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The Coming of False Visions, False Prophets and False Messiahs

The Coming of False Visions, False Prophets and False Messiahs


Amitakh Stanford

25th August 2004

There have been many with visions as well as many prophets and messiahs in all cultures throughout the ages.  Of late, there has been a flood of them, particularly arising out of America.  Why is America so full of prophets?  Is it because there are more spiritual people in America than in other countries?  Or are they really pseudo prophets?  Why is there continual conflict in the Middle East that seems to be spreading?  Why are Israel and Palestine on the forefront of debate and involved in relentless battles?

Many of the answers to these questions go back to the Anunnaki influence that so dominates this planet.  However, many of the answers can be found by looking into an organisation that was created in 1947 which many refer to as Big Brother.  This organisation is more formally known as the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America.  The creation of the CIA coincides with the formation of the nation of Israel, which culminated in statehood in 1948.  These two events are not co-incidental.

While many refer to the CIA as Big Brother on the planet, there is also a Big Brother who is bigger than the one on Earth and its headquarters are located in the Orion system.  This entity is composed of one group of Anunnaki that escaped to the Orion system while they were being pursued during an alien war.  The Orion Big Brother (OBB) has much influence on the Big Brother on Earth.  In fact, the earthly headquarters of OBB are at the CIA.

OBB derives much of its power by intercepting communications and acting upon that confiscated information.  Interestingly and unknown to OBB, all of its communications have been quietly monitored by the Light.  Further, all CIA communications that are transmitted via satellite or through computer networks are also monitored by a special space craft of the Light.

The CIA is really a mirror image of its master in Orion.  OBB has set up a great many global governments, and its blueprint has been slowly implemented on Earth.  The New World Order is a very long-standing plan in this world.  It goes back before the time of Jesus. 

Jesus came to Earth to awaken the True-Light beings whose consciousnesses had been trapped in the Shadows.  He did not come to establish a church.  That is just part of OBB's propaganda about him.  After his death, OBB had Paul of Tarsus contrive a vision on the road to Damascus.  It was this alleged vision that purportedly caused his conversion.  From there on, Paul usurped the Message of Jesus and corrupted it beyond any resemblance of its original form.  This was by design of OBB.  It always hijacks, then twists and corrupts the Divine Messages to suit its dark and selfish purposes.

What we are seeing today is the final stages of the implementation of One World Government.  The creation of the CIA set the stage for the final step.  This organisation is the tool by which many things can be influenced from behind the scenes - espionage, shooting wars, trade wars, religious wars, wars on drugs, wars on terrorism etc.

Jesus DID promise to return to Earth.  However, this part of his message has been twisted severely so that Christians are looking for him to come in the clouds and that all eyes will see him.

For many years, there has been a great deal of attention given to Jewish and Christian prophets from the past.  More recently, there have been a great deal of archaeological excavations to search for such artefacts as the lost Ark of the Covenant, Noah's Ark, the Holy Grail and many others.  Many people are caught up in searching for fragments of what has been put out by OBB.  These people are so intensely focused on their particular searches that they cannot see the big picture.

Most people have been so brainwashed about Christianity that they literally accept everything in the Bible as the Word of God.  They have no idea whatsoever of OBB's corruption of the text.  In reality, if they took the whole Bible literally, they would see a vulgar epic of polygamy, murder, fraud, incest, revenge, wars, bullying, with some of it almost embarking on pornography etc.  If this is the Word of God to be followed by the adherents then we know what type of God is involved with the Bible.  It is the Anunnaki God.

One of the traits of OBB is to steal some pearls of wisdom from the Light and then mix it with its own brand of untruth to come up with a fraudulent version.  Many people are attracted to the stolen portion of the Truth and get fooled and led astray by the corrupted and/or contrived portions.  This has happened again and again, and continues to this day.

The ruling elite have found the Bible to be an ideal blueprint for world domination.  The Christian religion, in its very corrupted form as it is today, has very little to do with the real teachings of Jesus and very much to do with building a One World Government.  This is particularly true with regard to fundamentalist or right-wing Christians who interpret the Bible literally and are filled with self-righteousness.  It is the self-righteous ones that are responsible for many wars.  They speak of love, but they are so intolerant of other people's beliefs that they are always ready to pounce and sometimes even harm any who think differently than they do.  These people are so certain of their place in Heaven that they condemn all who disagree with them.  They call those who disagree with them the spawn of Satan.  Ironically, they are holding the seat for Satan.

