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Healings and the Release of Protection Shield

Amitakh and some of her animal family

Healings and the Release of Protection Shield


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara site)

5th June 2005

Ata-i-lek has recently called for proof of miracles performed by John-Paul II in an effort to promote him to sainthood. Is it not strange that only a human can grant something as ethereal as sainthood for another deceased human being? Does the granting of sainthood usurp the power of God? Or is it just a mockery?

Of course, many "miracles" will soon be reported in an effort to get John-Paul II's wish granted. Ata-i-lek did not come up with this idea out of the blue. Obviously, it was a consideration in him being "fast-tracked" into the pope's seat.

Some sceptics do not believe in miracles. Nor do they believe in the existence of good and evil, UFOs, life-after-death or anything else they cannot prove or have not experienced in the physical. Those of artificial consciousness do not have an afterlife, and many of the sceptics and true atheists are these "soulless" ones (artificial consciousnesses), who cannot conceive of an afterlife because they have no part in one.

It is important to note that artificial consciousnesses are not necessarily incompetent. On the contrary, many skilled medical professionals and scientists are amongst the "soulless" ones. Staunch sceptics (not the casual ones) sense internally that nothing comes after death for them because they are "robots" that are turned off at death. They do not possess true spirit. As far as their "fate" is concerned, they are quite right about there being no life after death.

The sceptics, in their ignorance and distortion, think they know better and opine that those who believe otherwise are fools. Sceptics want proof, but they cannot prove the non-existence of miracles, UFOs, afterlife etc. Many will say, "Convince me of the existence of UFOs etc." They are deluded enough to think that believers are begging them to be convinced. Whether a sceptic changes his or her mind is irrelevant.

Do miracles happen? What is a miracle? Some things that people refer to as miracles are merely aliens using advanced technology of which most humans are ignorant. These are not true miracles. Some healings occur because of the placebo effect, which are not miracles either. Some events occur that cannot be explained away by physical means, but those are not necessarily miracles. Some unusual things occur because of faith, and those are not necessarily miracles. Some claim that mind-over-matter can produce miracles, but, again, these are not always miracles.

The miracles most people talk about are those things that are brought about by Divine Intervention into this physical reality. But, what they think is Divine could be from Darkness (False Light). Dark beings can perform healings and apparent miracles. It should be remembered that not all beings of Darkness appear evil. However, all beings of Darkness are evil.

"Miracles" can be performed by astral entities, but these are not true miracles. In fact, there have been few true miracles from the True Light that have been performed in this Virtual Reality run by Darkness.

There are many healers in all nations of the world. Many of them have healing guides from the astral world who assist them in diagnosis and healing. Some of these are good entities, but most of them are evil beings. The evil ones who appear to be helping those on the physical level are in fact polluting another's energies and stealing certain etheric "fluid" from their victims. Even though the victims will feel better physically, unbeknownst to them, they have been robbed of their precious "fluid" which could cost them greatly in the future and/or in the afterlife. So, who is the loser when evil entities perform "healing"?

Most of the healing done in the physical level is magnetic healing. The laying of hands is a well-known method in both the eastern and western cultures. This is a form of magnetic healing involving transference of energy from the healer to the patient. Theoretically, everyone can heal himself or herself; the body can heal itself.

Many healers believe that attunements are the very core of natural healing. The Tibetan, Chinese, Indian and other cultures know of the use of universal life force for healing. The Chinese concept of Qi, or vital energies, is the backbone of the Chinese healing arts. Qi is the energy of the universe that is channelled freely from nature in this Virtual Reality. Qi is an abstraction to some, but a reality to those who use it for healing. Qi Gong relies on the manipulation of this vital universal energy through the "meridian" channels that pass through all the vital organs of the body in humans and animals. The practice of manipulation of one's own Qi, or energy, is known as internal Qi Gong.

Scientific research has confirmed the benefits of these external energy projections via Qi Gong healing. However, there is nothing paranormal about Qi Gong or any other magnetic healing that involves the transference of energy from one to another to effect a healing.

