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It Is Done - It Is Finished

Promenade #10

    It Is Done - It Is Finished


Amitakh Stanford 

9th September 2008

Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas (Light Workers)

I am an extraterrestrial being - code name - Amitakh.  I came to the Earth as a "walk-in".

One of my main responsibilities has been to keep close tabs on an evil alien being - code name - Ikluk.

The ruling elite are intimidated by my writings.  The beings of Darkness try all sorts of ways to link me with Ikluk, who has "re-incarnated" on Earth many times over millennia.  He has taken on many identities, such as:  Aaron (brother/cousin of Moses), John the Baptist, Kirok, King Arthur, Hitler and, in his current "incarnation", he has taken on a relatively insignificant body as a small-town medical doctor known as Joseph Chiappalone.

In order to attempt to discredit me, the ruling elite have deliberately tried to link me and my work with Ikluk on the internet via many ruling elite websites, which include search engines, bulletin boards, and other types of websites.

It is now time to make certain announcements:

As a young girl of ten, I knew that I would meet up with a doctor and that I would be associated with him in some spiritual sense.  I was also given the signs by which I could recognize this doctor.  As an adult, I met Chiappalone in Melbourne, Australia.  I was asked by Babaji of Haidakhan to give Ikluk a message.  The archons of Darkness have twisted my story to suit themselves.

I was ordered to marry Ikluk, which I did.  It was a horrible experience from the very start, but I knew that I had to endure it.

Before meeting Ikluk, I met up with an alien colleague known affectionately to many as Sinclair (Burnley Naylor), who was assigned to assist me in the work of the Light.  Ikluk was threatened by Sinclair.  Darkness managed to take Sinclair out of the scene.  When that happened, I lost a very good friend and assistant in the process.

After Sinclair died in a car accident, he and Babaji of Haidakhan came back to visit me in very physical forms, solid enough to touch and hold.  We discussed many things, one of which was that a part of Sinclair would one day be with me to take over the role that he could not complete, and that this part would look out for me.

The True Light has poured tremendous, unconditional love into Ikluk lifetime after lifetime to help him return to the Light.  This lifetime was no different.  I, as well as others around Ikluk, have poured endless love into him in this and other lifetimes.  But, Ikluk has rejected that love and abused it.

Chiappalone was given the chance to give a message of Light in this lifetime.  Instead, he corrupted the message to suit himself.  He converted the teaching by mixing some of the truth he was given with Darkness' message.  What resulted was a message filled with half-truths, which he added to the extant and already corrupted Gnostic teachings.  This resulted in a corrupted blend of previously corrupted teachings.  Chiappalone's half-truths were left in place to give him time to return to the Light, which would have made the entire Rescue Mission of the Light so much easier.

However, not only will Ikluk not return to the Light, he is trying to take as many down with him as possible.  Darkness and Its archons all try to take the Will of True-Light beings by whatever means.  That is why it is so important to hold onto one's Will.

During my marriage to Ikluk, I was subjected to his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual abuse.  He humiliated me and put me down.  He also beat me up regularly.  During one of the beatings, he punched me so many times that I fell to the ground.  Then he pulled me up by my hair, dragged me by my hair for about 30 metres and threw me through the front door of the house.  He then banged my head against the wall several times, shouting abuse at me.  I lost consciousness and was hospitalized from the beating.

Of all the beatings I endured from him, this is the only one Chiappalone admitted to doing.  He probably admitted doing this one because he thought it was very possible that I could have died, and he was trying to mitigate his culpability by claiming that it was an impulsive, domestic dispute.  However, after I recovered from this horrible beating, he has thereafter denied it ever happened, but the hospital records show otherwise.

Because of the work I was doing in trying to bring Ikluk back to the Light, I endured frequent beatings from him and many other abuses.  He has also assaulted and abused others who have disagreed with him.  However, I could not intervene because it was not time.  In other words, he was still being given chances to return to the Light.

One day, he charged at me in the bathroom and pinned me against the wall and punched me repeatedly.  This brutal beating ended the marriage.  I broke away from him.  Moreover, it was time for me to enter the next phase of my work, which included giving out the Light's Message in an uncorrupted form.  Since Chiappalone would not return to the Light, he could not be a part of this work.

By the time I started this phase of the work, I had regained most of my "memories" about my responsibilities, mission and identity.  It was during this time that I met my present husband, Steffan, who, it was later revealed, was Burnley's son.  No wonder Burnley intimated that a part of him would be with me later.

Ikluk has continued to harass and stalk me to this day.  He has continued his lying and murderous ways.  Like the White Buffalo Calf Ikluk killed when he was Kirok, Chiappalone killed the White Buffalo Calf again in this life.  The White Buffalo Calf was named Tchaikovsky.  Four people witnessed Chiappalone approach Tchaikovsky before he killed him by injecting poison into our beautiful, healthy, five-month old white puppy.  Despite there being four witnesses to this atrocious act, Chiappalone denies ever being near the puppy.  Tchaikovsky protected me from Ikluk's wrath by taking my place.  The needle was intended for me, but Tchaikovsky took it.

Ikluk has had many chances to return to the Light, but he rejects the Light and has chosen to remain forever in Darkness.

Ikluk pretends to be of the Light.  He pretends to be fighting for the Light.  But, he lies, deceives and murders True-Light beings.  He does not work for the Light, but, in fact, is anti-Light.  In this lifetime, he is the embodiment of the Anti-Christ Energy.

Many Attas of the Light, including beings known as Merlin, Haidakhan Babaji and Thomas, are assisting me in the Rescue Mission.  Our aim is to bring Home all the True-Light beings after they have been freed from the bondage of Darkness.  The particles of Light that are trapped in Darkness will soon be liberated and eventually returned to their True Creation.

The beings of Darkness and their archons will be separated forever from the beings of Light.

Many thanks to all the beings of Light who have tirelessly worked whilst enduring abuse, humiliation and suffering at the hands of Darkness.  I congratulate all of those beings of Light who have persevered and remained faithful to the Light, despite all of the horrible things that Darkness has thrown at them.  Indeed, all of these are true warriors of the Light.

The confrontation between the Christ Energy and the Anti-Christ Energy is finally completed.

It is done.  It is finished.

We maintain the following websites: and  We are aware of supposed mirror sites that are corrupted.  If you want the articles, we suggest you visit the sites that we maintain.

© 2008 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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The Rise and Fall of King Arthur

Promenade #9

    The Rise and Fall of King Arthur


Amitakh Stanford 

14th August 2008

The legends and myths surrounding King Arthur and Camelot are numerous, varied, astonishing, and, partially true.  Over time, the story of Arthur and Camelot developed into a fantastic fable, with all kinds of fanciful inventions woven into the factual fabric.  What remains is a very distorted history, so veiled in mystery and clouded with fiction, that many have reasonably pondered whether Arthur and Camelot ever existed.

Historians have been extraordinarily kind to Arthur; there is wide acceptance of him and many have elevated him to a godlike status by mistakenly accrediting him with altruistic, just, mystical, magical, visionary and spiritual characteristics.  However, he was indeed a king of England and a conqueror.  He expanded his kingdom into a huge empire centred around Camelot - and he decimated that kingdom himself.

First, I will dismiss some of the ludicrous myths surrounding him.  He had no real clairvoyant power - he was a very physical-minded person.  He trusted in what he could touch and see.  He was very much a five-sense oriented person who greatly doubted esoteric things and was a tremendous sceptic in regard to supernatural occurrences.

Arthur's scepticism was shaken when he met Merlin, who tutored him on many esoteric matters.  However, Arthur lacked the inner experiences and connections with the Divine that Merlin had.  In other words, Arthur had to take esoteric matters on faith because he had limited first-hand experiences with spiritual things.  Hence, he ultimately lacked inner strength and relied greatly on Merlin.  This made him vulnerable, and his faith could easily be shaken.  No matter how much Merlin showed him, without the inner nous, Arthur could not hold it.  Arthur was envious of Merlin's spiritual powers, but he was opportunistic and recognised the benefits to be gained from Merlin's advice and assistance on various things, including political, military and other personal issues.  Thus, Merlin became an important advisor at Camelot.

Due to Arthur's enormous scepticism, he would never have pursued anything remotely resembling a Holy Grail or a spiritual quest.  He was very physically orientated and used brute force to take what he could.  With Merlin's guidance, Arthur became an opportunistic conqueror who built his dream empire.

Arthur had moments of aspiring to spiritual pursuits, but he lacked the inner strength and discipline to persevere.  Therefore, he was vulnerable to external distractions and temptations, which blocked him from awakening.

Arthur never pulled a sword from a stone, despite the widespread acceptance of this fanciful incident.  "Excalibur" is symbolic - it represents Gwenevere - who joined Arthur in a pre-arranged marriage.  Once Arthur had Gwenevere at his side, his power increased greatly.  Gwenevere was an "incarnation" of the Divine Mother.  She attended to Arthur and showered him with Divine Love, as did Merlin and Lancelot.  Merlin and Lancelot were both aspects of the Divine Mother, who were on Earth to help Arthur pull himself from the mire of Darkness.  Arthur had yet another friend who was also an aspect of the Divine Mother nicknamed "Thomas", who assisted him in many ways and cheered him up when he felt down and depressed.  Moreover, Lancelot's cousin, Benevere, also befriended Arthur.  Never before had anyone had such a core of Divine aspects of the Mother surrounding him.

Merlin was with Arthur as his kingdom grew in size and power.  His subjects were proud to be a part of this very famous empire and were extraordinarily loyal to him.  The call of this growing empire crossed the English Channel and attracted many knights from the European continent to become a part of this glorious endeavour.  Some were drawn by ambition, whilst others came for altruistic and spiritual reasons.

With the influx of foreign knights, Arthur's fame grew far and wide.  Lancelot was spiritually guided to leave his homeland to join Arthur and become a member of what later became known as the Knights of the Round Table.  Lancelot was a prince in his own right, who chose to serve Arthur for spiritual reasons.

Lancelot was very much a loner who had few real friends in England.  Benevere and Merlin were amongst his closest companions in the early days of Camelot.  Lancelot was so different from the others that he was initially ostracized by most of the knights, who were mostly hedonistic.  Lancelot had a gentleness about him and he strove for spiritual purity, which intimidated and annoyed many.  However, his prowess in battle earned him the respect of Arthur, who eventually made him the first knight of the Round Table.  This led to his acceptance by many of the knights.

Merlin advised Arthur to seek the hand of Gwenevere, a foreign princess.  A marriage with her was negotiated and pre-arranged.  Arthur sent a party led by Lancelot and Benevere to bring Gwenevere to Camelot for the wedding.

When Lancelot first saw Gwenevere, he was awestruck by her presence and dumbfounded because he recognized her as the woman in his visions over the years.  He was broken-hearted because he had always loved the woman in his visions, and believed that he would be led to her one day, and that they would wed.  Instead, he realized that she was to be Arthur's queen, and he dutifully vowed loyal service to her and Arthur, even though it tore his heart and he never stopped loving her.

