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Darkness' Favourite Name

Darkness' Favourite Name


Amitakh Stanford 

(republished from the Nara site)

30th July 2006

Jesus has many enemies.  The ruling elite perceive Jesus as their enemy because he exposes Darkness and reveals Truth.  Darkness could not risk having this done on Earth.  Since this world is run by Darkness, one could wonder how the name of Jesus has become so widespread.

Everyone who tries to spread Light or Truth in this world is thwarted, maligned or persecuted, to the extent that sincere people often give up in despair.  So how is it that Christianity - which is supposedly founded upon the teachings of Jesus - flourishes in this world of Darkness?  How has the Bible proliferated and become an overwhelming best seller?  This is possible because it was part of Darkness' scheme.  The ruling elite and their agents play a major part in sponsoring the plan.

Moses was persecuted and had few real friends in his lifetime because he spread a Message from the God of Light.  Today, the extant dogma is that Moses led the Jews of his time out of Egyptian bondage, and his supposed writings form the foundation of the extant Jewish Scriptures.  This is not because Moses wrote all those things, or because he was so popular and well loved amongst the Jews.  It is because the ruling elite altered history and recorded their version to suit their purposes.

Buddhism, too, has flourished in this world of Darkness.  Again, it was sponsored and modified to suit the ruling elites' purposes.  Islam and Hinduism also flourish in this world of Darkness because the ruling elite has modified and programmed them to become major religions for their own agenda.  However, among the religions, both major and minor, there is some Truth to attract True-Light beings to them.  In short, religions are sponsored by Darkness because It infiltrates every belief system over time.  Thus, good people can be found in all religions of the world.

Jesus, in his time, was condemned by self-righteous members of the community, especially those from the priestly class, for associating with sinners.  Such was the case then, and so it is now.

There were those who claimed to be open-minded, truth-seeking people who spread propaganda and stirred others against Jesus out of jealousy and for other nefarious reasons.  As there were hypocrites in the time of Jesus, there are also many such ones today who try to stop others from seeking Truth by condemning and maliciously spreading propaganda or untruth against anyone who attempts to spread Light and Love in this world of Darkness.  This is because Darkness does not want anyone to truly awaken to Truth.  Therefore, It sends out Its agents to obstruct and distort Truth.  This should not surprise anyone who resonates with the Divine Energy.

Among many things, Jesus was persecuted for eating with society's rejects and for not following the dictates of Aaron.  These included healing on the Sabbath instead of strictly adhering to the laws of Aaron.  Neither would Jesus allow animal sacrifices, nor tolerate moneychangers in a place of worship.  In the eyes of the self-righteous ones, Jesus' credibility as God's Messenger was belittled and condemned as blasphemy because he dared to vociferously oppose the ruling priests of his time.  Hence, only a small minority of people who truly sought Truth were receptive to his teachings.  It is the same today.

Many heard about Jesus and his deeds and words.  Some came to see him out of curiosity or self-interest.  Some were there to spy on him.  Yet, others were genuinely attracted to his energy.  On the whole, only a small number amongst the crowd responded to him with their hearts.  Thus, Jesus had a very small following of sincere seekers of Truth.  But, even this small group was not tolerated by the agents of Darkness.  Darkness does all It can to corrupt and block Truth.

To counteract the spread of Jesus' teachings, the ruling elite hijacked Jesus' name and started its Church, which falsely proclaimed that Jesus ordained Peter the apostle to start a church in his name.  Jesus did not come to Earth to convert anyone or to start a church or any religion.  He came to awaken the trapped True-Light beings who were in spiritual slumber.  Darkness was threatened by the idea of Jesus liberating the True-Light beings from Darkness' entrapment.  Therefore, many false accusations were made against him through Its agents, which eventually led to the crucifixion of Jesus.

Today the ruling elites' Church has a large following, not because most of its members are touched by Jesus, but because Darkness allowed Christianity to flourish through propaganda and conquests.  However, there are some sincere, True-Light beings who have joined the Church because they were touched by the Love of Jesus.  Unfortunately, for many of them, because they rely upon the ruling elites' Church dogma, interpretations and teachings, they never suspect that an enemy of Truth is on the pulpit.  This makes it difficult for them to question doctrine or discern Truth from the untruth in the corrupted Bible.

