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Final Reflections

Final Reflections


Amitakh Stanford

whose pen name is D. M.

29th August 2004

As I said more than a year ago, my public work would begin in earnest in the beginning of 2004 and it would conclude at the end of August of the same year.  The time has come.  This is my final public posting.  Indeed, my work schedule is right on target.  I have finished my public work.  I will continue to focus on the inner level and when that work is accomplished, I shall be ready to return Home to my Creator.

You should not let anyone tell you what to believe and what not to believe.  You should not let anyone frighten you about your beliefs.  You should not let anyone intimidate you or put you down for your beliefs.  Once you turn within you will be able to make your own decisions.

What I have written tells you what I know to be true.  It is up to you what you wish to do with the information.  There are those who will try to convince you that my writings caused their computers to crash or that things have fallen apart for them.  That goes to show that there is a Force at hand.  Some have even described their experiences with my writings as weird synchs and cautioned others to be careful of what I have revealed.  Are these people really concerned about you, or are they looking out for themselves?  One thing is clear, they are from the opposite camp.

Be warned, many websites on the internet are run by the CIA.  Many of these sites have come out and openly attacked me.  It is predictable that others will soon come out of the woodwork.  They have never fooled the Light.  They have never fooled the workers of the Light or me.

The ruling elite has many ways of brainwashing people.  They run many websites and their moderators are the ones who frequently declare that others are victims of governmental psychological operations.  In fact, this is often a telltale sign of a government-controlled site.  I have nothing to gain from exposing the dark ones on the planet.  They have tried all sorts of ways to discourage me and to attempt to impede my work.  These are common themes by dark ones.

I do not expect everyone to respond positively to my message.  Otherwise, there would be no need for me to write it.  The True-Light beings will respond to my message even if it initially may cause them some temporary discomfort and conflict.  The False-Light beings will no longer pretend to accept my writings.  They will now expose themselves and commence vicious attacks upon the message and/or me.  This is irrelevant as I have come to the end of my public work.  I never came here to please people or gain merit points.  I have come to do what I was sent here to do.  I have come to seek my own and to accompany them Home, which is not about physical death at all — it is about Liberation from Darkness.

Death comes to all living things in this realm, including humans and higher forms of life.  Unlike True-Light forms, which are eternal, all biological life has a beginning and an ending.  Everything in the physical dimension is constructed from matter.  Everything that is made from matter decays (dies).  This includes minerals, vegetables, animals, humans and celestial bodies — even light in the physical realm diminishes over time and distance.  Death was not created by the True Creator, it was a wicked imposition by the Usurper — Darkness.

Many philosophical and religious thoughts on death are associated with rebirth.  We are told that death is like shedding a garment and rebirth is like putting on a new gown.  When plants die, new ones sprout.  Thus, we are told life goes on and that without death there would be no birth.  This appears to be true when considering life as it appears around us.  Human parents have children who produce their own children, and as the old generations die off, new ones replace them and so on.  Thus the cycle of life and rebirth continues and appears to be a natural process, but what is its purpose?  The truth is it has no purpose except for Darkness.

Some say we must die and be reborn onto Earth to learn because it is the schoolroom for the soul's development.  Today, this concept is parroted by rote by many who claim to be spiritually awakened.  These people believe that we have all come to earn merit points by our own actions, both on Earth and in the spirit world.  Thus, they argue that one chooses to relate one's experiences in the afterlife in order to help others to overcome the fear of death so they may rejoice in the sacredness of the present life.  Superficially, all this appears to be reasonable and believable.

The process of death and rebirth is characterised by some as a positive experience.  They argue that suffering is good because it helps build character and strengthens us spiritually.  They further argue that it teaches us to appreciate good.  These arguments appear to be true to some extent, but they seem to work only in the counterfeit realms controlled by Darkness.  This is so because all suffering causes loss of energy which Darkness needs to drive Its realm.  It is also a way of weakening the will and spirit and causes beings to lose awareness and give in to Darkness.  In the True-Light Creation there is no suffering, no evil and no death.

In this realm that is so heavily controlled by Darkness, there is not much we can do about avoiding physical death.  However, there is a great deal that we can do to strengthen our will and not give in to Darkness until Liberation from Darkness is accomplished, and this will occur very, very soon.

Many scientists will tell you that the yearning to live forever falsely lures us into believing that there is an afterlife.  They also reason that because it is heartbreaking to think that we cannot once again meet those whom we have loved and lost, the concept of an afterlife is a misguided but comforting belief to carry with us.  But science does not have an answer as to whether there is an afterlife.  Neither can science answer more about the physical reality than you can.  All science can give are apparent answers, but this is an illusory realm where things are not always as they appear.