Christianity per se preaches love and peace, while it practices hate, war, exploitation and control.  Christian countries are quick to murder, conquer, plunder, exploit and enslave.  There is a long history of this that continues to this day under different covers, different tunes and different names but with the same hidden agendas.  This is because the plot was designed by bloodthirsty Anunnaki.

With this understanding, the endless Middle East conflicts make much more sense.  They are designed to continue.  OBB wants to have Jesus return to Israel, and they have already taken many steps to contrive this re-appearance.  They want battles to be brewing at the time so their false messiah can appear to be the prince of peace.

OBB, through its earthly creation (CIA) has kept the wars raging in many parts of the world, especially in the Middle East.  They have pitted Christian nations against Muslim nations by using many tools, especially oil.  They also pitted the Jews against the Germans in World War II.

The Anunnaki are very prevalent in the Arab nations also.

The increases in oil prices have all been calculated by the CIA using many techniques and cartels.  The increases are used to justify inflation in Western countries which strip the wealth from citizens of those countries and further impoverishes the Third World Countries.  The Arab nations do not generally use the windfalls for their people, but instead greed takes over and the money is soon gathered into a few hands.  These hands form the Arab ruling elite.  Also, a great deal of the oil money is spent on war machinery.  In short, the oil rich Arab countries are still economically backward.  This is by design.

Jews of the world are facing enormous hatred and anti-Semitic behaviour.  This is also part of the CIA's design.  They appear to be helping Israel at every step, while they are just using that country to assist in bringing about a One World Tyranny.  Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the distinction between Zionists and Jews.  Zionists can be of any ethnicity and they form the bulk of the ruling elite.  However, many Jews are Zionists, but not all Zionists are Jews.

The CIA is planning to present a Jesus who will come in the clouds and bring peace to Israel and the Middle East.  It is planned that this false messiah will be launched on all the major television networks and will be highly promoted by the ruling elites' controlled media.  If he appears as planned, he will be seen to perform many miracles and speak many languages.  He is currently in training for this job.

The "miracles" are beginning now with weeping statues and beads (many of which have been exposed as frauds, including the recent ones in Brisbane, Australia), miracle stigmata, visions of Mary in the skies and many other "signs" are appearing about the globe.  These are just holographic projections that appear by using alien technology.  The Vatican is heavily involved with evil aliens and these upcoming "signs" of the second coming of Jesus.  These are all merely subsidiary events to get people prepared for OBB's Jesus.

The miracles are not restricted to Christianity.  For instance, the CIA has genetically engineered many white buffalo calves in preparation for another false prophet, and they have a fake White Buffalo Woman who is also in training.  However, the real White Buffalo Woman has already returned to Earth and has nearly completed what she came here to do.

The OBB created fake prophets and messiahs are clones who can often speak many languages and will be able to perform many supernatural feats.  These false prophets will all fit various false legends and teachings.  The alien technology can create holographic images of rainbows, spacecrafts and practically anything else.  This technology has fooled even the most sceptical people in the past, and it will be unleashed en masse in the near future.

The fake prophets will appear to be Divine, but in reality, they will have no consciousnesses whatsoever.  They are like highly developed robots with human brains and totally controlled emotions.

Some people argue that there is no such thing as a consciousness.  They claim that once the biological body dies, that is the end of all that being's existence.  They claim that there is no inner-self and no connection to the Divine.  They are extremely zealous in promoting this concept and feel a great urgency to get this message out to people.  If there were no consciousness then everything would end at the end of the physical life and no one would know any better nor have the consciousness to regret not having known that there is no consciousness.  Hence, the urgency to convince people has an ulterior motive.

