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Final Reflections #11

Final Reflections #11

Self Defence Against Dark Arts


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara Site)

19th November 2004

The twenty-first century of humankind, in spite of the advancement in science and technology, is perplexed by unexplained forces existent in the world and in the universe.  However, many would agree with the argument that the perceptions of evil often generate a sense that there is a pattern, or unity in evil, and this may give rise to a personification of evil.

In most societies evil is felt as coming from outside the conscious mind and not something inherent in humans.  Superficially the concept of evil, like other concepts which tend to be traditionally coloured by preconceived ideas, is seen to be influenced by the basic concepts of malevolent forces at play causing suffering and misfortune for the individuals.

Many people parrot the phrase:  "There is no evil." Often the proponents of this belief are hypocritically quick to proclaim that someone or something they dislike is evil.  Many people who preach love, peace and compassion show in their thoughts, words and deeds that they support and/or practise hate, war and cruelty.  This is especially rampant in Christian history, yet Christians see themselves as adhering to the gospel of love.

To understand the physical world, one needs to consider the concept of external forces that are evil.  Without considering that there is external evil, the suffering, conflict and injustice in this world will always confound you.  It is only when individuals are confronted in their own lives with manifestations of powerful destructive forces — both outside and within themselves — that they begin to accept that there is an external force that many call evil.

Some people will argue that there is evil, but they will adamantly defend the Dark Forces by stating that it is necessary to balance good with evil.  These defenders of evil are probably more dangerous to truth seekers than those who do not believe in the existence of evil.  Good does not need evil to exist.  Claiming evil is necessary to balance good is as ridiculous and erroneous as saying one needs to torture, abuse and assault children or spouses in order to express love for them.

Many people claim that evil forces are absolute products of human imagination, fear, and superstitions.  This is due to ignorance or outright maliciousness.  Those who claim this with malice are openly supporting evil; those who claim this ignorantly are passively supporting evil.  (I have discussed at length the existence of evil in earlier writings and the subject is beyond the scope of this article).

Anthropologists claim that "primitive" people who supposedly lacked the scientific knowledge we have today tended to view suffering, diseases, death, the moon, the sun, the rain, forest fires, floods, earthquakes, predation of wild animals and all those things which affect their lives as mysteries. Over time however, the people came to believe there were links between their luck in hunting and various activities.  Anthropologists therefore theorize that primitive, pre-historic people conceived the existence of a malefic deity who was responsible for all the ills and catastrophes.

There are researchers who suggest that it is probable that "primitive" people associated their control over their environment and their world with animal fetishes. This was probably the earliest record of religion. We can still detect traces of these primitive ways of making sense of the universe in some religions of today. As animal fetishes gradually expanded into rituals, so too did the importance of the overseers of these rituals. Such ones were usually male and they were regarded as magicians or supernatural beings with extraordinary powers. These magicians adorned themselves with animal teeth, bones and skins and wore horns on their heads. They believed by wearing animal parts on their bodies, they could attract good fortune and be empowered with the strength of the animals they looked upon as powerful. Hence, it is believed that with the development of the idea of a supernatural being and the depictions of an evil force, the concept of evil deities gradually evolved.

Probably the abstract notion of evil has always existed. Clearly, the notion of an evil force depicted in the form of animals in conflict with humankind is depicted by primitive people. It seems the object of primitive religions was to establish equilibrium among the various capricious supernatural powers that surround them, and this is accomplished through rituals — rituals intended to keep the terror away and/or to appease it. Therefore, primitive religion is a process of making sense of the universe through exorcising the supernatural, which is the exact opposite of what monotheists claim.

Thus, human ancestors have lived lives of compromise and reconciliation with occult (hidden) forces.  All cultures have their own legends and myths about horrible monsters, demons, dangerous spirits and evil deities that their ancestors have learned to appease and contend with in order to avoid bad luck, tragedies, and the wrath of various gods, deities or spirits.