There are those who do not even believe in the existence of consciousness — inner self.  These people attribute all gut feelings, beliefs and powerful emotions to chemical reactions or mathematical equations that they think can be proven right by science.

Most people who believe in a life after death do so through a gut feeling that scientists will attempt to explain away as a product of our genes.  The mind is more than what science can tell us.  It can bypass time and space and link up with elements that are physically unconnected.  Many people who have had a near-death experience will tell you that there is a life after death, whether it be a hellish or a positive one.  There is experiential proof of survival after death, but science has set up rules with the scientific method that actually negates the possibility of proving life after death.

Many people reacted to the blockbuster movie Ghost with its fundamental premise that there is a survival of death and there are TWO distinct camps to which "souls" travel after the physical death.  Despite what scientists and sceptics say, and despite all the different arguments against it, somehow and somewhere inside of us, we just know that some part of us survives our bodily death.

Is there a consciousness?  Of course there is such a thing called consciousness.  Does the consciousness survive physical death?  Of course it does, and this even includes the consciousness of animals despite what the church and some philosophers have argued.  Is there a spirit world?  Of course there is an astral world to which the spirits of the departed go.  There are many levels in the astral world.  As I have mentioned in The Spirit World, contrary to common belief, the astral, like the physical world that we live in, is controlled by the Anunnaki and their dark masters.

The Anunnaki "spirits" control the astral world just as they control the physical world.  The Anunnaki Elite serve the evil lords of karma.  They are the beings who play a major role in the administration of karma in the astral world.  While it appears that the hierarchy of the "heavenly" government is run according to the advancement of "souls", the truth is that, like karma here, it is never justly meted out as it is falsely proclaimed.  "Souls" are forced or coaxed into reincarnating while they appear to be given the free will to choose to incarnate or to remain in the astral world.

The karma operating in the astral world forces "souls" to reincarnate.  The astral inhabitants are programmed to think that they have the choice of selecting their own parents, place, time and culture for rebirth.  This is in appearance only.  In truth, they are programmed to think that all is planned for the highest good of the "soul".  What a big lie!

Moreover, as happens in this physical world, there are also beings in the astral world who give false information about religion, spirituality and other subjects.  They also programme people on Earth to help spread their false information.  Thus, they further deceive those who are searching for Truth.  The false information is meant to sidetrack those who are searching.  Hence, it is very difficult to break out of this tightly-woven scam unless you do some serious thinking yourself instead of swallowing everything you are being told.

There are those who use the excuse of karma to do or not to do certain things.  They also use karma to explain away every action that happens to people and nations.  People are taught that karma is just and administered fairly to reward or punish for one's actions, therefore people will learn to be responsible for their actions.

However, the opposite is true.  People cannot learn anything from karma because karma discriminates particularly against pure-hearted people and most people are denied memory of their past-life experiences in order to rectify them.  Hence, karma is not consistent — it is an evil tool for imprisonment of the spirit.  To break the bondage of karma here and in the astral, you should not blindly accept karma as your lot in life.  Instead, you should do what feels right in your heart or your essence and not be dictated to by your religion or anyone or anything else.  By doing this, you are taking full responsibility of your actions and decisions.

In the past, it was easier for the ruling elite to control the people by fiat with autocratic rule.  Many have fought against inherited rulership, which culminated with Thomas Paine's biting attacks upon the divine right of kings which led the way for the American Revolution that overthrew the despotic tyrant, George III.

To overcome the lost inherited tyrannies, the ruling elite began backing "democracy", which has the root word of "demon" as its prefix.  This is no co-incidence.  The Founding Fathers of America debated heavily whether to establish its government as a democracy or a republic.  In the U.S. Constitution, it is declared to be a republic.  Democracy was ousted.

Now, the U.S. government pretends to be a democracy.  In fact, it is a rare American politician who uses the word "republic" and nearly all spout "democracy".  This is because the concept of democracy allows the running of the world by an apparent majority consensus.  Whatever the majority accepts as right is forced upon the others.  This is the foundation of democracy.  In a pure democracy, if 51 percent of the people say it is honourable to go to war against another country, then a war is entered regardless of how adamant the opposition is by the 49 percent who are effectively silenced on a very critical issue.

