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Prison Break -- The Annihilation of Death and Darkness

Prison Break -- The Annihilation of Death and Darkness


Amitakh Stanford 

19th April 2007

There is a saying that, "Death comes to us all!"  Our physical senses tell us that this is true, but is it?  Everything in the physical universe decays, deteriorates and eventually dies.  Nobody is spared from the horrible experience of death.  Nearly everyone has observed loved ones suffer and die on this planet.  But, why must we die?  Why must people, cats, dogs, sheep, bushes, trees, planets and stars die?

Death is accepted as a natural process of all life.  It even appears on this level to be the cause of rejuvenation of life - a rebirth, a regeneration.  It has been argued that death is the catalyst of life, that through death, life is set into motion.  This is much like the chicken and egg argument, that is: which came first?  So which is it?  Was there life before physical death or was there death before physical life?

It is undeniable that everything is a slave to motion.  Without motion, everything stops, including the processes known as physical life and physical death.  Death is so obvious in this world that everyone has encountered it one way or another.  Many fear it, some shun it, whilst others even deny its existence, but it continues inexorably to punish and chase us all.  Everyone's life is spent on avoiding death and delaying the encounter.  Those who deny that death exists are seen as abnormal or as having some form of psychological disorder that causes them to deny death.  Since ancient times, people of all cultures and religions have ardently pursued a cure for physical death in the name of physical immortality.  They are driven on this quest at the deepest level of their existence because they fear death.

Ironically, the deity responsible for death is the being most fearful of death - of its own demise and annihilation.  The deity has embedded and programmed this fear into everything that "lives" in this world of illusions.

Many humans who have explored the fear of death have concluded that all living things have a survival instinct. What has been referred to as a survival instinct is really the programmed fear of death that infects all living things, including plants, animals and humans.  This programming is deeply embedded into every particle of Matter because every particle of Matter has a thought form from Darkness that contains Darkness' fear of death. (See The Twelve Universes Are Pentagons).

Darkness is so frightened of Its own demise that even the smallest building blocks of the physical universes (Matter) are thoroughly saturated with the instinctive fear of death.  The fear of death is a morbid disease.  It was created by a putrid, demented Mind.  It is this fear that will eventually topple the entire physical universe.

People pursue immortality even though almost everyone knows at the deepest level that the concept is absolutely absurd. Everyone knows that physical bodies ultimately decay and die.  Yet the absurd quest for immortality continues. It continues because the deity responsible for this Virtual Reality is insanely hoping against hope to find a cure for death, not to abolish it, but to use it to benefit Itself.  The deity is afraid that one day It will die. It wants immortality. It pretends to be god but it is not eternal and It seeks eternal life.  The contradiction here is that when death is conquered, the True-Light's Rescue Mission will be completed and the malevolent deity's entire empire will collapse.

Ironically, death is the very tool Darkness invented and imposed on everything in Its domain - the Virtual Reality - to control and enslave Its creation and all that are trapped in it.  Death, amongst other things, wipes out memories to make it almost impossible for anyone to see through the lies and illusions of this Virtual Reality through the process of reincarnation.

To understand death one needs to first understand the beginning of "life" in the Virtual Realty.  What follows is a very brief summary of what can be found in many of my writings. (See The Source regarding the shoot of Darkness that ultimately led to the creation of the Virtual Reality in which we find ourselves today).

In the True Divine Creation there is no motion, there is no vibration in the way we know it here, there is no physical movement as we know it here.  Darkness invented motion - that was Its first illusion.

From the illusion of motion, Darkness created everything in the Virtual Reality.  This includes even the illusion of no motion - the illusion of things being stationary within the illusion of motion.

Darkness used the illusion of motion to form Matter by compressing spirals of Its thought-forms, which are the foundation of all things in the Virtual Reality.  (SeeThe Twelve Universes Are Pentagons).  The formation of Matter is the beginning of all life and death in the Virtual Reality.  Everything created from Matter has a beginning and an end - a birth and death.  This is by design of Darkness.

Everything in this Virtual Reality requires a consciousness - whether a True or an artificial consciousness - to drive it.  This means that even a grain of sand has a consciousness.  Even things much smaller than grains of sand have consciousnesses.  The consciousness must maintain the illusion of motion throughout its body during its entire lifespan.  Nothing exists in the Virtual Reality unless it upholds the illusion of motion.   When the illusion of motion ceases, the organism dies and the consciousness driving the body leaves it.  More and more people are now beginning to believe that there is life after death.  This is true only to a certain point.  One could ask, "If there is life after death, is there death after life?"

