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Lions and Dragons and Bears, Oh My!

Lions and Dragons and Bears, Oh My!


Amitakh Stanford 

27th October 2007

Although current world events can be very baffling, with a dash of esoteric knowledge added to the mix, things begin to clarify.  Clearly, aliens are behind world affairs.  They hold influence over commercial, financial, political, military and other decisions on the planet.

A considerable amount of posturing is taking place right now.  Many nations are testing the resolve of others.  Financial markets are being kept afloat by extraordinarily deceptive means, and currency wars are in full swing.  Commercial attacks are being levelled at nations whilst certain military confrontations are held at bay via diplomatic duplicity.  Many serious affronts and insults are being exchanged between nations, but some of the affronts are only for show.  The whole world is set to explode as the aliens manoeuvre their pawns and pieces on the global chessboard - all at the expense of humans.

Many must be wondering:  Why would the US Congress now choose to bring about a vote to condemn Turkey regarding the alleged genocide of Armenians that happened over 90 years ago?  Why would Turkey mass so many of its forces on the Iraqi border at this time?  Why would the USA urge Turkey to restrain itself and not invade Iraq to seek out rebel Kurds?  Why would Syria urge Turkey to do the very thing that the USA wants?  If Syria and the USA are foes, why would Syria parrot the US sentiments on such a critical issue?  Why would Syria not be screaming immediately after an Israeli air attack on its soil?  Did Israel bomb a nuclear site or anything else of importance in Syria?  Was the Israeli bombing an act of aggression or a co-operative venture with Syria?  Why is the USA so concerned about Iran that it wants a missile defence system so close to the Russian borders?  These are just a few of the many confusing questions that make more sense when one accepts that aliens are behind human affairs.

Just by asking such questions, some of the alien programming aimed at humans can be broken down.  Whilst the populations of the respective countries might be easily fooled because they want to believe in their governments, the leaders of the real foes of the Western alliance are already suspicious of their motives and their moves.

Remember, "Other countries are going to join in. Syria will be the first . . . The road to Damascus will lead to many places."  Even though Syria is accused of being a part of the "axis of evil", it has strong alien ties to the USA.  Alien ties are stronger than any superficial opposition between countries.

The alien chess game in the Middle East is nearing full development.  Many participants behind the scenes are watching with apprehension.  None of the parties are absolutely confident about the outcome.  In the end, there will be many losers.  

What is unfolding will surprise many, as the following shows:

The Lion cometh, but this time it will not be for battle, but with a light heart it bounces into the arms of its comrade of war.

Millions will flock to the scene of the focal point to witness the fraud of various alliances under the cloak of foes and wars.  Iran is under fire for many reasons but the real reason will be obscured.  Various plans are made that appear to be irrelevant, but which will ultimately lead to the attempted invasion under the guise of foes and allies.

Syria was the first to de-cloak and openly join the Eagle in the chess game.  Israel is much engaged to make things look like what they are supposed to be, but are not.  Turkey, too, is drawn into the same game.  Whether it be an unwitting player or otherwise, its intention is one and the same as that of the other players.  Iran is the prize the players are working towards, either incognito or otherwise.  Each player works for its own rewards from the Vulturite Master.

The Bear, furious and losing patience, will roar louder than ever. 
It is ready to tear the intruders apart. 

Internal betrayal everywhere within the Eagle's nest. 
The Bear, too, has to fight off its foes from within, but the Bear is strong and alert and will wipe out its internal perpetrators.

The rain will fall in all the related areas that the Eagle touches and many will fall.  A flash will descend into the middle of the conflict, and swiftly, the fate of the battle will be decided.

Despite many attempts to injure the Dragon, it marches on and laughs . . .

© 2007 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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