Conversely, with good intentions, people also invoked the assistance from various gods and spirits to bring good fortune, health, protection, abundance and other good things for themselves and for their loved ones.  This was white magic.  Usually, those who use white magic as a tool for positive personal transformation are not likely to abuse this personal tool.

Over time some ancient people have learned how to manipulate, control and exploit evil forces for their selfish ends and for revenge.  This was black magic.  Thus, it is the intention of the practitioner of magic that classifies it as white or black.  While there are those who call upon the Higher Benevolent Forces for the execution of white magic, it is also likely that some of those who practise the dark arts will call upon benevolent forces.  However, it is very unlikely that benevolent forces will respond to the call of those who use occult techniques for nefarious purposes.  Rather, lesser forces that are usually malevolent will respond and co-operate with them.

In the last ten years or so, there has been a rise in the interest and practice in magic, especially among young people.  There have been several television programmes and movies that are presented with the aim of introducing and encouraging people — especially the younger generation — in the use or involvement of magic.  Today, it is highly promoted that people who practise magic have supernatural power.  Such portrayals attract people who feel powerless and those who want to inflate their egos and control others.

Crucially, the desire for self-empowerment and positive transformation has attracted people from all walks of life to the field of magic.  Unfortunately, many do not really understand the interplay of forces in this world and have used magic for selfish purposes to injure others.  No wonder the use of dark arts is on the rise both in the Eastern and Western world.  Power in the hands of the wrong people is dangerous.

The term "dark arts" originally pertained to all forms of magic, whether they be white (positive) magic or black (negative) magic.  Some people say that there is not such a thing as black magic.  This is a sweeping claim that is not helpful to novices as the tyros then have a tendency to let their guards down against the practice of black magic.

Although originally the terms "dark" or "black" magic were used in reference to things occult — hidden, invisible, unknown — and the terms are often associated with ancient Egyptian arts, dark arts are now generally referred to as being the use of hidden arts for selfish, nefarious purposes, which is black magic or sorcery.

Magic has existed in various cultures throughout the world for a long, long time.  While there are many forms of dark arts, the underlying techniques employed by the practitioners remain similar in most instances.  Usually the practitioner invokes the spirits of things in this world and the unseen world for assistance in manifesting his or her desires.  Thus, things such as plants, animals, the four major elements, spirits of ancestors, oceans, forests, mountains, skies etc. are called upon to invoke their power to bring things into being.  Hence rituals, prayers, offerings, and at times, sacrifices are performed in the use of magic.  Amulets and charms are also common objects possessed by those who delve into magic.

Many are attracted to magic because it gives them a sense of power over others.  Only a very small number of those who practise magic are doing it for good purposes.  Many are using black magic to attack and harm people they dislike, for whatever reasons.  In a sense, magic is natural in this world of Virtual Reality.  Magic appears to work in this realm because one can communicate with other forms of consciousnesses and manipulate their energies to make them "obey" his or her will.  Often, this is used for personal selfish and nefarious reasons.

Witchcraft is another form of occult technique that is practised throughout the world and often varies from culture to culture.  Witchcraft is sometimes interchangeably referred to as magic.  Most people associate Africa as the home of many magical traditions, including voodoo (vodou).  Many fear voodoo, partly because it has been portrayed in movies as a horrendous form of dark arts that harms people in frightening ways.

Traditionally, voodoo is a religion, although many regard it as dark arts.  Voodoo made a strong imprint in Haiti before quietly spreading to the United States in the early nineteenth century, especially through New Orleans.  The mingling of West African dark arts with certain Native American occult traditions occurred during the slave-trade era.  This brought about the intermingling of beliefs, rituals and occult techniques between the two peoples.  Out the fusion of their respective traditions and other obscure magic traditions, voodoo eventually became quite a powerful force amongst those who practise the occult arts.