There are three basic categories of consciousness in the Virtual Reality: True-Light consciousness, False-Light consciousness and, lastly, artificial consciousness.  Artificial consciousnesses encompass the ones created totally evil and the ones created like robots by Darkness.  The ones created of total Darkness include the ones I have sometimes referred to as the "soulless" ones.  However, these are not to be confused with the artificial ones created by the Anunnaki alien scientists.  The False-Light consciousnesses created by Darkness have a mixture of True-Light particles in the consciousnesses.  True-Light particles trapped in this category of consciousness are the hardest to rescue, as it requires a very delicate operation to separate them from the Evil embedded along side of them with as little damage to the True-Light particles as possible.

When physical life terminates, the ones of artificial consciousness cease to operate until the artificial consciousness is put into another body to drive it.  An artificial consciousness is akin to a replacement engine that is put into another body.  For all intents and purposes it is like a spare part that does nothing until it is put into another body and reactivated by putting it into motion again.  It is this "sleeping" phase when they are not in motion that characterizes these consciousnesses, because they lose their awareness of being.

Thus, an artificial consciousness is like a robot that is started and stopped by Darkness. For these, there is no Hell or Heaven.  However, the "soulless ones" amongst the artificial consciousnesses that are designed to promote and maintain absolute evil are usually allowed to continue in another process, which enables them to generate and maintain evil from the various levels of the astral planes.  These are not the ones put on the shelf, so to speak. These can sometimes appear to be good guys or spiritual masters in the astral realms.  They are allowed to experience a form of "artificial" after-life in the astral world which in itself is an artificial reality. Hence, it is an artificial reality within an artificial reality. In other words, they reside in a virtual world within the virtual world of the astral reality.  Most of the inhabitants of the "normal" astral world do not have free access to their planes without the permission from Darkness' astral administrators.

When a True-Light consciousness vacates its physical body at the time of physical death, it continues its awareness because its awareness does not depend upon motion, as in the case of an artificial consciousness.  The False-Light consciousness with a mixture of True-Light particles and False-Light particles also continues its awareness after physical death.  Therefore, Darkness has to develop special activities and things for these types of consciousnesses to occupy themselves with while in transition from one body to another in order to keep the charade going.

It is important for Darkness to maintain the deception of the Virtual Reality and specifically of death so that the consciousness thinks it has died and been reborn.  Such ones usually reside in the astral world of the Virtual Reality until it is time for them to re-enter new physical bodies by the process called re-incarnation. Re-incarnation is really a very evil imposition on the consciousness.  It is done under the false pretence that the process of death and rebirth is in the best interests of the consciousness for its own purification and advancement.

Re-incarnation causes most people to lose almost all their memories of their past lives; it actually obstructs one from advancing in knowledge and awakening to Truth.  This, again, is by design to benefit Darkness.  Unbeknown to many, the Akashic records in the astral world - the records of supposedly everything that has ever happened since the beginning of the universe - have been tampered with to suit Darkness.

As already stated, artificial consciousnesses are put to rest after the death of the body they were driving, and they require motion to be activated and re-inserted into another body.  However, motion is an anomaly for a True Divine consciousness.  That which is natural to an artificial consciousness is intrinsically unnatural for True Divine consciousnesses.   If True Divine beings give up their precious Will to Darkness, their permanent light will eventually be extinguished and their energy will be used by Darkness to assist It in driving Its Virtual Reality.

Hence, the state of a True-Light consciousness that is being extinguished is even more pitiful than that of an artificial consciousness that is oblivious and will not re-awaken from its state of rest until it is re-activated by Darkness!  As stated before, a living body can be occupied by a True-Light consciousness, a False-Light consciousness or an artificial consciousness.  However, the physical bodies housing all categories of all consciousness are made up of Matter (Evil) and are influenced by the programming embedded in them.  Horrible destruction of True Divine beings has been going on since Darkness created this putrid Virtual Reality.  No wonder the agents of Darkness hate anyone who tries to awaken the "slaves" of Darkness by taunting, persecuting and punishing them in all sorts of ways. These days the agents of Darkness employ cowardly ways to attack, defame, blackmail or threaten anyone who dares try to spread Truth.  It gives Darkness and Its evil agents great satisfaction each time that It extinguishes a True Divine light.  This is why it is so very important for one to strive to hold on to one's Will even in this hellhole of the Virtual Reality.  Unless a True-Light being relinquishes his or her Will over to Darkness, one will always remain a viable True Divine being.

Contrary to some beliefs, Light does not need Darkness to balance Itself.  Nor does Light need Darkness to co-exist.  However, Darkness does need Light to sustain It.  In fact, Darkness is a vampiric energy that sucks the "life" out of True Light beings in order to survive.  Darkness has only been able to do this by erecting an elaborate house of horrors known as the Virtual Reality.  Any True Light beings who enter this house of horrors are immediately preyed upon by agents of Darkness and "assassination" attempts commence as rapidly as possible.  This is what the war between Good and Evil is all about.  The Light is about to rescue Its own from the clutches of Darkness, whilst Darkness fights to hold onto every one of Its "prisoners".

