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The Tyranny of Numbers

The Tyranny of Numbers


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara Site)

3rd December 2004

Numerology is an esoteric study that primarily concerns the properties of numbers and their influence on humans and other things in this world. Astrology is an esoteric study that primarily concerns the properties of celestial bodies and their interplay and how this influences humans and other things in this world. But, how did these operations come into being?

The ancients observed that the relative positions of the planets and stars had influence over affairs on the Earth. This influence is caused by the subtle energies of celestial bodies acting upon each other. Astrology is the study of this celestial-body interaction. For purposes of this article, this celestial-body interaction shall be referred to as the celestial imposition.

The celestial imposition was invented by Darkness, which I will treat as synonymous with the Demiurge for simplicity and convenience. The interplay of energies through the positions of heavenly bodies affects the lives of everyone and everything in the physical realm. The celestial imposition was very useful as a tool for the Demiurge to control life on Earth and elsewhere in the Artificial Creation.

The Artificial Creation was superimposed over the True Divine Creation by the usurping Demiurge. All beings within the Artificial Creation are manipulated by the Demiurge and Its agents in order to extract maximal energy from them to run the Artificial Creation. The celestial imposition created not only the illusion of order and predictability within the physical realm, but also allowed agents of the Demiurge to use the apparent predictability to benefit themselves and Darkness.

In order to give the Demiurge's agents an advantage over unsuspecting residents of the Artificial Creation, those agents were provided with some esoteric knowledge about the celestial imposition. By using this esoteric knowledge, the agents of the Demiurge were able to more completely enslave the unsuspecting beings.

The celestial imposition was inflexible with regard to when the energies would interplay. Even the agents of the Demiurge who had knowledge of the interplay of celestial energies were forced to await various planetary alignments in order to take the best advantage of those energies. The celestial imposition on its own proved to be too cumbersome and ineffective to create the desired illusion that everything on Earth was preordained. The illusion of destiny is critical in making people accept their lot in life, and to succumb to whatever they might encounter or is forced upon them. If people believe in absolute destiny, they have given up their freewill and will complacently conform to whatever life brings their way.

While the celestial imposition is a powerful tool for controlling on the macro scale, it has many deficiencies on day-to-day micro scale matters. So the Demiurge introduced another imposition by way of corrupted numbers and It assigned properties to those numbers. For purposes of this article I will refer to this invention of Darkness as the numerological imposition. Incidentally, the Demiurge has introduced many other fields for control in the Artificial Creation, but this article will deal primarily with the celestial and the numerological impositions.

The numerological imposition is relatively flexible, efficient and more practical for use by residents of the Earth. The Demiurge also provided Its agents with some of the knowledge of the numerological imposition so they could better control things on the planet and make life easier for themselves. Again, for a long, long time, most of the people on the planet have been unaware of the powerful influence of numbers in their lives. Ignorance of this information greatly disadvantages those who lack knowledge about numbers.

Numbers are a building block for the creation of the illusion of property. Numbers allow people to count things, without which there could be no concepts of possession or ownership, or time and space for that matter. Numbers create the appearance of order, security and perfection. Numbers are the basis of all forms of exchange of goods and services. There could be no concept of money or barter without numbers. The illusion of the accumulation of things or the lack of things could not be expressed without numbers.

Without numbers, there is no money. Without money, there is no property. Without property, there is no ownership. Without ownership, there is no class distinction. Without class distinction, there is no slavery. Without slavery, there is no control. Without control, there is total liberty.

The preceding paragraph expresses utopia, which there cannot be on Earth because of the celestial, numerological and other impositions. There can be no liberty because this domain is controlled by an unjust Intelligence. However, such liberty exists in the True Divine Creation.

While the Demiurge created the numerological imposition, it was Its agents who brought the corrupted numbers as we know them to the Earth. These agents are predominantly the evil Anunnaki aliens. For a long, long time, the evil aliens have been using knowledge of the celestial, numerological and other impositions for their own benefit at the expense of the unawares whom they exploit, manipulate and control.