The Jesus that most in the Church look for was devised by Paul, and later set into the extant Bible as agents of Darkness redacted, edited and altered the teachings of Jesus.  Therefore, those looking to the Church dogma for the return of Jesus are severely hampered from recognizing him.

The Revelation, as it appears in the extant Bible, was corrupted, as were many other parts of the Bible, to fit into Darkness' plan.  Darkness, through Its agents, the ruling elite, now appears to be following the blueprint in the corrupted Revelation so that those who are trapped in the ruling elites' Church will passively allow the plan of Darkness to unfold.

The Bible is widespread and the Old Testament has been joined to the New Testament.  The Gospels have been swamped by Paul's amendments that have watered down the teachings of Jesus.  Some of Jesus' teachings were included in the extant Bible to attract True-Light beings into the Church because his energy resonates with them.

Anunnaki agents in the time of Jesus acted as spies within and stirred things up when they infiltrated various groups of people who tried to follow the teachings of Jesus.  Some of these infiltrators bore false witness against Jesus and seekers of Truth.  Today, there are still those who support the Anunnaki and their work because they are involved with the Anunnaki; these people are advocates for the Anunnaki and cannot be trusted.

Today, as in other times, many of those who claim to follow Jesus are the very ones who try to block Jesus' message.  These are the ones that Jesus came to expose.  Therefore, it is no surprise that Jesus is not accepted by them.  Presently, anyone who writes against the ruling elite or its Church will not be widely accepted UNLESS what they write is part of the plan sponsored by the ruling elite.  Further, it is not uncommon for the ruling elite to send out its lackeys to spread propaganda and poison, through various mechanisms in this world that are sponsored or controlled by Darkness.

It should be remembered that the ruling elite are Darkness' agents, and those who work for them are ultimately Darkness' agents.  These come in many forms and wear many different masks.  It is no wonder that even a long-time father can betray his own daughter or son and turn them over to the ruling elite for his own gain.  Likewise, even children can betray their parents or best friends to agents of Darkness in order to fulfil their own ambitions.

There are many in this world who love Darkness.  They are the main voice.  Unless one listens attentively, one can only hear their voice and not the Voice of the Light.  If one could easily walk the path of Light in this world, many who resonate with the Light would have been on that path.

However, it is not easy to walk the path of Light because this world is run by Darkness.  Those who believe that they can easily walk the path of Light in this world should re-examine themselves and their situations.  Clearly, they are in traps through which they cannot see.  Any easy path is most likely a path to Darkness.  As Jesus said, the path that leads to the True God is narrow, and few will enter it, whilst the path that leads to destruction is wide, and many will enter it.

If one does not reflect and use one's own discernment, one can easily be swayed.  Those who follow others without seeking their own inner guidance will have nothing inside onto which to anchor.  Such ones are relying upon others to tell them what to believe, who they are, and to decide for them which is the way to Truth.  This is very dangerous in a deceptive world that is run by Darkness.  If one does not make a supreme effort to connect by wanting to associate with and enter the Light, one can be easily swayed by the propaganda, temptations and threats of Darkness because one has nothing inside upon which to anchor.

If your heart is Pure (focused on the True Light) and your Will is strong, you have the power to resist Darkness.

In Darkness' world of Virtual Reality, it is difficult to discern things because Truth is hidden and obscured from even the most sincere searchers.  This is by design because once the Truth is revealed, the bondage to Darkness will dissipate.

Darkness has used many names.  Even though It has obscured Its favourite name, It loves to have this name spoken, repeated and remembered.  Darkness' favourite name appears in more than 750 verses and it is repeated over 800 times in the extant Bible.  That is how enamoured Darkness is with Itself and Its favourite name.  Yet, Darkness does not want people to know this name.  In fact, the favourite name of Darkness is:  JERUSALEM.

Can you imagine the plight of the people who reside in a city carrying the same name as Darkness?  Darkness is a cruel master, even to Its chosen ones.  Those who live in Its very shadow by residing under Its name are subject to the caprice and whims of Darkness.  Further, many intuitively know that there is something sinister in the name of Jerusalem and shun it.

Only the Anunnaki and Anunnaki agents will openly claim Darkness to be their god.  Many have been deceived into following Darkness, and, sadly, many of those have already given over their Will to Darkness.  Most people are tricked into worshipping the demi-god - Jerusalem.  These make up the ones who will always persecute the children of Light.