"Assassination" occurs at the moment a True Light being gives over its Will to Darkness.  This can be done by trickery, deception, temptation, bribery, punishment, torture or other means.  Those who give over their Will are then "fallen" beings, and, for all intents and purposes, are beings of Darkness.

It should be understood that Darkness has not the power to take any True Light being's Will by force.  The Will can only be given over to Darkness by the True Light being.

The "Light" within a True-Light being is a permanent Divine spirit.  It will "shine" forever if the Will is not given over to Darkness.  But, if the Will is given over, Darkness seizes the permanent "Light" and drains it of its life force.  The True-Light being is then given a temporary artificial consciousness encased in a "soul" in exchange for its True Divine spirit.  Thereafter, the being only has light that is generated by "perpetual" motion.  The Divine spirit shines by itself without depending on physical motion.  There is no physical motion in the True Divine Realm.

As mentioned earlier, Darkness imposed Its illusion of "no-motion" upon Its Virtual Reality.  By use of this illusion, beings think that they are stationary when they are moving very rapidly.  For instance, people on the Earth think that they are standing still even though the Earth is rotating daily and revolving yearly.  When the illusion of "no-motion" is broken, the illusion of motion will be impossible to maintain and all motion will cease.  When nothing "moves", only the viable True Light consciousnesses will shine.  Everything else in the Virtual Reality, including plants, animals, humans, planets, suns, galaxies etc. will dissipate.

In effect, this is how it is assured that all of the viable True Light will be gathered and taken Home and none of the artificial or fallen consciousnesses will be.  Thus, no viable beings will be accidentally left behind and no non-viable beings will be mistakenly admitted to the Divine Creation.

Darkness dreads Its own demise.  It fears that one day It could be extinguished by Its own handiwork.  So, It prolongs Its existence by extinguishing the True Light beings.  Before It dies, It cruelly desires to take as many of the True-Light beings down with It by deceiving them into relinquishing their Will to It.  This assassination of True Light beings cannot be allowed to go on any longer.  Enough Is Enough!

Darkness has created the illusion of time and slowed things down so it appears that this Virtual Reality has been in existence for eons, but this is an illusion. In fact, the Virtual Reality has only been in existence for a very short interval.  It is transitory and temporary and will soon be dissolved into nothingness.  From the perspective on Earth, the Rescue Mission appears to be like a tortoise race due to the illusion of time that makes it appear to be a long time in occurring.  Further, death has so shortened human lifetimes that it was almost an impossible task for the Christ or any Divine Messengers to bring down sufficient information and fully awaken to their roles in one lifetime.

The Divine has sent the Christ Energy to rescue all the viable True-Light beings from this putrid Virtual Reality.  The Rescue Mission will be completed before the Divine will allow Darkness to self-destruct and dissipate into nothingness.  It is a time to rejoice for those who have held onto their Will.  The time for liberation from Darkness is drawing closer and closer.   Darkness will soon be unable to reactivate Its artificial consciousnesses.  Everything that is created by Darkness will cease to exist when the illusion of motion is fractured and Darkness' empire will be no more.  Death will disappear forever when this Virtual Reality self-destructs and vanishes.

Mirra of Pondicherry, as commander of the Rescue Mission, did not believe that death was natural or necessary.  She refused to accept death and her lifework was to conquer it.  She spent most of her life pursuing her quest to annihilate death.

Mirra had many questions about death, such as:  Is "death" a mistake that "god" made?  Or was it intentionally brought into being?  Who or what would purposefully devise such a horrible thing?

Mirra lived a long life in one body as Mirra of Pondicherry before moving into a younger body whose name means Fragrance.  Throughout this article, I will refer to the consciousness doing the work of Mirra of Pondicherry in the first body simply as Mirra.  I will refer to it as Fragrance when the consciousness is doing the work in the second body.  However, it should be borne in mind that the work is being done by a single consciousness that resided in two separate bodies in order to have a very long lifespan that continues today.  For further discussion of this matter, see my article entitled Mirra of Pondicherry Lives Today.

Mirra investigated and observed "death" as she diligently sought to discover how death came into being, and searched for a pragmatic remedy for death.  At first, she thought "death" was accidentally brought into being and that it could be remedied by fixing the mistake.  But when she continued her work in the younger body as Fragrance (which she had already occupied off and on while she was still in the older body of Mirra), she saw through the illusions and discovered the path to avoid death, which, in turn, will abolish physical death.