The Attas saw through the Demiurge's scheme and began revealing the hidden secrets of the Anunnaki to the unawares. One of the more notable Attas involved in revealing the hidden powers of numbers was Pythagoras. He discovered the properties of numbers and that there were nine basic vibrations to them, and had full understanding that numbers had been corrupted and thereafter artificially imposed upon the Earth by the Demiurge. He was aware of the two diametrically opposed creations of Light and Darkness.

When Pythagoras tried to explain the numerological imposition and its illusions and show ways to mitigate the effects of numbers on people's lives, his teachings, like all things provided by the Light in this realm, were soon corrupted. Within his circle of students were some False-Light beings who did all they could to distort the teachings of Pythagoras. Darkness attempted to crush all of the work of Pythagoras, but some of his geometric/mathematical theorems were so practical that the ruling elite kept them intact. One such example is the Pythagorean Theorem that states: a2 + b2 = c2.

One of the things that Pythagoras understood was that if numbers had universally accepted symbols attached to them, those symbols further empowered the numbers. It is for this reason that he taught his students that when they used symbols to represent numbers, those symbols further empowered the properties of the respective numbers.

In order to grasp greater control of the Earth, the agents of the Demiurge created what are known today as Arabic numerals, which highlighted the nine major numerological vibrations and further empowered them. Prior to the acceptance of Arabic numerals, the energies of the numbers were more scattered and less concentrated. With the universal acceptance of Arabic numerals, those who possessed esoteric knowledge of the hidden powers of numbers were given a far more powerful tool for controlling people, things and situations on Earth.

It is imperative that people understand the power of numbers before they can consciously disempower them, to some extent at least. Some numbers appear to be more advantageous than others, but this is an illusion. All numbers are traps because once people accept the concept of corrupted numbers as normal they begin to accept everything in this dimension as normal.

Another Attas who understood and taught about detaching from the tyranny of numbers was Jesus Christ. Like Pythagoras, Jesus also knew about the two diametrically opposed creations. Some of his warnings about the two creations can be found in the extant Bible when one is able to sift through the distortions. Also, as with the teachings of Pythagoras, those of Jesus have also been added to, removed from, edited and/or distorted.

In this realm of untruth, truth becomes relative rather than absolute. In fact truth itself becomes trapped and distorted when it is filtered down into this realm of Darkness. Fortunately, truth will be liberated soon.

There are many things in the Bible that Jesus supposedly said, although he never did. For instance, he did not say: "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free," as it occurs in John 8:32. Jesus would not say this because he knew that truth was trapped here and needed to be liberated. This corrupted verse was added to the extant Bible to trap and manipulate people. He knew that knowledge of the truth would not free anyone; it would require Divine Intervention to liberate the trapped beings. However, Jesus did say: "If I therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed," which is fairly close to what appears in the extant Bible inJohn 8:36.

However, the main message that Jesus taught was about the two distinctly opposing creations of Light and Darkness. He taught this in many ways to awaken the spiritually drunken True-Light beings so that the truth about this would result in their positive response to detach from Darkness and return to the Light. This is the prelude to true liberation from Darkness, which can only happen with Divine Rescue.

As is always the case in this world ruled by Darkness, all the messengers of Light are persecuted and their messages scorned, ignored, distorted and destroyed. This can be seen in the teachings of Pythagoras, Moses, Zoroaster and many others of the Light. The following verses explain why this is so.

I speak that which I have seen with my Father: and ye do that which ye have seen with your father. John 8:38

Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. John 8:43.

Jesus was aware that there are two opposing essences and that the beings of Darkness will never accept, recognize or believe that which is from the Light (Truth). He further knew that this world, which is controlled by Darkness, will always persecute those who embrace the Light.

The following two verses again confirm the same sentiments:

And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. John 8:45

He that is of [the True-Light] God heareth [True-Light] God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of [the True-Light] God. John 8:47

While his main message was to warn about the entrapment of True-Light beings in Matter (Darkness) and the need for True-Light beings to awaken from their spiritual slumber, another important thing that Jesus exposed was the tyranny of numbers in this dimension. The power of numbers is abused thoroughly by the ruling elite for their own selfish and often nefarious ends.