Democracy gives the illusion that all minority interests are given a fair voice.  This is not the case at all.  The minority voices are only allowed if they are consistent with certain governmental purposes.  Opposition parties are allowed only if they maintain the illusion of choice or if the ruling party is not strong enough to govern on its own and needs the support of the opposition.

Certain issues will not be tolerated in autocracies or public democracies, regardless of the claims of freedom of expression or religion.  For example, the Gnostic messengers and adherents have been persecuted and massacred throughout history by whatever party or organisation has had the power to do so.  Today, this power is given by consensus.  The power of persecution by consensus can be wielded by governments, religious bodies, or other organisations and individual groups to demonise and persecute others.

Demonising others can be effectively done by labelling them as "cults".  Today, it is quite popular also to label others as "terrorists" regardless of whether the accusation is valid or otherwise.  Many other labels are used to incite unjust discrimination against anyone too different from the "norm".  The persecutors are so confident of support from the consensus that they become bold in denouncing whole groups of people such as:  gays/lesbians, impoverished nations and governments, ethnic and racial minorities, less accepted spiritual beliefs etc.

It is because democracies appear to give the smaller interests a fair voice that democracies are spreading across the globe.  Even in countries that are constitutionally formed as republics, the common label given to them is democracy.  The United States is a prime example of this — it calls itself a democracy in violation of its constitutional mandate of it being a republic.

Global leaders are always spouting the glorious benefits of democracy and are trying to infest every country with it.  As evil dictators allow very little liberty, it is easy for the people to realise that they have few freedoms, and so rebellion is always on the minds of a suppressed people.  However, with democracy and its illusion of freedom of expression, the people are much less likely to see through the tyranny, deception and exploitation.  This is why democracy is the preferred form of government for the New World Order.

As long as a majority of the people support or oppose a particular issue, they can literally shut off all other meaningful discussion about it.  It was not that long ago that people were too afraid to speak about rebirth, life after death, UFOs etc. for fear of being ridiculed or persecuted.  Today, these topics are being tolerated mainly because the barriers between the physical and astral are breaking down and also because more prominent people have accepted them.  While the ruling elite have attempted to suppress this type of information for a long, long time, they can no longer do so.  Therefore, they are attempting to capitalise upon it and manipulate it to suit their agendas.

Some of you may recall the small group of people in the USA who were referred to in the media as "Heaven's Gate".  This group experienced demonising in its fullest form.  Other groups that come to mind for this type of treatment include the "Branch Dividians" of Waco, Texas, and American income tax "protestors".

Governmental massacres happen in many countries, but generally for the purpose of gaining further control over their constituents.  These are used as a way of controlling the people.  Ruby Ridge and Waco are just two in America's history.  The TianAnMen Square massacre of "protestors" is a notable one in China's history.  All of these are done for specific governmental agendas.

The Columbine and Port Arthur incidents were designed to disarm the people by taking away their right to bear arms.  Australia had legislation on the ready to enact strict gun control immediately after the Port Arthur massacre.  How convenient!  And now, Australia is banning the possession of swords — certainly knives will be the next to go!  Columbine was not as successful for the American government as was Port Arthur for the Australian government because the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution mandates that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.  When the public is disarmed, only the outlaws and the governmental employees can protect themselves.  This is by design.

Regarding the propaganda against Heaven's Gate, whilst I did not physically know any of the group nor was I connected to them, I abhor the treatment they have received in the media.  The Heaven's Gate people were not deserving of such ridicule.

They had their own beliefs and their lives reflected their beliefs.  Whilst I do not advocate suicide, they should not be scorned for what they have done and their families should not have been intimidated.

Suicide, among young people particularly, is a cry for help.  But for the Heaven's Gate group it was different.  They chose to end their physical lives in order to let the world know what they were all about.  This frightened a lot of people because most people are afraid of death.  While the ruling elite sponsors mass killings under some circumstances such as wars and massacres of Gnostics and other religious and political groups, they feel very threatened by the way that the Heaven's Gate people exited the planet.

There are many surreptitious methods of poisoning people that are sponsored by the ruling elite that kill as surely as the Heaven's Gate people were killed, yet almost nobody sounds an alarm.  These include fluoridation of water; distribution of heavy metals and chemicals throughout the food chain; genetically engineering food; the undisclosed side effects of pharmaceutical drugs for various things, and other methods.  For example, many drugs used for the treatment of acne that target the young population who are insecure about their appearance have side effects that can cause depression, anxiety and even enhance suicidal tendencies.  These drugs are quietly poisoning and destroying many young people throughout the world.  This is one of the reasons that suicide is on the increase amongst young people.