Truly, those who follow the "narrow path" will find eternal life.  Those who walk the wide road will dissipate when death is abolished.  Hell is a state of being that is very real in this Virtual Reality of Darkness; it was specifically created by Darkness.  When the Virtual Reality is dismantled, Hell, along with every other creation of Darkness, will cease to be.  Hence, there will be no Hell after the Rescue is completed.

Darkness fears Truth because Truth will topple It.  Darkness is a fearful, cowardly deity that runs Its entire Virtual Reality on bluff and illusion.  Darkness will cower more and more as the Rescue Mission gets closer and closer to completion.

In this world run by Darkness, the True Light has had to formulate a very intricate plan for the Liberation of the trapped True-Light beings.  Owing to Darkness monitoring everything that occurs here through its agents everywhere, many precautions had to be taken by the True Light.

One of these precautions is that the True Light would not reveal certain aspects of the Rescue Plan to those in human form.  This precaution has even been employed by withholding certain information from the leader of the Rescue Mission, the one who embodies the Christ Energy.  This is why Mirra of Pondicherry did not have physical mind knowledge of what she was up to or who she was until she was very close to the end of her life.

It is for this reason that the True Light allowed the reptilian-sponsored British to implement their plan to start a revolution doomed to failure in the American Colonies in the eighteenth century.  The key players for the True Light (Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin) were not consciously aware of their roles for the True Light as they worked amidst Reptilian and Vulturite agents.

The New World Order nearly succeeded in the eighteenth century.  The Catholic Church had nearly accomplished full domination of the relevant portion of the southern parts of the world, whilst the Protestants under the British flag had nearly accomplished the northern control.  All that remained in the plan for a dictatorial One World Government was to quash all the hopes in the British Colonies around the world.  They chose to make their point in the American Colonies, and planned and fuelled a rebellion that they thought they fully controlled and therefore could quash at their leisure.  They intended to quash the rebellion at the optimum time and to thoroughly and openly punish the rebel colonists so that nobody in their empire would ever dare to challenge the British might.  But, the Light intervened because the NWO would interfere with the Rescue Mission.

Whilst the British thought they could foment, initiate and terminate a rebellion on command in the American Colonies, the True Light had other ideas.  The Light allowed the British to begin to execute their plans, and then Thomas Paine, an Attas of the Rescue Mission, launched a powerful pamphlet urging the colonists on towards liberty.  Common Sense was published on February 14, 1776; it was no ordinary document because it was charged with the Christ Energy to combat the British plans.

Whilst Common Sense was kindling the liberty spirit in the colonists, the Revolutionary War began.  The British were relying on their overwhelming show of force to make the colonists' general, George Washington, despair and surrender his forces, as the very complacent British General Howe waited out the winter of 1776.  This is exactly what Washington would have done, who unbeknownst to himself was a Reptilian-sponsored agent whose nature it was to help the British, except that Paine loaded a series of pamphlets with the Christ Energy, and the Energy moved General Washington to fight against tremendous odds.  This infusion of Christ Energy into the war was done on December 23, 1776 when the first of The Crisis was published.   With The Crisis, Paine spurred all liberty-seeking people to topple the Reptilian-sponsored tyrant, King George III, as they felt the Divine charge in the words, "These are the times that try men's souls".

Had the British plans for the fake revolution taken place as planned, the Protestants and the Catholics would have merged together to make one Church under the British flag, forming one state that would have ruled the world mercilessly.  Be warned! Even today the ruling elite is attempting to bring the Church and State together to form a One World Dictatorship!  See The Revised Anunnaki Protocols - The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Since the Rescue Mission is now unstoppable, Darkness must impotently watch as the Separation of True Light from False Light occurs.  Fragrance can now declare that the success of the Rescue Mission is assured.

Mirra came down from the Pure Realm and resumed a physical body as a "walk-in".  She was strongly impressed with the "waking code" from the Divine that "there is no death".  This waking code was the driving force behind all that Mirra did in her lifetime.  On the physical level, she drove through her pursuit in order to drive through the Virtual Reality.  On the physical, one needs to have a physical purpose to sufficiently ground oneself in order to navigate around the myriad of traps in the Virtual Reality.  Mirra operated under the perception that she could discover the path to immortality in this universe.  It would have been far too much for her to have realized that she was the Christ blazing the Path out of this Virtual Reality.  The fact that she did not consciously know then that she was the Christ gave her the focus to burst the wall for the trapped ones to go through.