Gwenevere arrived in Camelot with mixed feelings.  She missed her parents and her homeland, and was apprehensive about the future because she could sense that there would be turmoil and betrayal in her new life.  Gwenevere loved her mother and her "long-time" father dearly.  She married Arthur on her parents' orders, who knew that the marriage would benefit their nation.

Accompanied by her closest ladies-in-waiting, Gwenevere set sail for Camelot with Arthur's escorts.  When she arrived, she was excited to find Camelot even more glorious than the stories she had heard about it.

Although Arthur was attracted to Gwenevere, he was unable to recognize her Divine Energy.  Merlin had hoped Arthur would recognize this in time, but he never did.  Hence, he treated Excalibur like any ordinary human.

Life in Camelot was a challenge for Gwenevere, with fleeting moments of happiness interspersed with much sorrow.  Arthur's half-sister, Morgana, was running the castle as if it were hers.  Arthur encouraged this because before he had married Gwenevere, Morgana had mothered his illegitimate son, Mordred, who was raised in the castle as a potential prince.  This caused undue tension between Gwenevere and Arthur.

After the wedding, Morgana continued as Arthur's mistress, but more discreetly at times.  She was always in competition with Gwenevere and felt insecure because she was so much older than Gwenevere.  Besides, everyone was enamoured with Gwenevere's beauty and kindness, which infuriated Morgana.  Arthur always defended Morgana whenever Gwenevere expressed concerns about her.  Morgana was a scheming, manipulative, two-faced intruder in the castle.  She was always concerned that Gwenevere might give birth to a male child who would displace Mordred in the royal line.

Arthur had a weakness for women.  He needed many different partners to satisfy his ego.  For a while after marrying Gwenevere, he stopped his carousing, but it soon commenced again.  The knights and others knew about his infidelity.  Morgana did not care about it because it suited her scheme to put Mordred on the throne.

Mordred was lustful and ambitious.  He had designs on everything that Arthur possessed, including Gwenevere.  One day he was angry with his father, so he raped Gwenevere.  This horrible deed went unpunished.

Although it had been a pre-arranged marriage (which was common in those days), Gwenevere did her best as wife and queen for Arthur and her newly adopted country.  Though Arthur appeared to love her and admired her qualities, he was soon influenced by Morgana, Mordred and their conspirators.

Merlin encouraged Gwenevere, Lancelot, Benevere and Arthur to work together as a team.  The four of them were close to Merlin in their own ways.  They formed a unique circle of friends.  Merlin was hoping that Gwenevere would be the catalyst to help Arthur lift himself out of the mire which Darkness had engulfed him in.  Esoterically speaking, Gwenevere, Lancelot, Benevere and Merlin worked together to try to assist Arthur.  The four of them, with the aid of Thomas, poured love into Arthur to help him try to overcome Darkness.

Gwenevere bore Arthur twin sons.  Morgana had planned to have the newborn killed if it was a male.  To her consternation, there were twin boys, which made it even more complicated to dispose of them.  Morgana ordered the nurse to secretly kill the twins and tell Gwenevere that the twins had died.  Arthur was away in battle at the time of the birth of the twins and was ignorant of the plot to kill them.  The nurse took pity on the twins and risked her life to save them by hiding them in separate foster homes, but led Gwenevere, Arthur and Morgana to believe that they were both dead.  The apparent loss of the twins caused great pain and many more problems in the marriage, which, along with the prodding from Morgana, Mordred and others, eventually resulted in a rift between Gwenevere and Arthur.

Arthur had worldly power and fame, which attracted lots of temptations and enemies.  He succumbed to the temptations, and indulged in womanizing behaviour.  He fell in with the wrong crowd, who were threatened by his queen and his friendship with Merlin and Lancelot.  They plotted against Gwenevere, Lancelot and Merlin by spreading slander about them to cause Arthur to doubt them.  Arthur was unaware that the evil ones were plotting against him, and could not see through their insincere flatteries and fraud.  Ultimately, Arthur chose to believe the evil ones and reject his real friends, who loved him without ulterior motives.  This ultimately led to Arthur's downfall and the collapse of his kingdom.

Arthur listened to the lies of his supposed friends and came to believe that Gwenevere and Lancelot were lovers and that Merlin was not on his side either.  Arthur's mind was "poisoned" by the evil plotters, and he soon became jealous of Lancelot, angry with Gwenevere, and doubtful of Merlin.  His emotional love for them turned to hate.

Arthur became so consumed with jealousy, anger, doubts and hatred that he began plotting against all three.  Before Arthur enacted his plans to punish Gwenevere and Lancelot, Morgana killed Merlin with poison to get him out of the way.

Arthur was encouraged by Mordred's supporters to frame Gwenevere and Lancelot, and a plot was hatched to make it appear that they were lovers.  Even though Gwenevere knew how deeply Lancelot loved her, they never crossed the line.  Even though Gwenevere also loved Lancelot, she remained faithful to Arthur as long as she was the queen at Camelot.

Gwenevere was arrested, but Lancelot escaped from the conspiring mob.  After the arrest, Arthur taunted Gwenevere and repeatedly told her, "See what a coward Lancelot is!  He ran away and left you to face the charges!"

Arthur held a trial and convicted Gwenevere of treason and ordered her burned at the stake.  Some have said that Arthur was trapped by his own legal system and forced to follow the strict example of the law and burn the queen.  However, being the king, Arthur could have pardoned the queen, especially since Gwenevere was innocent of the charge.  Arthur set the execution date several days after the conviction in an attempt to trap Lancelot, whom he suspected might try to rescue Gwenevere.  The execution site was swarming with armed guards, who disguised themselves as ordinary onlookers to try to make it appear that it would be easy to rescue the queen from the pyre.  The trap for Lancelot was set.

Arthur, Mordred and Morgana had severely underestimated how many people in the kingdom truly loved Gwenevere, or else they would have had more guards at the execution site.  When Lancelot started raising a rescue party, even he was astonished by how many knights loyal to Gwenevere came forward.  Due to the undying love and loyalty of so many knights, Lancelot was able to muster a huge rescue party that far outnumbered Arthur's guards.  Nobody at the castle had anticipated the size of the rescue party.  The trapper was about to become the trapped.

The rescue party stormed the castle gates and charged into the courtyard where Gwenevere was tied to a stake.  When Arthur heard the hooves of the huge army approaching, he shouted, "Burn the Queen now!"  A violent and bloody battle ensued.  Nobody dared light the pyre under the circumstances.  Arthur was so consumed with anger and hatred that he grabbed a torch and ran for the pyre to light it himself.  Lancelot came crashing down upon Arthur and the two tumbled on the ground.  Both drew swords and a fierce fight ensued.  Arthur realized all was lost and he ran away in fear.  Although Lancelot really wanted to run Arthur down and run him through, he instead cut Gwenevere free and the two of them galloped to safety.

Arthur's kingdom suffered a serious blow during the rescue and it was forever divided thereafter.  Once he lost Excalibur, he was totally swamped by evil and Mordred's supporters.  Benevere and Thomas lamented how far Arthur had fallen.  Thomas cried many tears of sadness and disappointment over Arthur's deeds and downfall into Evil's trap.  Arthur never took responsibility for his actions that led to the rift in his kingdom, even though he was an active conspirator in the framing and attempted murders of Gwenevere and Lancelot.

Gwenevere and Lancelot moved their forces to a retreat and eventually expressed their love for each other.  After being together for about two years, Gwenevere was carrying Lancelot's child, which both were unaware of.  Due to the complexity of the situation, Gwenevere and Lancelot realized that they would have to either fight Arthur or separate.  They reluctantly accepted that they would have to separate rather than destroy Arthur's remaining kingdom, although it was extremely painful for both of them.  Gwenevere went to live in a convent.  She and Lancelot planned on seeing each other before he left for France.

Lancelot went to Arthur and told him that Gwenevere was living in a convent and refused to ever see Arthur again, and that Lancelot would be returning to France.  However, he gave Arthur an ultimatum that if ever Gwenevere was harmed, he would raise an army in her name and sack all of England.  Arthur realized the seriousness of the situation, and knew that Lancelot could easily raise an army in Gwenevere's name that would take over his ailing kingdom.

Arthur, in his dilemma, agreed to these terms, but added the condition that Lancelot would leave England immediately, without ever contacting Gwenevere again.  Lancelot sent a trusted messenger to Gwenevere with the terms of the truce, but the message never arrived.  Unbeknownst to Lancelot, the messenger was killed on his way to the convent.  Lancelot very reluctantly agreed to Arthur's demand that he not contact Gwenevere again in order to keep her safe, and the two never had a chance to say "good-bye".

Although Arthur's kingdom was crumbling, he wanted to hold onto its remnants.  Therefore, he made sure that no harm came to Gwenevere for the rest of her life.  By this time, without Excalibur, Merlin, Lancelot and others who truly loved him, his enemies became more and more bold, and fought Arthur for power and his kingdom.

Gwenevere soon realized she was carrying Lancelot's baby and later delivered his son, Jeffery.  Gwenevere kept knowledge of Jeffery's existence secret to protect him from Morgana, who had already plotted to murder her twin sons.  Thus, Jeffery was secreted with a kindly and trusted couple, who were brother and sister.  They raised Jeffery in a loving home in the country.  Lancelot remained single in France and was oblivious to the birth of Jeffery.  Many years later, after the boy grew up, he was told who his parents really were.  By then, Gwenevere had passed away.  Jeffery immediately visited his father in France, much to Lancelot's joy and surprise.  Finally, father and son were united.

The esoteric story of Camelot is far deeper than the physical history of it.  It is about the rescuing of trapped True-Light beings and the battle between Light and Darkness.  Sadly, many have been lost to Darkness.  The battle to separate Light from Darkness continues to this day, but the ultimate removal of all viable True-Light beings from Darkness will soon be accomplished.  All those who hold onto their Divine Will can resist Darkness until they are retrieved and safely returned to their True-Light Home.

The joyous day of freedom from Darkness is fast approaching.

We maintain the following websites: and  We are aware of supposed mirror sites that are corrupted.  If you want the articles, we suggest you visit the sites that we maintain.

© 2008 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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The World Divided

Promenade #8

    The World Divided


Amitakh Stanford 

22nd July 2008

The world affairs are very much influenced and monitored by the alien powers.  The Reptilians and the Vulturites have thus far been the two most powerful alien influences on human affairs.  Within the Reptilian ranks, there are two distinct factions: one seeks conquest and control via religions; the other uses a secular approach.  Presently, these two factions within the Reptilian ranks are at loggerheads.

As I wrote in  The Revised Anunnaki Protocols - The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the Reptilians had a unified agenda for world dominance that entailed the merging of the British Empire with the Catholic Empire for ultimate world control, the former of which was primarily directed by the Secular Reptilians, whilst the latter was primarily influenced by the Religious Reptilians.