The Chinese believe that there are seven human emotions and that each of these relates to internal organs in very different ways. They believe that this can be seen in the various responses of the organs - the emotion of joy or happiness affects the heart; anger affects the liver; worry affects the lungs; sadness affects the heart meridian; stress of all sorts affects the spleen; fear affects the kidneys, whilst shock affects the gall bladder. These normal responses of the body are fine until severe, sudden or continuous emotional responses adversely affect one's body, causing an emotional imbalance. It is believed that when there is an emotional imbalance, health problems occur. Healing via Qi Gong or other methods of healing can harmonize the imbalance and bring about equilibrium. When this occurs, the result is a magnetic healing of the body.

However, there is a type of healing that is very different from magnetic healing. I call this type of healing the Absolute Healing Power (AHP). There are a few in this world who are touched by this Divine healing power. Healing from the AHP usually brings about permanent cures which are generally instantaneous, and the nature of the healing defies physical explanation (including magnetic explanations).

When something that is seemingly impossible occurs on this level, many conclude the event to be a miracle. As I have said earlier, many seemingly inexplicable events can be explained with esoteric knowledge. In fact, everything that manifests can be explained away as interaction of energies. This includes all miracles. Take for example the AHP type of healing, which can be explained as Divine Intervention that manifests via specific ones who can hold the high-frequency, pure energy that is not of this Virtual Reality.

Nobody in a physical body can hold this type of Divine Energy for too long in this physical dimension run by Darkness. With this Divine Energy, all one needs is love and compassion while tapping into the Divine Power of the True Light. There is no need to know how it works or what to do to effect a healing. Those capable of doing AHP healing do it from the heart. It cannot be taught or learned. Those who perform AHP are not depleted of energy, like those healers employing magnetic healings often experience. Unlike magnetic healing, there is no concern about energy pollution to those performing or receiving AHP.

I have often been asked to heal people in the past. Up until very recently, I have had little interest in magnetic healing due to various reasons. But, I knew that one day it would be time for me to do healing of a different type. This healing is the AHP healing, which is spontaneous and comes from the heart. Only the Attas have the ability to tap into AHP healing, but not all Attas will be involved in AHP healing.

Some of the healings that I have given in the past not only defy conventional explanation, they defy magnetic healing explanation. Here are some examples:

Troy, a beautiful, aged Border collie, had cataracts in his eyes that I removed instantly via AHP. On another occasion, only a couple of months ago, he collapsed and his aura contracted. It appeared he was dying when someone called me to his aid. His pulse was weak and his breathing was very shallow. Fortunately, I was summoned in time to revive Troy instantly with AHP healing. He got up and carried on as if nothing had happened.

On a few occasions, when I was a teenager, I revived dead, bloated fish that were floating belly up, and I also revived some lifeless birds. At those times, I just knew that I could do it, so I spontaneously healed them and brought them back to life because the owners were broken hearted.

More recently, an exuberant dog jumped up and inadvertently hit Steffan in the jaw, which caused him some discomfort for several days afterwards. At some point, the pain in his jaw became unbearable. It was so severe and persistent that he believed it to be either a fractured jaw, or that there were multiple abscesses. When he was unable to speak, eat, sleep or even rest, he asked me for a healing. He hesitated in asking me for a healing earlier because he knows that the healing I do is usually spontaneous, and I have said many times that I would rather give healings to animals.

When he asked, I gave him a localized healing on the jaw. Immediately, the pain was gone and he slept through the night. However, he could feel some imprints in the area where the pain was, so I investigated and discovered that the injury had nothing whatsoever to do with the dog hitting his jaw. It was caused by an insertion of a malicious, pain-inflicting implant that was inserted into his jaw in retaliation for my posting of Alien Battles in Brisbane's Sky. I reversed the programming of the implant and it now serves as a warning device that alerts Steffan when certain types of negative beings approach. He has remarked that while it is a very handy device to have, he would not like to go through the excruciating pain again. This was not a total AHP healing because there was an implant.

Another example of an implant causing pain involved a woman who was stung by a bee in Canada during a special gathering. There were many healers present and several of them attempted to give the woman healing, but were unsuccessful. A shaman then asked me to look at the wound. I noticed immediately that it was not an ordinary bee sting and I gave her a quick healing to ease her pain and swelling. This did not involve AHP healing at all because the "bee" had forcibly inserted an implant into the woman. I did not tell her what had happened, but I neutralized the implant.