Mirra, Jesus and White Buffalo Woman are one and the same consciousness.  That Divine Consciousness is the Way Home.  Darkness allowed Mirra to pursue her quest for physical immortality.  That quest suited Darkness because It knows that Matter is temporary and that a search for physical immortality will lead nowhere.  It assumed that Mirra was so ingrained with the beliefs and corrupted knowledge that she could not possibly see through the deception.  Further, It arrogantly thought that with all the constraints of short lifespan, corrupted knowledge, persecution of Truth etc. that It had in place, the True Light would not be able to liberate the trapped beings. Subsequently, however, Darkness suspected that Mirra was ultimately going to burst the veil of ignorance and liberate Its "prisoners". Towards the end of her life in Pondicherry, when Mirra was getting too close to exposing the sinister trap of death, Darkness programmed Its agents to kill her off by burying her alive.

Darkness was finally lulled into complacency after It murdered Mirra of Pondicherry.

Many loosely use the terms "evolve" and "evolution" to mean various things.  But, Mirra was following the concept of Darwinian evolutionary theory in the strictest sense, accepting the premise of the mutation of cells and survival of the fittest as a valid theory.  The deception of the Virtual Reality makes such evolution appear reasonable and workable.  It was only in her final years that she began to realize that it was only a deception and that there is no evolution of any species UNLESS there is an intervention from an external agent.  The external agent can be a bird, an insect, the wind, a human or alien scientist, or some other being.  For instance, a hybrid plant can be grown through intervention by humans.  Likewise a new breed of dog can be developed by humans.  Until recently, cloning and sophisticated genetic manipulation were outside the purview of human science, but regularly conducted by aliens on and off the planet.  When Mirra realized that there was no "natural" evolution of the cells, she began to see through the Cosmic deception.

The Light knew that it would take all of Mirra's lifetime and then some to expose all the deceptions of Darkness.  This is why there needed to be a continuity of Mirra's consciousness into Fragrance's body.  It was important that the consciousness of Mirra as Fragrance was able to retain much of the information regarding Mirra's earlier investigation into the Virtual Reality.  This was necessary to allow Mirra in the younger body to continue from where Mirra in the older body left off when she left the physical.  (See Mirra Of Pondicherry Lives Today).

Although Mirra's body housed the Divine Consciousness of the Divine Mother, it was still subjected to the limitations and programming imposed upon all physical bodies in this world. The limitations and programming are imposed by Darkness.

Many people are now aware that this world runs on programming, and some are aware that humans are used in various mind-control experiments.  If human controllers can programme mass murder to be accomplished by mind-controlled "lone gunmen", just imagine how much more the sophisticated programming used by a deity can do.

Mirra had to go into the "unconscious" and work herself out of it.  As she was going through the "unconscious" level, she therefore perceived  the being in charge of this world as a benign deity.  When she came into the body, she was in a polluted environment where there is a strong belief in a monotheistic, benign deity and the oneness of all.  Likewise, there was also a strong belief in evolution and the supremacy of the human mind.  This system of mistaken beliefs and influences was "baggage" that she needed to discard.

Whilst doing her work, Mirra was looking for the weak spots in the Virtual Reality.  She knew that these weak spots existed in the Virtual Reality before she took on the human body.  However, when she entered the human body and took on all the "baggage", she had to begin discarding that "baggage" before she would be aware of what she was doing.  She needed to be on a quest that would make sense to someone carrying all of that "baggage", and, therefore, her quest began as one for physical immortality.  However, after years of trial and error, she realized that there could be no physical immortality and that her real quest was to expose the illusion of death and destroy it.

Mirra was going through uncharted territory without a "map" or other apparent guidance.  This is why she often stated that she did not know where she was going or how far the journey would be.  With each step, she would discover new illusions and illusions within the illusions.  It was only towards the very end of her life in Pondicherry that she began to suspect that death was not an accidental process, but, instead, a deliberate, cruel imposition by a malevolent deity, whom many mistakenly worship as the God of True Light.  It was then that she realized why everything here is so confusingly blended together like mayonnaise, and that when everything is all separated it reveals "the horrible thing".  And it was then that she fully realized that the "horrible thing" is the malevolent deity that controls this creation of falsehood.

Ironically, the "baggage" that Mirra took on that led her on the path to seek physical immortality also gave her "cover" from Darkness.  She encountered partners and friends who appeared to be assisting her, but who were in fact misdirecting her, either inadvertently or intentionally.  Even those who were sincerely trying to help her were also carrying their own "baggage", and so they would often inadvertently misdirect her too.  As long as she was looking for physical immortality, Darkness was happy to let her be.  When Darkness realized that Mirra was awakening to the deception of death, the "cover" was lifted and Darkness programmed Its agents to get rid of her.

When Mirra sat in contemplation, she was impressed to face west because she inwardly knew that the setting sun represented the end of death, and her consciousness believed that it was possible to destroy death.  Indeed, those who believe in the truth of death will remain in death and will dissipate when death is abolished.