Numbers are vibrations and everything in this realm is an interaction of vibrations. If vibrations (motion) ceased to exist, the total illusion would fall. If there were no vibrations, there would be no existence in this and other artificial realms.

Colours, musical tones, speech, thoughts, words, events, locations, addresses, dates (including birthdates), names and everything in this realm carry their own particular numbers (vibrations). By altering the composition of one's numbers (name, address, birthday etc.) one alters their vibrations, hence changing one's interactive vibrations.

Most people in the world are totally ignorant of the influence of the interaction of numbers in their lives. The vast majority of people name their children, pets, companies, events, cities, states and even whole countries in absolute ignorance of the influence of numbers and leave such critical choices to chance. The choice of names applied to things very much affects the outcome of one's productivity, personality, harmony, health, wealth, success and other aspects of one's life. The more people understand the properties of numbers and their interaction with other numbers, the less they can be exploited or controlled.

Hence those people, businesses and nations that have stronger, suitable numbers in their names have advantages over their competitors that have weaker names (vibrations) if all other things are equal. Examples of strong company names are: Target and Sears. Whether the incorporators consciously chose these names knowing of the numerological advantages or not is irrelevant because the companies carry strong name vibrations.

In addition to the name vibration is the cycle vibration of a person, place or thing. The cycle vibrations are also crucial influences. Incorporators who understand the properties of cycles avoid starting any important enterprises on either 4 or 9 cycles and attempt to commence them on 1, 2 or 5 cycles. This is because they know the chances of success or failure rest heavily on the opening cycles. It is understood by people with esoteric knowledge of numbers that enterprises begun on 4 or 9 cycles have almost no chance of success.

The ruling elite knows very well how to best use the power of numbers to benefit themselves and to bring about the desired outcome of the New World Order. Many of the ruling elite have successfully employed the knowledge of the hidden properties of names and cycles to assist in accumulation of wealth and power.

Many wars and battles are staged with numbers in mind. Certain dates carry vibrations that benefit the ruling elite. One such date is September 11, which carries a controlling power. This power becomes amplified when it is expressed totally in numbers and repeated as "9-11" or "9-1-1". The order of the numbers is very critical. In most countries days are listed before months when a date is expressed. In such countries the expression of the date would be 11 September, or "11 of 9". These expressions do not carry the same vibration to suit the NWO, so in these countries, the events of 11 September are stated as having occurred on "9-11" following the American method of dating events. This has been no accident; it was done very shrewdly and deliberately.

The more often "9-11" or "9-1-1" enters the thoughts, words or deeds of people, the more power and momentum this code gathers. Incidentally, the telephone number for summoning emergency services in America has long been "9-1-1" and it is almost always expressed as: "nine-one-one." This shows the long-standing plan to use the power of the "9-11" vibration (code) to implement the NWO. It has been implanted into every American's psyche to associate "9-1-1" with an emergency. So they were well conditioned to the vibration when the planes struck the Twin Towers.

It must be mentioned now that in some Asian and other countries the emergency telephone number was/is: "9-9-9" or "0-0-0". Both of these codes convey the same message, which is "naught" in numerological terms. These are NOT action numbers. The U.S.A.'s "9-1-1" IS the action number for the NWO.

Titles to books and films also carry numerological vibrations or power. A recent documentary entitled Fahrenheit 9/11 is an example of a movie taking advantage of the power of "9-11", which greatly assisted it in becoming a blockbuster. The title of Michael Moore's documentary, on an energy level, very much benefits the NWO, whether Mr. Moore was aware of the consequences of putting the NWO code in his title or not. Strangely enough, although this documentary appears to be in opposition to the NWO, it has become a blockbuster nonetheless, breaking all records for any documentary!