The following are more examples of AHP healings:

Amazing events often unfold at Alukar Heights when Divine powers are called upon to heal sick or injured animals who are in desperate need. Those who have witnessed such events are often in awe. As for my part, when they occur, I feel humbled and grateful that help could be given to the ones in need.

One such event involved a small quail that our cat Pearl captured in the yard. Small birds do not usually fair well when caught in the grasp of a cat, and this quail was no exception. When I was finally able to retrieve the bird from Pearl, its neck fell to the side and it was totally debilitated and weakened. Blood covered the quail and it spurted in a pulsing stream through a huge gash in the bird's neck from what appeared to be a ruptured artery. I calmly blessed the bird and held it while gently pressing a finger on its apparently mortal wound. As I held the quail, I asked the Divine Being of Purity for it to be healed.

After a few seconds, the tiny neck eased itself upright, and, quite remarkably, all traces of blood were gone from the bird's feathers and the huge slit in the neck healed over - the spurting blood also stopped gushing out of its tiny neck. There was no more blood on its body, and no stains either. The wound had closed up totally. Were it not for the puddles of blood on the ground, it would be difficult to believe that the bird had moments earlier had a gaping wound that was profusely bleeding in pulsating spurts. Soon after the bleeding stopped, the little bird began moving about in my hands, so I opened them up and set the quail on the ground. Most amazingly, the bird scurried away fully recovered! As it reached the bush, it turned around and looked directly at me, almost as if it were saying, "Thank you so much," before it scampered into the brush.

On 18th April 2003 I again called upon Divine Love and Assistance to help another struggling animal. Something happened then that could be experienced, but not adequately explained in words.

Angie, a mastiff-mix dog who lived at Alukar Heights, became pregnant and had a very difficult pregnancy. Vets saw her on several occasions prior to the delivery of the pups. She eventually delivered ten puppies, however, three of them were stillborn, and these had many signs of having been in the womb too long. Her labour was very difficult, and the puppies were spaced out over two full days, with the eighth puppy born 17 hours after the seventh one. As you might imagine, Angie was utterly exhausted by the time she had completed delivering all of the pups.

The seventh born in the litter was a small male whom we named "Miracle". Between the delivery of Rainbow, the sixth puppy, and Miracle, the seventh, I took a quick walk down to see other pets and to try to prepare something for dinner. While I was away, Miracle was born. I was in the kitchen at the time and I was impressed not to cook anything and instead headed straight back to Angie's enclosure where Steffan was sitting with Angie and her pups.

As Miracle came out, Steffan knew there was a problem. The puppy looked limp and weak as it gasped for air in a gurgling sort of way. It was bleeding profusely in the abdominal area, but not where the umbilical cord was attached. Steffan called out on the subtle for me to come quickly. That was the time I decided to return to the enclosure. Meanwhile, Steffan sped out of the gate in search of me and started to race down the road when he saw me approaching. He shouted for me to come quickly. Although I was exhausted, I found the energy to hurry back to the enclosure.

Steffan handed me the little puppy, and I knew why he had called out to me. It was limp, bleeding profusely, and had been rejected by his mother, Angie, who seemed to sense that the little doggie had no chance of survival. I held the little puppy in my hands, soothing it as I placed my palm over the spot where it was bleeding. My heart went out to this dear little fellow. Steffan later commented that it was most comforting to watch the love I poured out as the little puppy gasped and struggled for air. While it was certainly doing poorly, ironically, it seemed peaceful as it gasped for breath. I commented that only an evil god would allow suffering of that sort.

As time went on, a feeling of Divine Love permeated the whole enclosure. It was a mystical experience as this Divine Love literally engulfed the area all about us. It was awesome to feel this Unconditional Love, Peace and Joy all about us, and even more awe-inspiring when the little puppy stopped gasping, stopped bleeding, and began crying out. I decided to put the puppy with his mother so he could at least suckle and be comforted. To our amazement, Angie, who had just rejected the little puppy, openly accepted Miracle, who began sucking vociferously and was soon behaving like all of the other surviving puppies.

During the next day, Miracle became the strongest appearing of all the litter. On the 19th of April, a vet checked out Angie and the entire litter of the seven surviving puppies and declared them all fit. We were so relieved that we relaxed a bit and took a short break while another person watched over the mother and her pups.