Mirra left the old body in the form of a butterfly and continued her existence thereafter in the younger body, which I refer to as Fragrance.  Only one devoted person who saw the butterfly knew that it was Mirra leaving her older human body behind.

The Virtual Reality operates by the deception of motion, which Darkness invented to confuse all the inhabitants of the Virtual Reality.  It is through motion that the dirty tricks are done.  This "sleight of hand" has fooled so many for so long.  But, the viable True Light beings have spirits that do not move - the viables have retained their permanent, immovable spirits by holding fast to their Will and their love for the Divine.  As mentioned before, those unmoving spirits will continue to shine after motion has ceased.  Motion causes the false light to shine, but it shines only temporarily.  As the illusion of "no motion" breaks down, so will the false lights and the fallen True Lights (those who have allowed Darkness to send their True spirits into motion) cease to shine.  What will remain will be the True Lights, all shining in their glorious, permanent brightness on their way Home.

The Christ being has many aspects.  Jesus is the warrior part that lovingly, compassionately shields and heals. White Buffalo Woman is the warrior part that fiercely confronts the barbaric part of Darkness, regardless of how wild or crude of expression Darkness takes on.  The Mirra part is strong, investigative, totally devoted to the True Creation and absolutely seeks Truth.  These aspects or powers are now actively operating in one and the same consciousness in the body of Fragrance.

The Christ Energy takes on Darkness in whatever form Darkness chooses to disguise Itself in, from the slickest, most polished masks to the crude, putrid-appearing parts.  Mirra is like the mother, nurturing.  White Buffalo Woman is like the warrior part, protecting the household.  Jesus is the loving part that shows all the compassion, love, and healing, yet is very firm and strong.  Thus, the Jesus part is like a calm, quiet warrior.  Mirra's part is like a nurturing, investigating, wise, knowing warrior who will go to the depths of Darkness to protect her children.  White Buffalo Woman is the loving warrior part who will fiercely face all forms of Darkness, from crude to polished, and combat Darkness in the name of the True Light without hesitation. These simplistic descriptions represent the major powers of the Christ at this time.

Christ needed an extraordinarily long lifetime and needed to be able to observe many deaths at close range to solve the mystery of death in a single lifetime.  Christ has been called upon to watch many deaths in this lifetime, to heal many on the brink of death, and to even bring some back after they had died in the physical and to re-connect the spirits and the physical bodies after physical deaths had occurred.

As part of the process of abolishing death, Fragrance consciously entered the astral worlds and remained there for three consecutive earthly days to investigate, expose and neutralize certain energy patterns in preparation for the total collapse of the astral world of the Virtual Reality.  (See The Collapse of Astral and Physical Systems).  Christ needed to have the keys to death before confronting the Anti-Christ Energy, otherwise the True-Light beings trapped in the Virtual Reality might be damaged or lost during the confrontation.  This is partly why the Christ had to bring about both the Rescue Mission and the confrontation with the Anti-Christ Energy simultaneously.

Darkness knows that It cannot match Christ in a battle, but Darkness has held so many "prisoners" for so long, It believed It could prolong the inevitable by holding the True-Light beings as ransom.  Darkness now knows that the Rescue Mission is a success, and It is cowering as It awaits Its unavoidable demise when the Christ Energy confronts the Anti-Christ Energy.  That day is approaching very rapidly, and the agents of Darkness on the planet are demonstrating the panic that their Dark master is sensing.  They are afraid of death, yet they are about to insanely commence a killing spree like none ever witnessed on the Earth as they try to deny death by killing and killing and killing.  It will be a chaotic and horrible mess as leaders insanely kill others to try to purchase a few extra hours on the nightmare planet, before the Earth fractures and is no longer habitable.  Contradictions will be everywhere, chaos will abound.

Death needed to be conquered whilst simultaneously defeating Darkness.  To defeat Darkness, the Christ needs to confront Darkness head on.  Darkness severely complicated the bringing about of the confrontation by employing a myriad of disguises and dividing Itself into 22 main parts.  (See The Demise of the Anti-Christ).

In order to bring about the confrontation, all 22 parts had to be identified, exposed and neutralized by the Christ.  Darkness would not put all of Its parts into human bodies simultaneously. This is primarily because It feared that if It had a confrontation with the Christ Energy whilst all of Its parts were in physical bodies, It would be annihilated.  However, with time running out as 2008 approaches, Darkness did incarnate all of Its 22 parts in human bodies, and the Christ has encountered, identified and exposed each of those 22 parts.

The confrontation with the Anti-Christ began in 2003 and it is now time for the final confrontation of the True Light's Warrior (Jesus Christ, White Buffalo Woman Christ, Mirra Christ) with all the 22 cowardly parts of the Anti-Christ in the battle of Armageddon, where the Christ Energy will confront and vanquish the Anti-Christ.  (See The Approaching Battle With Satan).  That day is ever so near, and then, because the Christ has unlocked the secrets of death and has the keys to death, she will also rescue and gather all that are hers from the grasp of Darkness.

