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Virtual Reality of Invisible Centre-Point Prisons and the New World Order

Virtual Reality of Invisible Centre-Point Prisons and the New World Order


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from Nara Site)

12th March 2005

In this creation of Virtual Reality, many True-Light beings have been trapped and imprisoned as "slaves" for Darkness. But it is not only the True-Light beings that are trapped because Darkness also enslaved Its own creation, especially the lesser of the False-Light beings.

As stated in my earlier writings, cubes are building blocks for Darkness, used from the minute scale to vast sizes. Metaphysically speaking, cubes have hard angles that cause strife, war, confusion, belligerence, opposition, resistance etc. These cubes also form invisible "prisons" for many trapped True-Light beings and separate them from one another.

As I mentioned elsewhere, the being called "Time" is encased in a tetrahedron that is spinning so rapidly on its centre-point axis that it appears to be a sphere. Darkness also uses other symmetrical solids that It created as prisons. These include the known symmetrical solids that Pythagoras investigated: sphere, tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron. Symmetrical solids have an interesting property in that there is a centre point in each of them that acts as the axis on which the object spins.

There are other symmetrical solids that are unknown in this dimension that are also used by Darkness as prisons to maintain Its empire. The six known symmetrical solids are the primary traps used by Darkness to imprison beings, whether the prisoners are of the True-Light or the False-Light. It is only the upper echelon of Darkness that is not in these unseen prisons. However, they too have restrictions imposed upon them by their ultimate master, the evil Usurper. There is a rigid hierarchy of Darkness with the Usurper at the top of the hierarchy.

Metaphysically speaking, cubes have the hardest properties (right angles). However, even the shapes with "softer" properties, such as the tetrahedron that employs interconnected 60-degree angles, are still harsh prisons. They only appear softer relative to the cubes and other more harsh models.

On Earth, by analogy, the models of these prisons have been imitated by the ruling elite in producing maximum-security prisons (more like the cubes) and less restrictive ones (more like the tetrahedrons). Other models of the Usurper are also mirrored on Earth to a lesser degree, as I will explain later.

The symmetrical solids holding the spirits exist in an asymmetrical world, so there is always imbalance, friction, disorder, mistrust, betrayals, confusion, dishonesty, suffering, greed, fear, jealousy etc.

The primary reasons for the prisons are to control the prisoners and to extract energy from them to maintain the Dark creation.

The angles used to construct the prisons are the same aspects available in this dimension of the False Creation. They can be harder or softer, but all in the prisons are subjected to suffering, pain and decay. The esoteric studies of astrology, numerology, tarot etc. all incorporate some knowledge of these aspects and their influence and interplay of them on human lives. All aspects (whether harder or softer) are imposed upon this dimension by the Usurper to control its realm and exploit the beings It trapped. In fact, each of the aspects in the False-Light creation are either trapped, personified beings from the Light, or beings of the Dark creation. Darkness imposes forced labour on trapped True-Light beings as well as Its own creation. In this dimension, there are jailers and prisoners. Over the jailers are the administrators.

Some people are born with benefits relative to others. This can be by family connections, wealth and power, or it can be of an esoteric nature by numerological birthpath, astrological signs and aspects and so on. Even those who seem to have it all are made to suffer to some degree because this dimension thrives on suffering and misery.

Some people claim that good fortune is due to good karma and that misfortune is due to bad karma. But, karma - contrary to the popular Buddhist belief that it is a system that justly dispenses rewards and penalties - does not always justly mete out punishments and rewards. In fact, karma is an evil creation, designed to suit evil purposes while it appears to be fair, honest and good.

Since there are so many prisons that are deliberately designed with harsh conditions (angles/aspects), there will always be war, friction and disharmony.

The trapped False-Light beings are mixed in with the trapped True-Light beings and it is difficult for most people to discern one from another, which further enhances the trap of Darkness to hold True-Light beings in ignorance and confusion.

The symmetrical prisons in the False Creation are coded so that each being is programmed to perform certain tasks for the Slave-master, the Usurper. These encasements are vibrational prisons, invisible to the human eye. All prisons are under the control of a Mind of a Being of a totally evil consciousness. This evil consciousness is part of the network set up by the Usurper to obey Its Will.

True-Light beings have two separate minds, so to speak. They have an inner mind and an outer mind. The inner mind is the one that connects them to the Divine. It contains a blueprint that Evil cannot tamper with unless the individual being turns its will over to Darkness. The outer mind is the one imposed on people by Darkness. This is the mind that is programmable.

The outer mind is programmed and normally functions for evil. Will at the human level produces energy with in-built abilities that can vary according to what a person wills into the energy. To modify human will to such an extent that it becomes closer to the Divine Will is not easy, but it can be accomplished through perseverance and dedication to the Divine as best one can. This means that even though one suffers and has to be subjected to the rules of this Virtual Reality, one does not give over their will to Darkness. It is like the saying that one must live in the world but not be of the world.

In the past Darkness has generated extremely long time circuits so that what it gave out would not return for many eons of time. But now the Light is rapidly shortening those time circuits and things that Darkness gave out are coming back to It faster than before. Hence, a large part of the attacks that will occur in the future were really sent out into the realms of time and space by beings of Darkness a long time ago, and they are now returning to attack and weaken their creator, the Usurper.