Dark arts are usually attributed to human creations.  But, is there an alien connection with the dark arts?  Assuredly the answer is yes.  In addition to placing implants (electronic, mechanical, bio-implants including insects) into biological bodies, evil aliens are also adept at manipulating subtle energies for dark purposes.  The Anunnaki in particular have introduced dark arts to Earth.  There is ample evidence that dark arts were practised during the time of overt Anunnaki control on this planet.  This is evidenced in the extant Christian Bible, the Koran and Buddhist texts etc., which show that dark arts have been used for centuries and practised by leading figures in the major religions.

Dark arts are often intermingled with religions.  Solomon is but one very notable practitioner of dark arts.  Many leaders of religious organizations, such as the Rosicrucians and Freemasons (despite their denials) advocate and practise dark arts.

Frequently bloodthirsty Anunnaki masters demanded sacrifices of blood.  Indeed, in some "primitive" religions, human sacrifices are demanded.  In others, animals are sacrificed to symbolically take the place of humans.  And yet in some, even gods are sacrificed in parody for the atonement of human misdeeds.

The thrust of ritual sacrifices is to control the people under the premise that it is appeasing the "gods".  Often, these gods were nothing but Anunnaki flesh-and-blood aliens.  These gods could also be malicious spirits deceiving and exploiting humans.  They could also be the energy that many call Satan or the Devil.  In fact, many who practise black magic often invoke the Devil to do their bidding.

Aliens who know how to manipulate the lower forces do use them to abuse and exploit humans and animals.  Some of the jingles, songs, commands, ideas, voices etc. that repeat over and over in a person's mind are externally "broadcast" by aliens.  Other groups that "broadcast" these nuisances with intent to drive people insane or to do their bidding include, religious organizations, cults, governments, those who practise the dark arts, astral beings and other entities.

Ironically, some television programmes and movies that are lively, entertaining, apparently harmless and appear to have nothing to do with the occult, are actively employing dark arts upon the viewers.

There have long been those who use dark arts to drain people, animals, plants etc. of energy by projecting and hooking themselves energetically or psychically to their targets to suck them of their life force and pollute their victims' auras.  This leaves their victims drained and polluted while the abusers are rejuvenated.  This is yet another form of black magic.

In one sense, everyone naturally (consciously or unconsciously) practises magic in this world of Virtual Reality.  There are many energy vampires walking around!  Now that there is an energy shortage, these vampires are far more obvious and active than ever.  One can be drained just by walking past someone in a shopping centre.  One can be drained on the phone or on the internet.

When someone sincerely prays for peace, love and happiness for another, that in fact is white magic.  When someone thinks ill of another with hatred and vengeance, that is in fact black magic.  Thus one group is (consciously or unconsciously) calling upon Higher Benevolent Forces and the other is (consciously or unconsciously) calling upon lower malevolent forces.

There was a case a few years ago where an East Indian man used dark arts to help his barren wife conceive a child with the acceptance of the demand of the spirit he invoked that the child would be given to the spirit at a later date.  It is probable that this man did not believe it would ever come to that.  However, his wife did conceive a son soon after the witchcraft was performed.  The time came when the entity demanded that the man give the son to him by drowning the baby in the river or face the spirit's wrath.  Out of great fear, the man and his wife gave in to the spirit and the man drowned his son.  Let this be a warning to those who entertain and/or practise dark arts.

In recent months those with black hearts have directed dark arts at Alukar Heights, including the animals.  Those who practise dark arts will end up in destruction of their own doing.  FEAR is one's worst enemy.  Black magic employs fear, breeds fear and ultimately consumes the practitioners with fear.  The dark forces used in their dark arts will eventually devour their "souls".  People practising dark arts for malicious/selfish purposes are advised to re-consider their actions for their own good, before it is too late.

While people should not be fearful of dark arts, they should be cautious.  Fear itself can do more harm to oneself than the dark arts that are directed at the person.  Being cautious is not the same thing as being fearful.  There are effective ways that one can deflect dark arts that are directed at them.  One can, for instance, put up protective shields.