When AHP is involved, it alerts and annoys Darkness. Darkness often sends its agents to retaliate against those who have received such healing. In a matter of just a few minutes while we were taking a break, Darkness struck and made it appear that Angie had accidentally smothered Miracle. We know something very different and vindictive happened.

While it was sad to lose Miracle, it was a very moving spiritual experience to be present when the Wonderful Divine Love encompassed us all as Miracle was nursed to life. The Divine Energy that descended upon the whole enclosure was experienced by all the other animals around it. It was indescribable how that mystical energy affected all those who were there that day. We will always carry with us the beautiful Love from Home that blessed us all during Miracle's first minutes on this plane.

One evening a lady rang Alukar Heights from Utah asking for help for her cat, who had just returned home with a severe wound. She was horrified to see there was blood all over his chest from a very large, raw, deep wound. The cat panicked and ran off. Very alarmed and not knowing what to do, she asked me to heal her cat from a distance.

I looked into the situation and saw that the cat was dying and gasping for breath. I sent AHP healing to him and guided him home.

When the cat returned afterwards, the woman was incredulous; she could not believe her own eyes. Her cat's beautiful chest was again pure white, with not a scratch or a trace of blood on it. Like the healing of the quail and Miracle, the woman's cat was healed completely, with no trace of blood or injury. It was as though nothing had ever happened. Except for the blood on the ground to prove the existence of the events, it would be hard to believe that severely wounded animals had been healed and made whole.

There have been many incidents of AHP healings that instantly brought sight back to blind animals.

Ralphie, a silky terrier, had been totally blind for nearly eight years when I spontaneously healed him. His sight returned immediately and he is now his old cheeky self. While blind, he was depressed and quiet.

Fabulous, a duckling, was blind and lame when hatched. Her mother abandoned her, so I raised her. When she was about three weeks old, I felt impressed to give her AHP healing. Immediately, her deformed leg uncurled and she could walk, and she had sight in both eyes. I moved her outside when she was old enough to mingle with the others. As often happens after an AHP healing, Darkness retaliated by programming one of the chickens to peck out one of Fabulous' eyes while I was away. However, Fabulous still has vision in the other eye and can walk fine. She is a well-adjusted and happy duck who comes for cuddles every day.

Jenny, a small Chihuahua, was nearly blinded by severe cataracts in both eyes. One day I felt inclined to call upon AHP healing power for her, and both eyes cleared up immediately. She can see well now. There have been other cases of instant clearing of cataracts.

Saunders, a large horse from the USA, lost one eye in an injury before he came to Alukar Heights. While at Alukar Heights, an alien being struck him and gave him a very severe wound just below his good eye. A vet came and removed a large chunk of floating bone from under the eye. The vet said that in his 20 years of practice, he had not seen anything so bizarre as Saunders' injury. He thought the wound would be fatal. However, I gave Saunders AHP healing, and the vet was quite surprised to hear that Saunders survived. Again, the wound healed immediately after AHP healing was given to Saunders when it appeared he had no chance of survival.

Eddie is a mixed-breed, abandoned puppy who was severely crippled when he arrived at Alukar Heights last year. It was heartbreaking watching Eddie struggle to crawl from place to place. He could not hold up his head and had to lie down to eat. On the fourth day after his arrival at Alukar Heights, I was late saying good night to Eddie because a friend had just passed away. I put my hand on Eddie's chest and said to him, "Eddie, you will now walk because I love you so much." I shut the door to his room. The next morning when I was outside the house, I saw Eddie looking out at me from the window. He could not even climb into a chair the night before, yet there he was standing on a windowsill that he had to jump up onto! I rushed inside and hugged Eddie with joy. Eddie could walk! All the dogs looked at his legs! They were amazed that he could stand up just like them. When I showed Eddie to the vets they were all amazed, and some cried for joy at Eddie's healing.

Darkness tried many times to retaliate against Eddie, but he was defended by his many friends. Eddie has very strong legs now. It's difficult keeping him inside any fenced area! He can jump and climb over high fences.

Eddie before AHP healing
Eddie the morning after AHP healing

Alex is a very special case. He is a beautiful Merino sheep who died recently, on 28th May 2005.

About a year ago, he lost all his sight and had to feel his way around the enclosure. It was hard to watch this happy-go-lucky sheep stumble around. Alex would always call out and say hello to people, but he was rather quiet once the blindness struck. He was fourteen years old when he took ill, and looked rather haggard, old and run down.