It would appear that those who claim that there is no inner-self, no consciousness and no connection to the Divine, are really frightened.  That is why they try so hard to get as many people to share their misguided views as possible.  This is so they can feel more secure about their insecurity.  Perhaps some of these are aware that they have no consciousness.  There are those known as the "soulless" ones who have no consciousnesses.  They were created by Shadows a long time ago.  These soulless ones have been engineered by their Dark Masters to encourage people to lead hedonistic lives as far from the Creator as possible.  Under the belief that there is no consciousness, there would be no accountability and everyone could do whatever he or she desired without any repercussions.

Of course there are consciousnesses.  We do not need the so-called "experts" to tell us that they do not exist, nor do we need the so-called experts (yet these are the ones who have never witnessed a UFO) to tell us that there are no UFOs.  Once you have seen UFOs, nobody will convince you that they do not exist.

Knowledge about UFOs has been corrupted to suit the ruling elite and to confuse people.  Likewise, the Torah is also full of distortions. There were some Divine Messengers who brought down Divine Messages to the Jews.  The Divine Messages were very similar to the true messages of Moses, of Jesus, of Mani, of White Buffalo Woman and many others.  They all spoke of the entrapment by the Shadows, but their warnings and teachings were corrupted and the critical key message was eliminated. Even in this day and age so many things have been twisted even while the originators are still alive.

The corrupted form of Judaism that is currently being practised today is not about spirituality and neither is today's Christianity. They are about the Anunnaki messages.  The predominance of the distorted Old Testament is about conflict and racial superiority. The predominance of the distorted New Testament is about racial equality and unification of the races and cultures and politics. With these distortions, Christianity becomes the perfect religion for the One World Tyranny.  Unfortunately, many good-hearted and genuine people have been fooled by the falsehoods of what they believe to be the true teachings of Jesus.

CIA created and promoted psychics and channellers are also involved in preparing people for the second coming of Jesus to bring peace and unification of all people - for the One World Order. This unification message which appears in various channelled materials that involve evil aliens, the so-called Ascended Masters as well as discarnates!  Clearly, this message of UNIFICATION is prevalent in ALL messages that support the New World Order.

This is not to say that Jesus does not like peace but it is to say that the peace promised by OBB's unification is really dominance and outright slavery!  Even in the corrupted Bible, Jesus said that he brought not peace but division.  He said that daughters would be pitted against mothers and sons against fathers.  He said that in a house of five three would be on one side and two on another.  This is because he understood that the essences of people are mixed in biological families - the mixture amongst True-Light beings and False-Light beings in societies.

Christianity is the very religion that Jesus warned his disciples about.  He warned them that it would come in his name.  The false Jesus will deceive many.  Few know that Jesus and the White Buffalo Woman are one and the same being.  Further, the CIA is unaware of the power and position of the White Buffalo Woman.  Jesus has come.  White Buffalo Woman has come.  In fact their work is nearly completed.  They have worked quietly away from the crowd.  Darkness thinks they were trying to establish popularity and huge number of followers but this has never been the plan now, nor 2,000 years ago.  The opposition are all using their physical minds to understand the work of Jesus.  Their thinking reflects what they would do in the same circumstances.

Darkness is also called Shadows.  The name of Shadows refers to something dark, but it also has a direct affiliation with the physical realm.  Where there is no matter, there are no shadows.  The light in the physical realm is made of matter, as is everything in this realm.  That is why a beam of light takes time to travel.  Also, it is wise to remember that everything made from Matter eventually decays and this includes the biological bodies.

True Light is not slowed by matter. True Light does not cast shadows because there is nothing dense or impure (Dark) in the True Realm.  Thus, there are no Shadows (Darkness/Evil) in the Pure Realm.
It is almost time for Jesus and White Buffalo Woman to return Home.  Their work is nearly over. They will soon have accomplished their Missions.

Here is a comforting verse taken from The True Divine Mother Her Love and Creation which aptly fits the expressions of Jesus and White Buffalo Woman:

Jesus (The Divine Mother/White Buffalo Woman) walks in the crowd unknown,
But he does not take his eyes off you.

He knows your suffering,
He suffers your suffering.

Every movement of yours,
Every sigh, every humiliation,
Every blow, every wound you suffer
Enters his heart.

He feels what you feel,
But quietly, he follows you on your journey.

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Copyright © 2004 by Amitakh Stanford

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