Darkness has a very tight hierarchy with the Usurper at the top of the structure, and beneath It are many "minor creators" whom the Usurper has appointed for various tasks. These are high-level administrators of the Dark hierarchy. Below these are other minor administrators, and so it goes on down the ladder. As mentioned earlier, the higher placed administrators do not have symmetrical solid prisons encasing them. However, they do have restrictions placed upon them to keep a tab on their operations because the Usurper does not completely trust Its own administrators. Darkness has set up the system to have as few administrators as possible, because these beings are much more highly rewarded and granted more power than other False-Light beings who fill the tasks of minor roles.

This model that Darkness uses is mirrored to some extent in many organizations on Earth. Examples of organizations with the authority at the top are found in many world governments, including autocracies and democracies. Corporations also follow this model. However, on Earth there are many countries and corporations; the Dark model has a single ladder of power. Plans are in the works to streamline the Earth to better represent the hierarchy of Darkness by eliminating many extraneous corporations and countries. The fewer corporations and countries there are, the fewer administrators there are that need to be highly rewarded. Hence, it is the plan to shrink the size of the ruling elite and centralize its operation. Ultimately, there would only be one country and one corporation, which would eventually merge into one organization, the One World Government where everyone is tagged.

Corporations are truly "soulless" organizations. They operate to make profits for their shareholders. They do not worry about who or what they step on to make these profits. Usually it is the little people who they squash in the process. Countries, on the other hand, have to keep up the appearance of taking care of the downtrodden. So, corporations can be more brutal in their expansions. However, a country can forcibly take from another country under the pretence of a military war or the chase for "terrorists". Countries are, in a sense, laws unto themselves. Corporations take via economic power.

Within the Earth's corporate structure is one specialized department that Darkness uses to accomplish its planned One World Government. This structure is known as the banking industry, which controls most of the money in the world. Money is a creation of Darkness to expand human ambition and greed. In the banking system, a model has been developed to strip the maximum amount of resources from the people without them being aware of the activity. This is seen in the American Federal Reserve Banking System, which is a model for many countries' national banks.

The Federal Reserve is a quasi-governmental operation. The government has some control over it but its profits go to its private owners. The Federal Reserve has an exclusive contract to print the American currency, which it does. However, for each dollar it puts into circulation, it charges the U.S. Congress the going rate of interest for as long as that dollar remains in circulation. In short, Congress borrows the paper money from the Federal Reserve for the going rate of interest, which, for example, could be 5 percent per annum. This amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars each year in interest that Congress must pay the Federal Reserve, which has done nothing but print paper currency that Congress could have done itself for free.

The egregious profits earned by the Federal Reserve are not fairly distributed throughout the banking industry, but instead are kept by a very few owners of the Federal Reserve. The rest of the bankers work for veritable peanuts. In this way, with almost all the rewards staying at the very top, the Federal Reserve closely mirrors the Dark model.

Many people mistakenly believe that the Federal Reserve is owned by the government. Even some economics professors are misinformed on this issue. This is by design to keep people ignorant so there will be less chance of protest. Thus, under this system, the rich get richer and the poor become poorer. Thus, the gap between the "haves" and the "have nots" widens.

Money is the root of much evil. It is responsible for much betrayal, murder, deception, slavery, war, envy, jealousy, worries, suffering, crime and other negative things. On Earth, money is nearly a necessity. Without money, many things, including food, water, shelter, education, health care, transport etc. cannot be acquired.

None of the corporation activity, especially banking, could be accomplished without money. Darkness created Its own entities to oversee money. These money entities have been drastically abused by Darkness. When these money entities become obsolete or irrelevant for Darkness, they have been discarded by It. Of those that have been discarded, some are in extremely pitiful circumstances. The Light showed compassion to them and offered them a safe haven if they desired to turn to the Light. Many have so chosen and modifications have been done to them so that they can exist in the realm of Light. However, those on the top of the Dark hierarchy have never responded to Divine Love. All False-Light beings are offered the opportunity to turn to the Light. Some have chosen the True Light, but most have chosen to remain in Darkness.

Everyone on Earth is affected in various degrees by the monetary prison imposed upon them. All monetary prisons - like all the other prisons imposed by Darkness - will crumble when all the invisible, symmetrical solid prisons holding the True-Light beings and those holding the False-Light beings are fractured in this so-call third dimension.

Many loosely use the term "third dimension", which is a very confusing misnomer. The term itself implies that there is a progression of dimensions from the first to the second, third and onwards. Some esoteric movements have promoted misinformation about an upcoming shift to the fourth dimension, with many of the "gurus" taking the misinformation even further by claiming that there will be a jump directly to the fifth, sixth, seventh or whatever dimension.

In reality, the concept of a "dimension" is a highly esoteric expression that very few people on Earth would normally contemplate or take seriously, let alone comprehend. A "dimension" can be a vast, independent existence or part of a very complex existence.

