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Alien Eyes Guided Hurricane Katrina

Alien Eyes Guided Hurricane Katrina


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara site)

2nd September 2005

The recent hurricane to strike America's Deep South was called Katrina. The eye of this storm was no ordinary eye. Katrina was a guided "missile" from the deep sea - all a part of Reptilian plans. Like the Brisbane ice storms, Katrina was devised, implemented and executed by aliens in alien bodies. In other words, Katrina was an Anunnaki assault.

Certain world leaders are aware that events like the Indian Ocean Tsunami, Brisbane ice storms, European floods, Katrina and many other "natural" disasters, including some that were hardly reported in the media, are all part of the alien wars, but they face a dilemma. Do they announce alien wars on the planet or keep up the fa├žade that these are natural disasters?

As time goes on, many parts of the planet will be impacted by alien weather incidents.

The aliens follow the mentality of "an eye for an eye" because they "wrote" the Book.

Recently, the Vulturites flexed their muscles by flooding Europe. Katrina was the Reptilian "pay back".

Katrina struck a geographically vulnerable area so that sceptics and other analysts could rationalize it away. Those who have read my posting on Anunnaki War Plans will remember the following passage that reflects the Reptilian strategy which has been implemented in retaliation to the Vulturite flooding of Europe of Reptilian strongholds:

A big artificial event will strike America. It will be devastating. The Reptilians have planted a huge disaster to commence off the northwest coast of Cuba. Likewise, they have planted huge disasters to take place in Alaska. These events will appear to occur naturally and at random; they will be anything but natural and random. They will tick off with the precision of a clock in the planned order. These will ignite geological events in vulnerable areas along the west coast of America, especially the earthquake fault lines.

America will be in shambles after these "natural" disasters hit it. Many of its enemies from without and within await such an opportunity to strike back, which will further weaken the once "proud" eagle of the land.

The alien skirmishes between the two major alien groups (Vulturites and Reptilians) will expand and escalate whilst the world leaders in the know walk "tight ropes" as the events unfold. Chaos and civil unrest will abound. Things will become so unreal that many will think they are players in movies or actors in dreams.

But alas, many will witness and experience the following:

Off the West Coast of North America cometh a big wave
Many will scorn the Eagle as they flee.

From the northern sky appears a blue star that beams and beams and many will notice its activities.

People will raise their hands up to the sky for help only to receive torrents of "rain and debris" that seem to shatter their very existence.

In shame and despair, people will shrink into frigidity of fear and numbness of pain and suffering.

Through the dark clouds a tiny Light shines through and brings hope to those whose eyes behold the Light that expands and expands until it bathes them with a soothing mist.

Right from West cometh the Giant Turtle as it crawls through the jungle and dips in the sea.
Modern day medicine will not quell the demands of the sick.

Each by its own sign shall click.
Together, they will be drawn by their own "destiny".

© 2005 Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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