We looked after him day and night and he appeared to have little life left in him. Vets could not help him with the blindness or the illness. They said he was dying of old age. We took turns watching over Alex to make him as comfortable as possible. One night, while I was attending to him, I said to him that it would be good if he could see again before he leaves. That night, when I returned to the house, I sent Alex a long-distance AHP healing.

Steffan, who took over the next shift of watching Alex, exclaimed that Alex could see! Alex was following the food in Steffan's hands! The next morning, I went to Alex and was delighted that he could see out of both eyes!

Not only could Alex see, but he looked youthful, healthy and was walking around. Within a day or two, Alex began running like a young lamb. He called out to us and was again his friendly, happy self. He was fully recovered from the illness.

Again, Darkness retaliated. It sent an evil agent to strike Alex with a beam that hit his right rear leg with such force that it fractured the bone. Alex's fleece began to fall from his skin overnight. He never walked again, but he had work to complete. Alex was an extraterrestrial in a sheep's body. He did his final work in extreme discomfort because of the fractured leg. For many weeks he lay on his side, and was instrumental in many things in his final days.

Six days before he died, he told us that he would be leaving in four days, even though he appeared in good health except for the broken leg - his fleece had returned. During the whole time, we hand fed him salads, grass, milk and bread. He was actually gaining weight near the end. Something occurred on the fourth day after he said he would be leaving that kept him here the extra two days, so he remained longer to assist in doing that work also.

On the morning of the sixth day, Steffan asked me to give Alex healing, which I reluctantly agreed to do because I knew Alex had completed his work and that he was looking forward to leaving. He had told me that he did not want to be "picked up" in his sheep's body, and that he would prefer going Home in his alien body.

On the morning of the 28th of May 2005, Steffan ran to see Alex and excitedly exclaimed, "Alex, Mummy's going to heal you today! You're going to walk again!" I do not think Alex was too excited about this prospect.

When I came to see Alex later on, he looked at me and telepathically told me that he was honoured to serve under my guidance. He thanked me for all the love, care and assistance I had given him. I gave Alex a blessing and thanked him for his love and assistance. I gave him a total spirit healing and said good-bye to him, on behalf of myself and others. I told him that I would be back shortly and give him AHP healing if he wanted it. Outwardly, Alex showed no signs that he would be leaving soon.

We were distracted by many things that happened that morning. When we returned to Alex about an hour later, he had passed away. He had a very peaceful look on his face.

Sasha, a German shepherd dog whom we rescued from death row in 2001, has her enclosure next to Alex's. When Alex took ill, Sasha stopped eating and was very worried. After he recovered, Sasha's behaviour returned to normal. When Alex was hit by the beam and crippled, she again became depressed and worried. After realizing that we were taking care of Alex, she returned to her normal behaviour again.

When we carried Alex out of his enclosure to bury him, Sasha let out a string of cries that sounded like human wailing. I have never heard anything like it from a dog. She wailed as she followed along the fence and perched herself in the only place from where she could observe the burial. It is a place that Sasha rarely frequents, but she stayed there until Alex was buried, then she left.

Our cat Pearl, as he usually does, stayed with Alex during his final days. Pearl has done this for many other animals in their final days. He is a very giving being. He not only knows when an animal is leaving and keeps them company, he also stays with them until they are buried.

When I rhetorically asked why Alex would not let us be with him in his final moments, suddenly a passage opened up right in front of me showing the path to his shed. I "saw" Alex in his alien form, standing beside his sheep body, looking upward as he awaited his "pick up". I then remembered that he was to be "picked up" in his alien form as arranged. The Light does not want us to watch a "pick up" because after someone has seen a "pick up" it would be unbearable to remain on the planet for a moment longer.

Already, fifteen animals at Alukar Heights have been "picked up" this year. All but Alex opted to leave in their respective animal bodies - Alex is like a prince - he wanted to go in his alien body.

At 4 am the next day, Alex contacted me and told me that he was fine and that he was grateful for all my love and assistance. He jokingly said that when he heard Steffan so excitedly announce that I would be giving him AHP healing, he freaked out and called for an emergency "pick up"! He did not want to stay any longer in this putrid realm. I know his joke had a serious side.