The entire rescue operation is extremely delicate and complex.  It has taken many "incarnations" of the Christ to find the optimal way out of the Virtual Reality.  For the final preparation and implementation of the Rescue Mission, it was necessary for Christ to have an extraordinarily long lifetime to assimilate all the data and implement the Rescue Plan.  The Plan must only be executed by Christ for many reasons.  Whilst the Christ has the support of True-Light Warriors and True-Light Workers, for many reasons, the Rescue and Final Confrontation has to be carried out by Christ.

Christ had to take on many different bodies in many different places to keep the Christ's work hidden from Darkness, while all the while it was being done under Darkness' nose.

Darkness has built Its entire empire on the premise of wastage and death.  Death is the lifeblood of Darkness.  It is through death that Darkness is so adept at imprisoning True Light beings.  Bodies do not need to decay and die.  They only do so because existence in the Virtual Reality is a deception and illusory.

When the Christ Energy retrieves all of Its own, the Separation of Light and Darkness will be complete.  Then, all that is of Darkness will dissipate, not to another dimension or realm of existence, but into nothingness.  All that is set in motion by Darkness will cease to move, and when there is no motion, the illusions will collapse into nothingness.  And, finally, nothing will remain of the house of horrors.

Mirra as Fragrance knew about the Atu-waa.  She was also aware that after the Attas of the Light discovered that the Atu-waa had been relocated to the Earth, they went about decommissioning it.  Nibiru, O-too-kee, Laa-cru were other worlds where the aliens have attempted to have the New World Order established in order to have full control over the all important Atu-waa. The Anunnaki Elite who fled the Earth tried to show King Solomon how to operate the Atu-waa, but human greed, desire and ambition ultimately foiled the Anunnaki plan.  (See The Real Secret Word of the Freemasons and Nibiru and the Anunnaki).

Fragrance had the following to say on 6th July 2003, when it was posted on the Nara website.  It was subsequently posted on the Xeeatwelve site on 17th March 2004.  It is now time to explain the "meaning of the boulders".  

The crop of the serpent is about to be cut down.
The meaning of the boulders is about to be known.
The purpose of the quest is about to be realized.
The meeting of the fortunates will soon commence.
Be not fearful of the events.
Be ever on the ready.
The serpent has ruled unjustly and unfairly.
The bell will toll.
The Light will shine.
I will soon gather all that are mine.

The boulders represent Matter, which is held together with an illusory "sticky mass".  The sticky mass - composed of thought forms of Darkness that are spiralled together in every sakooze in the Virtual Reality - will no longer hold the boulders together as all Matter will soon dissipate into nothingness.  (For more information, refer to The Twelve Universes Are Pentagons).

Every fibre of the physical bodies is composed of Matter.  Every particle of Matter constantly "screams" for immortality.  This was observed by Mirra in Pondicherry and Mirra as Fragrance.  When Mirra was in Pondicherry, she saw and heard cells screaming for immortality.  It was not until later on, in the body of Fragrance, that she realized that what she was seeing were the spiralling thought forms of Darkness that are the foundation of Matter.  By this time, Mirra as Fragrance, had broken the "waking code" and was able to function in fuller capacity and understand what was going on.  She then realized that what Mirra had seen and reported as being cells were actually the insides of the sakoozes.

When Mirra was telling Satprem about the cells screaming out for immortality, she made a gesture with her hand to demonstrate the "twisting" of what she called the cells, turning her hand in one direction and then in the opposite direction to explain what causes death in order to turn it in the other direction to eliminate death.

This observation was possible because Mirra in both the older body and the younger body, as Fragrance, has microscopic vision.  When Mirra looked down at the tiny things that she called cells, she thought she was looking at what biologists would call cells, but she was seeing far beyond the cells to the smallest level of material existence.

What Mirra was seeing were the thought forms of Darkness inside the sakoozes.  What she heard screaming were coming from the thought forms protesting the twisting they underwent when Darkness turned against the Light.  This became clear to Mirra after she continued her "exploration" as Fragrance.

The very thing that holds the Virtual Reality together is packed with viable True-Light beings that are imprisoned in every one of those spiralling thought forms.  These are the ones resisting and screaming for immortality.  Once Mirra as Fragrance had broken the "waking code" she knew herself more fully and the part she is playing in the Rescue Mission.  She realized what was meant by the message she received from a being shortly after Mirra had left the older body.  The being asked Fragrance to help free "my people that are trapped in the sticky mass of this world."  After the "waking code" about death was broken, Fragrance understood that she needed to liberate the trapped ones in the "sticky mass" of Matter - the sticky mass, being the twisted spiralling thought forms of Darkness, which are the foundation of all Matter.