Curiously, there are those who warn against deflecting dark energies back to the sender by claiming that the deflective response for self-protection is dark arts.  Why would they give such a warning and discourage people from protecting themselves against the evil ones?  Either it is because they are misinformed and ignorant regarding dark arts, or it is because they are deliberately misleading people.  The latter may be indicative of the intention of those who give such warnings.  It is probable that they are the very people who consciously practise dark arts and are fearful of the repercussions from the dark arrows they fling at others.

In order to remind us of the dangers of dark arts, we should always bear in mind that there is black magic and there is white magic.  In other words, we need to remember that there is good and there is evil, which are separate and distinct essences and forces in this universe.

Everyone has a choice whether to choose Eternal Light or to choose Darkness.  Those who practise dark arts have formed alliances with Darkness — they serve Darkness, which is where they will remain until Darkness is no more.

In the coming days, the use of dark arts will proliferate.  Already many ordinary people are complaining about their neighbours or enemies using dark arts to intimidate, harass or harm them.  When these victims tell their doctors of these occurrences, it is likely the victims will be prescribed mind-altering drugs.  This will not solve the victims' problems, but could exacerbate them.

If people know how to ward off negative energies directed at them, they can alleviate or avoid many of the problems.  Many workers of the Light who are parts of the Rescuers are equipped with the power to automatically transmute dark arts directed at them.  When those who know how to deflect these negative forces back to the offenders begin doing so in self-defence, the offenders will begin to receive their own poisoned arrows manifold in immediate or delayed mode, depending upon the wishes of the deflectors.  Remember, it is the intention of what you do that differentiates between what is good and what is evil.

The senders of malicious dark arts will become consumed by their own fear and Darkness as more and more people consciously defend themselves and their loved ones from them.  It should also be mentioned that upon physical death the malicious abusers of occult techniques naturally gravitate to the deepest, darkest recesses of the astral where they will be abused and exploited by other Dark beings.

Unknown to most dark arts practitioners, their dark arrows can be "traced" and "observed" regardless of their attempts to cover their tracks.  A part of themselves can be trapped if their intended targets are familiar with the control of subtle energies.  It matters not whether the dark arrows were sent on the subtle or via imbedding physical items with negative energies, the arrows can be returned to the offenders.  People should be aware that gifts, clothing, pets, quartz, jewellery, vehicles, shoes, food or other items could be imbedded with negative energies that are directed at the recipient with ill intent.  Thus, one should be cautious not to accept gifts under suspicious circumstances.

It is critical in self-defence against dark arts that the person is able to detect subtle attacks from those using dark arts.  This is a skill that can be refined, however, some people will have more natural ability to detect and ward off dark energies than others.  These are usually the ones who are self-taught because they intuitively learned how to control and manipulate the subtle energies in this Virtual Reality.  All the Attas (Amoebas) possess the natural ability to trace, track, capture, detain and deflect dark arts.  Many who have awakened to their alien roots can consciously manipulate energies around them, which is a natural occult ability.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank the great number of people who have called, written and emailed me.  Your interest, support and well wishes are appreciated, but due to heavy workload and commitments I am unable to answer all the correspondence.

Many people have requested assistance in warding off attacks via the dark arts.  Because dark arts are flourishing, I have decided to offer a course in Self-Defence Against Dark Arts.  It is an advanced level course for those who are suitable and have some degree of ability to read subtle energies.  Hence, admission to the course will be highly selective.  We are accepting applications for the course at this time.  If you are interested, please send a brief email indicating your interest.  The only email address where such applications will be read is the same email address where people request access to the Nara Site.  All proceeds from the course will go to Attas Beethoven Animal Rescue (ATTBAR) charity.

Keep your spirit up.

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Copyright © 2004 Dr. Amitakh Stanford and AHSAF

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