Years before the 11 September event in New York City, the Light released a code that counteracts "9-1-1". The Light's counter-code to the NWO's "9-1-1" code is: "M24". Many have enquired about this code when they saw it in my writings. "M24" is a code for Rescuers of the Light and it also serves as an antidote for the NWO "9-1-1" code. It is only now that this can be revealed because "M24" is already well into action and can no longer be interfered with by Darkness.

The corrupted numbers in this world should not be worshipped or given any energy. These corrupted numbers are tools of Darkness. If you break the numbers, you break the spine of Darkness. There are many who abuse the power of numbers and use the power to spread fear. The most obvious and nefarious example of this is "6-6-6", which is often repeated by many as being the number and mark of the Beast. The verses in the Revelation of St. John the Divine assert:

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six. Revelation 13:16-18

These verses are corruptions that have been added to the book. The Beast directed Its agents of Darkness to insert the "6-6-6" code in order to create more power over the people. Through the constant repetition of this code people have been intimidated and programmed to fear and dread the beast, which suits Darkness. Each time this code is put out in the ether, it enters the psyche of everything here in the physical realm. Only the very strong-willed ones who oppose Darkness can resist the influence of this code.

To show that the ruling elite have known for thousands of years about the power of numbers and names, consider this verse:

And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire: and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God. Revelation 15:2.

To digress, remember that the main message of Jesus was about the two creations – one is of Love and the other of Hate. Many corruptions in the book of Revelationbecome clear when one realizes that the Father of Jesus is the God of Love and Compassion and the father of the Beast is the "god" of Hate, revenge, brimstone, hellfire, condemnation, war, lust, jealousy and all forms of evil. (See: Revelation 14:9-11; 16:1-2 and 19:17-21). All these verses refer to the wrath of "god" and punishment for wearing the mark of the Beast, which I have already said is a falsely inserted teaching that tries to make the God of Love look like Satan. Further, it also serves to link the Old Testament "god" with Jesus to make it look as though the father of the Beast and the Father of Jesus are one and the same. Of course, the Father of Jesus is of the Light, and the other is not.

Interestingly, the very people who spread the number of the Beast as "6-6-6" and instil fear about the "mark and number of the Beast" are consciously or unconsciously spreading the message to further empower the Beast. This is exactly what the Beast wants.

As further evidence of deliberate corruption of the book of Revelation you might want to review this verse about the New Jerusalem:

And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal. Revelation 21:16.

As I explained in Shattering the Cube, the sun is a cube, but to deceive beings of Light, it spins so fast that it looks like a sphere. Cubes are constructed with very hard 90-degree angles to cause strife, friction, constraint and limitation. Yet the supposedly wonderful New Jerusalem is built as a cube! Only the Demiurge would use this design!

Many who know numerology are told that "9" is the finishing number and the start of something new. But few are aware that "9" is the number of death. Nine is based upon the premise that all things will end to make way for new things. Like a flower that blooms and must soon wither and die while another bud will bloom again on the same plant, it will not be the same flower that shall bloom again, but another will. Nine is made to function like reincarnation, which is another evil imposition. Nine will soon lose this power.

We should never allow these corrupted numbers to dictate to us. However, becoming intuitive about the interplay of numbers will help us make the best of certain situations in this world. We should become more intuitive about the interplay of numbers instead of rigidly following what is being taught about or written in books on numerology, because some distortions are by evil design so most in their ignorance will follow the distortions and therefore not be able to perceive the tyranny of numbers.

Using an intuitive approach to numbers will help in coping with the tyranny of numbers.

Soon, the ruling elite will escalate the releases of their "poisons" onto the population. When the escalation occurs, the "poisons" will be dramatically more potent and widespread. Already, people are aware of the effects of the poisoned/altered food, air and water of today. But, there are some sensitive ones who can also sense the effects of the subtle "poisons" that the ruling elite is currently releasing. This information is provided so people can become aware and make choices in their lives. Knowledge of what the ruling elite are planning can help people cope and prepare as best they can, instead of succumbing to all the fear the ruling elite deliberately puts out to intimidate, manipulate and control.

Our only chance is to turn to the permanence of the Light in these very trying times.


© 2004 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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