As mentioned before, Jesus did not come to convert anyone, or to beg people to be converted.  He has come to lead the viable True-Light beings Home.  All those who love the Light, no matter what religious or secular traps they have fallen into, regardless of form, status, creed, colour, gender or belief, will be welcomed Home.  It is what is in their hearts that counts.

The path to the True Light is narrow and loaded with traps, hindrances and tears.  Only those with Pure Hearts (hearts focused on the True Light as opposed to earthly purity, which is a concept created by Darkness) and with Will strong enough to resist Darkness, will be amongst the ones to return Home.

For the ones of Darkness - they are already home because this is their home - this is their heaven.

Darkness speaks of peace and spreads war.  It preaches love and spreads hate.  It demands compassion but is merciless.

Again, I repeat that the path out of the Virtual Reality to the True Light is narrow and filled with tears, confusion, obstruction, persecution, attacks and threats - it is a trail of tears.  Wide are the roads to destruction and many will choose those roads.  To find the path on Earth you must first find yourself.  You have to walk the path yourself, nobody can do this for you.  You cannot find Truth with your mind - only with your inner heart.

Let us now consider the following verses:

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!  Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.  Matthew23:37-38.

The above verses are similar to a prophecy given by Jesus.  However, what Jesus uttered was referring directly to Darkness instead of the city of Jerusalem.  Darkness later impressed Its agents to modify the verses, in an attempt to deflect Jesus' prophecy that Darkness would fall because It would not accept correction and return to the Light.  In trying to deflect the prophecy, Darkness directed the impact of it at the city bearing the name of Darkness, that is:  Jerusalem.  This is but another example of how Darkness will punish anyone and anything to suit Its purposes.  It will do this even to Itself or Its own name in desperate situations.  As seen here, self-preservation is of paramount importance to Darkness, regardless of cost and who or what is tread upon.

What Jesus really said was:

Jerusalem, Jerusalem.
For eons and eons the Light has spared your torment on Her Creation.
Now, the Light will pluck them out of your grasp and your reign of terror will be no more.

To this prophecy is added the following update:

Israel will crumble under pressure.
Like vultures circling in the sky over the corpse,
So, too, will its enemies await its demise.

Darkness cannot repeat Its terror ever again.
For all things will be made new
And Love will reign supreme.

Hence, it now reads:

Israel will crumble under pressure.
Like vultures circling in the sky over the corpse,
So, too, will its enemies await its demise.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem.
For eons and eons the Light has spared your torment on Her Creation.
Now, the Light will pluck them out of your grasp and your reign of terror will be no more. 

Darkness cannot repeat Its terror ever again.
For all things will be made new
And Love will reign supreme.

In the distant past, the Philistines are said to have had a great champion known as Goliath.  According to the account in 1 Samuel, this is what happened when David confronted Goliath:

And David put his hand in his bag, and took thence a stone, and slang it, and smote the Philistine in his forehead, that the stone sunk into his forehead; and he fell upon his face to the earth.  So David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and with a stone, and smote the Philistine, and slew him; but there was no sword in the hand of David.  Therefore David ran, and stood upon the Philistine, and took his sword, and drew it out of the sheath thereof, and slew him, and cut off his head therewith . . . And David took the head of the Philistine, and brought it to Jerusalem . . . 1 Samuel 17:49-51,54.

That David was exalted for decapitating Goliath and carrying the head about as a trophy demonstrates yet again that the tribe of Aaron is indeed bloodthirsty.

A much misunderstood verse is:  For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together.  Matthew 24:28.  The "carcase"[carcass] refers to the nation of Israel.  The eagles are those currently aligned with the Eagle - the U.S.A. - as the Lone Star Nation State gains weight before the eagles abandon it.

Many will gather around the Eagle for support, but will be disappointed.  The time will come when there is no obligation from any nation to assist or support another.  New alliances will have already been formed.

The day will come when the True Light will pierce through Darkness, and, in an instant, all viable True-Light beings will be returned Home.

Then Darkness will encompass the whole Earth as though the True God has abandoned the people on it.  But it is their own evil masters who have abandoned them.

For now, the Light will temporarily appear weak in this domain run by Darkness.  But, in the near future, the Light will pierce Darkness and It will be dissolved by the Light.

Darkness and all Its evil agents will be dissolved by the Light.

What is said - is done.

Love will reign supreme.

© 2006 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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