Another case involved a woman who had awakened one morning unable to move any of her limbs. She could not even talk. In her panicked state, she remembered me and mentally called for my help. Within a few minutes, she could suddenly move again and was able to speak. She excitedly called me on the phone and told me that I appeared near her bedside and touched her when she called for my help. It was then that she regained mobility in her limbs and her voice returned.

Another man reported that when he was beamed by an evil alien at a shopping centre, he called for my help as he lay incapacitated on the floor. I was thousands of miles away from him, asleep at the time when he called on the subtle. I woke up suddenly and was shaking, taking on his seizure. I was able to tell my family not to worry and I closed my eyes. I went on the subtle to assist him. Later, this man confirmed that he saw me protecting him from aliens, and giving him healing as he lay helpless on the floor while paramedics attended to him.

Lovey, a Jack Russell terrier puppy who came to us last year, was bitten by a deadly brown snake while he was in a snake-proof enclosure. He was rushed to the vet and given the antidote for brown snake venom. He began to recover, but a Masa-karas working at the vet's office recommended superfluous paralysis-tick treatment, which knocked Lovey back and nearly killed him. When I saw him dying in the vet's office, I took him home against their advice and gave him healing. He recovered from the serious condition, to the amazement of the vets. While watching over Lovey, we were on 24-hour alert because we knew that many evil aliens were around. We knew that the attack on Lovey was retaliation. What evil cowards!

Shortly after we brought Lovey home, there was a huge battle when evil aliens attempted to strike Lovey and other beings. While we were protecting Lovey and the others, space crafts of the Light defended them and won a decisive victory for the Light. Several enemy crafts were impounded. The space crafts of the Light do not seek out battles, but they will defend their own. There are several extraterrestrials in animal bodies here.

After that, I needed rest and lay down to take a nap in the next room. As soon as I lay on the bed, I felt a force field being launched at me. My speech started to slur and I had trouble using my limbs. Just then, Steffan rushed in and said that Lovey needed my help. He could tell I was being attacked at the same time as Lovey was. He urged me to hurry to Lovey's aid then shot out of the room back to Lovey's side. The thought of Lovey being in danger and needing my help broke the negative force field. I was able to get up directly and in the short time I took to get to Lovey, my speech had returned to normal.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw how far Lovey had deteriorated in those few minutes that I was away. I felt extremely thirsty, so I figured that he must be. Steffan checked and found him almost totally dehydrated, which made no sense at all because the IV drips were running normally and had kept him hydrated all this time. Steffan turned the drips up to near full and we offered Lovey water to drink as I gave him healing. This goes against all the advice of treating tick bites, because the vets advise people that no water should be given in such a situation because the swallowing reflex is affected by tick venom - the dogs could choke and suffocate. Lovey took the healing and the water without any problem. Within an hour he drank almost a litre of water, which is equivalent to the whole bag of drips for the day. He was able to consume the water without any adverse effects and no signs of vomiting because he had not been bitten by a paralysis tick.

While I was giving healing to Lovey, I asked Steffan to keep watch as I could sense enemies approaching. The timing was critical. Just then, several dark beings appeared. As Steffan fought with a putrid being, he declared to me, "It's the Beast!" Indeed, I could feel the Beast's presence while I was protecting and healing Lovey.

I then "saw" beyond the Beast's face and "saw" the face of Paramhansa Yoganada. He was the one who wrote the book Autobiography of a Yogi. That was the Ikluk part of the Beast's last "incarnation" on the Earth. Many have been fooled by Yogananda's claim to be close to Haidakhan Babaji; Babaji refuted Yogananda's false claim.

We launched an intense counter-attack on the Beast and Its entourage. We stood back-to-back with Lovey between us while we were fighting. I called upon the Flying White Buffalos and the Twelve Sisters and other Warriors of the Light for reinforcements as others were being attacked simultaneously. I called upon the Trawlers also. This battle was not just about Lovey - it was far larger than that.

The Beast had brought his top "hit men" this time. His other group had been rounded up in the earlier battle that evening. The battle with the Beast and his "army" was the biggest clash of both sides that I have ever experienced in the physical. Babaji, Thomas, Tchaikovsky (an alien dog), Agro, Beauty, Tronto and many other Light Warriors were present. We could also feel the presence of those Warriors of the Light who had participated in the Sacred Drumming all about us.