As part of this plan, the British were influenced by their Reptilian controllers to instigate the American rebellion in the mid-eighteenth century.  The British planned on crushing this rebellion and making it an example for all of their colonies that might consider resisting British rule.

As a very unusual response to world events, the Attas of the True Light intervened in the American rebellion, and supported the colonists, which resulted in a full-blown revolution that was won by the virtually impotent colonists.  Even today, most people attribute the miracle of the victory to God, but very few have suspected that it was the workings of the True Light God that won the day for the colonists.  The God of this world is the Principle of Darkness.  Most think it was the God of this world (Darkness) who assisted the colonists, because people do not suspect that the God that appears most often in the Bible is the Principle of Darkness.  Very few realize that Jesus has very little to do with the Bible, and even less to do with Christianity, although His name has been hijacked by the ruling elite and inserted in the Bible for their own agenda.  Further, the religion known as Christianity was created by the ruling elite in absolute opposition to what Jesus stands for.

When the British were defeated by the colonists, the Reptilian plan for world conquest had to be revised.  The new plans encompassed plans within the plans.  The Secular Reptilians had always secretly planned on crushing the power of the Religious Reptilians.  This means that the Church would have been curtailed if the British Empire and the Catholic Empire had been merged after the anticipated defeat of the American colonists.

With the American colonists' victory, the Reptilian ruling elite totally revised its plans and invited nearly all of the alien groups on Earth to participate in the Alternate Alien Plan for the New World Order.  There has always been a tacit agreement amongst the aliens on Earth, for their own particular benefits, to keep their respective existences on Earth secret from humans.  The Reptilians were so strong prior to the American Revolution that no other alien group could challenge them.  However, it was their defeat that forced the Reptilians to involve the other groups, who saw  The Revised Anunnaki Protocols as an opportunity for a slice of the NWO "glory".

Hence, the Reptilians are not united in their push for the NWO.  The Secular Reptilians believe that "iron fist" policies are much easier and more effective to employ without the "baggage" of religions.  However, the Religious Reptilians enjoy being worshipped and they desire the adoration from their subjects.  That is, the Secular Reptilians are more prone to rule by oppression, whilst the Religious Reptilians enjoy mocking the humans by watching them worship and offer sacrifices to the Anunnaki "god".

On the other hand, the Vulturites have blended their secular and religious factions and constructed a formidable alien group that can swing with the times, sometimes leaning more towards the secular, whilst other times swinging more towards the religious.  The Vulturites realize that they must put unity above any differences within the group in order to stand up to the far more powerful Reptilians.

Even now, the Reptilians continue to disagree amongst themselves, which has given the Vulturites the opportunity to grow stronger.  Right now, due to various advantages and certain daring opportunistic manoeuvres that the Vulturites have undertaken, the two sides are nearly on par with one another.

Aliens in human bodies are disadvantaged in the sense that they are unable to receive direct "orders" from their alien "bosses".  This is because the human bodies have filtering mechanisms in them in order to keep all of them in ignorance.  This is frustrating for all types of beings who attempt to do any work on Earth in human bodies.  This system was intentionally set up by Darkness to protect Its powers.

Because of the difficulties that Reptilians in alien bodies have in communicating the "orders" to the Reptilian agents in human bodies, mix ups and confusion often occur.  Time is of the essence, and it is unlikely that the Reptilians have enough time to mend their differences and unify against the Vulturites before it is too late for them.  Therefore, it will be necessary for the stronger Secular Reptilians to move on their own, and very soon, or all Reptilians will be greatly disadvantaged.

The Vulturites have been able to lead NATO ever eastward, which has allowed them to collect more and more power bases, which has further strengthened their positions.  If the Vulturites are allowed to continue their forward advancement unchecked, it could change the course of things in the world.  However, the Vulturites have spread their forces too thin in taking all of the daring steps.  If they continue their "conquests" by extending their military operations into a conflict with Iran, or if they have to pour a lot of resources into protecting Israel at this time, the risk of loss is very high.

It appears that the Vulturites have begun to recognize how precarious their situation is, because they are beginning to back off from their bluffs against Iran, and have directed Israel to take a more reasonable stance in dealing with certain groups in the Middle-East.  The Vulturites have not backed off on their plan for world conquest, they are just trying to pull back enough to re-group, re-fresh their militaries, and solidify their positions for subsequent battles.  If the Vulturites are allowed to do this, the Reptilians will be severely disadvantaged.

Both sides of the ruling elite are keeping the media low-key on reporting significant political, financial and military events around the world.  The Reptilians are now at a crossroads which could determine who will be the ultimate controller of the Earth.  Their plans have changed slightly in some ways.  The Secular Reptilians had planned to steadily build up their positions and military assets until the opportunity was ripe for the picking.  They had planned to denude the Religious Reptilians and the Vulturites in one fell swoop, which would have worked if the Vulturites had not been so aggressive.

Many events that have shaped the world today are difficult to comprehend because alien agendas are hidden from human eyes.  I will list several major events that have greatly affected human affairs in the past few centuries by stating the alien plans and conflicts along with the victorious sides.

The American Revolution was a concerted effort by both the Religious and Secular Reptilians, however, it was a total failure for the Reptilians because the Attas of the Light intervened to protect the Rescue Mission, and to deter the horrendous plan the Reptilians had for the world.  Thus, the Reptilian plan was thwarted.  This incident had co-incidental effects, which led to many different alien groups coming forward to challenge the Reptilians for supremacy over the Earth.  The Reptilians had previously enjoyed controlling the Earth via the Secular Empire of the United Kingdom and the Religious Empire of the Catholic Church.

The Secular Reptilians were forced to alter their plans for world conquest.  This led to the pretence that other alien groups were allowed to participate in the world domination by the Reptilians.  All the while, the Reptilians intended to discard or subjugate all of the minor alien groups, and the Vulturites.  Further, the Secular Reptilians planned on quashing the power of the Religious Reptilians when they took over.

The introduction of Darwinian evolutionary theory was engineered by the Secular Reptilians to reduce the global influence of religions and spur the influence of science throughout the world.  This strategy proved so appealing to the ego of humans and aliens in human bodies, that it has gained enormous acceptance throughout the academic world.  This has, in turn, given the Secular Reptilians immense power over the Religious Reptilians.

World War I was instigated by the Secular Reptilians, which they were extraordinarily successful in implementing and executing.  As a result of this tremendous success for the Secular Reptilians, two enormous nations were eventually brought under secular control.  Those were the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the People's Republic of China.

To counter the huge gains being made by the Secular Reptilians, the Religious Reptilians brought about the Great Depression of the 1930s by collapsing the finances worldwide, and brought Adolf Hitler to power in Nazi Germany.  Hitler formed the axis powers by combining various nations that were under the domination of the Religious Reptilians, which most notably included Italy and Japan.  Whilst some people might find it surprising that Religious Reptilians would involve themselves in wars, it should be remembered that Religious Reptilians can be brutally totalitarian and militaristic.  This is evidenced by the Inquisitions and the Crusades.

Whilst outwardly Hitler's regime appeared to be focused on white supremacy issues, underlying Hitler's power base was predominately the Church, although there were other forces aligning, particularly in the case of Japan joining the axis powers.  Regardless of what history has recorded or how things appear on the surface, Hitler's two ultimate targets were the U.S.S.R. and China.

As the Religious Reptilians began sweeping through Europe, there was not too much resistance from either the United Kingdom or the United States because at the time, both nations were under the influence of the Religious Reptilians.  However, there was a shift in power during the course of World War II, and both the United States and Great Britain came under the influence of Secular Reptilians, and they in turn drove all their forces against the axis powers.  The astonishing defeat of the Religious Reptilians in WWII has resulted in a tremendous turn of events, and empowered the Secular Reptilians, who have had the upper hand ever since.  The Religious Reptilians' desperate, all-out attempt at world conquest by backing Aldolf Hitler and the axis parties proved disastrous for them.

Ironically, the nation of Israel was formed by the Secular Reptilians who were in power in Great Britain.  This was a shift, since the Jewish people had been under the watchful eyes of the Religious Reptilians up to that point.

The Religious Reptilians took power temporarily in both the United States and the U.S.S.R., which resulted in the dismantling of the latter nation into 13 separate nation states.  This move caused a major set-back for the Secular Reptilians.  When the Religious Reptilians joined forces in the late twentieth century, it led to the dismantling of the U.S.S.R. and the Eastern Bloc in Europe.  However, when the Vulturites were given what were hoped to be temporary reins of the U.S.A., they seized on the opportunity to drive NATO right up to the Russian frontiers.

The Secular Reptilians prefer a more totalitarian approach to things than the Religious Reptilians, as already mentioned.  The Bill of Rights, which includes a citizen's right to bear arms, was very disruptive to the Secular Reptilians, so they decided to move their base from America to China.  Before moving, they transferred information and technology to China.  As soon as the Secular Reptilians moved out of the U.S., the Vulturites seized the opportunity, and became very aggressive.

Currently, NATO is predominately under the influence of the Vulturites.  This sets a very explosive stage.  Will the Secular Reptilians challenge the Vulturites now, or will the Vulturites take over control due to inaction by the Secular Reptilians?  The Religious Reptilians have been incapacitated, and cannot mount a serious challenge at this time.  This is due to many reasons.  As people become more affluent, they are less concerned with spiritual matters and the after-life.  They are more concerned with day-to-day living than with abstract promises of everlasting life.

There are four predominant alien groups on Earth.  Two of them are the Religious and Secular Reptilians which I have already mentioned. The third is the Vulturites, and the fourth is the Greys.

The Greys are currently allied with the Reptilians, and they have vast numbers on the planet.  The Greys have resided underground for so long that they have developed various physiological deficiencies due to their living situations.  This has made it difficult for them to take on human bodies and live on the surface.  Fluoride was found to assist them, so it has been added to drinking supplies where the Greys are located or re-locating to.

The nation of Israel is in a most precarious situation.  The Zionists were being backed by the Religious Reptilians until those aliens backed Hitler to launch a war in Europe and eliminated many of the Jewish people.  This is another example of the ruling elite playing out another version of good guys and bad guys under the same boss.  The Jews were later assisted by the Secular Reptilians, who helped them to found the nation of Israel and had protected that nation until about the turn of the twenty-first century, when the Vulturites took over the protector role by default.  However, the Vulturites have no desire to assist Israel, and only kept up the impression that they would for transitory political reasons.  Israel has now become a big liability to the Vulturites, who will soon abandon it, leaving it without alien sponsorship in the midst of the alien wars.  This means that Israel has to be very careful in all of its political and military operations, and guard itself against betrayals.

Australia is the launching pad for the NWO, and is undergoing transition from a democratic nation to a totalitarian one, even though the illusion of democracy is being maintained.  Australia was a good stepping stone for the NWO because it has no express bill of rights, and there is no absolute right of the people to bear arms.  Nearly all of the guns in Australia were restricted by staging a single "lone gunman" event in Port Arthur, Tasmania.  As an example, the ruling elite has staged scores of "lone gunman" incidents in America without successfully taking the guns from the people.  This is because Americans have a constitutional right to bear arms which the ruling elite has not been able to abolish, despite numerous attempts to do so.

