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The Anunnakis' Mad Rush to Unscramble Human DNA

The Anunnakis' Mad Rush to Unscramble Human DNA


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara site)

27th April 2005

If the concept of Original Sin was caused by Adam and Eve eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge as the Bible claims, then the punishment for Original Sin is absurd. This is so because it applies Original Sin to each consciousness, when the consciousness has not yet done anything to deserve such a stain. This was explained away by the Church as collectively-inherited sin, just as it would later erroneously argue a case for collectively-inherited sin on the principle of Vicarious Satisfaction stemming from the murder of Jesus. Why would God stain His perfect creation just for one error supposedly committed by Adam? It is most unfair to blame everybody for the error of Adam.

The concept of Original Sin also implies that God would create each new being perfectly, and then spoil each being with the taint of evil because of the error of Adam. Such a concept denies the essence of evil outside of man. It also implies that all humans are born with sin and all humans are born with Original Sin. Such a concept makes humans despair of perfection, for they can never eradicate their inborn fault. It also implies that non-Christians are doomed to end up in hell, as salvation, according to the Church, can only be attained through Jesus Christ the redeemer. But, Jesus stands for all consciousnesses of the True Light, regardless of their forms (mineral, vegetable, animal, human, galactic etc.).

One may argue that the incoherence lies only in combining the idea of sin as a separation from God with the idea of sin as wrongdoing. But surely Original Sin is not our wrongdoing. Besides, why should anyone be concerned with imperfection when God gives us what we cannot achieve for ourselves?

By asserting the existence of Original Sin, are we blaming Adam or Satan as the creator of all humans who were born? If the Christian belief in baptism encompasses the belief that all sins are forgiven at the point of baptism, then the Church actually denies its own doctrine when it denies that all sins are forgiven in baptism, because the implication of Original Sin remains in baptized parents. There is an implication that even baptized parents pass on the evil of Original Sin to their children. This not only implies that God is imperfect, it also suggests that God continuously creates imperfection since all human beings have to pay for Adam's sin. In this light, the defence of Original Sin is unjust and weak.

But, Original Sin is not what was recorded in the Bible. In fact, the story of Adam and Eve is not even about human history.

Adam and Eve were rebellious Anunnaki Elite who were banished to the Earth for their disobedience. Women are deemed inferior by the Anunnaki and are generally treated quite harshly. The only reason that Eve was banished instead of given a death sentence was because of her aristocratic background. Since Adam and Eve were Anunnaki Elite, they were given a special type of prison, which the Bible euphemistically calls the "Garden of Eden". During their exile in the Garden of Eden, they were ordered not to mingle with the human inhabitants of the Earth (who are regarded by the Anunnaki as lowly savages that are useful only as slaves). Adam and Eve were provided with all essential things for reasonably comfortable living while they resided in the garden.

The Anunnaki ruling elite had tried inhabiting the Earth in their alien forms in the past, but it was discovered that humans were too xenophobic to accept such foreign- appearing beings, and would resist rule by the aliens in alien bodies because they were afraid of them. Therefore, the Anunnaki Elite developed human-appearing bodies in which they would temporarily "reside" while staying on Earth. This was done by taking on cloned humanoid bodies that were specially prepared for them. This is different from the cloned bodies the aliens currently use, as will later be discussed.

The Anunnaki consciousnesses would move into the cloned bodies and remain there during their stay on Earth. When they returned back to their Anunnaki residences, their consciousnesses would move out of the cloned bodies, which would then appear lifeless and be stored away like jumpsuits. When the Anunnaki Elite came in these "jumpsuits", they lost some of their native alien powers, but they still retained substantially more powers and knowledge than humans possess.

Adam and Eve were placed into such "jumpsuits" when they were banished to Earth. It was presumed that when they had been re-habilitated they would be returned to their original alien bodies, which were stored like "jumpsuits" also in their Anunnaki homeland. Their banishment was for a long time by earthlings' standards - a period of about a century. Since Anunnaki Elite live nearly 1,000 years, even in their humanoid bodies, this was a significant, but not an extremely severe punishment for Adam and Eve by Anunnaki standards.

The banishment to Earth was going along as planned until Adam and Eve ventured out of the garden and mingled with humans. After some time, both of them became intimate with human partners.

Eve became pregnant by a human male and Adam impregnated a human female. This was the beginning of their nightmare. At some point, the Jehovah who oversaw the entire operation of one of the Anunnaki sectors visited Earth. He was walking in the garden as a flesh-and-blood entity. The Jehovah was looking for Adam and Eve to personally check on their progress. He was personally involved because Eve was related to him. [The] Jehovah called out for them. When they came out, it was obvious that Eve was pregnant. The discussion of Adam and Eve's "nakedness" was only a metaphor; Adam and Eve wore clothing the entire time they were on Earth.