Indeed, the BEN-DA-KO had begun!

Throughout the encounter, we went from exhaustion to being highly charged. Neither of us were sleepy or tired any longer. It was a profound victory for the Light. While I cannot reveal everything that transpired in the battles, what I have given you will give you enough of an idea of the enormity and complexity of the battle.

Once again, Lovey sprang back very quickly and was soon on the road to recovery. Later, the vet thought he had recovered. However, I sensed that he would be going Home soon. Just after 9:00 pm that night, Lovey began to look above the ceiling and all over the room, ever looking upward, as though he was seeing something. I remarked to Lovey that he had many visitors. In spite of Lovey's physical recovery, I still gave him a total spirit healing and blessing in preparation for him to return Home.

We had been playing the Luminescence CD for Lovey all day. I asked Steffan to put on Loving You for Lovey to hear. It was the first time we played that CD for Lovey. It was about 9:30 pm. As soon as the title song (Loving You) started to play, Lovey moved towards me and started "talking" in a distinct language pattern that gave me the sense that he was going to be free. Then he started barking and singing to the song and continued throughout the entire CD. When Luminescence was put back on, Lovey continued singing to that CD. Individual dogs at Alukar Heights responded to Lovey's barking and singing one at a time. I have never seen or heard anything like that before. His barks were clear and strong with a distinctive pattern. They seemed to be conveying information. When Wandering Minstrels started playing, Lovey sang along with the entire piece without taking a break. He also kept singing and barking after Luminescence concluded and Loving You was again played. This continued for nearly two hours.

Steffan then received a message from Tchaikovsky, (an Attas who left the physical in 2003), who was close by during the whole ordeal. The message was delivered joyously with exuberance: "Never before has so much love been poured down here. It is a great victory."

After receiving the message, Steffan took Lovey's temperature. He was a little cool, but in the normal range. Steffan then stepped outside of the room to clean the thermometer. Just as he left, Lovey gave his loudest single bark and left the physical peacefully. As soon as I heard his last bark, I called out to Steffan, "Lovey is gone!"

Lovey died peacefully. At no time did Lovey ever struggle for breath, as is so common in the final stages of physical death. His body looked strong and healthy. He did not tire during all the time he was singing and barking until his last breath. He looked almost like his normal self, certainly strong for a dog who had been through so much.

We placed Lovey's body in a special room. Strangely, there was no release of bodily fluids, as usually occurs in physical death. His body remained intact, and he looked peaceful even the following day before his burial. Lovey defied death and symbolically conquered it.

Lovey also acted like bait for Ikluk (a part of the Beast). In the battle, Ikluk was severely wounded and his "disguise shield" was heavily damaged so his real self was revealed. He can no longer hide behind the shield. He is now too weak to erect another "disguise shield" quickly enough to use in the next encounter. Further, his elite forces have been weakened substantially. Therefore, Ikluk is now vulnerable and he is in a precarious state.

Returning to Ata-i-lek's desire to make John-Paul II a saint, there are many who do wondrous things to assist others without expecting praise or reward. Yet, these are not regarded as saints. Ironically, many dark beings have been anointed as saints by the Church. This is a mockery to the True Creator.

Many years ago, I sent out on the subtle level a very powerful protection exercise for the Amoebas. It was meant to be a healing and protection exercise to get them ready for their work. Last year, I received a very accurate version of the exercise back from Awgawk, an Attas. When he first built his protection shield, it knocked out power, radio/television reception, airport radar and mobile phones in the vicinity. Everything was down for three days.

Recently, in Brisbane, while the aliens were throwing ice storms at the city, the evil aliens could not penetrate a shielded area that they had targeted because two Attas had erected the same type of shield. This is a very powerful shield.

I have erected this shield at Alukar Heights, but for strategic and tactical reasons that I will not go into, I lower it at times.

The time is now critical. It is time to shield yourselves. All True-Light workers can benefit from the power of the shield that my Attas will project into the ether. Those of pure heart who wish to benefit from the shield can do so by silently asking for the protection shield to surround them. With practice, they can learn to use the shield without causing havoc around them.

I offer this in good faith.

Those who harbour darkness in their hearts will be responsible for their own evil actions.

Blessings to all who love Truth and Light.

© 2005 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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