Australia is a small nation with a relatively small military.  Since it plays such an important role in the launching of the NWO, it is also a target.  The nation will not be self governing for too long as it will succumb to external rule.  This will happen when the Religious Reptilians currently in power in Australia are ousted by Secular Reptilians from another nation.  It could entail a shooting war on Australian soil.

The death of Saddam Hussein was instigated by Vulturite-influenced agents after he was abandoned by the Secular Reptilians.  Milosovich and Arafat were also removed by Vulturites after they were abandoned by the Reptilians.  These three moves have strengthened the Vulturite positions much more than could have been expected.

The Reptilians planned to let the Vulturites do most of the dirty work and let them think that they were enjoying some victories.  But, the situation is now out of control as the Vulturites grow in strength, even though they have stretched themselves too far.  If the Vulturites are allowed enough time to re-group, they will re-commence their attacks and continue to erode the Reptilian territories until they have an overwhelming advantage over the Reptilians.

Hence, should the Reptilians delay their moves for too long, they will have a difficult match against the Vulturites.  Right now the Vulturites are vulnerable because they have over-extended their resources.  They could not effectively ward off a Reptilian strike at this time.  Should the Secular Reptilians make their move now, they are almost assured a victory over the Vulturites.

As part of the ruling elites' plans, we live in a world where citizens are in a sense being subliminally attacked, manipulated, influenced and controlled by unseen forces.  Drinking water is being bombarded with chemicals for many reasons.  Mind control techniques infest the internet, and those who use it too much are in danger of being programmed considerably.  These forces can come from many levels of existence, but, presently, the ruling elite is playing a key role by gathering information and programming people in the physical.

The ruling elite collect information on everyone in the world to use it against them by distorting whatever has gone on and to libel them when it suits their purposes.  This is done to anyone whom the ruling elite perceive as a threat to their system.

Agents of the ruling elite are involved in many fields and have many branches throughout the world.  The small town of Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia is a hot spot of ruling elite activities.  Further, it is an alien congregation point.  There is a diversity of alien races residing in human bodies and even in alien bodies in the region.  This is a formula for conflict, which many in Stanthorpe are feeling, but not really understanding.

Recently, there was a hard-fought attempt to resist forced amalgamation of shires, which Stanthorpe lost, and it was swallowed up into a super shire that includes what used to be many individual shires.  Many of the surrounding shires house certain alien groups, whether in human bodies or otherwise.  This part of the world contains many "twin" faces.  That is, some of the residents have look-alike faces to people in diverse parts of the world.  Ironically, the look-alike people in Australia are often in humble positions, whilst their counter-parts are often professional people in positions of high repute.  It appears to be a dumping ground for alien clones.  No wonder there is a support base in the area to maintain this activity.

In this small area, there is a vastly disproportionate payroll of ruling elite agents.  These agents work for opposing parties, hence there is a battleground here that has been identified by some of the ruling elite, and they are having their agents keep tabs on the situation.  The state government desired to take control of the Stanthorpe area.  It is a special and isolated location.  To break up the power structure in the community, Stanthorpe was targeted for swallowing up in a forced amalgamation of shires.  Whilst many other shires were forced to amalgamate, the real target by the government was Stanthorpe.

Stanthorpe is a relatively wealthy community which attracts many artists and independent sorts of people.  Many people are drawn to the community, but they often do not know why that is the case.  Others have expressed a distinct unfriendliness about the town and say they sense something weird is going on there.

After the forced amalgamation, a newly formed shire called Southern Downs emerged, where a lot of data collecting is going on.  Human and animal tissue and fluid samples are being collected and analysed in laboratories because there are so many aliens in the area.  The purpose is nefarious.  The data is being used to develop "poisons" to debilitate certain alien groups whilst leaving other alien groups relatively unharmed.  This is a delicate process.  It also injures certain humans, animals and plants in the process.  This collateral damage is of no consequence to the ruling elite.  In other words, the ruling elite are enacting an undeclared war on Stanthorpe and surrounding areas.

Incidentally, Australian patriots have also congregated in the surrounding areas.  This is seen as a potential threat by the ruling elite.  However, the Australian patriots are not too much of a concern to the government at this time because Australians have been effectively disarmed after a single, staged "lone gunman" episode took place in Port Arthur, Tasmania.  Port Arthur housed a former prison that has been converted into a family tourist attraction.  The "lone gunman" supposedly went on a rampage that could only be believed if he had been trained in mass murder tactics, which he had not.  The news stories about him are non-credible; it is bizarre that they have been believed, but such is the power of propaganda.  Immediately after the incident, gun ownership was severely curtailed.  It could not have happened so swiftly and smoothly without a lot of support from the ruling elite.  Many of the politicians here knew there was something very fishy about the Port Arthur incident.  Clearly, the whole episode was done to disarm Australians in preparation for later takeover by the ruling elite.

Whilst Stanthorpe has been the main focus of many attacks by the ruling elite, they try to deflect attention by going after other areas simultaneously so as not to arouse suspicion.  However, the New England Highway has been targeted by aliens with subtle beams to cause confusion, programming and physical accidents to occur on the stretch, especially between the towns of Warwick and Stanthorpe.  There is a sleepy energy that is directed at the highway to cause numerous fatigue-related incidents.  They are trying to programme people who drive through the corridor and to suck brain energy from the victims on the road.  Some road signs that are ostensibly placed to remind people to drive safely have been physically placed to crowd the roadway, are painted with obnoxious colours, and have actually become road hazards.  There are also signals being beamed at drivers to cause stupor and sudden uncontrollable sleepiness.  In short, the aliens have declared war upon the motorists, particularly the truck drivers.

Orchards, vineyards and other agricultural enterprises have flourished in the area, but that is about to change because the ruling elite have other plans for the region, and they do not want it to be financially self-sufficient, like it was before the forced amalgamation.  With the forced amalgamation, the shire lost its $13 million surplus to pay debts for the super shire - the Southern Downs - it was forced to join.  The people in Stanthorpe fought the amalgamation, but the ruling elite programmed a vocal minority to go along with the amalgamation.  This resulted in overturning the will of more than 80 percent of the community, who opposed the forced amalgamation.  The people in the town are now starting to lament how they have been disadvantaged by the forced amalgamation.  It is too late now.

Most agents who work for the ruling elite are unaware that they have been coded in a way unknown to them.  The ruling elite are unaware that certain aliens opposed to them have the technology to detect their agents from a distance.  In fact, it is possible to detect the number of ruling elite agents in any area.  Unbeknown to them, the trackers have become the tracked because they leave such obvious "footprints" everywhere they go.

The ruling elite has declared war on Stanthorpe, which is one of the reasons we are here.  However, the main reason is because the Atu-waa is also nearby, as is the earthly civilian headquarters for the Reptilians.  We are also observing the underground alien bases that run for over 100 kilometres from Stanthorpe.

With so much alien activity, there are a lot of UFO sightings in the area.  Sometimes, alien craft hover so daringly that they often do not even cloak their ships in invisibility shields.  We watched one land and take off very near to our property.  It did not even attempt to hide itself, but it did scramble our telephones whilst it was here.

Stanthorpe once banned Alsatian (German shepherd) dogs in 1939.  This was a precursor to breed-banning that has taken hold worldwide.  The ruling elite are frightened of big dogs.  This is for several reasons.  One reason is that dogs can sense aliens, and the big ones are threatening to them.  In seizure situations, such as the one staged in Waco, Texas, the dogs were nearly the first thing the ruling elite forces killed before entering the compound.  This tactic is used in many seizure situations worldwide, from small scale to large-scale events.  In other words, dogs are often killed to clear the way for the arrests.

Like it is represented in the board game of Risk, Australia is so isolated that it becomes a strong strategic point for world conquest.  It is close to Antarctica, which will be a very significant place once the polar ice in the Northern Hemisphere vanishes.

Ata-i-lek has recently spent ten days in Australia, with most of his stay near Sydney.  He and others have had an energy feast drawing off energy from tens of thousands of young people especially.  The Religious Reptilians have been building an energy force in New South Wales, Australia.  The main events took place within 500 miles of the Atu-waa, which was no co-incidence.  The Light watched these events very closely.

Leading up to and during Ata-i-lek's visit, the news media blanketed the airwaves with a story about a convicted paedophile and another about a surgeon charged with manslaughter.  The media has certain "cover" stories that they present whenever the need arises to distract the public.  Child kidnapping and child murders happen every day, but there are a few that attract international attention, and appear in the news whenever they are needed.  The readers probably know exactly which ones I am referring to, and whenever they see them re-appear in the news, they should be questioning what is really behind the most current resurrection of these stories.  Another favourite news tactic is to place undue emphasis on various unimportant political elections around the world.

The news media is now using inexperienced and less qualified presenters to address the non-stories.  Also, the media is extracting foolish statements from people they interview and using short video clips to then stir up the public at large.  If they interview enough people, they will be able to cut-and-paste until they have their silly sound bytes to support whatever they are pushing.

The media can build or break celebrities and organizations.  The ruling elite know how to use propaganda wars, so the various alien groups have invested heavily in media because they know the media is powerful.

The plans to restrict travel in private motorcars and on commercial airlines are now in full swing.  Oil prices, road congestion, inflation, recession are all taking a toll, and it will not be long before most overseas travelling will be done by the wealthy and the privileged ones.

Citizens' rights are being taken away more and more; things are being done more and more despotically.  Most of the people do not take enough interest in what is going on to concern themselves with the issues.  Many are oblivious to what is going on; they carry on their lives by looking through rose-coloured glasses or they have given up the fight.

Whilst Australia is only a regional military power, the ruling elite has other plans for this isolated, yet strategically placed, continent.  It is easy to defend, close to Antarctica and a stepping stone to the huge Muslim nation of Indonesia.  Up until recently, the ruling elite believed that it could entice the Vulturites to use their military forces to conquer Indonesia from Australia, but the Vulturites have not taken the bait, so different plans are being hatched.

Indonesia will not shout out, "Selamat datang!" to welcome external military forces.  They have other plans too.

The alien wars are being watched closely by many independent alien groups.  Most of these are attempting to remain neutral.  Most parties are sending out misinformation which is confusing even themselves.

Although the Religious Reptilians are at present "pulling the strings" in Australian matters, they are about to be taken over by a different puppet master, and the Australian dance will be directed by externally-based Secular Reptilians.

The alien wars are about to take many twists.  The world will plunge itself in wars, poverty, social, financial, spiritual and political unrest, and will face many natural and un-natural challenges.

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The Personal Devil

Promenade #7

    The Personal Devil


Amitakh Stanford 

16th July 2008

The Personal Devil has been revised and a new chapter has been added.  The earlier chapters primarily discuss the traditional views regarding the origin, nature, development, and perception of the Devil (Satan).