Has Mirra succeeded in exposing death?  The answer is "yes".

Has she found a way to abolish death?  The answer is also "yes".

Death will be annihilated when the Separation of the viable True Light beings from Darkness (the sticky mass) is completed.  The True Light beings will be Home, where there is no death.

To recapitulate the main points, everything that Darkness created in the Virtual Reality requires a consciousness to uphold the illusion of substance - the illusion of Matter.  The bodies that are driven by consciousnesses are illusory and insignificant.  Only the driver - the consciousness - is significant.  All the rest is confusion - part of the trap of Darkness.  Even the smallest bodies in the Virtual Reality, the sakoozes, have consciousnesses - the thought forms of Darkness.

There are three types of consciousnesses:  those that are totally True-Light beings that have True spirits; those that are mixed together with True-Light particles and False-Light particles that are imprisoned in the "souls" created by Darkness; and also those that are totally artificial which have neither True spirits nor "souls" - the "soulless" ones.

The True-Light consciousnesses are eternal.  They will continue forever UNLESS they give over their Will to Darkness, at which point they are modified and Darkness begins stripping them of their Divine Energy to use to uphold the illusions of Its Virtual Reality.

Artificial consciousnesses of the "soulless" ones require the illusion of motion to operate.  That is, they have no life until they are put into motion, and that life requires constant motion or the artificial consciousnesses will shut down.

And the third type are the blended consciousnesses that Mirra discusses, those mixed up like mayonnaise with True-Light particles and False-Light particles.  The blended ones are driven by the enslaved True Light particles.  These are in the original sakoozes that contain Darkness' thought forms.  They have been encased in "souls" and are further trapped inside the traps of the sakoozes, that is, the alats, the cubes, and the lakoozes.  The cloned thought forms that drive the totally artificial sakoozes are the foundation for the "soulless" consciousnesses.

The "soulless" consciousnesses require the illusion of motion to operate.  The "soulless" ones make up the bulk of the army of the Anti-Christ.  They are totally opposed to the True Light.  These are the absolute embodiment of Evil, the elite guards for Darkness.  Darkness fears the True Light, so it created the anti-light (Anti-Christ).

The "soulless" ones are in all types of bodies on Earth and fill many different types of positions.  Sometimes they let slip what they know about the "afterlife" by stating that there is nothing after death, no Hell and no Heaven.  This is because many of the "soulless" ones are put on the shelf, so to speak, after their death and await their next assignment in a state of rest or artificial nothingness.

On the smallest scale the consciousnesses are thoroughly mixed (like mayonnaise) until they form horrible things, twisted, spiralling thought forms of Darkness.  The Separation at the smallest level  will involve separating the True-Light particles from the False-Light particles inside the sakoozes.  In doing this, the prison walls comprised of the alats, the cubes and the lakoozes will all shatter as the True-Light particles break free.  Then, the lights will shine and the illusion of motion will cease.  When the illusion of motion is broken, all the illusions supported by it will fall and all that will remain will be Divine.

The kitos will fracture, then the cubes, then the lakoozes, and finally the sakoozes will burst.  All the individual particles of True Light will shine and all the illusions holding up the sakoozes will fade into nothingness.

As this happens, the larger and grosser bodies will dissipate as the illusions fade, leaving only the consciousnesses - those True-Light beings with Will will shine.  All others will dissolve when motion stops.

When all the illusions fall, Darkness will be fully exposed and those particles that comprise Darkness that have remained true to the Light and held onto the Will will shine.  All the others will dissipate into nothingness as Darkness fractures.

So, even the prison known as the Evil Mind will shatter, and any particles within It that still hold onto the Divine Will will be released, freed from the self-imposed prison of Darkness.

The contradiction of Darkness is that it requires True-Light particles to exist, yet it also must assassinate True-Light particles to drive Its putrid Virtual Reality.  Were Darkness to assassinate all the True-Light particles, It would self-destruct into nothingness.  The Rescue Mission was launched to free the imprisoned True-Light particles and halt the insane, self-destructive activity of Darkness founded upon death.  Strictly speaking, in the end, even Darkness is being liberated from Itself and Its twisted creation based upon senseless wastage, suffering and death.

Soon, all the viable True-Light beings (those who have retained the Will) will be in their True Divine Home, where there are no sour notes and nothing can play out of key.  Everything in the True Home is in True Harmony, Love, Beauty, Power and Light.

This declaration by Christ is one of the necessary parts of the confrontation with the Anti-Christ.

I love you and I love all the beings who love the Light


© 2007 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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