The people of Heaven's Gate did not want to leave their physical shells (bodies) behind to be taken over by other entities, including the evil aliens.  They did not expect the world at large to truly understand them.  Neither did they need such understanding.  Most people make light of their efforts and beliefs.  As in many cases when something happens, there will always be the so-called experts who come forward to analyse the group and to pass judgment upon them.  This happened in the Heaven's Gate case and the Waco tragedy, amongst many others.

Heaven's Gate was not interested in recruiting members.  They only wanted to find their own.  This intention can only be understood by those who have been awakened to their own true nature and responsibility.  Even here on Earth, there are many "weird" cultures — they are considered weird basically because they do not fit into the programmed concept of what is considered "normal".  Thus, these are targets for ridicule and persecution.

Everyone is accountable only to the Creator.  To say that members of Heaven's Gate killed themselves because they believed that they would be taken to eternal peace on a UFO that was trailing the Hale-Bopp comet is really insensitive and ignorant.  With or without the appearance of the Hale-Bopp comet, they had planned to leave anyway.  The world calls their deaths a mass suicide, but others can see it differently.

The Heaven's Gate members were not the Grey aliens as they mistakenly thought they were at one stage. This was due to confusion by them.

Although they were good, intelligent and spiritual people, the media deliberately portrayed them as bizarre and evil, and filled pages and pages with untruths and propaganda.  They ridiculed them as fanatics who avoided such things as sex, alcohol, drugs, caffeine and junk food, and who kept themselves from worldly pursuits.  What is wrong with rejecting those things?  This is another example of majority consensus gone berserk.  People spoke up against the group even though they did not understand them because they knew they would be supported by the majority consensus.

The media are biased.  They made sure that the picture of Do — the leader — should look as fanatical and as deranged as possible in order to con the public into believing that he must have been bad and mad, and that the rest of the group had been brainwashed and conned by him.  Clearly, the majority of people were threatened by their actions.

Those 40 people who "suicided" in California and who believed that this world is a hologram were right about the world being a hologram.  This world, as I said before, is indeed a virtual reality.

These people were alien beings known as Mayakas who had been trapped on Earth for a long, long time and they were at last able to return to where they came from originally.  Their consciousnesses were picked up by a space craft under the command of Mahayata.

Many different groups of good aliens who are trapped here are now being picked up by their own kind.  Most of these pickups involve only the pickup of their consciousnesses.  However, there are a few cases that involve the pickup of the entire physical body and consciousness — these beings in effect just disappear from the face of the Earth.  Pickups are now occurring regularly and they do NOT require any action by those in the physical bodies — Heaven's Gate was a special exception to the rule because it happened prior to the organised pickups that are now occurring throughout the world.

Although Darkness has hijacked, corrupted and twisted nearly every Divine Message that has been presented on Earth, it is not because the Light is weak, but instead because Darkness is so putrid.  Each time a Divine Messenger was sent, the Light gave Darkness another opportunity to turn to the Light.  Each time Darkness persecuted or murdered a Divine Messenger or distorted a Divine Message or both, It showed itself to be unrepentant and lacking any redeeming value.  Darkness cannot truly respond to Divine Love or Truth.

When Darkness obscures and corrupts Truth like It did with regard to Jesus and White Buffalo Woman and other Divine Messengers, It often carries the corrupted message to the people.  Many True-Light beings are attracted to these corrupted teachings because they inwardly recognise the Divine origin even through the distorted teachings.  But, when the true version is presented, all True-Light beings will inwardly recognise it even if they have to go through an inwardly conflicting period.  Soon all True-Light beings will awaken inwardly — although not necessarily on the conscious level.  When the awakenings occur the False-Light beings will become ever more threatened and insecure as they inwardly know their own identities and become aware of their impending demise.  False-Light beings will begin to express more and more intolerance, belligerence and generally caustic behaviour.  However, their own darkness will engulf them and all their dark arrows they send will be reflected back to them.

True-Light beings will soon feel an inward liberation and joy despite all the chaos, injustice and suffering engulfing the planet.  Inwardly, they know who they are and will feel Peace within for they know that at last Liberation from Darkness is at hand.

There has been a tremendously favourable response to my writings from all parts of the world.  Those who favourably respond to my writings have an inner knowing because we came from the same Source.  I wish to thank all those who have written so many touching and supporting letters.

To all True-Light workers, I wish you Love and Peace.  You are not alone.

Love and Blessings to all the children of our True Creator.


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Copyright © 2004 by Dr. Amitakh Stanford, D.M. & AHSAF

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