In Chapter 17, "Why Darkness Created the Devil", I take a radical stand, different from the traditional views, and discuss why the Force known as Darkness (Principle of Evil/Darkness) created the power known loosely as the Devil and infested the Earth with it.

The "Conclusion" has been revised and expanded to address the viability of the Devil, among other things.  The following are selected excerpts from the book:

The phenomenon of the existence of evil in the world encourages people to give that phenomenon a name or a label for ease of identification. Some of the names that have been assigned to this entity are: the Devil, Satan, Kui etc. These are all personal names of the Devil.

Those who hunger for mystical power often welcome the Devil and worship it. Those who abhor evil can point to the Devil for the bad things in the world, thus excusing God for the evil. Either way, it benefits Darkness.

"Saa" is the first manifestation of the Principle of Evil. "Saa" is the motion that permeates matter. It gives rise to thought forms, desires, emotions etc. that further draw people into deeper separation from the True Light. "Saa" eventually was given the name of Satan, the Prince of Darkness, the Devil and other names.

Without the resurrection of Christ and without the Devil and the doctrine of sin and redemption, which are central to Christianity, the Church would collapse. Christianity is the epitome of a religion that demands a devil to continue.

Therefore, the birth of the Devil is crucial to the Principle of Darkness, which in reality, is the God of this world. The force that is identified as the Devil was created by the Principle of Darkness to infect the whole Universal Dodecahedron (the Virtual Reality), and most importantly, to resist correction down to the lowest levels, especially the human level.

Regardless of what explanations the Church gives about the Eucharist, the Church has erred and made a mockery of Christ and the True God. Jesus did not want anything resembling the Eucharist, symbolic or otherwise. The whole ritual of symbolically eating the flesh of Jesus is cannibalistic, and horribly offensive to the True Light. The vampiric ritual of drinking the blood of Jesus is repulsively demonic. Only a ghoul would favour such sickening rituals. Only the Anti-Christ would want others to mock Jesus in such a way, week-after-week in "holy" communion. Only the bloodthirsty ghoul who pretends to be a loving god would instigate and spread such gory rituals to contaminate the innocence of "children", whilst simultaneously rewarding the overt demons with the putrid "pleasures" of the Eucharist. It is no wonder that some people express such love for the Eucharist because they feel empowered by devouring the flesh of Jesus and quaffing His blood.

The eating of flesh and drinking of blood of animals and humans who have been conquered is an ancient custom in many cultures. It is still done in many societies, whether overtly or discreetly, by those who worship the Devil. Many Christians are sickened by customs that require ritual drinking of animal blood, yet they have been so programmed by the Church that they accept the symbolic drinking of Jesus' blood as a "holy" sacrament. In reality, the ritual of the Eucharist was implemented under the Devil's influence to attempt to signify a supposed conquest over Christ by Darkness. It is a celebration of a victory that Darkness will never have. Those who sincerely love Jesus have been deceived into partaking in the Devil's pleasure of mocking the Christ. The Church has become the Devil's tool.

Just as the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has apologized to the indigenous people of Australia for past atrocities of former governments, so too should Pope Benedict XVI (Ata-i-lek) apologize to all the descendants of innocent people who have been persecuted, tortured, and murdered by agents of the Church (sometimes on direct orders of past Popes) for heresy through the Inquisitions, and for many other atrocities committed by the Church in the name of God.

We are now in the final stage of the Rescue Mission and Christ will soon gather all the viable True-Light particles and take them back Home. Those left behind are following Darkness' resistance to Divine Correction of the Error. Everyone and everything, including the Devil and Darkness Itself, are given the opportunity to accept the Correction. Unfortunately, Darkness and Its Devil have rejected the Correction and have lured many to follow them. Many have chosen Darkness as their God. Regrettably, most people have done just that.

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Eliminating and Solving the Problem of Evil

Promenade #6

    Eliminating and Solving the Problem of Evil

Mani, Manichaeism, and the
Attempted Refutation of Augustine of Hippo


Amitakh Stanford 

24th June 2008

The Problem of Evil is an age-old problem dealing with the dilemma of reconciling the suffering and evil in the world with the existence of a good God.

The Problem of Evil is Darkness' tool to frustrate, confuse, and cause the seekers of truth to despair.  The problem does not bother those who are not seeking the truth and those who do not believe in the existence of a Higher Intelligence that people call "God".

I have put forward a discussion of the Problem of Evil in a book form, choosing Manichaeism and the refutation of Augustine of Hippo as the means of discussing the various arguments related to the Problem of Evil.  Augustine of Hippo argues in the context of the Christian personal God representing the Abrahamic religions.  The dualist God of Mani represents (though not strictly) the ditheistic belief system.

I have presented my solution to the Problem of Evil at the end of the book, in the epilogue.  My solution to the Problem of Evil goes beyond what any others have presented.  For those people who do not have the time to read the entire book, I recommend reading at least the Epilogue.

For free e-book, Eliminating and Solving the Problem of Evil.

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Separation of Light From Darkness Has Finally Begun

Promenade #5

Separation of Light From Darkness Has Finally Begun


Amitakh Stanford 

8th June 2008

The reality of what lies ahead for the world is unacceptable to many.  The ones with no understanding of the situation will be gravely disadvantaged, as will those with some understanding who have been indoctrinated to believe that everything is beautiful when it is not - they deny truth whenever it conflicts with their comfort zone.

Truth can be painful and daunting.  Nonetheless, truth is positive, no matter what spin others may put on it.  There are those who mislead others with the mistaken doctrines that all is love, all is one, everything is beautiful, there is no evil, the harmonic convergence will make everything wonderful, and one can create one's own reality.  Often they insist that only positive things should be discussed.  These people are in serious denial of what is happening in the world.

There are those who do not wish to discuss wars, diseases, crimes etc. because they say these are negative things and should not be spoken of.  This is ignorantly absurd.  The world is a vile place and there are wicked things that occur here.  Whilst the topics are troubling, they should often still be addressed.  For example, children and young people should be informed about the dangers of drug usage.  It is a positive move to prepare children for the world they live in.  However, there is a fine line, and the way issues are presented is critical to how the message impacts the audience.

This is a virtual reality that will corrupt any truth that is brought down to it.  This is why truth is so easily distorted the moment it is dispersed in the Virtual Reality, from the physical to the astral to all levels in the cosmic realms.  How true it is that truth will become fable, then myth, and finally absurdity as it is repeated by those without any understanding of it.  Indeed, it is a well-worn path known to many researchers.  Corruption of truth is an imposition by Darkness in the Virtual Reality designed to keep inhabitants ignorant.  That is why there is no way that truth of all things can be understood or revealed here.  One can only hope that he or she receives sufficient truth to sustain him or her until the Rescue Mission is completed.

The New Age movement is headed by many self-appointed "gurus" who spread whatever "new" thing they re-discover and modify.  Whilst there are exceptions, these "gurus" usually have little or no academic training in theology/philosophy/science and other relevant disciplines.  It is generally believed by many in the movement that those with academic or scientific backgrounds cannot grasp the deeper aspects of spiritual matters.  This becomes the focus of the "gurus".  That is, they indoctrinate others with whatever beliefs they choose.

When a "guru" presents an ancient thought, they often give it a new twist.  Since the "gurus" have limited relevant academic/research backgrounds, often they can only present a veneer of a concept, whether it is re-incarnation, astral travelling, channelling, enlightenment, past-life experiences etc.  The New Agers are generally inclined not to accept information expounded by those who have done in-depth studies of the relevant subjects, because they believe that such people cannot really understand spiritual things.  Likewise, those who are trained academically are restricted by their own academic indoctrination that metaphysical matters are primarily based upon superstitions and ignorance.

There is a huge amount of supposedly channelled material floating about New Age circles.  Some of the material was never channelled, but was assembled by charlatans.  Other material is channelled, but the sources of the material are mostly questionable, even though much of it is sugar-coated with echoes of love, altruism, self-giving, warriorship and the like.

Some channellers have been generally accepted as "clear" channels who bring down only truth.  The concept that there could be such "clear" channels is based upon the same fallacy that is behind the Catholic doctrine of the infallibility of the Pope.  It is extremely dangerous to readily accept channelled material as absolute truth.

Whilst there is some genuine channelled material on Earth from reliable sources, this sort of situation is rare.  Once genuine material filters through the evil system, it is immediately pounced upon by the "natural laws" in place in the realm.  That is, the agents of Darkness in all forms begin corrupting the truth.  This corrupting process is ever so subtle, gradual and deceptive that it appears natural, thus keeping people unaware of the process and the unseen intention behind it.

Many of the channellers have very limited knowledge and background regarding the material they are channelling.  Hence, they do not even have the physical-mind knowledge to critically question or assess the material they are presenting.  They can even behave as robots that are presenting programmed material.  The beings capable of sending out the channelled messages to the channellers could be discarnate beings, astral beings, alien beings or even physical, living beings.  All of these can have their own agendas.  Most of the people who dabble in channelling cannot discern energies, even though they think they can.

The materials channelled from evil aliens are the most dangerous of all the channelled materials for many reasons.  Firstly, the evil aliens are at war with humans, regardless of the nonsense that has been presented about their compassion and love for humanity.  Further, the evil aliens can disguise themselves as angels, ascended masters or even gods.  They or their messages might appear harmless or even helpful and spiritual, but that is not the case.  They can make their followers feel that they are on the right spiritual path, and make things around them appear to be good, spiritual and uplifting.  However, the followers are unaware that they are weakening themselves through the process of connecting to certain channelled material.

Prolonged exposure and involvement with the benign-appearing channelled material can weaken their Will, which the victims are not even aware of on the physical level.  On the contrary, they may even feel spiritually connected and fulfilled, and be deceiving themselves into thinking they are progressing spiritually.  Since many are taught about spiritual progression and advancement, they accept the doctrine of evolution of the soul.  They can be quick to attack anyone who questions this spiritual evolutionary theory.  In fact, evolutionary theories of all types are generally protected by Darkness and people are programmed to accept them.

People associate psychic activities with the New Age movement, but there were many genuine healers, psychics, seers, prophets and soothsayers in antiquity.  The New Age movement has purposely or unwittingly attracted shameless rogues who have dabbled in psychic readings, healings, exorcisms and other things to con the unsuspecting public who seek help from them.  In recent months, the media in various countries are exposing these charlatans.  This exposure is not so much to protect the public, but mainly intended to ridicule and persecute the genuine psychics.  Many of the charlatans who are being exposed by the ruling elite media are working with the ruling elite.  This is another example of a single force running both sides of a situation and making it appear as a conflict.  This is a variation of the "good cop, bad cop" scenario.  It is a set up to disadvantage genuine psychic workers.