To digress momentarily, Jehovah is not just a name, it is a position, as is Satan in the Old Testament, which denotes the position of a celestial accuser, and, indirectly, a tempter, by order of the Old Testament God. Satan of the Old Testament is therefore a title, with the word "satan" meaning "accuser". Therefore, there can be two or more satans (accusers) acting on behalf of the Anunnaki God of the Old Testament at any one time. An example of a satan acting on behalf of the Old Testament God can be found in 1 Chronicles 21:1. The meaning of satan in the Hebrew Bible shows that there is no evidence of a single concept of satan. While there is clearly an indication of a celestial satan, there is no such a thing as a 'single' celestial satan.

To continue the discussion about Adam and Eve, as the couple was questioned about the baby, it became obvious that it was not Adam's, and [the] Jehovah was wroth. Eve, sensing she was in dire trouble, blurted out that Adam had one (a human hybrid) on the way too. Adam blamed Eve for persuading him to mingle and mate with humans. This was the "Original Sin" of the Bible. However, the Bible was altered in this regard to make it appear that Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil.

Jehovah cursed Adam and Eve for these unspeakable transgressions. At that time, from an Anunnaki point of view, it would be horrendous to think of an Anunnaki commoner mating with a human, but for Anunnaki Elite to spoil their line with human offspring was unforgivable treason! It was only then that Adam and Eve were permanently banished to Earth and banned from ever returning to their Anunnaki homes and their alien bodies. Jehovah declared that he was washing his hands of them. The amenities provided in the garden were removed, and Adam and Eve were forced to work to survive under harsh conditions.

Adam's hybrid son was called Cain, and Eve's was called Abel. These hybrids were reared by Adam and Eve and lived with them, until Cain killed Abel and was banished by Adam and Eve and forced to live with humans. Cain fathered many children thereafter, passing on his Anunnaki Elite traits from his father's side.

Henceforth, Adam and Eve sought to make amends with Jehovah and kept humans out of their bloodline, in the hope that Jehovah would change his mind after seeing them being compliant to his rules. Adam and Eve conceived pure Anunnaki offspring and kept a very close record of this, as seen in the following verses:

And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth:
And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters:
And all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years: and he died. Genesis 5:3-5.

Despite Adam and Eve's efforts to establish a pure Anunnaki line on Earth that stretched many generations, the Jehovah would not change his mind. When [the] Jehovah was replaced by one who was not a relative of Eve's, the new Jehovah was even harsher towards them.

Eventually, the colony of Anunnaki Elite in human-appearing bodies started on Earth by Adam and Eve realized they would never be allowed to return home. It was then that they began mingling and mating freely with humans and other aliens on Earth.

As the Anunnaki Elite line became diluted with human blood, the alien qualities diminished. For example, it was not long before the hybrids were restricted to human life spans as the days of 900 year potential lives were cut tenfold. Some other Anunnaki traits that have been diluted include charisma, the power of persuasion, and the "magnetic" ability to draw crowds while hypnotizing their audiences. After many generations, all Anunnaki Elite in human bodies became hybrids. They did, however, retain certain abilities and charisma from their Anunnaki Elite roots, and now make up most of the "human" ruling elite on Earth today. They are in many of the top positions in finance, science, politics, education, religion, entertainment, the military, commerce, insurance, journalism, publishing and even humanitarian fields.

A long, long time ago, when the Attas of the Light captured many of the Anunnaki Elite, some of them who were in alien bodies escaped, leaving only their remnants in both alien bodies and human-appearing bodies to fend for themselves on Earth. See: Nibiru and the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki Remnants remaining on Earth, whether in alien or human-appearing bodies, now hope to openly control the planet, but they are hesitant to do so in their alien bodies because past experience has shown them that humans are very resistant to rule by aliens. This means that the Remnants need to control the world in the very diluted human-appearing bodies that have come down through Eve's line, because the Anunnaki Remnants lost the knowledge to reproduce high-quality, human-appearing bodies like the "jumpsuits" Adam and Eve's consciousnesses were originally placed into by the Anunnaki Elite.

Presently, the Anunnaki Remnants are trying to use reverse engineering to re-develop those "jumpsuits" by re-construction of the fragments of Anunnaki Elite traits that have mingled in the human population. This is one of the major reasons why so many humans have been abducted by aliens. Those who were abducted were not chosen at random - they were selected because they have alien roots and the Anunnaki hope that some of them will have traits from the Anunnaki Elite line.