Time exists in the Mind of the Usurper; It delegates authority over time to certain Archons. A particular time circuit is a field of operation of the mind of a particular being of the Dark hierarchy that creates its own type of space, and within that space all thought forms manifest as things. Within chronological time exist all dimensions in the False Creation, with each dimension operating on its own vibrational rate. It is commonly believed among esoteric circles that the higher the vibrational rate of the dimension, the finer and less dense it is. Likewise, it is believed that the lower vibrational dimensions have coarser vibrations across the spectrum of existence in those dimensions. Superficially, this appears to be true. However, on very close circumspection, things are not what they appear to be, as will be shown later. In the lowest of the coarser dimensions, conditions are so bad that even the administrators of the Dark hierarchy are nervous about going down to them. In the past, when things got out of control in one of these coarser dimensions, Darkness simply destroyed the dimension with everything inside it.

Some people believe that dimensions are like spheres existing according to higher or lower vibrations. They believe that the higher the sphere, the finer the vibrations within that sphere. They also believe that the lower the sphere, the coarser the vibrations operating within the sphere. In fact, all dimensions appear to be spheres, which are the apparent shapes of the spinning traps (prisons - cubes, tetrahedrons, spheres etc.) housing various dimensions. The higher vibrational dimensions in this Virtual Reality are akin to low-security prisons and the lower vibrational dimensions are more like moderate to high-security prisons. When beings reach the so-called finest levels, the traps are removed entirely, however, certain restrictions still apply to the top administrative levels.

On Earth, many so-called spiritual teachings expound that the spiritual vehicle must be purified sufficiently before one can enter the higher dimensions of the Light according to one's spiritual advancement. But, this is really a false promise because there is no access to the True Light in this entire Virtual Reality. Darkness has sealed off the whole Virtual Reality with an invisible, giant symmetrical "prison" which contains prisons within prisons. Only the Rescuers of the Light have been able to get in and out of this Virtual Reality.

The higher one moves on this pseudo-spiritual system, the more programmed they become, until they can eventually graduate to become an obedient administrator for Darkness, which is why they get their invisible symmetrical prison removed. Hence, the higher one proceeds on the spiritual ladder of Darkness (which is falsely presented as the ladder of progression of Light) the more evil and well hidden one becomes. In other words, the so-called finer vibrational dimensions in this False Creation are still evil, but the evil is more complex and hidden. It is in these so-called finer dimensions that evil is most sophisticated and dangerous. Thus the evil ones in the so-called finer vibrational dimensions of this Virtual Reality are comparable to white-collar criminals, while the administrators in the coarser dimensions are more like blue-collar criminals. The higher one goes on the Dark ladder the more they are able to veil their evilness and hide it from those below them. This becomes very dangerous to those who are sincerely seeking Truth. Many of the so-called Ascended Masters are really masters of this category, but many sincere seekers of Truth have been deceived by these beings.

On Earth, the term "dimensions" is used in common language to describe the measurements and shape of a particular physical object. For example, the dimensions of a rectangular box could be 10 cm high, 20 cm wide and 40 cm long. These are the three dimensions of the box. Most things in this dimension have length, width and height. This allows for very concrete descriptions of objects that even the least spiritually orientated person can grasp.

Many now think that the Earth is in the third dimension because everything here has three dimensions. Although theoretical lines and planes have one and two dimensions respectively, these things are only theoretical, because every point of matter has width, length and height. What some spiritual teachers have concocted is the premise that since physical things can be measured in three dimensions, this is the third dimension. This is a ridiculous fallacy - it is patently absurd.

The dimensions of an object have nothing whatsoever to do with the general make-up of the dimension in which the object resides. People are comfortable with terms such as third dimension etc. so they use them quite loosely.

The reason that this dimension contains the concepts of height, width and length is because the Usurper designed the prisons for this dimension to be symmetrical solids that have height, width and length. These prisons are invisible to human eyes and they spin on their centre points. People who live on Earth are not aware that the world is in fact a giant, invisible prison designed to encase them. Within this giant prison are many artificial and many man-made prisons that often house innocent people.

The knowledge in vogue misleads people into thinking about chronological dimensions. However, dimensions are vertical. Just as the Rescuers of the Light can travel through chronological time via vertical time, there is a path that runs parallel to vertical time that allows inter-dimensional travel. This path is a little like a miniature, simplified version of vertical time that allows access to each dimension for those who are in the know. But, very few of the Dark hierarchy have any knowledge of the existence of this inter-dimensional pathway, and fewer still have access to this closely guarded privilege.

Some of the very high beings of Light who were trapped have been imprisoned in tetrahedrons, and forced to work against their will for Darkness. When the Light finally located these trapped beings, some of them were found in such pitiful states that they were almost unrecognizable, but for their inner-makeup that the Usurper could not tamper with.

Clearly, we are living in a Virtual Reality of invisible prisons created by symmetrical shapes. Fortunately, the Light is working on removing the unjustly imposed prisons. These invisible symmetrical prisons are beginning to shatter, and particles of Light will soon be released as the illusions of Darkness continue to fracture. As they fracture, the illusions will collapse very rapidly and Darkness will lose Its hold on the True-Light particles that It is holding hostage. All hostages will soon be released.

© 2005 Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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