Many of the "gurus" pinch bits of truth or information from here and there and pretend it is their own material, to which they apply their own spin to totally corrupt what little truth there was originally.  Some of these post other people's work on their own websites and spend volumes of space critiquing the material.  They try to elevate themselves by pretending to have in-depth knowledge to fool the casual readers of the sites.  The types of critiques in most of these websites show that the writers have very limited or no inner understanding or experience of what they are writing about.  This is irresponsible at best!  Worse than their egoistical puffing is the amount of misguiding they do to people who are sincerely searching for truth.

Among these sites are many that are operated by people who serve the ruling elite.  Many of these websites are assisted by the ruling elite, which have control of the internet.  The ruling elites' agents decide which websites are blocked and which are promoted.  Website hit counters, availability, speed, convenience and access are all controlled and manipulated by the ruling elite.  Search engines will often place the ruling elites' chosen sites at or near the top of many searches.  However, there are times when it suits the ruling elite to put valid websites at or near the top of searches to satisfy their own ulterior motives.

Apart from the widespread spying on the internet, individual liberties are being compromised by the ruling elite.  There has been a proliferation of sophisticated tracking devices that can track the movements of almost anyone who has possession of certain laptop computers, cell phones, passports, driving licences or satellite maps.  The wireless networks allow easier tracking, even when people do not think they are connected to the internet or other relevant network.  There is also such a bombardment of radio broadcast noise in the atmosphere now that many people have heard bits of physical broadcasts or conversations in their own homes.  These are not ghost activities, but physical broadcasts that occasionally can be heard with human ears.  One can just imagine how this impacts animals with more sensitive hearing.

Tracking of sites visited on the internet is done for the ruling elite.  The ruling elite bulletin-board and critique-type websites that post bits of truth and volumes of critiques are especially used in tracking people.  "Gurus" who serve the ruling elite often have little spiritual understanding, but pretend to educate others and wear a façade of altruism.  Some of these appear openly and notoriously, whilst others retain a form of anonymity.

How many of you have had strange material appear on your computer screens for no apparent reason?  This can happen unexpectedly because many new laptops act as transceivers whether they are connected to the internet or not.  Not too long ago, we received a corrupted, live, play-by-play text of a baseball game that was being contested in Atlanta, USA.  We were not connected to the internet and our computer indicated that there were no wireless connections available where we were.

The ruling elite have many ways of obtaining recruits to act as their agents.  Beside the main group that openly serves the ruling elite, others are blackmailed, some are bribed and still others are coerced into service.  The New Age movement, commerce, banking, politics, conventional religions and so on are infested with agents of the ruling elite.

What people are unaware of is that the purpose of existence in the Virtual Reality is to serve Darkness.  Darkness enslaved every being in the Virtual Reality and forces them to serve It.  All of the trapped True-Light beings in the Virtual Reality are assisted by the Light to awaken to the degree necessary to sustain them until they can be rescued.  Many people may think that the solution to the Virtual Reality is to make Darkness burn in hell.  But, hell is Darkness' creation - Its home.  Darkness runs hell, which is a reality within the Virtual Reality.  To let Darkness burn in hell would be to let Darkness have Its own way and to keep It going.

The promise of spiritual attainment in the Virtual Reality is an empty promise and a lie.  Especially the sincere ones who promote this are fooled and are being used by Darkness to drag others into the net to be spiritually assassinated by Darkness.  Even those created by Darkness have the right to know the sinister plot of their vile creator.

Fortunately, in spite of the difficulties, threats and other obstacles, there are still some Light workers around the world who work ceaselessly for the True Light on the planet.  Some of these Light workers have humble positions in the eyes of the world, and some would appear to have very limited interest in spiritual matters.

In academia, an idea or thesis that deviates too far from the accepted norm is blocked.  Those with different thoughts are dissuaded from presenting them for fear of jeopardizing their success in exams, assessments, careers or funding.  That is, the university systems throughout the world are controlled by the ruling elite to limit and control what the universities can produce.

There are not that many people who have both academic credentials and are also sincerely seeking spiritual answers.  Those who have theological training can become very set in the dogma of their respective religions.  Those with scientific backgrounds are usually indoctrinated with the accepted scientific dogma.  Sincere seekers can be in any field, but they are generally trapped by the various belief systems, which often include snippets of truth to keep them trapped.  For instance, scientists generally accept the theory of physical evolution whilst theologians usually follow their respective creation accounts.  Some scientists amalgamate their theories with religious creation accounts and vice versa.  But, both disciplines are restricted by only having snippets of truth, so even those who seek answers outside of their fields cannot discern the truth.  Darkness has set it up this way so that people go from one deception to another until they finally give up the search or give in to the traps.

Behind the New Age movement is an unseen Force that should not be taken lightly.  This Force deceives many into believing that there are ascended masters of the Light behind the movement.  Many sincere ones who seek the highest purity are deceived into devoting their life and essence in following the teachings of the ascended masters.  Some of the ascended masters are very dark beings pretending to be of the True Light.  Darkness also uses the name of Jesus and other Attas of the Light as part of the list of ascended masters to trap sincere searchers.

Darkness is the Force behind the New Age movement.  It uses some wisdom brought down by True-Light beings and manipulates these messages to suit Its own aims.  Love and Purity are intermingled with the dark intent behind the movement to lure the unsuspecting seekers.  Many sincere seekers are sucked into the movement and trapped by the array of programming that makes them feel good and spiritual.

Inside the movement, a large number of the people wear the mask of spirituality when they are actually in the movement to fuel their egos, or for other self-gratification, such as financial compensation.  But, many of these supposedly spiritual people who promote love, peace, harmony and no negativity are very quick to attack, injure, ridicule and censor anyone or anything they do not like.  Any truth that they disagree with is labelled as negative and thereafter censored.  Such ones often fight amongst themselves over whose spirit guide is more powerful or insightful.

Saint Germain is listed as an ascended master, yet those who can truly see the essence behind that being know that he is a being of Darkness.  The entire ascended master list has been sponsored and supported by Darkness.  As I mentioned earlier, the list incorporates the names of certain True-Light beings such as Jesus to make it look good and safe for sincere seekers.  Snippets of truth are also sprinkled throughout the New Age materials too.  Since most people cannot discern truth from the untruth, they are hopelessly caught in the trap of corrupted truth.  This is not limited to the New Age movement, but prevails in all aspects of life on this planet.  That is why the traps are so wide and complex.  Scientists, philosophers, theologians and those in any other field are caught in the same "mayonnaise" of this Virtual Reality controlled by Darkness.

The critical concept that must be grasped in order to begin to awaken to the truth is the knowledge of duality of Forces.  These two opposing Forces are not for balance, but are in conflict with each other.  Evil and Good are in direct opposition.  Evil rules by the principle of servitude to Its Master.  Good exists for the mutual benefit of all.  Duality has been addressed by many true seekers, but because one of the Forces - Darkness - purposely corrupts truth in this Virtual Reality, the concept of duality of Forces is corrupted into the concept of balance, and people are encouraged to accept everything as good.

Gnostic knowledge about duality in all cultures has been corrupted by the Dark Force as soon as it is brought down by True-Light beings.  This is often done through deliberate slanting of the information, mistranslation, misinterpretation, redacting and subsequent expounding of the information, all of which corrupts the message.  For example, Augustine of Hippo spent enormous energy trying to make Darkness look Good and to make Good appear Evil.

Language itself is an important tool of Darkness.  Oral and written language has become a tool for corruption of communication, even though Darkness made it appear to be a positive breakthrough in human affairs.  When an exact quote of another's words is used, there is the danger of regurgitation without comprehension of the message, or of it being taken out of context.  On the other hand, once the words are summarized and edited, the message is prone to being altered considerably.  Either way, it is difficult to faithfully convey another's message with oral or written language.  Darkness planned it that way for Its own purposes.

The game of "pass the secret" is a simplified example of how language can be corrupted.  Church sermons or political speeches are just as easily corrupted through the use of language.  Even when an Attas of the Light presents truth in the Virtual Reality, it is very quickly corrupted with language, especially when others edit it and put their own interpretation on it.

The concept of duality of Forces has been so corrupted and complicated that it no longer assists sincere seekers.  Agents of Darkness have made certain that it happened that way.  Theology and philosophy students who want to pass their exams and be awarded advanced degrees must conform to the corrupted concept of duality or have their success, awards, funding etc. impeded.  Likewise, science students are forced into following various precepts and defining principles to advance.  Most must deny a Supreme Intelligence, but there are ecclesiastical universities for the other group, and they too must accept the ruling elites' model of duality to advance.

The principle of Yin/Yang is a distorted concept of the mayonnaise in this Virtual Reality.  Yin represents the feminine aspect and Yang represents the masculine aspect.  Many people believe this is for balance.  It really represents the True-Light Energy of the Divine Mother and the False-Light Energy of the Usurper.  The Divine Mother's Energy is intertwined with Darkness.  The Yin/Yang, Night/Day concept tries to make the True-Light look dark and the False-Light look light.  This distortion of purposefully projecting Darkness as Good and the True-Light as Darkness is a theme that runs through Western and Eastern religions.  Hence, many sincere people are trapped in Darkness' deception.  The deception is so deep that even Darkness has confused Itself.

The reality is that there is a "war" between Good and Evil.  The final battle between the Christ Energy and the Anti-Christ Energy has begun at last.  The nature of the battle is different from what people have in mind.  Most people imagine that the final battle will be like the version presented in the extant Bible.  However, it is the friction between the two Energies that will result in the total separation of Light from Darkness.  Thus, the battle between the Christ and Anti-Christ Energy is the ultimate separation of True Light from False Light - Good from Evil.

Whilst it sounds like an easy thing, it is not a straight-forward action at all.  Indeed, it is intricately complex.  It has never been done before and it had to take Darkness completely by surprise.  The people awaiting Armageddon anticipated that there would be a physical war that would involve worldly armies in a battle royal.

On the energy level, the battle will be like the biggest thunderstorm ever registered.  Yet, on the physical level, it will come like a wisp of wind, so subtle and quiet that few will notice it happening.

This is not to say that the Earth will be quiet during the battle, because, as I have previously written, it will coincide with the Second Major Cataclysmic Event - the all-out alien wars.  That is, the aliens will wage their wars through human and alien agents on the Earth whilst the Christ Energy confronts the Anti-Christ Energy on all levels, which will sometimes manifest in the physical as frictional events that will culminate in the separation of the representatives of Good and Evil.  In simple terms, as Good pulls away from Evil, Evil will try to cling onto Good, as It has always done in the past.  Evil parasitically latches onto Good, not out of love or respect for Good, but to exploit Good for Its own evil purposes.

To give a simplified explanation, the confrontation of the Christ Energy and the Anti-Christ Energy entails the deliberate separation of the two Energies.  As the True-Light pulls away, the Anti-Christ Energy will tenaciously try to adhere and cling to the Christ Energy.  As a part of the Rescue Mission, the Divine Mother voluntarily entered into the depths of the Evil Mind for the final time to dislodge the projections within the Mind of Darkness that hold and project the illusions of the Virtual Reality of Darkness.