The Anunnaki Remnants on Earth are now getting desperate as they try to gather as much information as possible in order to reproduce the "jumpsuits". They have even sought the aid of human scientists to do genetic research, stem-cell research etc. Of course, humans will not really benefit from the genetic research because Anunnaki agents oversee these programmes. The benefits of increased lifespan to nearly 1,000 years, along with other alien powers, will only be doled out to the highest ranking of the Anunnaki Remnants. All others, including lower-ranking Anunnaki, and, of course, humans, will not really benefit from discoveries of genetic research, which is really a cover for the quest to re-construct Adam and Eve's "jumpsuits". At best, only certain insignificant benefits will be passed along to humans "as a show" to keep them thinking that the research is for human benefit.

Initially, in the Anunnaki homelands, their DNA strands were limited to three pairs. However, over a long period of time, new developments allowed them to expand them into strands of four pairs, then six pairs, and then ten pairs. However, after much turmoil on many fronts in the history of the Anunnaki homeland, the Anunnaki DNA was eventually limited to six pairs. Six pairs were only extended to the Anunnaki Elite, which helped to elevate them far above all the other Anunnaki. The working class are limited to three pairs.

DNA is a powerful, long-term programming tool used by Darkness. In the True-Light Creation there is no DNA, in fact, there is no programming whatsoever. With DNA introduced into the False-Light Creation, Darkness was able to segregate and discriminate against various groups. It was also able to unfairly reward with attributes and punish various groups with weaknesses, and, further, to keep them in continuous states of distrust, confusion and belligerence. DNA is a powerful tool for creating and maintaining castes, social classes, prejudice, inequality, suffering, subservience, manipulation, control etc. It is obvious why the Anunnaki God developed such a tool. And it is also clear what the Anunnaki Remnants intend to do with their enhanced knowledge of DNA.

There is a vast amount of supposedly channelled material about "12-strand DNA". The material that was channelled comes from Anunnaki astral beings who go by many different names to different channellers. This information that has been channelled contains many half-truths to deceive people about the nature and origin of the "12-strand DNA".

The "12-strand DNA" information is being made public to encourage people to support all DNA-related research. It is also a means by which the Anunnaki Remnants hope to programme people as they read or hear the information.

When someone showed me a copy of some channelled material on "12-strand DNA" I detected a form of powerful programming in the material. I traced the information back to its source. It was from a particular being who uses many different names, but always sends out the same message and programming about unification, love and oneness that people like to hear. However, these concepts mean nothing to the being, the concepts are just means to an end.

Another key to this being's message is that we are all "gods in the making". This being's material has even ended up in the United Nations, where some of its own kind frequent. By the way, channellers of the "12-strand DNA" material are chosen by design because of their Anunnaki connections, or because they have been severely programmed to be conduits of the information filled with half-truths.

When the Anunnaki were introduced as permanent residents on Earth in alien bodies, amongst the Anunnaki slaves and prisoners the strands were cut to one pair, severely diminishing their alien powers and abilities. Some of the lower-to-middle ranking Anunnaki were allowed to have three pairs of DNA, but these did not include certain traits reserved for the Anunnaki Elite, such as strength, longevity, charisma and intelligence.

The Anunnaki Elite in alien bodies still carry six pairs of DNA, but none of these remain on Earth. The only clues left on Earth to the six pairs or 12 strands of DNA are in the descendents of Adam and Eve. Remember that Adam and Eve were banished in human-appearing bodies. These bodies contained only a single pair of DNA strands, but those strands were specially packed with many of the Anunnaki Elite traits. In other words, Adam and Eve's pair of DNA strands carried a wealth of genetic information that the Anunnaki Remnants are desperately trying to use in re-constructing a super-human race with which to rule the Earth. Since these genes have been mingled throughout all the races and have been diluted so much, a descendent may only carry one component to help put the puzzle back together for the researchers. This task is laborious and voluminous.

In the Anunnaki homeland, much of the sorting out and development of new DNA strands was carried out by top Anunnaki scientists; the Remnants on Earth do not possess that knowledge since its use was restricted by the Anunnaki Elite. This knowledge was lost to the Earth when the Anunnaki Elite fled. The Remnants desperately want as much of the "12-strand DNA" traits revived as possible so that their ruling elite can be "made into gods" in the physical. The message that is so popular through many channellers as well as other Anunnaki-influenced religions is that "we are all gods". This message appeals to the egos of many, which is why it is so well received by the masses.

All True-Light beings inwardly recognize that the message "we are all gods" is from the False Light.

© 2005 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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  1. I'm afraid you're a little misinformed. Isaiah (over 2,000 years ago) brought them in and the Pleiadians, the Galactic Federation, Ascended masters I work with and Kryon are all aware of our superiority over ALL those who operate through fear and darkness. Even David Ike (from the UK) was closer to the truth than this. I have written on all of it and our solution to improve life is a direct quote from God (just to let you know).