Many things were spontaneously added to this memorial statement during the service. It went very well and it was a nice service, followed by a simple wake.

We are gathered here this afternoon to pay our last respects to Rowena. Most of us here have known Rowena for many years. Today is the last day of my public work which ends with the celebration of liberation of trapped Class 4 beings who have been invaded by an opposite essence. Rowena never asked for this horrible treatment, but she bore it valiantly. Hers was not just an individual victory as she broke the trail for many Class 4 beings in similar circumstances.

Although the physical body of Rowena expired on Friday the 27th of August at about 2:50 pm, her Class 4 being was picked up by the Light on the afternoon of Thursday, 26th August. This occurred when she gave a very happy smile and touched my cheeks with both of her hands. Peace was very apparent on her face at that time. This event was witnessed by Steffan and others. We felt Peace that permeated the room.

A few minutes later, Rowena's face changed dramatically. There was then a massive struggle. Fear overtook Rowena's face. She was calling me for help but was too weak to voice it. She rocked back and forth in the bed, violently struggling to get up. Rowena finally mustered enough energy to sit up and shout very clearly, "Help me!" while she was looking directly at me. All of us heard those words, but it took a while before the import of them was fully realized.

I saw and felt the presence of discarnates in the room at the time. They were not nice beings and Rowena was terrified. What had happened was that after the True-Light consciousness of Rowena had left, all that remained was the dark invader. This being could not enter the Light, and was terrified by the dark agents that were sent to pick it up. That is why she called out to me to help her. Many times in the past, a plea like this from such a being allowed it yet another chance. But, we are at the final stages now, and those beings have chosen to serve Darkness to the end. There are no more chances for them.

The Sacred Drumming will soon commence which will signal the release of the New Green Energy that will awaken the True-Light beings and liberate them from Darkness in preparation for their journey Home. Their spirits will be healed before they are accompanied Home by the Attas of Light.

The time is drawing near when all will know who they are. Nobody will be mistaken. There will be many surprises amongst the people of the world during the separation of the wheat from the chaff. Father will be against son, son against father, mother against daughter, daughter against mother, son against mother and daughter against father, brother against brother, sister against sister and brother against sister and so on. This will also happen in the animal kingdom, between human friends, and amongst nations. Thus, there will not be cohesion in most families and so on.

True-Light beings will be assisted to help them detach so that the pain of separation will be minimized. True-Light beings will be ready to let go of those False-Light beings around them, in whatever class of consciousness they may be occupying. By then the Green Energy will be drawn into the Pinto Centre where it will remain to sustain the True-Light beings until they are ready to return Home.

Today, this is a celebration because Rowena of the Light is finally liberated from Darkness. It was a great battle for her. It is always very difficult for a Class 4 to keep focused on the Light when a dark being has invaded that body. She has won her own battle. We are very happy for her. We know that she is in good hands and will soon join all the others on her way Home.

We send her our love and wish her a happy reunion.

© 2004 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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