Evil holds many True-Light beings as ransom.  It will not willingly release even a single particle of True Light, even at these final stages of the separation process.  The separation process is going to be painful, which is unavoidable.

In order to protect all of Her children trapped in the Virtual Reality, the Christ Energy has been intertwined with the Anti-Christ Energy.  The separation has commenced.  Everything containing the True-Light particles in the Virtual Reality is blended together like mayonnaise, and the mayonnaise is separating.  This includes the Intelligence known as Darkness - Anti-Christ - Evil Mind.  That is, the True-Light is disentangling Itself from Darkness, which Darkness is resisting with all of Its strength.

When the True-Light is completely separated from Darkness, the Anti-Christ will express total evil without restraint.  "God" is such a mystery in this world because the "god" most people think about is Darkness masquerading as a loving "god".  People are confused because the "god" they worship is capable of expressing profound love, yet It is also brutally savage.  This is because there are two separate Energies that are diametrically opposed to each other entwined in the make-up of the "god".  When the True-Light is withdrawn from Darkness, from the very lowest to the highest levels of expression in this Virtual Reality, Darkness will then constantly express pure evil.  The charade will be over.

The Mind of Darkness is akin to a black hole that threatens to suck everything that stands in Its way.  It is like a poisoned dart intended to numb and kill Its victims.  Darkness is so deluded that at times It believes that it is the sole and rightful sovereign over everything.  It conveniently forgets Its own beginning and Its criminal usurpation and every corrupted act that comes from It.

The battle between the Christ Energy and the Anti-Christ Energy entails the Christ Energy "freezing" and "changing" virtual time, so to speak, within Darkness' Virtual Reality.  As one inner virtual reality collapses through "freezing" and "changing" virtual time and other processes, Darkness' "Mind" will begin to disperse.  In the end, even Darkness shall be returned to a state where It can no longer inflict suffering on any beings, including Itself.  The Anti-Christ's behaviour is like that of a stalker, deriving self-gratification as It intimidates, threatens and preys upon Its victims.  As the separation process proceeds, the Anti-Christ's obsession with Itself will become so destructive and confusing to Itself that It will self-destruct.

One aspect of the battle is like Christ entering the Mind of Darkness to disengage the projections that hold and project the virtual realities of Darkness.  In other words, the Christ Energy's separation from Darkness will cause the Mind of Darkness to disassemble.

Many theologians and philosophers have wrestled with issues such as Original Sin and the Problem of Evil.  Original Sin gives insight into God's temperament, and the Problem of Evil concerns the nature of God.  Some proffer that if God is omnipotent, then why is there evil.  They maintain that if God is omnipotent, then why would It allow evil in the world.  Original Sin poses far larger concerns about how a loving god could be so vindictive as to curse all humankind.

The conundrum presented by the issues of Original Sin and the Problem of Evil has purposely occurred because Darkness influenced Its agents to hopelessly confuse the issues about the nature of God and the existence of Evil.

People have pondered whether God caused the holocaust during WWII.  The quandary is why an omnipotent, loving God would allow such misery to occur.  And, if God did not allow the suffering and could not stop it, It must not be omnipotent.  The Problem of Evil can readily be better understood once the concept of duality is grasped.

Regarding the misery from the war, yes, It was caused by God, but not the True-Light God.  There are two distinct Forces in the Virtual Reality, which is a superimposed creation upon the True Creation.  The superimposed creation is the Virtual Reality that is controlled by Darkness.  Darkness is the God that caused the holocaust, although Darkness masquerades as the True-Light God.  The True-Light God wants nothing to do with Darkness.  It only wants to retrieve Its own True-Light beings that have been trapped in the Virtual Reality and held ransom by Darkness.

The Rescue Mission by the True-Light God is nearing completion.  The True-Light particles, regardless of whether they are in the Hebrew, Arab, Asian, Mediterranean, African, Aborigine, European or any other race, regardless of culture, beliefs or creed, will soon be rescued from Darkness.  When all the True-Light particles are removed from the Virtual Reality, only Darkness will remain, which will eventually self-destruct.

Sound is the basis supporting the Virtual Reality.  The sounds that hold the Virtual Reality together will be disconnected, and the bonds holding the prisoners of Darkness will be broken.  Then, there will be Silence.  When there is Silence, people will finally be able to truly hear again.

The alien wars will express in many ways.  Some large-scale natural-appearing disasters will not be natural at all.  Storms, floods, tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires, extreme weather conditions, famines, droughts and other types of disasters will increase in intensity, frequency and size.  Many of these disasters will hit unexpectedly and defy physical explanations and expectations.

The recent weather and earth events in Burma and China are precursors of larger disasters that await the Earth.  These events are not the result of the separation of Good from Evil; these are expressions of Darkness as It tries to completely re-start time.  The chief physical agents of Darkness - the Anunnaki - are unable to re-start time because of intervention by the Light whereby, among other things, the Atu-waa was disassembled and the True-Light being held captive within it was released.

As the size and frequency of natural-appearing disasters expands throughout the world, many of the events will go unreported or be played down by the media.  Eventually, the devastation will be so widespread and hopeless that rebuilding will not be attempted by most nations.  Then there will be little or no international assistance.  Everyone will have to look out for their own interests.

As the alien wars express, national alliances will become more open and notorious.  Racial tensions will be heightened to an extent never before witnessed.  Social rebellions and upheavals will destabilize the fabric of society.  Whole civilizations will be crippled.

The Catholic Church is the earthly guardian of the extant Bible.  The existing Bible is responsible for the misconceptions about Armageddon.  This misconception has caused many wars to be fought in the name of Christ.

In reality, the final battle between the Christ Energy and the Anti-Christ Energy is the separation of the Christ Energy from the Anti-Christ Energy in which Darkness struggles to remain parasitically attached to the Light.  That is, Darkness holds on with all Its might for Its continuing existence, all the while destroying True-Light particles in Its wake.  However, now that the separation process has begun and the True-Light particles have been sufficiently protected, Darkness can no longer blackmail the True Light.

The official Vatican newspaper has announced that aliens may very well exist in outer space and that some could even be free from Original Sin.  The concept of Original Sin has its roots in Genesis of the extant Bible.  This concept has blackened human history with untold pain, suffering, fear, guilt, despair, wars and all forms of evil.  The concept was conceived and maintained by agents of Darkness to trap, confuse, control, punish and extract emotional energy from True-Light beings.  Ultimately, the concept of Original Sin is the Devil's tool.  Sadly, many genuine people have been fooled by the putrid belief that a loving God would test and punish Its children.

The concept of sin, and the notion of metaphysical evil inherent to existence that was encapsulated in the notion of Original Sin, originated in Mesopotamia.  Such invention was to abase the individual so that the individual would justify his or her own abasement to himself/herself.  This notion was later adopted by the Christians.

But the concept of Original Sin is absurd, because it implies the Original Sin of each consciousness before the consciousness has even done anything to deserve such a stain, which was explained away as collectively inherited sin, just as later the Church would erroneously argue a case for collectively inherited sin for the principle of Vicarious Satisfaction stemming from the murder of Jesus.  Why would God stain His perfect creation just for one error supposedly committed by Adam?  It is most unfair to blame everybody for the error of Adam.

The concept of Original Sin also implies that God would create each new being perfectly and then spoil each being with the taint of evil because of the error of Adam.  Such a concept denies the essence of evil outside of man.  It also implies that all humans are born with sin and all humans are born with Original Sin.  Such a concept makes humans despair of perfection, for they can never eradicate their inborn fault.  It also implies that non-Christians are doomed to end up in hell, as salvation, according to the Church, is only achieved through Jesus Christ the redeemer.

One may argue that the incoherence lies only in combining the idea of sin as a separation from God with the idea of sin as wrong doing.  But surely Original Sin is not our wrong doing.  Besides, why should anyone be concerned with imperfection when God gives us what we cannot achieve for ourselves?

By asserting the existence of Original Sin, are we blaming Adam or Satan as the creator of all humans who were born?  By denying that all sins are forgiven in baptism, the implication is that there remains in baptised parents the evil by which their children are born with Original Sin.  This not only implies that God is imperfect, it also suggests that God continuously creates imperfection since all human beings have to pay for Adam's sin.  In this light, the defence of Original Sin is unjust and weak.

In effect, the Vatican is proposing that some aliens might be free of Original Sin.  This is because the Vatican has been involved with alien activities and has been programmed by them to believe this absurdity, and further, to spread the dangerous information to the world's Catholic population, and ultimately to the whole world.  The purpose behind this is to mislead people into letting their guards down regarding evil aliens.

The Church's recent proposal regarding the status of some aliens implies that they might be perfect beings, unblemished by Original Sin.  In other words, they should be openly welcomed and fully trusted.  But, Original Sin is the work of the Devil.  Whether the Vatican is sincere or not, it misguides all Christians by holding them prisoners to the malicious concept of Original Sin.  The kindest interpretation of this is that the Church is ignorantly doing the Devil's work.  However, the truth is that Original Sin was purposefully invented by Darkness for endless subjugation of humans.  The concept of Original Sin has been used like a whip by agents of Darkness to exploit and enslave the human race.

Aside from religious activities, the world is now entering a very precarious situation.  Russia has re-iterated that it maintains the right to a preventive nuclear strike.  America has long maintained its right to a pre-emptive nuclear strike.

Mikhail Gorbachev has recently expressed that all U.S. presidents engage in wars.  He said that the U.S. cannot be trusted and it has broken its promise not to have NATO expand into Soviet block countries.  NATO (the Great Hawk) is even pursuing Georgia and the Ukraine at this time.  Up to now, Russia has exercised restraint for various reasons, but the Russian march will soon push westward as the former USSR becomes more and more of a reality in the future.

The former USSR is re-aligning into a new amalgamation of nations that will become a superpower.  The Great Hawk (NATO) will continue to be pushed by the aggressive Eagle until it reaches the point of no return.  The Urals are too ambitious a target, and the Kremlin will soon thwart these plans the Eagle has for the Great Hawk.

George Bush has been made into a laughing stock by many.  What people do not realize is that at this serious stage of the alien wars, many leaders like him are much more than they appear, even if they wear clown masks at times.  When the Reptilians moved their power base to China, the Vulturites scurried into action.  In spite of all the misinformation Bush has been fed by infiltrators, he has still been able to promote and fulfil many strategic and tactical manoeuvres.  For instance, under the banner of fighting terrorism, he has amassed a powerful military position in the Middle East, which is comprised mainly of NATO and US forces.  These forces are mobilized and threateningly close to Russia, Iran and even China.

NATO continues its march across Europe and elsewhere as surely as Adolf Hitler did in WWII.  The conquests and desires are similar; the strategy has not changed.  The Vulturites want to control the world.  However, NATO's conquests lull people to sleep. The latter are victims of their own greed and have fallen to bribery, empty promises, intimidation and bullying by the West.  Some of the "conquered" nations even welcome the Great Hawk's aggression, seeing it as liberation and protection.  Still others are openly assisting in further NATO conquests.  The victims of the NATO march do not realize there will be no effective coalition of nations if the Vulturite plans for a One World Government succeed.  Every nation will be amalgamated into a single power base.  The New World Order will come, it is at the point of no return.  The question remains whether it will be a Reptilian or a Vulturite dominated NWO.

Many speculate whether the next U.S. president will be as busy as Bush.  I wrote in October 2007 that the Democrat Party battle over the nomination for its presidential candidate would be fierce because of opposing alien influences within the party itself.  The bitterness with which it has been contested is almost inexplicable to the unawares, but clear to those who grasp the nature of the alien wars on the planet.  It does not matter who wins the election, the Vulturite influence will continue to dominate U.S. policies.

At present, the world's population is being misdirected into believing that the price of petrol, diesel and bio-fuel substitutes is the most critical issue affecting the lives of everyone.  The whole illusion is presented by the ruling elites' media, which is bombarding the population almost daily with non-newsworthy petrol-price stories.  People are all stirred up without really understanding the strategy behind the petrol "wars".  The petrol-price protests are examples of mass programming the people into a "rent-a-crowd".

The petrol "wars" are instigated and maintained by both the Vulturite and Reptilian ruling elite for their own purposes.  On this issue, these two groups tolerate one another for alien benefit to the detriment of humans.  There are other things in which the two groups jointly tolerate one another, such as religions, nation states, coalitions, corporations, governments, whilst they jointly attack any groups that threaten the alien plans for One World Government.  That is, anything that goes against the NWO plans is jointly attacked.

World wide food supplies are supposedly threatened by bio-fuel substitutes.  Massive inflation is predicted by the soaring price of petrol.  Economic downturn is also predicted because of it.  Travel, especially via airlines, is being curtailed.  Tourism will fall, and all businesses connected with hospitality and tourism will decline.  There is a domino effect on the world's economy.

Whilst the people are enmeshed in the petrol-price illusory war, the ruling elites' plan for domination of the world marches on.  The media is playing a very important role in stirring and spreading petrol frenzy.  This cannot be overstated!

The ruling elite manipulate the price of oil, then have their media flood the news with petrol-price stories in an effort to arouse panic and rage in the populations of the world.  The petrol prices are climbing so the ruling elite can re-coup some of their recent losses speculating in the markets.  This suits the purposes of the ruling elite, who want the unawares to vent anger at petroleum producing nations, especially Muslim countries.

The Reptilians had plans to take over the world via attrition.  They planned and conducted both sides of the conflicts in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the first invasion of Iraq by the West.  Once the Reptilians moved their base from the USA to China, the Vulturites seized on the opportunity and have aggressively pursued their temporary military advantage by leading the USA.  The Reptilians had hoped the Vulturites would punch themselves out in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places.

When the Reptilian plan for a One World Government was thwarted because the True Light intervened in the American Revolutionary War, the Reptilians adopted their United Alien Plan for world conquest.  However, the Vulturites have partially seen through the Reptilian plan.  So, they have mobilized and are directly challenging their supposed allies, the Reptilians, as they rapidly absorb countries by bribery, deception, coercion and force.  Things are very different now because the Reptilians no longer control both sides of the conflicts in many cases, and the Vulturites are extremely opportunistic.  Thus, any of the staged wars around the world are capable of turning into real battles contested between the two alien forces.  Now that the Vulturites are at the Reptilian's doorstep, whoever moves the most decisively will have a major advantage.

As previously mentioned, the exacerbation of the catastrophes in Burma and China are not entirely natural.  As the Earth's icosahedron deteriorates and Darkness continues to attempt to re-start time, more natural disasters and strange events will occur.  The storm in Burma and the earthquakes in China were caused by Darkness' futile attempts to re-start time and by a faltering icosahedron, but, the Vulturites have seized on these opportunities to exacerbate the situation by causing natural-appearing follow-up events, such as floods and recurring aftershocks.

Neither Burma nor China are enthusiastic about international aid because they do not trust the West.  They have seen NATO, the UN and others enter regions to "help" and never seem to leave.  Burma and China are concerned that the aid comes with too many strings attached and with ulterior motives.  It is no co-incidence that these buffer zones are being hit so hard in these alien wars.

To better understand the reluctance and resistance to accepting foreign aid by these nations, it can help to put oneself in the picture.  Just imagine the horrific scenario of a major city like Los Angeles being hit with a devastating natural disaster, such as a huge earthquake.  Also, imagine that the only accessible aid available to the survivors is from Russian navy forces who would have to establish a relatively permanent naval base to keep the aid coming.  Would the Bush administration openly facilitate a Russian naval base in California?  And, what if the Russians were relying on Iranian petroleum to run the rescue project and it appeared it would be a long-term, ongoing situation?

As I have written before, Queensland has been chosen by the Reptilian ruling elite as the launching pad for the NWO for some time now.  The people have been conditioned more and more to accept draconian rule - forced amalgamation of shires, water restrictions and mandatory fluoridation of water are a few examples of governmental fiat that go against a huge majority of voters.  The roads are being restricted so that they can easily be closed on all the main highways and especially in Brisbane.  Government salaries are sometimes only half of what people of similar position earn in neighbouring New South Wales and the rest of Australia.

Now, as the Christ Energy separates more and more from the Anti-Christ Energy and as the alien conflicts increase, there will be many other changes occurring.  Time will have lapses and behave almost nonsensically.  There will be more time shifts observed where people have spontaneous individual or collective events and some people will age almost overnight.  Individual events could happen momentarily, suddenly and unexpectedly.  They can feel like fainting events without the feeling of everything going dark.  A person might feel one moment they are in a locale, the next moment elsewhere, and the next moment back to the original locale.  Some time shifts will be more involved and longer in duration.

Many abnormalities, such as weather events, are being explained away by physical reasons.  Orange skies are blamed on refraction of raindrops, but, why they have only now begun to occur is not addressed.  Droughts and floods are explained away with El Niño and La Niña simultaneously.  Newsreaders can sometimes be seen smirking as they deliver the nonsensical reasons for various weather events.  The symbolic release of the Four Elements has altered certain "laws" such that they are no longer constant, but have lapses and changes.

Sometimes television broadcasts are interrupted, as the video images seem to stop and start, or they break into a multitude of squares that eventually reform a picture.  These video glitches seen on the broadcasts are, in effect, similar to the time shifts occurring now.

Here is an example of a prolonged time shift that involved only five of the people who were in a crowded restaurant.  A few weeks ago, two overseas guests joined us for a buffet dinner at a crowded restaurant.  We were given the table nearest to the serving line of the buffet at about 6.35 pm and there were many large parties around our table.  We chatted at the table for about 10 minutes until there was no queue for the buffet, so we went to get food.

Whilst we were about to sample food from the buffet, an uninvited "guest" approached all of us.  He did not come to the restaurant for dinner.  We had seen him tracking us many times in the past several weeks.  When he saw our car parked outside the restaurant, he figured he had us in a position where we would have to talk to him.

The "guest" tried to talk to me, but I remained silent.  We left the line and returned to the table and the "guest" followed us to the table, talking all the while.  I showed the "guest" our digital camera and set it on video to record the intrusion.  He kept talking, insisting that we should have a meeting and be friends.

Whilst all this was happening, the people in the restaurant were oblivious to the standoff occurring right in front of them.  Finally, I broke my silence and told the "guest", "I think you should leave!"  He took this statement as a positive sign that I was interested in communicating with him and thanked me for giving him hope that I would speak to him in the future.  He finally left the restaurant.  As he left, we trained the video camera on him.

All of us were unsettled by the intrusion, and whilst discussing it, I asked for the time.  A cell phone said it was 6.41 pm.  I was incredulous because so much had occurred and so few minutes had elapsed.  We went through the line to get our food and returned to our table.

To our surprise, our cutlery, water glasses and serviettes were removed from the table!  There was nothing whatsoever on the table.  I approached a waitress and asked for serviettes.  She was surprised that I was still in the restaurant.  She said that she thought we had all left the restaurant.

When I returned to our table, I noticed the previously crowded restaurant was nearly empty.  Our appetites were spoiled, so we left the restaurant after just sampling some of the food.  It was about 7.45 pm by our car clock when we left the restaurant.  We arrived home before 8.00 pm.  As we entered the house, we heard the phone ring, but screened the call due to the stalking incident in the restaurant.  The call was from the unwanted "guest", who begged us to get together with him.  A minute later, the phone rang again and we screened it.  It was the same "guest" again asking for a meeting.

When we replayed the messages, we were surprised to discover that the first phone message that we listened to "live" was received at 7.10 pm according to our phone clock, and the second message that arrived one minute later was recorded as being received at 7.58 pm!  We checked on another phone and confirmed that the calls were indeed placed more than 45 minutes apart, yet we heard them both arrive "live" within one minute of each other!  In other words, the first phone call at 7.10 pm, was supposedly made while we were still at the restaurant according to the shifted time, but came in "live" while we were listening to it at home at 7.57 pm of re-instated normal time.

We played the video from our camera and none of the images of the unwanted "guest" appeared on the video clip.  It does not even show the restaurant door opening as he left.

These seemingly inexplicable events are explained by realizing that there was a time shift involving the four of us for approximately 45 minutes.  The intruder entered a portion of the time shift and then left it.  Apart from other occurrences, we felt that we were only in the restaurant for a short while, whilst the clocks indicated it was for over an hour.  The waitress thought we had left, and the crowd subsided in that apparently short amount of time.

We caught up with "local" time between the screening of the first and second calls from the "guest".  In that single minute, we caught up with the normal, "local" time.  In other words, the 45 minutes meshed back into our time.

The workings of time and karma are rapidly changing.  There are those who insist that collective karma is behind all the world's problems and that nobody should interfere with the working of karma by assisting poor countries or interfering with their wars.  These people tell others not to interfere with others' lots because that would interfere with the workings of karma.  This is a sweeping, erroneous and irresponsible premise.

For a start, karma is an evil system that was designed by Darkness.  It was never intended to be fair and just, but was imposed upon beings in the Virtual Reality to suit the purposes of Darkness.  The lords of karma have unfairly and unjustly imposed this horrible weapon upon everyone and everything.  However, the lords of karma have been dismantled and things are different.  Karma now operates robotically.  Those who attempt to use karma, especially by using terms like "bad karma" to blame another's misfortune, will have to be careful regarding their intent, or they could feel a reverse backlash.  This is not karma, but it is more like a "bug" or residue of the karma system that has been left behind, which will continue until the whole system disintegrates.

The separation of the True Light from Darkness has commenced.  Evil will now be expressing more and more as the separation continues.

Clocks ticking sound like water dripping, and both time and clean water are running out.

The Attas of True Light will soon complete their Rescue Mission and all the True-Light beings will be liberated.


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